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Is David’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals Worth It? | Full Review

One of the best ways to save money on a trip to Walt Disney World is by renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points, but where should you rent them from? After all, there are so many companies to work with and your options may be confusing.

David's Disney Vacation Club Rentals

In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about David’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals and how renting points from them could save you a ton of money on your next Disney vacation.

Trust me, we’ve rented DVC points on the vast majority of our trips to Walt Disney World over the past 40+ years, and in our experience, David’s DVC Rentals is one of the absolute best ways you can do it.

We’ll explain what exactly David’s DVC Rentals is and how renting points from them works. We’ll tell you about the amazing selection of Disney resorts they have to choose from, the prices, the payment process, and their cancelation policy. 

David's DVC Rentals homepage

You will also learn what benefits and perks you will receive, all the pros and cons of renting from them, step-by-step directions on how to book your trip, and answers to your FAQs about David’s.

Lastly, we will compare David’s with other popular DVC rental companies such as DVC Rental Store, renting directly from owners, booking through Disney, and then show you examples of how much money you can save by renting from them instead.

We highly recommend David’s DVC Rentals, but it’s not the only way to rent points, and not necessarily the best way for every single person. However, by the end of this article, you should know all the services they offer and whether or not it’s a good fit for your family.

Before you read this article, we highly recommend you read our Guide to Renting DVC Points. There we break down the basics of the Disney Vacation Club, how to rent points, and specific tips and strategies for doing so. 

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What is David’s DVC Rentals?

Booking DVC points through David's DVC Rentals

David’s DVC Rentals is arguably the most well-known DVC Rental company that is in existence. They’ve been in business since 2005 while being accredited by the BBB, giving both the opportunity for current DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members and non-members to rent DVC points for their vacations. 

By renting DVC points, guests can stay at one of the many different Deluxe Disney Resorts to rent differing sized-villas at tremendous savings. This allows guests to stay at a Disney Resort while paying a tiny portion of the costs of staying in a more traditional hotel room at these resorts, while still enjoying many of the same benefits. 

Bedroom Bay Lake Tower Resort Villas

What David’s does specifically is partner current DVC owners with guests that want to stay in a Disney Resort. By partnering these two parties up, they serve a mutually beneficial agreement with each other. David’s takes out the hard work for both owners and guests. 

By allowing the DVC owner to receive money for their vacation points that could expire, they can be utilized while being rewarded for it. Guests on the other hand wanting to visit Disney can save money by renting these points from DVC owners as opposed to needing to book through Disney, which can easily cost 50% more! 

David’s does all of the meat and potatoes of this work while having the experience and accreditation that both owners and guests can feel comfortable with. 

Disney Vacation Club Overview

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a vacation timeshare program that the Disney Corporation created back in 1991 to allow Disney Lovers to visit their beloved parks over and over again to get their “Disney Fix.” It also gives nostalgics an opportunity to leave a beloved inherited gift they could give to the next generations of their families. 

Disney Vacation Club memberships typically last 50 years from the date of construction of the particular building, and all memberships have an expiration. And unlike other timeshare programs in which guests buy a specific unit for a period of time, the DVC program works in point systems.

This point system program allows guests additional flexibility as they can travel anytime they want during the course of the year as long as it’s within their allotted points per year. Through these points, you can choose to stay at a variety of different Disney Resorts while also staying in different-sized units such as Studio, 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, or 3-Bedroom units.

These resorts are called Disney Vacation Club Villas.

Disney Vacation Club sign

If someone purchases a DVC Membership, they will own a certain number of points per year. The more points…the bigger the cost of your DVC Membership. For instance, say that you choose to purchase a 150-point package. Each year you’ll be able to use those points for resort stays each year. 

Depending on when you go, what size unit you choose, and what resort you choose to stay, will determine how quickly you utilize those 150 points. 

If you choose NOT to use all of your 150 points up for your DVC membership during a particular year, you can easily lose them for nothing! That’s where a company like David’s comes in. 

David’s partners up with the DVC owner and with a potential guest so that they can purchase those points for their vacation, while the owner gets compensated for their use. 

Is David’s DVC Rentals Legit?

Castle painting Disney's Riviera Resort

David’s Vacation Club Rentals has been in business since 2005 with a stellar reputation and an A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. They are completely legit, and we’ve used them ourselves in addition to many close friends! 

Not only are they the most well-known DVC renter in the industry, but they’re also the largest and the oldest. They’ve served hundreds of thousands of satisfied guests all over the world and they know exactly the ins and outs of the system and how to help you with their vast amounts of experience. 

Even if it appears overwhelming and stressful for you, you don’t have to worry about it! David’s will take care of all of the legwork while explaining it to you and making it as easy as possible! 

What Disney Resorts Can You Book with David’s?

David's DVC Rentals hotel availability

Through David’s DVC Rentals you can rent Disney Vacation Club points at any resort that has DVC Rooms, and is considered a DVC Resort. These resorts are as follows:

Walt Disney World

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (Jambo House and Kidani Village) 
  • Disney’s Bay Lake Tower 
  • Disney’s Beach Club Villas 
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Villas
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows 
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa 
  • Villas  at Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Villas & Cabins (Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek) 


  • Villas at Disneyland Hotel
  • Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian

Other Locations

  • Aulani Resort & Spa (Hawaii)
  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort (South Carolina)
  • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort (Vero Beach, Florida) 

David’s Disney Vacation Club Prices

David's DVC Rentals Prices

Like all DVC Renters, David’s charges their prices based on the dollar amount per point of the resort you want to stay at and how far ahead you book it.

