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Dining in Walt Disney World During Reopening Phase | Restaurants Guide

Dining in Walt Disney World is definitely one of our favorite activities when we are on vacation, but the entire experience is changing with the parks and resorts reopening. Even if you’ve been to Disney World 100 times, dining here now is going to be a whole lot different!

Walt Disney World Dining Restaurants after reopening

Knowing all the changes coming to the Disney World restaurants will be vital so you can enjoy dining in this reopening phase. Right now, just figuring out which restaurants are open would be a big help!

(Updated 12/15/20) – Characters have now returned to Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in a new dining experience!

Disney also recently announced that 3 more restaurants in the theme parks are reopening in the next couple of months.

Read more about these in the NEWS section of this post…

In this post, we are going to answer all your questions about Disney World restaurants during the initial reopening phase. We’ll cover all the new changes to the dining experience in general, including new safety measures for the restaurants that you will need to follow.

We’ll also go over how all types of restaurants are changing in Disney World, from character dining to quick service to private dining. It’s exciting to see all the new technology Disney is putting to good use to make these experiences possible right now.

Lots of the restaurants are going to be closed or have significantly reduced capacity during the reopening phase, we’ll tell you all the Disney World restaurants currently open or when they are reopening.

Dining in Disney World Restaurants after reopening

We’re shocked at all the dining-related perks that will not be available for a while like the Disney Dining Plan and the Free Dining promotion. Never before have we seen Disney take actions so drastic.

Try to remember, Disney is implementing these new guidelines for dining in cooperation with the CDC and other health authorities. If we want Disney World restaurants to stay back up and running again, we are going to have to follow what they tell us to do.

Not only are the guidelines changing, but Disney is also suspending quite a few dining experiences and not all restaurants will be available right away. Even the ones that are open and the restaurants will be limited in guest capacity and some of the popular menu items and dining features might not be there.

Before we get started, make sure to read our Guide to Walt Disney World Reopening for the latest updates and a look at how the rest of the resort is going to be different.

Here are some other posts about the reopening you should read before your vacation:

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(NEWS 12/15/20): Characters Return to Chef Mickeys

Up to this point, almost all character meals have been closed in Walt Disney World since the reopening, including Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. Today that changed as characters are now back at Chef Mickey’s and they are bringing a new menu with them!

characters coming back to Chef Mickey's

These new menu items at Chef Mickey’s are inspired by the characters’ favorite dishes and include:

Mickey’s “Celebration” Pancake, featuring whipped cream, celebration sprinkles, shimmering pixie dust and more.

Mickey Pancakes at Chef Mickey's

Goofy’s Banana Bread French Toast combines unique flavors of banana bread baked in zesty orange-scented French toast batter, topped with Espresso-mascarpone cream, toasted bananas, and chocolate crumbles.

Chef Mickey's French toast

If you like savory at breakfast, then you’ll love the new “Loaded” Potato-Cheese Casserole topped with smoked bacon crumbles and chives.

potato casserole Chef Mickey's

There still isn’t a buffet at Chef Mickey’s, but the menu is an all-you-can-eat family-style meal and includes many other items too.

Though characters have returned to Chef Mickey’s, it still isn’t exactly like before when they came up to your tables for autographs and photos.

The characters come into the restaurant and greet guests from a distance, dancing around a bit as guests watch and take photos. This is the same thing they currently do at Topolino’s, the Garden Grill and the other restaurants with characters.

While not being able to hug the characters or take pictures with them, it is nice to have Mickey and the gang back, and it adds some life to what was otherwise a pretty empty-feeling space.

The only bad thing is the price has increased from $25 when the characters were not appearing, to $42 now with the characters.

Disney Advanced Dining Reservations are now open, so if you are interested in visiting we recommend getting one as soon as possible. They can be made 60 days in advance if you are staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel, and are based on availability.

Stay tuned for more soon.

(NEWS): 3 More Disney World Restaurants Reopening in November and December

Since July when the Disney World theme parks reopened, not all of the restaurants reopened right away, but they’ve been coming back little by little. Today Disney has announced that 3 more restaurants will be reopening in November and December.

