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RUMOR: Is Disney Getting Rid of Blue and Green Milk from Galaxy’s Edge?

Before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened earlier this year, everyone was excited for the famous Star Wars drinks Blue and Green Milk, that were supposed to take Disney guests by storm. Then Galaxy’s Edge opened, and yeah…not so much.

With Blue and Green Milk in Galaxy’s Edge underwhelming guests, could Disney be thinking of eliminating them from Galaxy’s Edge? The latest rumors say that it may just be coming down the road…

Disney eliminating Blue and Green Milk Galaxy's Edge

It sounds like Disney could be contemplating either changing the recipes for the blue and green milk, or eliminating the drinks altogether.

On the November 25, 2019 episode of the “Disney Dish” podcast, Disney insiders Jim Hill and Len Testa were commenting on their strong dislike for both blue and green milks from the Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge.

“Years, years of development, and THIS is the taste that Disney’s test kitchen came up with??” – Jim Hill

Hill goes on to compare drinking the milk to house paint, and Testa compares it to drinking latex.

This pretty much sums up what most Disney fans who have already visited Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and tried the milks were thinking. Of all the people I’ve talked to who have tried them, myself included, I’ve yet to come across one person to say how much they love the blue or green milk and can’t wait to try it again.

walking with green and blue milk in Galaxy's Edge

Sure, for guests visiting Galaxy’s Edge for the first time, trying the blue and green milk is high on the list of things to do. But what happens when those same guests go back for a second or third time and don’t get the milk anymore because they didn’t like it the first time?

Guest satisfaction for the drinks is downright terrible, and it has been anything but the smash hit Disney was looking for. In fact, Disney was hoping that it would have been a guest favorite, much like Butterbeer over in the Wizarding World.

They can be “ok” if it’s a hot day because they are frozen, but big I still haven’t met any big fans of the drinks yet.

However, if you have to pay $7 for the regular milks, and $14 for the alcoholic versions of them, that doesn’t exactly bode well for their future.

The interesting part of their conversation was when they hinted that in their opinion Disney will try to change up the recipe and come out with a new version of blue and green milk, knowing that guests can’t be very happy with them.

Milk Stand Galaxy's Edge line

Again, they aren’t affiliated with The Walt Disney Company and just because they are speculating on this doesn’t mean it will necessarily happen. However due to the fact that hardly anyone likes these drinks, they can’t be too far off with this one and changing them out maybe after the holiday season wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I’m not sure they can totally replace them, what would they sell in their place? I mean the snack stand where they sell them (Milk Stand) is even themed all around these two drinks. If anything it sounds more like a recipe change to me.

In any event, having so much negative press around something that was supposed to compete with Butterbeer down the street, has to be a thorn in Disney’s side and one they won’t leave there to fester for too long…

We’ll continue to monitor this one for you and if an official change to blue and green milk is made in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know. Stay right here with Ziggy Knows Disney for the latest Galaxy’s Edge news.

Your Thoughts

I want to know what you think about Disney potentially getting rid of or changing the blue and green milks…

  • Do you like either of them?
  • Should they be eliminated or changed?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Friday 13th of December 2019

Hi Ziggy, We have just returned from our very first trip to DW from Australia, so it will be a very long time before we get back there. Of course we raced to Star Wars Galaxy Edge, to see it all and taste the blue and green milk. Unfortunately I have to agree with most people, I thought it was disgusting, but they may have one fan. My son absolutely loved it. The next time we returned there a few days later, he was straight to the milk stand for his glass of blue milk. He tells everybody about it. So.... I guess it is an acquired taste.


Thursday 28th of November 2019

I believe something labeled "milk" should, at least, be milk or dairy based. I know what their reason was for not doing that, but let's face it. Some people can't drink dairy, just like some people can't ride roller coasters. You can't please everybody. At least try to please somebody.