So say, for instance, you need 15 points for a room at one of the Disney World Resorts. You will then multiply that number times the amount the individual business charges. 

David’s Vacation Club Rentals charges: 

  • $23 per point if a vacation is booked between 7 months and 11 months
  • $21 per point if your vacation is booked under the 7-month mark. 

Why the difference? 

Carolwood Pacific Railroad Room Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge Resort

At the 11-month mark, DVC owners can begin to book DVC Points BUT there’s a caveat. They can only book at the 11-month mark if it’s their ‘Home Resort.’ Every DVC owner has a home resort entitling them to the additional booking window. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t book other resorts, you just can’t book the other resorts until the 7-month window, meaning 7 months prior to the start of your trip. So as you can see, there’s a little bit of a premium to rent points at the beginning of the 11-month window. 

It requires that you find a current DVC owner that has the resort for which you’d like to book as their ‘Home Resort.’ It also gives you a leg up on other guests because you’ll likely get first dibs on booking a room. 

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort entrance

Due to these factors, David’s and all of the other DVC rental companies charge additional money to book at the 11-month mark as opposed to the 7-month mark. However, booking early can be VITAL if you’re planning on coming during a particularly busy travel period for Disney or if you are staying at a popular Disney World Resort. 

If you’re coming at a quieter time of year and you’re more open as far as not needing to stay at a particular resort, waiting until the 7-month mark or less for your vacation can save you considerably! 

What Benefits and Perks Do You Get?

Disney's Riviera Resort bedroom

By renting a DVC room from a company such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals, you’ll get a number of benefits and perks! Some of these include:

  • Considerable Savings – The idea of staying at a Deluxe Resort for the cost of a Moderate Resort can be incredibly appealing and that’s entirely possible with renting points. We’ve routinely been able to save anywhere from 30% to over 63% off the cost of booking the same resort directly through Disney.
  • All of the Disney Onsite Perks – A stay at a Deluxe Disney World Resort includes things such as additional park hours, free parking in the parks and at the resort, on-site transportation, better booking windows for restaurants, and Genie+.
  • Accessibility – Staying at a Deluxe Resort, which is what all of the DVC Resorts are, gives you the option of being near the parks! Some of the DVC properties are even within a short walking distance away from Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios

Pros and Cons of Renting Points

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort 2 Bedroom Villa

In addition to some of the above benefits and perks, there are a number of additional pros and cons of renting points for your vacation that are worth considering. 


  • Bigger room options for families to rent points and stay in a villa, including 3-bedroom suites
  • Renting points allows you to stay at the NICEST Disney World Resorts on-property 
  • Home-like amenities including kitchenettes, washers/dryers, and living areas 
  • Free amenities on-site including free laundry rooms specifically for DVC members 
  • No need to monitor the latest deals and promotions, you’re prices won’t fluctuate
  • Renting gives you a good idea to see if DVC ownership is something worth considering in the future


  • Less control over your reservations and it requires someone else to make adjustments
  • Everything is a la carte, including the purchase of the Disney Dining Plan, park tickets, and any additional add-ons requiring some additional legwork and time to sync everything
  • Housekeeping is not done daily for you and is typically only once during the course of a week’s vacation 
  • Limited cancellation and refund policies make the chances of you losing money prior to the trip greater
  • Less flexibility for payment, typically requiring the entire payment in full 
  • Longer walks to your rooms at most locations due to the fact that the DVC sections of Disney Resorts are normally located near the back end of the resorts’ property 
  • You’ll have shorter booking windows when renting points, and you’ll likely have to book strategically between the 7-11 month mark prior to your trip 

David’s Booking Availability

David's DVC Rentals hotel availability

For guests that want to book a Disney World Vacation by renting points through David’s Vacation Club Rentals, they can begin securing their vacations at the 11-month window. DVC Members can NOT book a stay for a DVC rental until the 11-month mark prior to the start of a vacation. 

It’s best to book before or just at the 11-month mark to secure your 1st possible option but remember it comes at a slightly higher price. If David’s is able to meet your reservation demands, they’ll immediately book your trip for you after you pay the initial deposit. 

If they cannot meet your requests, you’ll be either given back your deposit or you’ll be given additional resort options for your stay.

Disney's Beach Club Resort entrance car port

David’s has the LARGEST DVC Inventory out of any DVC Site on the Internet, and guests will be pleasantly surprised that all of the DVC Resorts are well represented by renting points through them.

But just because they have tremendous availability doesn’t always mean that all the rooms will be available. Rooms still do sell out and there are some more popular DVC Resorts than others. 

However, the good news is that if you book far enough in advance though (11-month window), you’ll likely get whatever resort you need! 

Example Vacations through David’s

confirm resort and payment David's DVC Rentals

How much can you reasonably expect to save if you use David’s Vacation Club Rentals to book a stay? In this section, we pick (3) completely different dates and different resorts to show you the incredible savings you can get by renting points and utilizing a company such as David’s to do so. 

Keep in mind that rooms booked via DVC rentals do NOT charge additional tax, so you won’t need to add any additional costs on top of what you see here. The Disney prices below all include tax already.