Lunch Box Tarts Woody's Lunch Box Hollywood Studios

The reopening restaurants are:

  • Woody’s Lunch Box (November 25)
  • The Crystal Palace (December 13)
  • Tomorrowland Terrace (December 17)

Woody’s Lunch Box is the restaurant we’ve missed the most in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it’s one of the best quick service dining options in the park. Expect it to serve the usual Toy Story-inspired treats when it returns on November 25th.

The Crystal Palace is reopening at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on December 13th, but it won’t bee a buffet for the time being. Instead, like other former buffet meals, it will serve food “family-style” meals with abundant portions.

Some of the entrees include crispy fried chicken with honey pot drizzle, fried cauliflower, and prime rib.

Also, keep in mind that Winnie the Pooh and his friends will NOT be visiting the Crystal Palace at this time, so still no characters for now.

Crystal Palace closed sign Magic Kingdom

On December 17th, the Tomorrowland Terrace will reopen at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This quick service location will serve seafood such as lobster rolls, clam chowder, and baked salmon. It sounds like the menu that is normally located at the Columbia Harbor House.

Overall we are happy to see more dining options starting to come back. This makes sense since Disney is starting to increase park capacity, which means they will continue to need more dining locations.

Stay tuned for more restaurant reopenings soon…

What to Know Before You Go

Disney World Restaurants in Disney Springs

While there are a tons of things we are going to go over in this post, here are the most important things to know about how dining and Disney World restaurants are changing during the reopening phase.

Safety Guidelines in Place – New safety requirements for guests are being included in all Disney World restaurants. These include increased cleaning and sanitation, face masks, contactless menus and more.

Using New Technology – In order to help with safety, Disney is using new technology in its restaurants including contactless menus, Mobile Ordering, Mobile Dine Check-In, and cashless payment.

Limited Dining Offerings – Not all restaurants will be open during the Disney World reopening phase. Restaurants will also have limited capacity with fewer reservations available.

Limited Experiences – Are you a big fan of character meals and dinner shows? Those are not going to be running during the reopening (for the most part). Other experiences like private and in-room dining are also being shelved.

Reservations Changed – All previous Disney World dining reservations made before May have been canceled and guests have to re-book all their restaurants for upcoming trips. New dining reservations are now available to all guests. Read more about dining reservations below.

Big Changes to Disney World Restaurants

City Works Eatery & Pour House Beer Flights

Let’s break down some of the biggest changes to dining in Disney World you need to know about. These include reservations, decrease restaurant capacity and eliminating popular add-ons like the Disney Dining Plan.

Lower Capacity

Obviously, to comply with guest distancing, Disney could not keep normal restaurant capacity as it was before. Tables have to be spaced out a minimum of 6 feet from each other to give dining guests enough room.

All this results in less guests being able to dine in a given restaurant at one time. This could lead to reservations being more difficult to get, but we’re hoping the fact that the entire Walt Disney World Resort will have fewer guests will make up for fewer tables in the restaurants.

Reservations Needed

All table service restaurants in Walt Disney World now require a reservation before going. This is again to help Disney understand how to staff the restaurants and to not have guests showing up hoping to get in when restaurant attendance has been severely limited.

Making Disney Advanced Dining Reservations is now more important than ever and you won’t get to make as many decisions at the last minute. Finally, reservations are available for some Disney World Resort Hotel guests.

In-Park Dining Reservations

Outside Skipper Canteen in Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Because of Disney’s new park reservation system, this creates some new problems for dining at Disney World restaurants. If you want to eat at one of the table service restaurants in the theme parks, you will need a reservation, but a reservation to a restaurant doesn’t mean you automatically get access to the theme parks.

WHAT?? How does that work?

Entrance to the Disney theme parks will only be given to guests with a theme park reservation. Having only a dining reservation at a restaurant there will not get you in. You need both types.

That means booking your theme parks is going to be first priority for each day, and then from there, you can decide which restaurants you want to eat at.

Disney Dining Plan

Lights in Tiffins Restaurant Animal Kingdom

For the foreseeable future, the popular Disney Dining Plan has been suspended. This came as a surprise since so many guests use the pre-paid dining plan when going to Disney World.

The decision to get rid of the dining plan is a consequence of limiting capacity in the restaurants and in the parks. Disney cannot guarantee guests will be able to use up all their purchased dining points if some restaurants are closed while others will be full. For that reason they decided to temporarily suspend the meal plans.

