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Best Disney Skyliner Hotels | Complete Guide 2024

Over the last few years, the Disney Skyliner has become my new favorite method of transportation in Walt Disney World, and staying at one of the Skyliner Resorts has now become a priority on almost all of our trips.

Disney Skyliner over Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and lake

For years, guests love to stay at the Monorail resorts so they can be close to the Magic Kingdom and ride that classic transportation system. We were often in that group and even though we still love all the resorts there, being on the Skyliner now tops that.

So which Skyliner resort should you stay at?

In this post, we will share our list of the best Disney Skyliner hotels and rank them from best to worst. The nice thing is that there are 7 of them to choose from, so there is a resort for every family and budget.

We’ll go over all the prices, room types, amenities, dining options and the pros and cons of each one. We’ll also discuss the best Skyliner resorts for families, adults, which one has the best pool and how to save money staying there.

Two Disney Skyliner gondolas flying over head

If your goal is to be close to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios and you will be spending a significant amount of time in those parks, this is where you want to be. You even have the option of walking to the parks from many of the resorts or taking boats if you aren’t about flying high in the sky.

Whether you want to stay near those parks is up to you, but after you read this guide you’ll have a much better idea of all the amenities and comforts that staying there allows you.

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Which Disney Hotels Have the Disney Skyliner?

Disney Skyliner over Caribbean Beach Resort

In total, there are 7 different Walt Disney World Resorts have access to the Disney Skyliner. While some of these resorts share a Skyliner station, others have their own private one. 

Of the 7 resorts, they include four different Deluxe Disney Resorts, one Moderate Resort, and two different Value Resorts. 

The Deluxe Resorts are:

  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn 
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

The Moderate Resort is:

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

The Value Resorts Are:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort 

Each of these resorts is vastly different in terms of theming and cost which allows families and travel parties to find a resort that best caters to them in terms of interest and budget. We love each of these resorts for different reasons, it’s just a matter of figuring out which is best for you.


Yacht Club Resort outside

What can you expect to pay at these different Skyliner hotels? It depends! For a standard room each night, here is what you can expect to pay at the different Skyliner Resorts per night (prices INCLUDE tax):

The Deluxe Resorts:

  • Disney’s Beach Club Resort: $568 – $1043 per night
  • Disney’s BoardWalk Inn: $641 – $1118 per night
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort: $470 – $864 per night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort: $567 – $1046 per night

The Moderate Resort:

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort: $268 – $505 per night

The Value Resorts:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: $209 – $413 per night
  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort: $183 – $392 per night

The variances of pricing depend on the time of year you visit. The more expensive times of year such as the holidays, the pricing per night will be on the higher end of the spectrum. If you’re visiting during one of the slower times such as September or January, you’ll pay the lower end.

Room Types

Disney's Art of Animation Resort Hotel Room

The room types found at the different levels of Disney Resorts vary. The type of rooms you’ll find at the Value Resorts will be significantly different than what you’ll find at the Deluxe Resorts. 

The good news is Disney has given most of the resorts much-needed updates, including the value resorts, so even those are pretty nice now. 

The value resorts have less in the way of additional space and are generally more simplistic in nature. The standard rooms normally have two queen beds and will accommodate up to 4 guests. Standard rooms at Pop Century have 260 square feet, whereas Art of Animation standard rooms have 277 square feet in room size. 

It’s important to know that most of Art of Animation’s rooms are Family Suites, which will fit up to 6 guests. These are MORE expensive than the standard rooms and more spacious as well. 

At the Caribbean Beach Resort, the only moderate resort on the Skyliner, you’ll find slightly bigger standard rooms at 314 square feet. They generally also include 2 queen beds and some rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort will also have the option for an additional 5th person with a pull-down bed.

Disney's Riviera Resort rooms

The Deluxe Resorts on the Skyliner will have the most in terms of space and sleeping arrangements. The Yacht and the Beach Club Resort rooms come in at 380 square feet, BoardWalk Inn rooms are 370 square feet, and Riviera Resort Deluxe Studios come in at a whopping 423 square feet! 

*(The cheaper Tower Studios at the Riviera Resort are the smallest rooms on Disney Property at only 225 square feet and will only sleep 2 guests).

The four Deluxe Resort options will all sleep 5 guests with an additional sofa bed or a drop-down bed giving additional bedding options. 

The Value and Moderate Options on our list have exterior hallways, meaning that you can only access your room from an outdoor walkway. They are essentially ‘Motel-Style.’ The Deluxe Resorts have interior access, meaning you’ll be inside an interior hallway as you enter your room.

The Deluxe Resorts will also give guests additional options if they’d like to upgrade to larger suites that can fit up to 12 guests. Also, the Deluxe Resorts have ‘Concierge Floors’ allowing guests to book a concierge room, entitling them to additional food offerings and Cast Member benefits. 

These rooms will cost a pretty penny though, so make sure to look for Disney World discounts when booking.


Art of Animation Nemo Play area near the pool

While some of the amenities shared by the different resorts will differ, some of them will be the same. What amenities will the 7 different Skyliner hotels share? 

Fun Arcades – Each of these Skyliner Resorts has an awesome arcade area featuring several newer games in addition to classic games. This is a satisfying way for both kids and adults to unwind after a long day in the parks. 

Movies Under the Stars – An enjoyable way to enjoy your evenings at the resort is to spend time watching a Disney movie outside under the stars! Ask what movies are playing each night and grab some snacks for the movie.

Jogging Trail – Each of the Skyliner Resorts is equipped with a walking or jogging trail that allows you to take in some lovely views while getting a little exercise!

Great Pools Areas – All 7 of our Skyliner Resorts have awesome and highly themed pool areas. While the Value Resort pools will be larger and less themed, the Deluxe Resort pool areas will also include things such as water slides and hot tubs. 

Wonderful Recreation – While the individual resorts will differ in terms of ‘what’ there is to do, you can count on there being some wonderful things to do. From bicycle rentals to volleyball to fitness centers, there’s something for everyone at the Skyliner Resorts.

Disney Skyliner Map

If you are going to stay at one of the Disney Skyliner hotels, it’s important to understand how the Skyliner works and to know exactly where to get on and where to depart. In this section, we will show you exactly how and where the Disney Skyliner goes.

Which Direction Does the Disney Skyliner Go?

Disney Skyliner Gondola Route Map Disney World

The main hub of the Disney Skyliner system is Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. From the Caribbean Beach Resort, there is a main station with three different routes, and each of them has their own queue. The three queues are:

  1. Direct line to Art of Animation Resort and Pop Century Resort (Shared Stop) 
  2. Direct trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  3. A trip to the back entrance of EPCOT with a quick stop at the Riviera Resort 

When you are at the station, you’ll have the opportunity to choose any one of the three routes and get in the queue. 

If you don’t have a direct destination and just want to ride the Skyliner for fun, just take the Skyliner and go wherever you want! Just keep in mind that you will need to get off the Skyliner at each stop, except Riviera (you can stay on the Skyliner there). 

You likely have a number of questions and are wondering how that works. Let’s give you a few hypotheticals to help you understand the overall premise…

Hypothetical Question #1

You’re at the Riviera Resort and want to get to Hollywood Studios. How do you do it? 


Since the Riviera Resort does NOT take you directly to Hollywood Studios, you will need to take the Skyliner back to the Caribbean Beach Resort Station. At this main hub, you’ll need to transfer and get off the Skyliner and get into the Hollywood Studios queue.

Skyliner station to Hollywood Studios

Hypothetical Question #2

You want to get from EPCOT back to your resort at Pop Century Resort. How do you do it? 