Example 1
May 1st – May 8th, 2024
Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Costs for a standard hotel room through Disney:
$4,998 (Price includes tax)
Costs for a standard view studio DVC Villa Rental through David’s Vacation Club Rentals:
For a comparable standard studio at Bay Lake Tower, located at the Contemporary your cost would be $2507 if booked at the 11-month window. If booking at the 7-month or less window, it would be $2289.
Percent Savings:
50% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 54% savings for booking at the 7-month window. 

Example 2
September 2nd – 9th, 2024
Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Costs for a 2-bedroom suite directly through Disney:
$15,218 (Price includes tax)
Costs for a 2-bedroom DVC Villa Rental through David’s Vacation Club Rentals:
For a comparable 2-bedroom suite at Disney’s Beach Club Villas your cost would be $6118. If booked at the 11-month window. If booked at the 7-month or less window, it would be $5586.
Percent Savings:
60% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 63% savings for booking at the 7-month window.  

Disney's Beach Club Resort kitchenette

Example 3
October 7th – October 14th, 2024
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
Costs for a standard hotel room through Disney:
$4732 (Price includes tax)
Costs for a DVC Villa Rental through David’s Vacation Club Rentals:
For a comparable standard studio room at Cooper Creek, located at the Wilderness Lodge Resort your cost would be $2829 if booking at the 11-month window. If booking at the 7-month or less window, it would be $2583.
Percent Savings:
40% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 45% savings for booking at the 7-month window. 

As you can see the savings of renting points through David’s Vacation Club Rentals is SUBSTANTIAL. Anywhere from 40% to 63% off in these examples. This one of the ways you can literally save your family thousands of dollars for your vacation!

Best Way to Save Big $$$ on Disney Resorts

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

If you want to potentially save thousands of dollars on your next trip to Disney World, I personally recommend David’s DVC Rentals. They consistently have the best prices and biggest selection of Disney Villas that will make you ask yourself: “How do they do it?”

Payment Process

Disney's Beach Club Resort Lobby at Christmas

Each DVC Rental company has a slightly different booking process when it comes to renting your room via points. Let’s see how it works specifically when it comes to David’s Vacation Club Rentals in this section. 

Your Payment is Due Upon Booking

credit card payment David's DVC Rentals

When renting points it’s crucial that you plan ahead of time with your desired dates, room type, and the resort you want to stay at. When you complete the online reservation form at David’s, you need to fill out all of these details. 

When you fill out the form, you’ll be required to pay an initial $105 booking fee via Visa, MasterCard, or Paypal. If your request for the room and resort is able to be fulfilled, you will immediately have to complete the online payment form and process the entire balance of the payment.

Why Does David’s Charge a Booking Fee?

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Villas Pool

It’s understandable why some might get upset as to why David’s charges a booking fee, as this is different from booking directly from Disney. 

The reason they charge this fee is that it allows David’s to immediately begin the booking process if one of your preferable resort options and rooms is available to book. This $105 goes towards the final payment and it is more or less a deposit for David’s rather than a particular “fee” per se. 

This deposit shows David’s that you’re a serious renter and it gives them some protection of sorts since they will be required to pay the DVC Owners for the use of their points. 

What Happens If My Request Cannot Be Fulfilled?

If your request cannot be booked, you will be able to give a list of other options of rooms and resorts you can book for your requested dates. If none of them are satisfactory for you, you can get your $105 partial payment refunded back. 

What Happens When My David’s DVC Rental Request is Accepted?

Disclosure agreement David's DVC Rentals

If your request for a rental is accepted, the company will immediately apply that $105 deposit to your booking. You will receive an email with your confirmation number that you can then link to your My Disney Experience account. 

After this happens, you will be required to fill out the online payment form and pay off the entire balance of your trip. David’s accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. There are no additional processing fees and all payment transactions are GUARANTEED. 

How Do I Know My Reservation is Secure?

David’s Vacation Rentals uses contracts for both buyers and sellers to make sure that the owner does NOT cancel the reservations. 

They also hold 30% of the fees that are owed to the owner until the reservation is finished. By doing this, they ensure that the room will not be canceled for the guests renting points from the DVC owner. 

What If there is a Problem with the Reservation?

Bay Lake Tower Resort Villas lobby check-in front desk

It’s important to know that there can sometimes be problems from time to time, whether it’s the weather, family emergencies, etc… 

There’s no perfect way to avoid this or “guarantee” a reservation, but David’s does as good a job as anyone in the event this happens. 

If something happens with an owner and they somehow mess up your reservation, David’s will attempt to reacquire the same reservation by utilizing someone else’s points. Even if they can’t do so, David’s will give you other alternatives to make a reasonable alternative for your family. 

If there’s something such as a hurricane or a “pandemic” that could close the parks down, although completely unlikely, David’s has proven time in and time out to work with renters to get them suitable replacement bookings for the future. 

There might not be a perfect solution in the event of every possible scenario but it’s important to remember that these things can happen with Disney as well, and David’s does as good of a job as anyone we’ve dealt with.

David’s Cancellation Policy

David's DVC Rentals Cancellation Policy

David’s makes it clear from the get-go that there is a non-refundable cancellation policy when it comes to renting points. They will not allow for cancellations or changes to any reservations. If you need to do either of these things, you will forfeit the entire cost of your trip.

That’s why it is so vital that you know your dates are good prior to booking. Your contract with David’s will make it very clear that they do not allow for any refunds.

