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New Barbecue Restaurant Coming to Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion

(UPDATED 12/3/19) – Disney has recently announced that a new barbecue quick service restaurant is coming to Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion later this year called: “Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue.”

new barbecue restaurant coming to Epcot

Disney is hyping it up saying that Regal Eagle is going to be “something special” and to “prepare your taste buds.” I don’t know about you but I’ve been ready for some good barbecue to come to Epcot since 1982.

The Liberty Inn which is currently located in the American Adventure pavilion is being replaced by Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue which closed down on July 8. No more All-American Burgers, sorry!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue is being described as a modern barbecue smokehouse and will have a large smoker on-site (visible from the Epcot promenade) preparing the meat daily. That sounds like it could be fun to watch, just maybe not on a 97-degree July day.

The patio area is being redesigned for this new quick service location, which it looks like will be full of shaded places to sit. Check out this new concept art that Disney has released:

Regal Eagle Concept Art Epcot

My overall thoughts on this are that I think it’s a great change. While the Liberty Inn wasn’t terrible, I don’t think it represented the American culinary experience properly, and it was a waste to make the quick service in the American Adventure only burgers and hot dogs. Plus you can get that stuff at 100 other restaurants in Epcot and this location deserves more.

My only hesitation is if this is going to be REAL barbecue and have that authentic flavor, or more theme park BBQ. I think there is a ton of potential here and I hope that the quality and love is put into it that it deserves. I would love to see some baby back ribs, spare ribs, brisket, and killer mac and cheese!

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American Adventure Pavilion

Let’s hope that Disney puts some care into making Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue a true authentic barbecue experience as I think the idea has a lot of potential!

We’ll keep you updated with any new info that comes out about Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue. Check out the menu and food options here.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about a barbecue restaurant coming to Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion…

  • Are you looking forward to this new restaurant?
  • What dishes would you like to see?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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