You’ll have to take the EPCOT Skyliner line, which is located outside the back exit of EPCOT via the International Gateway back to the Caribbean Beach Resort Station. From there you’ll need to transfer Skyliner and get in the queue for the Art of Animation and Pop Century Resort Skyliner queue.

Hypothetical Question #3

You want to park hop and leave Hollywood Studios and head to EPCOT via the Skyliner. How do you do it? 


You’ll have to head onto the Hollywood Studios Skyliner which is just outside of the main exit to the left. Take the Skyliner back to the Caribbean Beach Resort Station. From there, you’ll need to transfer Skyliners and get into the EPCOT Skyliner queue. 

This will take you to the back entrance of EPCOT where you can enter the park via the International Gateway.

EPCOT International Gateway

How Long is a Ride on the Disney Skyliner from Start to Finish?

While Disney Skyliner ride times can sometimes fluctuate and aren’t a set science, due to malfunctions and the possible loading/unloading of wheelchairs, here is what you can expect:

  • From the Pop Century and Art of Animation Station to the Caribbean Beach Station: 3-5 minutes
  • From Hollywood Studios to the Caribbean Beach Station: About 5 minutes
  • From EPCOT to the Caribbean Beach Station: About 12 minutes

If you need to transfer and swap Skyliner cars at all, simply add up to the two different routes to get your total time. Make sure to factor in additional time for possibly waiting in line for the Skyliner, which happens quite frequently.

If you’re getting on the Skyliner first thing in the morning prior to park opening or at the end of the day after fireworks, you’ll likely have to wait a bit to board.

Disney Skyliner Hours

Disney Skyliner at Riviera Resort

While the operating hours will change from season to season and even extend on particularly busy days, usually the Skyliner follows a standard schedule:

  • Opening Hours – The Skyliner starts running around 7:30 am to 8:30 am each morning 
  • Closing Hours – All lines usually close between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm. 

Generally speaking, you can expect it to start running 1 hour before the parks open and close 1 hour after park closing time.

The best way to find out for sure on the day you are visiting is to check the operating hours on the signs outside of the station. They’ll update these daily, and it’s the only accurate way to find out for sure what the hours are.

For a more detailed look at how it works, read our Complete Guide to the Disney Skyliner.

Ready to Start Planning Your Disney Vacation?

Mickey Mouse partners statue Magic Kingdom

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Best Disney Skyliner Resorts Ranked

Stormalong Bay Shipwreck Yacht and Beach Club Resort

The idea of ranking the Disney Skyliner Resorts is simpler than actually doing it. We found this out the hard way. We love the Skyliner Resorts and Disney Bloggers and guests alike may find their own opinions completely different.

In this section, we will rank the 7 Skyliner Resorts from 7 down to number 1. 

Our Ranking Factors

While there isn’t a ton of separation between these 7 different resorts, we still wanted to do our very best to rank them from our least favorite to our favorite. We will also give you the main pros and cons of each of these resorts to help you pick the RIGHT one for YOU.

Simba lion at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

What’s great for us might not be great for you. And that’s important to understand. In fact, if you completely reversed my rankings, it wouldn’t at all surprise me!

The ranking factors that helped us decide how to rank these 7 different resorts included:

  • Value – Is the price savings considerable over the other Skyliner Resorts? 
  • Theming – How immersive and memorable is the theme of this hotel? Did it make us feel like we were truly transported to a faraway location? 
  • Convenience – Do you have to walk far to get to the Skyliner Station? Do you have to share the Skyliner Station with other guests? 
  • Rooms – Are the rooms cozy?  How big are they and how many people do they fit? Are they newly refurbished?
  • Dining Options – Are there plentiful places to get food at this resort? Are they good? 
  • Amenities – Do the pools and additional amenities truly stand out at this resort? 
  • Transportation – What transportation options are available from here? Am I far from everything? Do I have to walk too much to get everywhere?
sunset through window Disney's Riviera Resort pool

Just because they are ranked this way today does not mean our rankings won’t change a year from now or even a month from now. These rankings are so fluid and are based on our current feelings about the resort.

Many of them have gotten recent refurbishments including newly designed guest rooms, restaurants, or refurbishments to the lobby or other common areas, that’s why we can’t say this list will be in this exact order even one year from now.

Let’s go on to the rankings…

#7 – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort with the Skyliner above
  • Cost: A Standard room costs between $268 – $505 per night (Includes tax).
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area 
  • Theme: Captures the Spirit of the Caribbean Islands 
  • Rooms: 2112 
  • Family Suites: No, but some of the rooms have a 5th sleeper


Having Caribbean Beach 7th on our list and technically last on our list just feels harsh. Heck, this was one of our favorite resorts growing up. I have a lot of nostalgia here and I still hold it dear to my heart. 

The truth is, all 7 of the Disney Skyliner hotels are terrific and appeal to different ones. While it’s 7th on our list, I still love the Caribbean Beach and it’s one of my favorite Moderate Resorts.

guest room at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

We love the convenience of the Caribbean Beach now with the addition of the Skyliner as it truly has unparalleled access, considering it’s the Skyliner Hub for Walt Disney World. You can get to the other Skyliner Resorts and both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios within minutes! 

We also love the island theme of Caribbean Beach as you’ll feel like you’re truly transported to your favorite Caribbean island. The recent renovation projection and the updated rooms have made Caribbean Beach even nicer! 

You’ll also have a simple and easy walk to Disney’s Riviera Resort, as it’s just a short walk away. 

Unfortunately for the Caribbean Beach Resort, it falls under the ‘good at everything great at nothing’ mantra. It’s not overly budget-friendly nor is it overly upscale. It falls somewhere in the middle in terms of appealing to budget-friendly families and families that want more sophistication and luxury. 

Due to those reasons, it gets dropped lower than you’d expect on our list.


Caribbean Beach Resort pool at night

Totally Redone Resort – Not only did the rooms get a refreshed upgrade, but the lobby area and the restaurants have been renovated! It’s almost a brand-new resort since the update.

Fun-Themed Rooms – These charming rooms were spared no expense on their addition, entertaining kids with fun decor for young and aspiring pirates! Disney did a great job of adding fun details throughout the rooms!

A Wonderful Pool Area – The Fuentes del Morro Pool is a beautifully themed zero-entry pool that pleases kids with its pirate theme. It’s got forts, cannons, water slides, and a water playground! There’s also a large hot tub in the pool area that fits up to 12 people. If this pool area gets too crowded, there are 5 other quieter pools you can take advantage of.

The Hub Station – Staying at the hub of the Disney Skyliner is a major positive for guests of Caribbean Beach! It’s hard to top being able to get to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios within minutes! 

Short Walk to the Riviera Resort – Yes you can take the Skyliner but you can also walk around the lake! What better way to start your day than to walk to the Riviera to get a coffee at my favorite cafe on the property, Le Petit Cafe?

5th Sleeper Rooms – Caribbean Beach can accommodate families of five with a 5th sleeper bed. This bed is a junior-sized Murphy bed that easily folds up and down. These rooms do cost extra, but it’s minimal.


Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

A Lot of Walking – Depending on where your room is located, you could easily have a 10-minute walk to the Skyliner or the Old Port Royale. This can be draining after a long day in the parks!

No Elevators – If you’re staying on the 2nd floor, it can be a pain in the butt having to carry luggage or bags up and down the flights of stairs in addition to walking considerable distances to catch a bus. Keep this in mind if you have any mobility issues so you can let them know at the front desk to keep you on the 1st floor.