If you’re at all worried that something could come up for your trip requiring you to cancel, it could be worth considering purchasing travel insurance for your trip.

Saving Extra Money with Dedicated Reservations

David's DVC Rentals dedicated reservations

A great way for guests to sometimes save even MORE money is by booking a ‘Dedicated’ reservation with David’s! 

What this means is that these reservations were already made and confirmed by a DVC owner and they CANNOT be changed or modified. 

They are basically inflexible and ‘what you see is what you get’, but they could be a great way to rent points if you have a somewhat looser schedule and can monitor these to see if anything good comes up.

These Dedicated Reservations often drop the Price Per Point number by several dollars! Sometimes you’ll find Dedicated Reservations as low as $12 per point! That means these reservations are practically half of the normal renting rate! (Which is often 50% off of more the Disney rate) 

David's DVC Rentals confirmed reservations

This makes Dedicated Reservations an unbeatable deal for guests looking to save money by staying in a Disney World Resort. And David’s has TONS of these reservations that are bookable on their site that are worth monitoring.

If you decide to take one of these reservations, the DVC owner will change the name on the reservation to yours, making it very seamless. You’ll often find highly popular resorts with these specials, as the DVC owner did not want to simply cancel their in-demand reservations due to the popularity of the resort. 

Since DVC points are often rented and sold out between the 7-11 month mark, booking these dedicated reservations allows you to get something much closer to the current day, often under 3 months! This gives you an even better way to save money and not have to book out as far in advance. 

David’s DVC Rentals vs. DVC Rental Store

Going with a trusted DVC points reseller is always a smart move, and the two most popular DVC rental companies are David’s and DVC Rental Store. So how do I choose which one is right for your family? 

In this section, we will break both of them down, including the positives and negatives of each. 


DVC Rental Store prices

When comparing solely individual prices between David’s DVC Rentals and the DVC Rental Store, at this moment, the edge goes slightly to the DVC Rental Store. The DVC Rental Store is currently offering the lowest price guaranteed against any major competitor and allowing guests to rent points at only $19 per point within the 7-month mark.

This hasn’t always been the case as previously they’ve had more expensive prices, but this is a special they are running.

They also allow you to rent at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Aulani (Hawaii), Bay Lake Tower (Contemporary Resort), Boardwalk Inn, Copper Creek (Wilderness Lodge), and the Riviera Resort for only $22 per point when booking between 7 and 11 months. 

In comparison, David’s DVC Rental is $21 per point for stays within 7 months and $23 per point for stays between 7 months and 11 months. 

Room Availability

DVC Rental Store arrival dates

Both companies have a steady supply of relationships with DVC owners in which they can rent points for resorts. We’ve found David’s to have a larger supply of DVC owners with better ‘Home Resort’ inventory meaning that they can reserve more of the Disney World Resorts at the 11-month mark. 

That’s not to say the DVC Rental Store doesn’t have a lot, but we’ve found that David’s has more options currently to have a slightly better chance to get exactly the room type and resort you’re looking for. We give the edge to David’s. 


DVC Rental Store homepage

Both companies are terrific and we’ve heard great stories from both. We’ve personally had and heard more positive experiences when it comes to David’s DVC Rentals, with customers frequently glowing at us about their experiences. 

They’re trustworthy, and reliable, and have been doing it longer than anyone! They can walk you through the entire process while really explaining everything and answering your questions. We give the edge to David’s. 


It depends on what you’re looking for when comparing these two companies. If you’d like more time to pay off your vacation, the DVC Rental Store is the choice. They have the lowest upfront cost with guests only needing to book a 25% deposit of their entire reservation. 

At David’s upon receipt of your booking, you will need to immediately pay off your entire balance. Some families love this because they can get it paid off immediately and not have to worry about additional costs as the trip gets closer. It depends on what you’d like. We give the edge currently to the DVC Rental Store. 

Cancellation Policy

DVC Rental Store cancellation policy

The DVC Rental Store has implemented a “Stress-Free Cancellation Policy” allowing guests to be issued credits towards a future DVC rental for up to two years after their original travel dates. The credit amount is based on how far you cancel your reservation and works like this:

  • If canceling greater than 120 days before your trip you’ll receive 100% of your funds in a credit
  • If canceling between 61 and 120 days before your trip, you’ll receive 75% of your total reservation price in credits
  • If canceling between 16 and 60 days before your trip, you’ll receive 50% of your total reservation price in credits
  • If canceling between 4 and 15 days before your, you’ll receive 25% of your total reservation price in credits
  • If canceling less than 4 days before your trip, you won’t receive any of your credits

David’s Vacation Club Rentals does NOT currently have any kind of cancellation policy. While they will work with customers in some rare events and circumstances, their trips are non-refundable and they clearly state this in all their rental agreements. We give the edge to the DVC Rental store. 


Shuffleboard Bay Lake Tower Resort Contemporary

We love the accessibility in which David’s DVC Rentals runs their business. They have a live chat in which you can easily and quickly get answers from qualified customer service reps. They’re so efficient at getting back to you and they’ll assist you with other segments and aspects of your trip. 

David’s Vacation Club Rentals will also assist you in things that don’t even benefit them financially such as helping you with adding a dining plan or guiding you on services such as Genie+. 