All guests who purchased the Disney Dining Plan for upcoming trips are getting refunded. At this point we still don’t know when the Disney Dining Plan is coming back, but it appears that it won’t be until later in 2021.

Free Dining

white plate of pork belly at Walt Disney World

Disney’s extremely popular Free Dining promotion has also been suspended until further notice. Free Dining is essentially the same thing as the Disney Dining Plan, only it’s worked into the price of your room and you aren’t paying anything additional to add it on to your room.

So without the Disney Dining Plan running, Free Dining can’t happen either. No word yet on when it’s coming back, but rumors are that it too won’t be back until late 2021 at the earliest.

Even though there are a lot of upset Disney fans because of this move, there are other ways of saving money at Disney World and oftentimes waiting for a room only discount saves even more than Free Dining does.

Menus May Vary

Walt Disney World Dining menus

As a result of having fewer people, it’s natural that menus don’t have to be quite as big as they normally are. During the opening period, Disney has warned that menus may vary from normal. There may be a reduced number of options with some regular choices missing from the list.

If you are hoping to eat your favorite dish when eating at a given restaurant, prepare for the possibility that it might not be there.

We hope this isn’t widespread because many restaurants in Disney World have dishes they are well-known for, and we come back time and time again for.

Safety Guidelines for Dining

Guests sitting at tables with face masks in Disney World

Besides organizational changes to the Disney World restaurants, Disney has implemented new safety measures that are put in place to protect both guests and Cast Members. Get familiar with these, and the other guidelines for the theme parks as you’ll need to follow them on your trip.

Face Masks

It’s true that face masks are required throughout The Walt Disney World Resort, this includes in restaurants…to a degree. In some places in restaurants face coverings are required and in others no.

  • Where they ARE Required – You’ll need to wear a face mask when you arrive at a restaurant, during the check-in procedure, visiting the restroom, and anytime you get up from your table and walk around.
  • Where they are NOT Required – When you are at your table eating or drinking, face masks are not required.

Restaurant staff including waiters and chefs will always be wearing a face covering so as to not contaminate the food or guests.

To learn more, read our Guide to Face Masks at Disney World.


Disney is increasing the cleaning throughout the resort, restaurants included. All areas that are considered “high traffic” will get extra cleaning and sanitization including: tables, chairs, benches, doors, handles, restrooms, buttons, dining pagers, etc.

Expect to see sparkling clean tables like you’ve never seen before!


Self Service Beverage Station Disney World Dining Restaurants

Anywhere in a Disney World dining location where you would normally serve yourself, a Disney Cast Member will be there to serve you instead. This keeps guests from touching too many things and potentially contaminating them for others.

This includes self-serve drinking fountains where a Cast Member will fill your drink for you. This will also be valid if and when buffets come back to Disney World.

Temperature Screening

We know guest temperature screening is required at the Disney Parks and Disney Springs, and now Disney World is also requiring temperature screenings at Table Service restaurants at the resort hotels. This makes sense since there are no screenings set up when you enter the hotel itself.

Temperature screenings are not required at in-park restaurants since guests are already screened at park entry.

Dining Experience Types

Glass and bottle of wine in Walt Disney World Restaurants

We know not all restaurants are reopening right away in Disney World, but there are also restrictions on full categories and types of dining experiences too. Here is the rundown:

Table Service Dining

Table Service restaurants are reopening but not all of them. The majority of restaurants opening first are Non-Signature restaurants, and for the most part limited to one per resort. If you are looking for a super elegant meal, you aren’t going to find one for the time being.

The ones that are open will have limited seating and fewer tables than normal to allow for spacing between guests.

Quick Service Dining

From what Disney has announced so far, a great majority of quick service restaurants are reopening during the initial phase. Capacity will be limited here too and guests encouraged to use the Mobile Ordering system.

Bars and Lounges

The lounges and bars were planning on being open in Disney World but that has hit a speed bump recently. The State of Florida has suspended the consumption of alcohol at bars throughout the state.

Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar Disney Springs

Bars are classified as establishments that make more than 50% of their income from the sale of alcohol. Restaurants can still serve alcohol, as long as sales from food make up the majority of their income.