Long Wait Times for Buses – If you’re visiting one of the parks the Skyliner does NOT go to or Disney Springs, be prepared to wait a long time for a bus. The buses here drive around all the villages and make more stops than most other resorts. You will wait a long time for the bus and you will sit on the bus for a long time before you get off.

Dining Options

food at Sebastian's Bistro Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Sebastian’s Bistro – Celebrate the spirit of the islands with this budget-friendly table-service restaurant. They are only open for dinner. 
  • Centertown Market – A quick-service location that features a number of unique Caribbean-inspired choices for all times of the day. 
  • Centertown Market Grab & Go – A casual market that has a number of easy on-the-go snacks. 
  • Banana Cabana – A walk-up poolside bar that offers tropical drinks and a mixture of different snacks. 
  • Spyglass Grill – A quick-service food location that features a number of additional American foods with a Caribbean twist. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Best For

Who doesn’t love the vibe of the Caribbean? From the music to the relaxed atmosphere, the Caribbean Beach Resort brings good vibes! Immediately upon getting to the Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll feel like you’re hopping aboard one of the (5) islands that are featured here. 

If your family appreciates island life, you’ll love the setting at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

#6 – Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Ornament Valley Cars Land Disney's Art of Animation Resort
  • Cost: $209 – $413 in a standard room (Including tax); Family suites are between $478 and $963 per night. (Includes tax)
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area
  • Theme: An homage to Disney art, exploring both Disney and Pixar movies 
  • Rooms: 1984 
  • Family Suites: Yes


Coming in at 6th on our list of favorite Skyliner hotels is Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. It’s the newest of the Disney World Value Resorts, and while it generally comes in as most people’s favorite Value Resort, it isn’t for us. 

While we enjoy the Art of Animation, it doesn’t quite make it to the upper echelon of our favorite Skyliner Resorts.

Disney's Art of Animation sign in front of hotel

First off, the Art of Animation Resort shares a Skyliner Station with the Pop Century Resort. Each section of the Art of Animation Resort is themed to a different animated Disney or Pixar Film, whether it’s Lion King, Finding Nemo, Cars, or Little Mermaid. 

While there are standard rooms here that will fit only 4 guests, and these can be found at the Little Mermaid section of the resort, the majority of the rooms found at Art of Animation are family suites. We do love the family suites as they have accommodations that will fit up to 6 guests, giving larger families a budget-friendly option to stay on the Skyliner. 

The Art of Animation Resort does a terrific job of theming, its food court is wonderful, and even the pool areas are really good and unique. 

However, the main reason we don’t have it higher is it’s QUITE expensive for what it is. In fact, there are many times when comparing the prices of the resorts, that Art of Animations prices reach Moderate Level pricing. 

It’s not a Moderate Resort, and to think during the busier times of the year, you can spend $800-$900 a night is a bit ridiculous.


treasure chest Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Unique Themed Rooms and Land – Each time we’ve visited here, we’ve tried staying at the different themed lands. All of them are delightful and unique, whether it’s the Little Mermaid section, the Cars-themed section, the Finding Nemo section, or the Lion King-themed section. Each area is filled with a lot of fun artifacts for kids to explore.

Fabulous Food Court – The Landscapes of Flavor Food Court is amazing. Not only does it have standard food court fare, but you’ll also have some above-and-beyond options such as Curry Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Surf and Turf Burgers. The different stations throughout the food court allow each member of the family to find something they like.

Dog-Friendly Accommodations – One of the four resorts in Walt Disney World that are dog-friendly allowing you to bring your pup.

Interior Hallways – This might sound trivial, but it’s the only value resort that features interior hallways when walking to your room. Unlike the motel setup at Pop Century and the All-Star Resorts.


Skyliner station at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Shared Skyliner Stop – The Skyliner stop here gets PACKED! You’ll see lines wrapping around the sides of the resort during busier mornings. Guests staying at the massive Pop Century and Art of Animation will all be lining up to get to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios which makes things crowded.

Most Expensive Value Resort – These rooms are significantly more costly than the neighboring Pop Century and the All-Star Resorts. The standard Little Mermaid rooms are very difficult to get and are always excluded from Disney promotions.

If you want to stay at Art of Animation, you likely will need to stay in a Family Suite. It can get expensive, however, and you might end up paying more money than staying in a Moderate Resort.

Massive Complex  – Similar to the other value and moderate resorts, Art of Animation is enormous, and if you’re at one of the further away buildings, you can have a LONG walk to both the lobby and the Skyliner.

Unending Kids – Like all the Disney Value resorts, Art of Animation is filled with families and small kids. If you want to stay at a resort with fewer kids and more adults, opt for the moderate or deluxe resorts.

Limited Dining Choices – If you are looking for a table service meal, you won’t find it here at the Art of Animation Resort. There is the food court and pool bar and that’s it.

Dining Options

Chili bread bowl at Disney's Art of Animation Resort
  • Landscape of Flavors – Five themed areas with a considerable variety of different food offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The Drop Off Pool Bar – Standard Disney Pool Bar with a number of distinct drinks to sip by the pool.

Best For

Art of Animation is the only resort on the Disney Skyliner that has affordable Family Suites allowing for up to six people in a room. This makes the Art of Animation a great value for larger families!

#5 – Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Disney's Pop Century Resort front entrance
  • Cost: A Standard room costs between $183 – $392 per night (Includes tax).
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area 
  • Theme: A nod to the unforgettable fads of the 1950s through the 1990s
  • Rooms: 2880
  • Family Suites: No


Our favorite value resort in all of Walt Disney World is Disney’s Pop Century Resort. We love this option for being on the Skyliner. It’s ideal for budget-conscious families who want unbelievable access and a terrific location.

It’s also the cheapest option out of all of the Skyliner Hotels, and in our opinion, it’s far and away the best value. 

old memorabilia at Disney's Pop Century Resort

The theming at Pop Century showcases a lot of the fun and famous fads through the generations, as parents and grandparents can tell stories of the past to their kids and grandkids as they sift through the different buildings of this resort. 

While the Skyliner Station shares with the Art of Animation Resort and the lines can get long, it’s still so convenient to have the Skyliner here now. This makes getting to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios a breeze. 

We also love the fact that the Art of Animation Resort is right next door, allowing you to walk over there and utilize their amenities and check out their food court as well.  

Another nice feature of the Pop Century Resort is that the park has dedicated buses for guests staying at their resort, meaning you won’t need to share bus stops with the other nearby EPCOT Resorts. They’ve also recently renovated all of their rooms, including upgrading the beds to queen beds in all of the standard rooms instead of full-sized beds. 

It’s fairly comparable quality-wise to Art of Animation and for the same convenient access to the Skyliner and much better prices, we prefer Disney’s Pop Century Resort these days.


Tips for Visiting Disney World in September

Most Affordable Option on the Skyliner – While Pop Century certainly isn’t a lavish vacation, it’s hard to beat the value. Behind the All-Star Resorts which are located near Animal Kingdom, it’s the most inexpensive resort on property. If you’re planning on spending most of your days in the Disney Parks and don’t mind surrendering a little bit of luxury, Pop Century is an excellent way to go if you want to be on the Skyliner. 

Solid Food Court – The Everything Pop food court at Pop Century is one of our favorite food courts in Walt Disney World. There are so many choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that give even the fussiest of eaters options!

If you can’t find anything, you can simply walk next door to Art of Animation and check out their Landscape of Flavors food court as well. 

Brand-New Rooms – Pop Century recently upgraded all of their rooms and removed their carpets and added attractive wood floors. The beds were changed from doubles to queens and were also raised allowing for more storage space for guests. 