That’s not to say the DVC Rental Store won’t equally assist you, we’ve just personally been awed every time we’ve used David’s with the amount that they bend over backward for their customers and their customer service reps are phenomenal. We give the edge to David’s. 


When it comes to an overall comparison between the two, we lean in favor of David’s. They have the most amount of experience, tremendous Dedicated Reservation deals, and overall the top-notch customer care that we expect of booking a Disney World Vacation. 

And while the DVC Rental Store might beat them currently when it comes to pricing, historically David’s has also had better prices.

David’s DVC Rentals vs. DVC Owners

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool at night

Many guests are surprised to know you don’t HAVE to rent your DVC points necessarily through a larger company, and in this next showdown, we will compare the costs of renting DVC Points through David’s DVC Rentals with other DVC Owners. 

Yes, you can rent your points directly from other DVC Owners. If you know of any, great! If you don’t there are a number of different places all over the internet to connect with DVC Owners, including Facebook Groups and Disney Forums. 

While there are benefits to doing this, there is also some additional inherent risk. 


Disney's Riviera Resort Pool at sunset and slide

First of all, renting points directly from DVC Owners is the cheapest way you can rent points and likely the cheapest way you’ll ever be able to stay in a Disney Deluxe Resort unless you’re given a room for free. 

While David’s DVC Rentals will range in price from $21 to $23 per point, it’s possible you can find independent DVC Owners that will rent points for as little as $15 or $16 per point! 

Room Availability

Disney's Beach Club Resort Villas room

Though you will pay less, your options for finding certain ‘Home Resorts’ is much slimmer when renting with individual DVC Owners, especially for smaller DVC Resorts that are in high demand with limited rooms. 

Most DVC Owners only have one home resort, meaning that the chances of you finding someone that is renting points for extremely cheap and it also coincidentally being the resort that you want to stay in isn’t too great. 

By renting points with a company like David’s DVC Rentals, you’ll have a far higher likelihood of finding someone that has points and ‘Home Resort’ status for the resort that your family is looking to stay at. 


sunbeam at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort talking a walk around the lake

When renting points from a DVC owner directly that you found somewhere, it’s not likely your service is going to be great. Of course, it’s possible the renter that you use is a highly experienced renter that has rented points out for years and knows the ins and outs of renting points, but ultimately it’s a variable.

You can also just as easily be duped and lose money by renting points and giving away a large sum of money for a Disney Resort from someone claiming to be a DVC Owner but not actually even being one. 

Though we haven’t experienced it personally, unfortunately, it happens from time to time.

By renting with a company like David’s, you’ll ensure a safe and secure transaction without worrying about losing potentially thousands of dollars. And at the very least, you know they’ll likely be far more educated on Disney and assist you with all aspects of your trip. 


This ultimately depends on the person you rent from. We’ve found that when renting with individual DVC owners, many of them are flexible with payments. They aren’t fixated on getting paid immediately, and typically will only ask for a deposit prior to booking. 

Remember to NOT pay for your trip completely up front with an independent DVC owner. Always wait to get a confirmation of your booking first. This just gives you extra assurance that you truly are dealing with a DVC owner, and not someone out to scam you.

When comparing payment to an individual DVC owner to a company like David’s, you’ll find that the companies tend to be less flexible with booking and will want full payment immediately upon receipt of your trip. 

Cancellation Policy

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort rooms outside at sunset

Similar to the payment policy, some DVC owners have more leeway with their points in the event of needing to cancel. It’s possible that they needed to utilize points that were about to expire to book your vacation, they likely won’t allow you to cancel your trip as they’ll lose those points and forfeit them. 

If they’re using active use year points or borrowing points from a future year, it’s likely they’ll be more flexible with you if you need to cancel as they can easily rebook you or someone else for a different trip. 

David’s has a nonrefundable policy and if you need to cancel or change your trip, you’ll have to completely forfeit your funds spent. 


When booking with an individual DVC owner you’re not going to get any additional extras and likely any additional help like a company like David’s will offer their guests. So if you need help figuring out things like dining reservations or Genie+, you are probably on your own.

There’s a reason why customers continue to book their trips with David’s over and over again, and the service can’t be beaten.


David's DVC Rentals homepage

When comparing individual DVC owners against David’s, it’s close but we once again give the edge to David’s. 

They offer the most amount of protection for guests uncertain about the renting experience, especially 1st-time renters. They also have a larger amount of inventory, allowing guests more options to stay at their favorite resort during the time of year they want to visit. 

And while the price might be SLIGHTLY more, in our estimation it’s completely worth it considering the ease of mind of dealing with a credible business as opposed to a random Joe you met on the internet. 

David’s DVC Rentals vs. Booking through Disney

The last comparison we are looking at renting DVC points through David’s DVC Rentals vs booking a standard room directly through Disney. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between these two methods. 


Disney DVC Resorts prices

The price difference between renting points and staying in a DVC villa is significantly cheaper than booking a standard Deluxe Disney Resort room. We showed you some instances above and the savings in those three instances were 40% to 63% cheaper to stay in a similar-sized room at the same resort by renting DVC points. 

While it could be cheaper to stay in a Disney Value Resort than renting points to stay in a Deluxe Disney Resort, the savings would be minimal at best. And considering the significant difference in quality, we rarely would recommend that to guests. 