What does this mean for Disney World?

  • Technically, Bars can still remain open, and alcohol can even be sold, but it cannot be consumed on the premises. If the bars sell alcohol in sealed take-away cups, they can still sell it
  • Disney has chosen to close some of the Disney Springs bars for the time being, while others are still serving guests, just not alcohol.

Here is a list of bars in Disney Springs that are now closed:

  • Dockside Margaritas
  • Various pop-up bars throughout Disney Springs

Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar was closed at one point due to this new rule, but they are now open, just without serving alcohol.

The most popular bar in Walt Disney World, Oga’s Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has also gone back and forth between open and closed. As of now, Oga’s Cantina is open, but again, only non-alcoholic beverages are being served and it is an extremely limited menu.

The state of Florida has not put an ending date on the order at this time, so we don’t know when it is going to end.

Character Dining

Character Dining Disney World after reopening

So far Disney is temporarily suspending character dining in Walt Disney World. One of the best parts of a character meal is when they come around and take pictures with you at your table, but because of the guest distancing policy this is not currently possible.

There are a couple of character dining meals that will be running during the first phase of the reopening. So far we know:

  • Topolino’s Character Breakfast – Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Garden Grill – The Land Pavilion, EPCOT

Both character meals will be modified experience where the characters pass by but don’t hug, sign autographs or take pictures with the guests. The spaces are large enough where the characters will be able to walk by and greet guests from a distance.

No word yet when the other character dining meals will reopen.

Dinner Shows

Dinner shows like the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue and Spirit of Aloha will not be running when Disney World reopens. Our guess is that they are a higher cost than normal restaurants and require full attendance to turn a profit. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to reopen dinner shows until they can fit more people.


Germany buffet EPCOT

It’s obvious that due to the current health crisis, a buffet-style restaurant cannot be allowed for the time being. Buffets obviously are germ-fests since anyone can go right up to the food and handle it if they like, and so far, no buffets are open in Disney World.

So what is happening to all the buffet restaurants in Disney World then? It looks like for the time being they are changing into “Family-style” restaurants instead, at least the ones reopening.

Some of the restaurants that are normally buffets and that have now moved over to the “Family-style” designation are Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort and Biergarten in EPCOT’s Germany pavilion, and The Crystal Palace at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

If you aren’t familiar with family-style meals, it’s where waiters come around to each table course by course and the guests share large portions of food. Think of something like Ohana’ at the Polynesian Resort.

Family Style Meal Ohana

These family’style meals are still all-you-can-eat, so come with an appetite. We are hoping other popular locations like Tusker House will adobt the same system eventually.

In the end, it may just be too complicated, and might be best to wait until things return closer to normal to reopen buffets.

Private Dining / In-Room Dining

Since Disney World reopened, there have been no Private Dining experiences or In-Room dining. I’m not sure the logic behind this one as it would seem that fewer guests taking up valuable tables in the restaurants would be an ideal situation.

It’s probably to just simplify things for the time being and we’ll see these experiences slowly start to come back in time.

(Update): In-Room Dining is now available at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, so this may start to be available at other Disney World hotels shortly.

Which Disney World Restaurants Are Open?

Disney World Dining table service restaurants

One of the hardest part of dining in Disney World now is figuring out which restaurants are open and that you can actually go to.

Disney is reopening the restaurants in phases and doing it group by group. Disney has warned guests already that they’ll have to be patient and that some dining experiences will not be open during their next trip.

Which restaurants are open? Here are some lists, broken down by location at Disney Springs, the Resorts and Theme Parks.

Theme Parks

EPCOT Dining Walt Disney World

Disney has just released a full list of all the restaurants reopening in the theme parks when they reopen on July 11 and July 15.

Restaurants are reopening in phases, and a good number of quick service and table service restaurants will be open with the parks. As the crowds come back so will more restaurants.

Can I Eat in a Park Restaurant Without a Theme Park Reservation?

No you can’t. Just having a dining reservation to a restaurant in one of the theme parks, does not give you access to that theme park. If you want to eat in one of those restaurants you will need to have both a Park Reservation AND a Dining Reservation.