Fun Theming for Families – With its fun and unique theming based on the popular fads of previous decades, Pop Century is a great place to explore the different themed areas of the resort.


Disney's Pop Century Resort guest room

Shared Skyliner Stop – Like Art of Animation, when staying at Pop Century you’ll need to share the same Skyliner stop. That means be prepared for LONG waits in the mornings when trying to head to the parks. 

Long Bus Lines – If heading to a park that isn’t on the Skyliner, such as Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, you’ll likely need to wait in a long bus line. There’s only one bus stop here, meaning guests staying at all 2880 rooms will be waiting at the same bus stop! 

Loud Resort – Due to the sheer number of people and large groups at the value resorts, Pop Century can get very rowdy. It can be frustrating to hear people hooting and hollering outside of your room late into the evening while you’re trying to sleep.

Spread Out – Similar to the other value and moderate resorts, Pop Century is massive and if you’re at one of the furthest buildings, you can have a LONG walk to both the lobby and the Skyliner. 

Limited Dining Options – If you are looking for a table service meal, you won’t find it here at Pop Century. There is the food court and pool bar and that’s it.

Dining Options

food court at Disney's Pop Century Resort
  • Everything POP – A large food court that gives guests a ton of different breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. 
  • Petals Pool Bar – A typical Disney outdoor pool bar that features a number of different cocktails and beer.

Best For

Pop Century is a wonderful family resort for budget-conscious travelers. In our view, it is a small step up from the All-Star Resorts with the biggest benefits being that it’s more centrally located and it has the Skyliner now!

#4 – Disney’s Riviera Resort

Entrance car port Disney's Riviera Resort
  • Cost: For a Deluxe Studio the cost is $470 – $864 per night depending on the time of year and views
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area 
  • Theme: Based on the Italian and French Riviera 
  • Rooms: 300
  • Family Suites: Yes


We love Disney’s Riviera Resort and have ranked it 4th on our list of favorite Skyliner Hotels. It’s the newest resort on the list and the highest in terms of amenities and luxury. It’s also considered a standalone DVC Resort, which means that its rooms aren’t your typical “hotel rooms.” 

You’ll have the option to stay in a Tower Studio, which are the smallest rooms in Walt Disney World. Or you can stay in the Deluxe Studio, which is the biggest “standard room” on our list.

outside Disney's Riviera Resort

We based the pricing above on the Deluxe Studio, as that is the closest thing to a standard hotel room and fits 5 guests.

But just because the Riviera Resort is a DVC Resort doesn’t mean it’s not bookable by every guest. In fact, Disney allows guests who want to stay here to book it as a standard hotel room directly through them as well. 

There’s a ton to love about the Riviera, including the fact that it has its own standalone Skyliner Station! We love that because it’s the quietest Skyliner station out of all of the stations, meaning that lines are smaller and getting off and on is incredibly simple and minimal. 

We also love how small and quaint the Riviera is, it just feels quiet and peaceful unlike some of the other options on our list. You’ll forget you’re in Disney sometimes, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. 

It also has arguably some of the best food options out of any Walt Disney World Resort! We love the Riviera Resort and it’s a terrific option for guests who want a balance between convenience and quiet.


Bar Riva Disney's Riviera Resort

Newest Disney Resort  – The Riviera just feels fresh and untouched in every way from the hotel lobby to the interior of the hallways. 

No Shared Skyliner Stop – Located on its own Skyliner stop, the Riviera stop is the calmest Skyliner location, meaning small lines and far fewer people. 

Tremendous Food Choices – While there aren’t a LOT of food options at the Riviera, every single option is fantastic! From the best coffee shop in Disney (Le Petit Cafe), to one of the best breakfasts and dinners in Disney (Topolino’s Terrace,) to an exceptional quick service spot (Primo Piatto), this is the top! 

Stunning Views – Along with the Contemporary Resort and the Gran Destino Tower, the views at the top of the Riviera Resort are amongst the best in all of Walt Disney World! Grab breathtaking views of the Skyliner along the top floor outside of Topolino’s. You’ll get some Instagrammable shots! 

Good Options for Different Room Types – From Tower Studios, which only fit up to 2 guests to three-bedroom grand villas, the Riviera Resort has FIVE completely different room types!


Disney's Riviera Resort 2 Bedroom Villa Suite

Can’t Walk to EPCOT – Unfortunately, you can’t walk to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios from the Riviera. Despite how close you are, you will still need to take the Disney Skyliner.

Frequent Transferring – Unlike some of the other Skyliner Hotels, a stay at the Riviera is a bit more tricky to get to some destinations. You’ll be required to take the Skyliner to Caribbean Beach and transfer to most places besides EPCOT. 

Lacks Disney Theming – One of the complaints I’ve had with some of the other more recent Disney World Resorts, and that you can say about the Riviera too is the fact that it lacks some of the unique and classic theming of older Disney World Resorts. It seems like a standard (high-end) hotel you’d find through other hotel chains. 

Limited Transportation Options – Unlike many of the other DVC Resorts, you won’t be within walking distance of Disney Springs or any of the Disney Parks, so you’ll be required to take either the Disney Skyliner or Disney Buses to get everywhere.

Dining Options

cocktails at Disney's Riviera Resort
  • Topolino’s TerraceServing both a terrific character breakfast and an unbelievable signature dining experience for dinner, Topolino’s is one of the best restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. In fact, we have its breakfast as our favorite breakfast in all of Walt Disney World! Dinner is also incredible there too! 
  • Primo Piatto – A wonderful quick-service option that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All three meals have some great options. 
  • Le Petit Cafe – Our favorite coffee shop in Walt Disney World. We LOVE Le Petit Cafe for their terrific coffee drinks and some really tasty treats. 
  • Bar Riva – Bar Riva is an open-air bar that is located near the pool area at the Riviera. There are both undercover tables as well as the option to grab your food to go and bring it to the pool. We love Bar Riva and it’s one of the best pool bars in Walt Disney World.

Best For

Guests who enjoy the European Riviera theming while also enjoying the high-end feel of this resort will love the Riviera. It’s awesome for people who want a more subdued resort and don’t have to pay the costs of staying at some of the other comparable high-end resorts.

Best Booking

For deals on Disney’s Riviera Resort and the other Disney Vacation Club properties, check out these posts:

#3 – Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Disney's BoardWalk Inn Resort at sunset
  • Cost: A Standard room costs between $641 – $1118 per night (Includes tax).
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area on the Disney BoardWalk 
  • Theme: Turn-of-the-Century Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Rooms: 378
  • Family Suites: Yes


The host hotel of the Disney BoardWalk, we absolutely love the location of the BoardWalk Inn hotel. It has the unique classification of being the closest resort to Hollywood Studios, while also being a 5-minute walk to EPCOT via the International Gateway.

It’s also just a quick 5-minute or so walk to the Skyliner station, which is located right next to the back entrance to EPCOT.

Carousel at Disney's BoardWalk Inn Resort

While we love the BoardWalk and its unique boardwalk theming, it’s our least favorite resort out of the three EPCOT Resorts that share the Skyliner station here. This isn’t so much a knock on the BoardWalk Inn, just a personal preference for us. (It’s splitting hairs!) 

It’s hard to top the entertainment and dining options that are easily accessible by staying here. You’ll have unparalleled access to fun activities, amenities, games, and entertainment at all times of the day staying here. A stay at the BoardWalk Inn is never boring and it’s ideal for families with kids that want to be kept busy. 

If you’re into nostalgia or would make frequent trips to the New Jersey or New York beaches, the BoardWalk Inn will bring you back to those days! With its beautiful setting, and stunning views of Crescent Lake, the BoardWalk Inn brings about the best option for families looking for convenience and things to do.