Room Availability

Disney DVC Resorts room availability and prices

The room availability will of course be greater if you’re booking a standard hotel room at a Disney Resort Room by booking directly with them. Many Disney Resorts are NOT DVC Resorts, including all of the Value and Moderate Resorts, so there is a lot more to choose from.

This means your room availability is more limited when renting points as you’ll have fewer available options, especially if you are looking for one of the cheapest resorts in Disney World.


two rocking chairs around the fireplace Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort

It’s incredibly hard to top the Disney Customer Service and using them for your trip and having full control over your vacation is something that for some guests, they can’t top. 

However, on the other hand, needing to wait on loooooooong holds and wait times to speak to Disney Cast Members can be incredibly frustrating at times. 

When using David’s, you literally hand over the keys to them and they take care of you completely from start to finish. We prefer the service of dealing with a company like David’s over having to do everything yourself through Disney. 


Walking across the lake at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort

Disney’s payment process is incredibly generous and flexible for guests, allowing them to slowly pay off their vacations. They don’t need to finish paying off their trip until 30 days prior to their departure, allowing families to plan accordingly and budget without feeling like they emptied out their bank account all at once. 

At David’s, you’ll need to make your entire payment upon receipt of your room immediately. This can be overwhelming to some families thinking that they need to come up with thousands of dollars to book their vacation. 

However, at the same time, some do like the idea of getting their trip paid off quickly, so this can be a plus depending on your preference.

Cancellation Policy

David’s Vacation Club Rentals has a 0 cancellation policy and comparing that to Disney’s is a no-brainer. 

Disney allows for cancellations up to 2 days prior to your trip date! And while there is a cancellation fee ($200) for guests canceling between 2 and 29 days, that’s little in the grand scheme of things for a large vacation that could cost thousands. 

For trips that are canceled that are more than 30 days out, Disney will refund the entire cost of your Vacation Package. It’s hard to top that! 


Painting of Disney's Beach Club Resort old

While David’s will offer you tremendous care and customer service, booking with Disney affords you some things that a DVC rental cannot. First, you’ll be in a better location when staying in the main part of the Disney Hotel. 

DVC portions of the hotel are located off the beaten path and generally require additional walking whereas the standard Disney Resort rooms are more centrally located. 

You’ll also get daily housekeeping each day when you book a standard room directly through Disney, unlike the DVC rooms which only offer free housekeeping one day a week. 

Choosing dates and resort David's DVC Rentals

You’ll also have the ability to call and handle problems yourself with Disney, whereas when you rent points you’ll need to have your DVC owner handle things for you. It feels less controlling, which can be a greater or worse thing depending on your personality. 

Overall, when comparing the pros and cons of booking directly through Disney OR renting points through David’s, we have to go with David’s, and this is the easiest of the 3 comparisons for us.

There is NO comparison when it comes to price, David’s will save you likely significantly in terms of the cost of your trip. You’ll be able to stay in a nicer hotel for a fraction of the cost of paying directly through Disney. 

While there are some caveats such as with cancellations and changes to reservations, as a whole, the customer experience through David’s isn’t a step down from Disney. In some respects, it’s even better! If you’ve only booked through Disney ever, we trust you’ll love booking a trip through David’s! 

More Tips for Booking with Points

Disney's Beach Club Resort outside at Christmas

If you decide to book points and use David’s Vacation Club Rentals, here are a few of our absolute favorite things you MUST do to maximize your trip! 

  1. Figure Out ‘HOW MANY’ Points You’ll Need – Use a points calculator such as this one to figure out exactly how many points you will need for your trip. This allows you to figure out what you can and cannot afford. 
  2. Book Early Plan your trip strategically and if you’re dead set on a particular resort book your trip at the 11-month mark to practically guarantee you’ll get your first choice for Disney Resort and room type. You don’t need to do this if you want to stay at Saratoga Springs or Old Key West, but you need it for sure at the Polynesian and Beach Club.
  3. Have a Backup Resort or Two – While we understand the need to want your 1st choice of resort, it’s possible you won’t get it! Have another resort or two as your backups if you can’t get your 1st choice so you can have a plan of action right away.
  4. Bring Fewer Clothes – We’ve always been a big fan of packing lighter for Disney trips and by utilizing points, it’s even easier! With free laundry services and the larger rooms having washers/dryers in them, it’s easy to run a load or two of wash if you need to for your trip. 
  5. Link Your Reservation With Everyone – Once your reservation is booked, add it to your My Disney Experience account with your confirmation and link everyone to the room. This allows you to engage in the other fun parts of planning such as booking your restaurants! 
  6. Purchase Travel Insurance – Sometimes emergencies happen or hurricanes come and you might need to cancel your trip. Have peace of mind by purchasing travel insurance. This can ease your mind as opposed to worrying about losing your money. 

How to Book through David’s

Booking through a company such as David’s is NOT at all complicated. They make it so simple to follow a step-by-step process allowing anyone and I mean anyone to be able to figure it out. Follow this process and you’ll be good as gold. 

STEP 1: Decide When You Want to Go

choosing dates David's DVC Rentals

Just like with booking any vacation, the cost of renting points is entirely based on the time of the year. Holiday vacation times, popular school vacations, and summer breaks can be expensive! Months such as January, late August, and September are the more reasonable times of the year to visit. 

Figure out what time of year is best and pick a particular week or days that you want to visit. You’ll need to have that information before you can figure out the total cost of your trip.