Magic Kingdom – (Now Open)

  • Aloha Isle
  • Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  • The Crystal Palace (Dec 13th)
  • The Friar’s Nook
  • Gaston’s Tavern
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company
  • Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen
  • Liberty Square Market
  • Liberty Tree Tavern
  • The Lunching Pad
  • Main Street Bakery
  • Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
  • Pinocchio Village Haus
  • The Plaza Restaurant
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Storybook Treats
  • Sunshine Tree Terrace
  • Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant (Dec 17th)
  • Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Not Open:

  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Casey’s Corner
  • Cheshire Cafe
  • Columbia Harbor House
  • Cool Ship
  • Golden Oak Outpost
  • Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
  • Prince Eric’s Village Market
  • Tortuga Tavern
  • Westward Ho

Animal Kingdom – (Now Open)

  • Anandapur Ice Cream Truck
  • Creature Comforts
  • Dawa Bar
  • Dino-Bite Snacks
  • Flame Tree Barbecue
  • Harambe Fruit Market
  • Harmabe Market (Opening Nov 14)
  • Isle of Java
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company
  • Mr. Kamal’s
  • Nomad Lounge
  • Pongu Pongu
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Restaurantosaurus
  • Satu’li Canteen
  • Tamu Tamu Refreshments
  • Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks
  • Tiffins Restaurant
  • Trilo-Bites
  • Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes
  • Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Not Currently Open:

  • Caravan Road
  • Dino Diner
  • Drinkwallah
  • Eight Spoon Cafe
  • Kusafiri Coffe Shop & Bakery
  • Mahindi
  • Pizzafari
  • Restaurantasaurus Burger & Sundaes
  • The Smiling Crocodile
  • Terra Treats
  • Tusker House Restaurant
  • Warung Outpost

EPCOT – (Now Open)

  • Biergarten Restaurant
  • Chefs de France
  • Choza de Margarita
  • Coral Reef Restaurant
  • Crepes des Chefs de France
  • Fife & Drum Tavern
  • Funnel Cake
  • Garden Grill Restaurant
  • Gelati
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company
  • Joy of Tea
  • Kabuki Café
  • Katsura Grill
  • Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
  • L’Artisan des Glaces
  • La Cantina de San Angel
  • La Cava de Tequila
  • La Hacienda de San Angel
  • Joy of Tea
  • The Land Cart
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse
  • Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie
  • Les Vins des Chefs de France
  • Lotus Blossom Cafe
  • Popcorn in Canada
  • Refreshment Outpost
  • Refreshment Port
  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue
  • Rose & Crown Dining Room
  • Rose & Crown Pub
  • San Angel Inn Restaurante
  • Sommerfest
  • Spice Road Table
  • Sunshine Seasons
  • Teppan Edo
  • Traveler’s Café
  • Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar
  • Tutto Italia Ristorante
  • UK Beer Cart
  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria
  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop (Only on Weekends)

Not Currently Open:

  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
  • Block & Hans
  • Cool Wash
  • Monsieur Paul
  • Nine Dragons
  • Restaurant Marrakesh
  • Space 220 – Coming Soon
  • Takumi-Tei
  • Tangierine Café
  • Tokyo Dining

Hollywood Studios – (Now Open)

Not Currently Open:

  • Catalina Eddie’s
  • Dockside Diner
  • Fairfax Fare
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle
  • Market
  • Neighborhood Bakery
  • Tune-In Lounge

Once we have confirmation of more restaurants in the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom reopening, we’ll post them here.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs Dining reopening

Disney Springs was the very first part of Walt Disney World to reopen and therefore got a head start on dining. Most of the restaurants have reopened already with only a couple still missing.