Disney's BoardWalk Inn painting resort

Unbeatable Location – Not only are you right next to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT but you are also located right on the Disney Boardwalk! The Boardwalk features performers each night, loads of outstanding shopping, and excellent dining options.

If you enjoy music, absolutely pay a visit to Jelly Rolls. The Boardwalk is a lively and happening place, especially on the weekends!

Choices for Food – In addition to great restaurants that are located at the Boardwalk, there are also a ton of other exceptional restaurants around the Boardwalk.

You can visit The Swan and The Dolphin hotels on one end which are packed with tremendous options for food. You can also visit Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, which also have several good dining spots.

Disney's Boardwalk Inn guest room

There Are Both Regular Rooms and Villas – The Boardwalk Inn is both a standard hotel resort and a DVC resort, meaning that there are several different rooming options for your stay. You can stay in a standard room or choose to stay in a DVC room, which features additional amenities.

Prices of course will vary depending on the room type you choose. This gives you options to get rooms for up to 12 guests! 

Never-Ending List of Things to Do  – The BoardWalk Inn has arguably the best mix of things to do for families with kids that want to be kept busy. From an awesome themed pool area with a terrific waterslide to BoardWalk games and SO much more, kids love the BoardWalk Inn.


horse chandelier at Disney's BoardWalk Inn Resort

Cheesy Decorations – Maybe I’m in the minority on this one, but I’ve never been a huge fan overall of the theming of this resort. The pool area and the decorations can come across as a little tacky. Think Coney Island Boardwalk or one of the New Jersey Boardwalks. If that is your thing, you will like it but it takes away some of the allure in my opinion. 

Clowns – This may sound weird but I know many kids (and some adults) are afraid of clowns and the main pool area, Luna Park Pool, is themed with clown decorations. So just keep that in mind.

Can Be Loud – While some might view the nonstop activities and entertainment on the Boardwalk to be a nice perk, others might not like that it isn’t quiet at night. And if your room is located on the lakeside, you might be kept up at night by loud performers and people walking the Disney Boardwalk, especially after they’ve had a few drinks.

Expensive – One of the most expensive Skyliner Resorts, the BoardWalk Inn doesn’t necessarily have “great value.” You’re certainly paying for the location!

Dining Options

tomato salad at Flying Fish at Disney's BoardWalk Inn Resort
  • Flying Fish – An outstanding table-service dinner restaurant that features great seafood offerings.
  • Trattoria al Forno – Offering both a breakfast in the morning and an Italian dinner, Trattoria al Forno is a solid middle-of-the-road table-service restaurant that won’t break the bank. 
  • Big River Grille & Brewing Works – Open for lunch and dinner, this working microbrewery features standard pub-type food. 
  • BoardWalk Deli – Offering some wonderful sweet treats and deli favorites at all times of the day.
  • Pizza Window – An outdoor window that allows you to purchase slices of plain or pepperoni pizza in addition to a few other snacks and drinks. 
  • AbracadaBar – A fun-themed lounge that focuses on the heyday of magicians and illusionists.
  • Leaping Horse Libations – Carousel-themed pool bar that is the main pool bar around the Luna Park Pool. 
  • Carousel Coffee – A recently opened coffee shop that opened up in the lobby of the hotel featuring fresh coffee and pastry daily.
  • BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas – This margarita stand sits in the center of the BoardWalk and offers a number of different margaritas.
  • Belle Vue Lounge – A 1930s-style sitting room where you can enjoy a nice cocktail while relaxing on a comfy chair.

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Best For

A stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn can be a fantastic option for families that want to be right next to the action with plenty of things to do and see, and being a short walk away from both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios is incredibly appealing!

#2 – Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

lighthouse at Disney's Yacht Club Resort
  • Cost: A Standard room costs between $567 – $1046 per night (Includes tax).
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area
  • Theme: New England-style Yacht Club 
  • Rooms: 630 
  • Family Suites: No, but standard rooms fit 5 adults


The sister resort of the Beach Club Resort, the Yacht Club is conveniently located on the opposite side of the Disney BoardWalk. It’s a quick 5-minute or less walk to the Skyliner Station, which it shares with the Beach Club and BoardWalk Inn Hotel.

guest room at Disney's Yacht Club Resort

While the Yacht Club is expensive, we love its easy and convenient walking access to EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the Disney Skyliner. With price comes quality and the Yacht Club Resort delivers quality in abundance!

With the best pool area in all of Walt Disney World on property (Stormalong Bay), and solid dining options, we think the Yacht Club is a terrific option for guests. 

Sure, it’s not quite as appealing to kids with its nautical theming as the BoardWalk Inn or the Beach Club, but it levels up a bit because it’s the only Deluxe Resort that is on the Skyliner and is also a pet-friendly resort. This gives families looking to bring a pet on-site the option to stay at the Yacht Club. 

It’s one of our favorite adult hotels due to its ambiance and posh ambiance, adding to the fact that it’s a popular destination for business travelers. The Yacht Club feels upscale and deluxe and is up there with the Riviera Resort in terms of luxury-type theming. 

This is a terrific option for guests who are willing to shell out higher costs to get a premium in terms of convenience, location, and upscale living!


Disney's Beach Club Resort Pool Stormalong Bay Yacht Club

Unbeatable Pool Area – Stormalong Bay is shared with Disney’s Beach Club Resort as well but with good reason, it has over 800,000 gallons of water! It includes a lazy river, 3 whirlpool spas, a sand-bottomed pool, and one of the largest water slides in all of Walt Disney World.

Trust me, this is the best “pool” in all of Disney and it isn’t close. There are also 3 quieter leisure pools away from the main one.

Proximity to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT – Waiting on Disney Buses can be a nuisance and there are few things better than being able to walk to both Hollywood Studios and EPCOT. Being able to walk right into the parks allows you to time your day better and start as early as you want, without worrying about wasting an hour waiting for or on the bus.

Being Near the Disney BoardWalk – Not only are you right next to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT but you are also located right on the other side of the Disney BoardWalk! The BoardWalk features entertainers performing each night, loads of fantastic shopping, and excellent dining options. 

Dining Options – The Yacht Club has one of my favorite Disney Resort Hotel restaurants, Yachtsman Steakhouse. It is arguably the greatest steakhouse in Disney and is well worth a visit! In addition, there are also a ton of other awesome restaurants at the Beach Club and around the Boardwalk.

Dog-Friendly Resort – The Yacht Club is one of four resorts on Disney property that is dog-friendly. For fans of bringing Rover on their vacation, this is one of your best resort options.


outside Disney's Yacht Club Resort at night

It’s Expensive – Like the BoardWalk Inn and the Beach Club, the Yacht Club is VERY expensive. Depending on the day and availability, it’s frequently the most expensive Skyliner Hotel. These rooms are highly popular due to their closeness to the parks while being in a premium location, and with the limited number of rooms and the lack of a DVC presence at this resort, the rooms are almost always full-priced.

Not as Kid-Friendly – Comparing it to the Beach Club which has vibrant and colorful vibes, the Yacht Club feels more sophisticated and adult-like. It feels more refined and elegant while being less playful and relaxed. I’m personally drawn away from that style while others might love it.

Convention Hotel – You’ll often see large crowds of business travelers gathering around the many common areas of the Yacht Club. This can sometimes be an irritant when you need help with a problem or you need to wait in line behind dozens of business travelers for a meal.