TIP: Utilize our Disney World Crowd Calendar to see when the parks are likely to be the least busy.

STEP 2: Decide Which DVC Resort You Want to Stay at

Choosing dates and resort David's DVC Rentals

With 12 completely unique Disney Resorts which allow you to rent DVC Points, you’ll need to decide which one is most interesting to your family. And while they are all Deluxe Disney Resorts, some of them are significantly more costly than others. 

Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Old Key West are the most cost-efficient, so if you are doing Disney on a Budget, those are your best options.

Disney’s Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and Riviera Resort are the most costly on the list, so avoid them if funds are tight. The others fall somewhere in the middle which could be a nice compromise.

(Read our ranking of the Best Resorts at Disney World for an in-depth look at the pros and cons of each one.)

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Beach

Once you have the resort you’d like to stay at, we recommend having a backup plan just in case your 1st choice is completely sold out already. Remember, DVC rooms sell out fast and oftentimes during that 7-11 month window. 

In addition to the resort, you want to stay at, decide what ‘room type’ you want. 

Do you prefer a studio room, which is basically a standard hotel-style room? Or do you want a 1-bedroom suite that includes a full bedroom and a living area, with some additional sleeping space? Or do you want a 2-bedroom suite which often sleeps up to 9 people? 

STEP 3: Figure Out the Cost of the Points

figuring out the cost DVC rental

Once you decide ‘when’ and ‘where’ you’d like to stay you’ll need to figure out the total cost of your trip. Use the Points Calculator we suggested above to figure out the costs. Remember David’s charges $23 per point for trips between 7-11 months and $21 per point for trips less than 7 months away. 

If it’s less expensive or more costly than you initially thought, adjust your days appropriately. Now it’s time to make your reservations. 

STEP 4: Make Reservations

credit card payment David's DVC Rentals

Once you have what you need to book your reservation, it’s time to actually reserve your reservation. On David’s Vacation Club Rental site, you’ll simply just click on the ‘Reserve Now’ button and follow the steps. 

Remember this takes time and isn’t an immediate booking as David’s will need to connect with a DVC Owner to reserve your reservation. 

You should hear back within hours if they were successful in reserving your 1st choice. If not, you’ll have to go to your 2nd or 3rd choice for a reservation OR you’ll need to adjust your dates possibly if you don’t like your available options. 

STEP 5: Linking To Your MDE Account

Once you have your reservations, it’s time to finish planning the rest of your trip! Make sure you link your resort reservation number to your My Disney Experience account and you’ll be able to link up all of the other family members or friends staying in your room. 

STEP 6: Other Experiences to Book

dinner at Topolino's Terrace Restaurant Rviera Resort

Once you’ve linked your reservation to your My Disney Experience account, you can then continue to book additional experiences such as Genie+ and make your Advance Dining Reservations when it’s the appropriate time. 

Remember to write down your important dates in your personal schedule to remind yourself when certain experiences need to be booked. The biggest one is the 60-day mark prior to the start of your trip for making Advance Dining Reservations.

It’s also time to start figuring out other segments of your trip:

Figure out all of these things now that your resort is booked. You have all the time in the world now, since one of your biggest expenses for your trip is now taken care of! 

Checking In at the Resort

Disney's Riviera Resort entrance car port at night

Checking in at the resort is a breeze and no different than any other Disney World Hotel Resort guest. You’ll be able to complete the online check-in early and ensure that everyone is listed on the reservation and matched up to their My Disney Experience accounts. 

This will ensure that everyone can utilize the perks of staying in a Disney Deluxe Resort such as Extended Evening Hours and Early Theme Park Entry. 

While it’s true that there are some DVC Perks that guests renting DVC points cannot utilize such as merchandise discounts, most of the perks of the resort you DO get access to. Only the ones that typically require you to show proof of a DVC membership you cannot use. 

Since you aren’t staying in a standard hotel room, your options for upgrades upon getting to the resort are limited. There’s a far lesser chance they’ll be able to upgrade you and you’ll simply get the room for which you booked. 

Selling Your Points with David’s

David's DVC Rentals buying points from DVC Owners

But what if you are currently a DVC Member and you cannot utilize all of your yearly points? In that case, consider using David’s Vacation Club Rentals to sell your points! 

It’s incredibly simple and easy and they’ll guide you through the entire process and it’s far safer for the seller to use a service such as David’s than attempting to find renters on your own. We know many people that have also rented their points to David’s, and the service was equally effective and efficient! 


Is David’s DVC Rentals Legit?

Yes! David’s Disney Vacation Club Rentals is a BBB Accredited Business that has an A+ rating with the bureau. They’ve been in business since 2005 and are the most acclaimed and experienced DVC Rental company on the internet.

Is It Cheaper to Rent Points?

splash pool dumping water at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

It’s almost always cheaper to rent points to stay in a Deluxe Disney Resort than to pay the costs of staying in a more traditional hotel room at the same Deluxe Resorts. In our randomized examples above, the price savings was between 40-63% off the standard rack rates directly through Disney. 

If you’re staying in a value or a moderate resort, it’s possible you might save some money going directly through Disney or through an Authorized Disney Travel Agent, such as Show You the World Travel.


Do You Need to Be a DVC Member to Rent Points from David’s?

Not at all. Our family does not own any DVC Memberships and we routinely rent points from companies and independent DVC Owners. Anyone can do it, all it takes is paying some money to rent points from a viable DVC Member or a reputable business such as David’s.