List of Disney Springs Restaurants currently open:

  • Amorette’s Patisserie
  • AristoCrepes
  • The Basket at Wine Bar George
  • B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.
  • Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza
  • Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’
  • Chicken Guy!
  • City Works Eatery & Pour House
  • Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar
  • Cookies of Dublin
  • D-Luxe Burger (Mobile Order Only)
  • The Daily Poutine
  • Disney Food Trucks
  • Dockside Margaritas
  • Earl of Sandwich
  • The Edison
  • Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC
  • Enzo’s Hideaway
  • The Front Porch
  • Frontera Cocina
  • The Ganachery
  • Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Soda Shop
  • Häagen-Dazs®
  • House of Blues
  • Jaleo by José Andrés
  • Jock Linsey’s Hanger Bar
  • Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company
  • Joffrey’s Handcrafted Smoothies Kiosk
  • Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe
  • Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante
  • Marketplace
  • Marketplace Snacks
  • Morimoto Asia
  • Morimoto Asia Street Food
  • Paddlefish
  • Paradiso 37, Taste of the Americas
  • Pizza Ponte
  • Planet Hollywood
  • The Polite Pig
  • Raglan Road
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Splitsville Luxury Lanes
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes
  • STK Orlando
  • Starbucks (Marketplace)
  • Starbucks (West Side – Outdoor seating only)
  • Sunshine Churros (Both Marketplace and West Side locations)
  • T-REX
  • Terralina Crafted Italian
  • Vivoli il Gelato
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels (Both Marketplace and West Side locations)
  • Wine Bar George
  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill
  • Yesake

Get a full tour and the latest updates in our post on Disney Springs Reopening.


Grand Floridian Cafe Disney World

Just because some of the Disney World resorts are reopening, doesn’t mean all the restaurants in those resorts are reopening too. So far the list is pretty limited and pretty much eliminates all signature dining and character dining locations (Topolino’s being the lone exception for both).

Here is the current list of resort restaurants Currently Open:

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

  • California Grill
  • Chef Mickey’s (No character meals – Breakfast Only)
  • Contempo Cafe
  • Cove Bar
  • The Sand Bar
  • The Wave

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village

  • Maji Pool Bar
  • Sanaa
  • Sanaa Lounge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House

  • Cape Town Lounge and Wine Bar

Disney’s Beach Club & Villas

  • Beaches and Cream
  • Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill (Bar Only)
  • Martha’s Vineyard

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort & Villas

  • AbracadaBar
  • BoardWalk Bakery
  • Leaping Horse Libations
  • Pizza Window
  • Trattoria al Forno

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

  • Banana Cabana
  • Centertown Market

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

  • Barcelona Lounge
  • Dahlia Lounge
  • El Mercado de Coronado
  • Rix Sports Bar & Grill
  • Siestas Cantina
  • Three Bridges Bar & Grill

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

  • Crocket’s Tavern
  • Meadow Snack Bar
  • P&J’s Southern Takeout

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Villas

  • Beaches Pool Bar & Grill
  • Enchanted Rose
  • Gasparilla Island Grill
  • Grand Floridian Cafe
  • Narcoossee’s

Disney’s Old Key West Resort

  • Good’s Food to Go
  • Gurgling Suitcase
  • Olivia’s Cafe

Disney’s Polynesian Polynesian Village Resort

  • Barefoot Pool Bar
  • Capt. Cook’s
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Deli
  • Kona Cafe
  • Pineapple Lanai
  • Tambu Lounge

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

  • Everything POP Shopping & Dining
  • Petals Pool Bar

Disney’s Riviera Resort

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

  • The Artist’s Palette
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Cafe
  • The Paddock Grill
  • On the Rocks Pool Bar

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

  • Geyser Point Bar & Grill
  • Roaring Fork
  • Whispering Canyon Cafe

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

  • Ale & Compass Restaurant
  • Ale & Compass Lounge
  • The Market at Ale & Compass

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotels

  • Garden Grove
  • Il Mulino
  • Il Mulino Lounge
  • Java Bar
  • Kimonos
  • Kimonos Lounge
  • Shula’s Lounge
  • Shula’s Steak House
  • Splash Pool Bar and Grill
  • Todd English’s bluezoo

As more dining locations open in the resorts we’ll add them to the list.

Find out how the entire hotel experience is changing now in our post on Staying at a Disney World Hotel During Reopening.


Technology is playing a big part in keeping guests safe in Disney World right now and has made reopening possible. Here are some of the most important ways Disney is using technology right now during the reopening phase:

My Disney Experience

Make sure you have the My Disney Experience app installed and updated on your mobile phone before you head to Walt Disney World. You’re going to need this app more now than ever with all the virtual queues, online check-in and other digital services which will be vital to having a wonderful experience on your trip.

Mobile Ordering