Shared Bus Service – While the access to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT is amazing, buses can be a hassle when waiting in line for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs. You’ll frequently end up waiting additional time, plus you’ll need to share the bus with guests at the Beach Club. And for some reason, it always feels like your stop is last!

Dining Options

drinks at Ale & Compass Lounge Disney's Yacht Club Resort
  • Ale & Compass – A solid table-service restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Ale & Compass Lounge – A cozy lounge just outside Ale & Compass, offering snacks and drinks.
  • The Market at Ale & Compass – Quick-service location at the Yacht Club offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill – The main pool walk-up bar that features refreshing cocktails and some different snacks. 
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse – A signature table-service steakhouse at the Yacht Club that is only open for dinner. They have a dress code.
  • Crew’s Cup Lounge – Lounge just outside of Yachtsman Steakhouse. They share a kitchen and have several good drinks.

Best For

The Yacht Club is ideal for families and adults who want a nice and fancy getaway from the parks while at the same time being very close to the action. Those who enjoy nautical themes and boats will love the rustic colors and darker shades of wood throughout this resort.

#1 – Disney’s Beach Club Resort

outside Disney's Beach Club Resort
  • Cost: A Standard room costs between $568 – $1043 per night (Includes tax).
  • Location: EPCOT Resort Area
  • Theme: New England-style Beach Club 
  • Rooms: 576
  • Family Suites: Yes


Our favorite Disney Skyliner Hotel is…..Disney’s Beach Club Resort! Not only is it our 2nd favorite Skyliner Hotel, it’s our 2nd favorite Disney World Resort in Walt Disney World, that’s how much we love it! But why? 

While the Beach Club shares some of the common areas with its sister resort the Yacht Club, we just think the Beach Club is more welcoming and relaxed! We absolutely adore its beach-style theming putting you in a relaxed state of mind from the very moment you walk into the front doors of the resort. You’ll truly feel as if you’re home!

sitting in lounge at Disney's Beach Club Resort

From the bright and colorful shades of blue and the relaxed and open ambiance, once we get to the Beach Club we never want to leave! While we certainly have some nostalgia for the Beach Club as it’s been a frequent family vacation spot for years for our vacations, we don’t think it’s JUST nostalgia as the reason we have it so high. 

In addition to sharing Stormalong Bay with the Yacht Club (the best pool area in Walt Disney World), there are also additional perks of being at the Beach Club. 

It has the privilege of being the closest Disney World Resort to EPCOT, as the International Gateway entrance is just a few minutes walk from the lobby of the Resort. It’s also conveniently located next to the Skyliner station, closer than both the Yacht Club and the BoardWalk Inn. 

In addition to the location, the Beach Club also doubles down like the Riviera Resort and the BoardWalk Inn as a DVC Resort. This means you’ll have additional options for rooms, with the ability to get 2-bedroom units that will house up to 8 guests. 

We adore the Beach Club Resort and think there’s no better resort for staying on the Disney Skyliner! From the location to the ambiance to the pool, it’s hard to top the Beach Club!


Stormalong Bay at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club

The Pools – Stormalong Bay is shared with Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. It has over 800,000 gallons of water and includes a lazy river, 3 whirlpool spas, a sand-bottomed pool, and the largest resort water slide in all of Walt Disney World. This is the best pool in all of Disney and it isn’t close. There are an additional three leisure pools that are quieter.

Closeness to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT – Again, you can’t top being able to walk to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios if you so desire. Being able to walk right into the parks allows you to time your day better and start as early as you want, without worrying about wasting an hour waiting for or on the bus.

On the Boardwalk Loop – Not only are you right next to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT but you are also located right near the Disney BoardWalk!

bathroom at Disney's Beach Club Resort Villas

Both Regular Rooms and Villas – Unlike its sister hotel, the Yacht Club, the Beach Club is both a regular hotel resort and a DVC resort, meaning that there are several different rooming choices for your stay. The villa side is connected in the back through a small outdoor walkway.

You can stay in a traditional room or choose to stay in a DVC room, which features additional condo-like amenities. Prices of course will vary depending on the room type you choose.

Closest Resort to the Skyliner Station – Out of the three BoardWalk-area Resorts, the Beach Club is the closest to the Skyliner Station and to EPCOT. This can allow you to get to Hollywood Studios quicker in addition to visiting some of the other Skyliner Hotels. 

Character Dining – The Beach Club houses an awesome character meal and that’s at Cape May Cafe. This fun restaurant is one of the best character breakfasts in Disney World, and allows you to meet some of your favorite Fab Five characters!


guest room at Disney's Beach Club Resort

It’s Expensive – Disney’s Beach Club is one of the more expensive options on the Skyliner due to its popularity with guests. There are very few places that have a better location in all of Walt Disney World than the Beach Club, so you’ll have to pay for that convenience.

Rooms sell out here at almost all times of the year and rarely will you be able to get a discounted rate on a room.

Limited Quick-Service Options – Other than the Beach Club Marketplace, there are very few choices for a quick snack or breakfast at the Beach Club. You can of course order something over at Hurricane Hanna’s over by the pool once they open at 11:00, but compared to other Deluxe Resorts, there isn’t a plethora of options.

Shared Bus Service – While the easy access to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT is incredible via the Skyliner when waiting in line for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs, buses can be a hassle. You’ll often end up waiting additional time, plus you’ll need to share the bus with guests at the Yacht Club.

Dining Options

buffet at Cape May Cafe Beach Club Resort
  • Cape May Cafe – This table-service character dining restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat character breakfast and a signature seafood dinner.
  • Beaches & Cream Soda Shop – A 50s-themed restaurant that serves old-fashioned ice cream and a variety of different lunch-type options. They are open for lunch and dinner. 
  • Beach Club Marketplace – The Beach Club quick-service marketplace that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.
  • Martha’s Vineyard – A casual lounge found at the back of the Beach Club near the main pool area, featuring many cocktails and some appetizers.
  • Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill – Pool walk-up bar that features refreshing cocktails and some different snacks.

Best For

The Beach Club Resort is the perfect family-friendly resort that provides a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere that feels perfectly removed from the parks while being incredibly close in reality. 

Families that want a break from the parks in the middle of the day will love its convenience from EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. We love visiting this resort during hotter times of year because we spend more of our days out by the pool.

Best Way to Save Big $$$ on Disney Resorts

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

If you want to potentially save thousands of dollars on your next trip to Disney World, I personally recommend David’s DVC Rentals. They consistently have the best prices and biggest selection of Disney Villas that will make you ask yourself: “How do they do it?”

Reasons to Stay at a Disney Skyliner Resort

2 Bedroom suite Disney's Riviera Resort

Many might wonder “why should I start at a Disney Skyliner Resort?” With other available options such as Monorail Resorts, guests wonder which is more accommodating to their interests and needs. 

In this section, we will talk about the many different reasons why you might want to stay at one of the Skyliner Resorts, and the benefits that come with it.

Close to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios

The most obvious reason to stay at a Disney Skyliner Resort is the proximity to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Three of the resorts are within walking distance of both of the parks, and the other 4 resorts are a simple Skyliner ride away. 

It’s hard to top the closeness in location that these resorts have, especially if you plan on spending a significant part of your trip at these two parks. You’ll have unbeatable access and have the opportunity to be among the first ones in the parks and the last ones to leave each night!