Which DVC Rental Company has the Best Rates?

The prices do adjust sometimes but the DVC Rental Store currently has the best rates on renting points. David’s previously was a little bit cheaper but the DVC Rental Company is currently running additional discounts to attract new guests. 

I’m not sure how long this is going to last, but they are comparable and rates should be competitive for years to come. 

Is It Hard to Get the Resort I Want?

Mickey Mouse pool at Bay Lake Tower Villas at Contemporary Resort

If it’s a popular resort such as Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort or Disney’s Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort, it may be hard to book. 

These resorts can quickly sell out at or near the 11-month mark prior to your trip and this is especially the case if you’re traveling during a peak travel period such as holidays. 

If you’re staying at a less popular DVC Resort such as Disney’s Old Key West or Saratoga Springs Resorts, you’ll have a much better chance of finding availability even within the 7-month mark.

If you do try for one of the more popular resorts, just make sure you have a backup in mind, perhaps one of the less popular resorts.

Can I Book at the Last Minute with David’s?

Of course, it’s also possible to find rooms at the last minute! David’s has a section called ‘Dedicated Reservations for Rent’ in which DVC Members need to get rid of their reservation sometimes at the very last minute. 

You can find these deals on their site. The less popular resorts can sometimes still have rooms up until the dates of your trip, so keep looking in the months leading up to your departure date for the best offers.

What is the Best DVC Resort to Book?

Disney's Boardwalk Inn at night

While that is certainly a matter of opinion, we feel that the best DVC Resort is Disney’s Polynesian Resort for a number of reasons, but not every frequent Disney visitor feels the same way. 

I invite you to take a look at our Guide to DVC Resorts and our favorite Disney World Deluxe Resorts and this could absolutely help you make a decision. 

Can I Add On the Disney Dining Plan If I Rent Points?

Yes, as a matter of fact, David’s Vacation Club Rentals will assist you in doing so if you rent points with them. Even if you rent points independently you can add the Disney Dining Plan a la carte and purchase it independently of your DVC rental. 

It’s no big deal, and quite easy to do. If you’re wondering whether the Dining Plan is worth getting any more, take a look at our recent post here.

Are Theme Park Tickets Included with David’s?

Old Magic Kingdom ticket Disney World Tickets

No. When you rent points you’ll have to purchase your Disney Park Tickets independently either through Disney directly or through a third-party discount ticket company. 

To save some money on the purchase of your Disney tickets, take a look at our post here which will help you save significant money on your Disney tickets. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Hear Back from David’s DVC Rental?

Once you fill out a contact form or a reservation form, you’ll likely hear back from David’s within a few days. 

You can contact them during normal business hours between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm EST anytime from Monday – Saturday. To do this, you can either call them at their Toll-Free number (800) 610-5791 or you can engage in an online chat with them directly on their website. 

Why Can’t I Just Become a DVC Member?

Disney Vacation Club membership

That’s always an option if you just want to immediately become a DVC Member. We always like to encourage people to rent points first because it enables you to try out the car before you purchase it. 

You’ll see exactly how it works, enabling you to make a more educated decision on how it works for your family. Then, down the road, if you have the money and you plan on taking annual Disney trips for the long term, it may be worth it to actually become a DVC Member. 

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Disney World?

The cheapest times to visit Disney World are late August, September, and January. When strictly renting points, the cheapest time is the entire month of September. It easily requires the least amount of points more than any other time of the year which will save you a bundle.

When is the Least Busy Time to Visit Disney World?

Based on our experiences, the quietest times to visit Disney World are the last two weeks of August, the first two weeks of September, and the period of time after New Year’s Day but before Martin Luther King Day. 

Is Renting DVC Points from David’s Worth It?

Disney's Old Key West Resort Olivias outside

We can’t say enough good things about renting DVC points for families that want to stay in the nicest Disney World Resorts for prices they never dreamed they could! And while we’ve had only awesome experiences renting points, there are some HUGE pitfalls if you don’t do it correctly. 

That’s why we without hesitation recommend people to use David’s Vacation Club Rentals to rent points. We are thrilled that David’s allows us to get the wonderful perks of renting points while giving the additional protection and security that individual DVC Members don’t. 

They’re trustworthy, offer tremendous customer service, and you’ll be protected against fraud and other kinds of mistakes. We’ve used them over and over again and we’ve had innumerable friends that have, and we haven’t heard one bad experience. 

Tigger character meet Disney's Grand Floridian Resort 1900 Park Fare

You’ll be shocked at how much money you’ll save the first time you rent points! We’ve had so many families tell us they can’t afford to visit Disney World anymore, and we’ve shown them how to rent points through David’s and they’ve been able to go simply because of it! 

Even if David’s is currently a few dollars more than the DVC Rental Company or individual DVC Owners, we absolutely think it’s worth it! You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the company you use is completely legit, and you can’t put a price tag on that!

That wraps up our full review of David’s DVC Rentals. We hope that you can use this info to get the cheapest price and best service on your next trip.

Before booking, we recommend reading our Guide to Renting DVC Points as well as How Far in Advance Can You Book a Disney Trip?  These answer many of the basic booking questions you will probably have and help prepare you to make the right reservation.

If you are thinking about going to Walt Disney World in the near future, here are some other popular articles where you will find all the info and tips you need to plan your trip.

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