Disney Resort Perks

Early Entry at Animal Kingdom Genie+

A stay at any one of the Skyliner Resorts allows you to take advantage of the numerous Disney Resort Perks. These can include things such as:

  • Free transportation to all of the Disney Parks plus Disney Springs 
  • Early Theme Park Entry allowing you to enter the parks 30 minutes prior to other guests
  • Extended Evening Hours for those staying at the Deluxe Skyliner Resorts
  • Ability to make dining reservations (ADRs) farther in advance
  • Can link your MagicBand+ for additional experiences 
  • Earlier access to Lightning Lane Reservations
  • Unbeatable Disney Cast Members at the resorts 
  • Disney themed resorts and pools 
  • Can purchase or take advantage of Disney Dining Plan promotions 
  • Free parking at the resorts and the theme parks 
  • Additional Disney Fun and amenities such as Movies Under the Stars, Campfires, Arcades, Poolside Games, and other individual resort amenities 

These are just to name a few! And this certainly doesn’t factor just the overall feel of being in the “Disney Bubble” at all times. This isn’t necessarily a perk in quantitative value, but once you understand what being in the bubble means, it’s hard to put a price tag on it!

Great Amenities

In addition to the significant amount of Disney Resort Perks that are provided to guests staying at Walt Disney World Resorts, there are also additional amenities at each resort. These are different from resort to resort and will change depending on where you’re staying. 

But at the very least you’ll get things such as complimentary Wi-Fi, access to washers and dryers on-site to handle your clothing, swimming pools, fitness centers at many of the resorts, and jogging trails.

Great Restaurants

pasta hanging at Topolino's Terrace Riviera Resort

The restaurants at the Skyliner Resorts are up there with some of the best resort dining anywhere on Walt Disney World property. From the Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club Resort to Topolino’s Terrace at the Riviera Resort, the dining options are outstanding! 

This is barely scratching the surface of the available table service options. 

And on top of the table-service options, you’ll also have some truly terrific quick-service spots at the Skyliner Resorts such as the Landscape of Flavors food court at the Art of Animation Resort and Primo Piatto at the Riviera Resort. 

There is so much good food at these resorts, and it’s a big reason we keep coming back!

Just remember, your dining selection is always going to be better at the Deluxe Resorts as the Value Resorts do not have any table service restaurants.

Great Selection of Resort Types

Disney's Pop Century Resort Value Resorts

Out of the 7 different Skyliner Resorts, you’ll have at least one of each of the main three resort types. 

If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly you’ll have the option of staying at one of the two different Value Resorts: Art of Animation or Pop Century. 

If you’re looking for something a little higher-end but still not breaking the bank, you can choose the Moderate Resort on the Skyliner the Caribbean Beach Resort. 

And lastly, if you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence you can book one of the four Deluxe Resorts: The Riviera Resort, the Beach Club Resort, the Yacht Club Resort, or the Boardwalk Inn.

Disney Skyliner Fun Factor

Disney Skyliner car Pirates of the Caribbean dog holding keys

Like the monorail, the Disney Skyliner is incredibly fun! And that deserves a mention all by itself. In fact, we often find ourselves taking the Skyliner whenever we possibly can, even when we can walk, because it’s an attraction in and of itself! 

Guests, especially kids, LOVE the Skyliner. And if you have the option to utilize the Skyliner for two parks and limit the potential use of the Disney Buses as much as possible, that’s a win for me!

Fireworks Viewing from Your Room

fireworks from Disney's Riviera Resort

All of the Deluxe Resorts have options for fireworks viewing from your room! This includes the Riviera, the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, and the BoardWalk Inn. 

Even Art of Animation and Pop Century have some rooms that allow you to see the fireworks. While these rooms aren’t “advertised” nor are they additional money, you will need to know WHAT to request. 

To get a fireworks room at the Skyliner Hotels, here is what I’d suggest depending on which resort you’re staying at:

  • Art of Animation Resort: Book a room in one of the Standard Little Mermaid rooms and ask for a room facing the parking lot. 
  • Beach Club Resort: Request a Garden or Woods View Room on the highest floor facing EPCOT. 
  • BoardWalk Inn Resort: Request a Garden View Room close to the Innkeeper’s Club Lounge. 
  • Pop Century Resort: Book a Preferred room and request to get a room with a view of Hourglass Lake. 
  • Riviera Resort: Book a Standard View room and request a higher floor. 
  • Yacht Club Resort: Book a Water View Room that looks out over Crescent Lake in the wing of the resort that is closest to the Dolphin Hotel.

Reasons to AVOID Staying at a Skyliner Hotel

Disney Skyliner EPCOT Station

While there are plentiful reasons to stay at a Skyliner Hotel, there are some reasons why guests might avoid staying here:

Don’t Want to Rely on the Skyliner – The Skyliner frequently needs to shut down if there’s bad weather in the area. This can be heavy rain, high winds, or lightning. If you’re relying on taking the Disney Skyliner everywhere, it can be frustrating when it closes down and you may need to take a Disney Bus instead. 

Scared of the Skyliner – Some guests are just downright paranoid about being suspended in the air 60 feet on a gondola over a Florida Lake or concrete. While we’ve helped many in our family break their paranoia over it, it’s a real thing! It can get scary especially when there’s a slowdown and you don’t move for a few minutes. 

Skyliner Hotels Don’t Appeal To You – It’s possible that the 7 different Skyliner Hotels just don’t appeal to you in terms of theming, dining options, or location. If that’s the case, you’re better off staying somewhere more appealing to your family. For many, that could be closer to the Magic Kingdom at one of the Monorail Resorts

Can Be Extremely Slow for Disabled Guests – If you’re utilizing an ECV or a wheelchair, you will need a specific Skyliner Gondola. Waits for these at times can be incredibly long and you might have to wait a while before Disney can locate one for you. You don’t quite get the VIP Service of Disney Buses or Boats.

Do the Skyliner Bar Crawl

Best Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Restaurants

Similar to the ever-popular Monorail Bar Crawl, the Skyliner Bar Crawl is essentially the same thing but a different venue. The good news about the Skyliner Bar Crawl is that you’ll have even more lounge and bar opportunities at your disposal! 

How it works is simple: Stop at each of the 7 different Skyliner Resorts from the Skyliner and grab a cocktail at one of the lounges or bars in each of those resorts. We’d suggest sharing drinks with a loved one and being responsible of course! 

You’ll have a myriad of opportunities to try several of the different fun lounges and bars along the Skyliner, including two of our favorites the AbracadaBar and Jellyrolls!

After you get to all 7 different resorts, talk about which one was your favorite! And be sure to tell us below what your favorite was in the comments below.

Best Skyliner Resort for Families

Pool Stormalong Bay at Disney's Beach Club Resort

This is incredibly challenging! If you’re not factoring in budget, we’d say Disney’s Beach Club Resort is the best all-around resort for families! 

If you’re looking for the best option for families that won’t break the bank, we’d suggest the Art of Animation Resort. The Art of Animation Resort has Family Suites that will allow up to 6 family members to share a room. This is perfect for some families!

Here are a couple more articles about Disney resorts and families you will find useful:

Best Skyliner Resort for Adults

Yachtsman Steakhouse dining room Yacht Club Resort

While you can make a case for the Riviera Resort as well, we’d give the edge to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. The Yacht Club’s theme just omits an adult feel, despite having the best pool on Walt Disney World property. 

The ambiance, theming, and dining options are appealing to adults who enjoy the dark nautical colors and decorations of this resort. 

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Which Skyliner Resort Has the Best Pool?

Disney's Beach Club Pool with a drink

Since the Yacht Club and Beach Club share Stormalong Bay, which is the best pool in all of Walt Disney World, we’d give them the tie.

Honestly, there isn’t anything that even comes close here. Between the lazy river, white sand bottom, and the shipwreck slide (The Flying Jib), it can’t be beat.

Best Rooms at the Skyliner Resorts?

We prefer the rooms at Disney’s Riviera Resort the best. Factoring in the additional size that you’ll get from the Deluxe Studios and the newness to the overall resort, the rooms here just feel grander and more upscale than any of the other options.

Which Skyliner Resort Has the Best Restaurants?

pistachio dessert at Topolino's Terrace Riviera Resort

It’s practically impossible to touch the Riviera Resort when it comes to food overall. While there are others such as the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, and the BoardWalk Inn which have MORE table-service options, the Riviera has the best of the bunch.

And when you factor in the quick-service options that the Riviera has, it’s our favorite by a considerable distance. 

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Skyliner Resorts vs. Monorail Resorts

monorail going through Contemporary Resort

In general, we prefer the theming at the Monorail Resorts, but we prefer the location of the Skyliner Resorts. That’s a personal view to us, and some might prefer being closer to the Magic Kingdom thus liking the location of the Monorail Resorts better. 

A lot of it comes down to ‘what YOU want to do.’ If you have small kids who want to be at Magic Kingdom practically every day, you’ll want to be at the Monorail Resorts. 

If you want to relax more and have the convenience of being near TWO Disney Parks, you can’t top the Skyliner Resorts. 

In our Best Disney World Resorts post, we have the three monorail resorts inside our Top 7 Resorts. We have all 7 of the Skyliner Resorts inside our top 13 Resorts. It’s truly splitting hairs deciding which is better. 

Most of it is personal preference and we slightly prefer the Skyliner Resorts due to the location.

How to Decide Which Skyliner Resort to Stay At?

Ariel and Flounder Art of Animation Resort

Deciding which Skyliner Resort to stay at can be a challenging proposition. The first thing I’d recommend doing is doing some additional research for each of the resorts. Take a look at theming, take a look at the pictures for each of the resorts, and take a look at prices for the dates you’re looking at. 

Decide which ones you can afford. It’s always important to have a budget for a Walt Disney World trip, as it can get out of hand VERY quickly. We want there to be a repeatability factor to a Disney World trip and if you spend too much on one trip, you’ll never want to come back. 

Once you decide which ones you can afford and which ones appeal to you, ask yourself some additional questions to finish narrowing it down such as:

  • Which one do the majority of those in our travel party prefer?
  • Do we plan on spending more time at the resort or the parks?
    • If it’s the parks, pick the cheaper option.
  • Do we prioritize having a quiet resort or things to do at all times?
    • If quiet, opt for the Riviera or the Yacht Club. 
    • If we prefer things to do, choose one like the BoardWalk Inn or the Art of Animation. 

There’s no perfect science to picking the quintessential resort. Do some research and evaluate the pros and cons of each. You can’t go wrong with any of the Skyliner Resorts.

Saving Money at Disney Skyliner Hotels

Pop Century Resort Yo-Yo's

There are a number of terrific ways that you can save money at a Disney Skyliner Hotel. Here are some of our absolute favorites! 

  • Reserve Your Trip Earlier! Generally, Disney allows you to book a trip at least a year prior, in most cases longer. If you use an authorized Disney ticket agent, such as Show You The World Travel, they’ll assist you in booking your vacation but they’ll also find you further savings if the rooms get any cheaper in the time leading up to your trip.
  • Go at Off-Peak Times. Avoid going during popular vacation times and school holidays. You’ll save significant amounts of money by doing so! Our Disney World Crowd Calendar is a good place to do some research on the least packed times of the year.
  • Take Advantage of Rewards Credit Cards. By using cash-back credit cards or cards that offer travel credits, you can save even more money by booking vacations.
  • Use Discounts! Throughout the year, Disney offers various discounts on room-only or vacation packages. Occasionally these can save you as much as 20-30% or more, so when you see a good one, jump on it.
  • Utilize Discount Disney Gift Cards. You also may be able to save a ton of money by getting Discount Disney Gift Cards and spending them on your Skyliner Hotel Room.

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Is It Worth It to Stay in a Skyliner Resort?

Disney's Boardwalk Inn across the lake at night

Absolutely! Being on the Disney Skyliner is not only fun but it’s incredibly rewarding and convenient. We are confident that if you pick a Skyliner Resort, you’ll have a terrific Walt Disney World Vacation. 

Having the option to take the Skyliner to two separate theme parks in addition to the other Skyliner Resorts is a great time. Needless to say, it’ll also save you a TON of time on your vacation so you can prioritize the more important things on your trip.


What is the Best Skyliner Resort?

We prefer Disney’s Beach Club Resort as our favorite Skyliner Resort. This is a personal preference and many other guests feel differently. We feel that the Beach Club has the best combination of amenities, theming, dining, and convenience while also being incredibly family-friendly.

Disney Resort Hotel Planning Guide

What is the Oldest Skyliner Hotel?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is the oldest Skyliner Resort, opening up in 1988. Of course, the Skyliner wasn’t added to the resort until the opening of the Skyliner in 2019.

Do the Disney All-Star Resorts Have the Skyliner?

Unfortunately, the All-Star Resorts do NOT have access to the Disney Skyliner. The All-Star Resorts are located at the western end of the Walt Disney World property, closest to Animal Kingdom, and so far, Disney has not extended the Skyliner route out that far.

Can You Ride the Disney Skyliner Without a Park Ticket?

Yes, you can definitely ride the Skyliner without a park ticket. In fact, we recommend doing so! It’s a great thing to do on non-park days for your family and you can also visit the other Disney World Skyliner Resorts.

Disney Skyliner station Caribbean Beach Resort

Can Non-Resort Guests Ride the Disney Skyliner?

There are no limitations to who can ride the Skyliner. Guests staying at Disney World Resorts and guests NOT staying at Disney World Resorts can utilize the Skyliner.

Does the Disney Skyliner Go Straight from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios?

Unfortunately not. Guests will need to transfer gondolas once they get to the Caribbean Beach Resort, which is the Skyliner Hub, to transfer to the other line.

Is the Disney Skyliner Scary?

I’m not going to say it isn’t. While it’s not scary for me personally, your experience and view of heights can be vastly different than mine. I know many in our family were initially scared at first, but once they took their first ride they immediately got used to it, and now love it! 

Just prepare yourself mentally and be ready for an occasional stop here and there, and you’ll be fine! I will tell you it’s incredibly smooth and there’s been very few issues with the Skyliner since their inception.

Making Reservations

Bedroom at Disney's Riviera Resort

OK so you’ve committed yourself to staying at a Skyliner Resort. Now what?! Well, it’s time to make those reservations to get your top choice of Skyliner Resort. We highly suggest using an authorized Disney Travel Agent, such as Show You the World Travel, and they’ll help you from the very beginning to the very end. 

If you’re still undecided about which Skyliner Resort to stay at, want to know when to visit, or just want to take advantage of the latest and greatest promotions, Show You the World Travel will assist you! 

Their team of highly skilled Disney Experts knows exactly how to maximize a Disney World Vacation while also catering to the unique needs of your family. The greatest part of all is that they don’t charge a single dollar! 

They can help you do things such as securing dining reservations, purchasing park tickets, and educating you on all the most up-to-date information you need to enjoy your vacation. You won’t be able to find an easier way to book your trip!


Castle painting Riviera Resort

That wraps up our ranking of the top Disney Skyliner Resorts. We hope that we helped you learn the pros and cons of each one enough so you can pick which one is right for your family on your next vacation!

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  • Which do you think is #1?

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Saturday 7th of October 2023

We stayed at pop century in may(2023) and loved the resort and especially the Skyliner. My son is in a transporter chair and we had no problems getting him and the chair on.