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MagicBand+ Ultimate Guide at Disney World 2024 | Info & FAQs 

Recently, Disney unveiled the new MagicBand+ which has now arrived at Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort. This new generation MagicBand system has added many new features and improvements over the old one and will change the way you visit the parks.

MagicBand+ coming to Disney World

In this post, we will update you with everything we know so far about the new MagicBand+ and give you a complete guide on how to use it. We’ll let you know all the new features, how much it costs, how to use MagicBands, as well as differences from the old system. 

As more information comes out we will update this post to answer all your FAQs as best we can. Think of this as your MagicBand+ 101 class.

The Walt Disney Company is always trying to push the bar with new and exciting technologies. As Walt Disney once said, “We’ll always be introducing and testing and demonstrating new materials and new systems.”  MagicBand+ is now the next one in that line of advancements.

MagicBand Plus

These new MagicBands offer guests more ways to connect to the stories being told in theme parks, interacting with them in ways they never could before.  If used correctly, this will make the Disney park experience even more immersive than before, and it is just scratching the surface of its potential.

Once you are done with this post, if you are looking for more info, you can read our article How to Set Up MagicBand+ where we have a list of all the current band styles and discounts as well as how to set up, charge, and customize them.

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MagicBand+ at Disney World

MagicBand+ Debut

Disney released the newest MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World back on July 27, 2022, and they are currently still the newest MagicBand iterations available.

Just like the original MagicBand+, there are many MagicBand+ styles available to guests, in fact, there are currently 33 styles at its release which are available in stores across Walt Disney World and online at shopDisney.

Prices for MagicBand+ start at $34.99 each for solid color bands, $44.99 for premium designs, and as much as $54.99 for Limited Release bands.

It doesn’t cost as much as we thought it would as many were speculating the base model would be somewhere around $50 since it has a bunch of new features. Instead, those prices are only slightly higher than the MagicBand 2.0, while the limited releases are much higher.

Guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel are able to purchase the MagicBand+ online at a discounted price before their arrival. There are also Annual Passholder discounts available for MagicBand+.

New MagicBand+ Styles

Guests can purchase the new MagicBand+ at the following locations in Walt Disney World:

Since the MagicBand+ was been released, we’ve been able to get a good look at this new technology as well as some of its awesome new features including “color-changing lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition.”

We have to admit, they are even cooler than we originally thought they would be, and they are a definite upgrade over the old models.

Let’s take a look at some new features…

Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters Experience

When Disney first opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, they promised interactivity, missions, and consequences from your actions. Finally, with the new MagicBand+, that is starting to actually happen.

The “Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters” experience is one of the new features of MagicBand Plus where guests can pretend to be a bounty hunter in Galaxy’s Edge and collect virtual bounties during their visit. In fact, you will see some of the markings up when visiting Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars MagicBand Plus in Galaxy's Edge

When searching for your virtual bounty, the MagicBand+ will be your guide and it lights up and vibrates to indicate if you are getting closer or further away from the goal.

Once you get near your bounty, use the augmented reality thermal viewer in the Play Disney Parks app to reveal what’s behind the locked doors throughout Galaxy’s Edge, and then collect your bounty.

When your mission is complete, the guild master Raga Bua will reward you with galactic credits also through the app.

This is one of the most fun features of MagicBand+ and reminds us a lot of the missions you previously had to complete onboard the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser prior to its closure in September, 2023. It’s easy to see Disney is really pushing all the interactivity, and if they continue to do it like this we could see other engaging experiences brought to the parks.

Here’s an explanation of the missions from Disney:

The missions will also have some replayability. While Disney said that it’s possible to collect all the bounties in one day, it’s really hard to do so and it’s more likely that it will take you a few visits to complete all your missions.

Nighttime Spectaculars

Using MagicBand+ during fireworks

The fireworks are always a great way to end your day at Disney World and the MagicBand+ lets you experience the shows in a whole new way. During the show, your MagicBand+ will light up and vibrate with visual effects, complementing what’s currently happening in the sky.

The MagicBand+ can interact with Happily Ever After at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and the fireworks shows at EPCOT.

Even though the idea is cool, we’ve found this to be one of the least-useful features. It does light up a bit, but honestly, when a nighttime spectacular is going on, I want to watch that and not my wrist. To us the MagicBand+ is more of a distraction during the fireworks than anything else.

Animations at Touchpoints

We are all used to the touchpoints lighting up when we touch our MagicBands to them while entering the theme parks or attractions. Now those animation and lighting effects just got a whole lot cooler because your band actually lights up too.

All those rainbow colors really look amazing and it is so much better than before!

Available Now

Since MagicBand+ has been available at Walt Disney World, let’s take a look at what it looks like in the stores:

MagicBand+ models in Disney World

Besides the solid color bands, there are premium designs including UP!, Toy Story, Marvel, Star Wars, Monsters University, and more.

The MagicBand+ models come in a cardboard box with a cut-out in the front which makes it easy to see the design of the band.

MagicBand+ in a box

On the back of the MagicBand+ box, there are instructions for how to charge your band, and a QR Code you can scan which explains more details of how MagicBand+ interacts with the parks.

MagicBand+ back of the box

Another newer feature is that MagicBand+ is rechargeable. In fact, it comes with a charger and USB cord. To charge the MagicBand+, just snap the band into the charger placing the Mickey Mouse icon in the center.

MagicBand Plus first look with charger
@minniemariamouse on Instagram

These are just a few of the details about the MagicBand+. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

What is MagicBand Plus?

MagicBand+ for Disneyland

So what is MagicBand+?  First, we need to understand what MagicBands are in general before we get to the latest generation.

MagicBands were introduced at Walt Disney World in 2013 and have been an integral part of the theme park experience ever since.  They are adjustable wristbands that have a small radio frequency (RF) chip inside the head of the band.  

This sensor sends out a radio signal to various interfaces in the theme parks and allows guests to perform various functions like using them as park tickets, a credit card, or hotel room keys.

This is able to function because it connects to each guest’s My Disney Experience account.  That is where all your plans, tickets, and photos are stored, and the MagicBand lets you access those things in a matter of seconds.

A MagicBand makes the guest experience much more convenient and less stressful.  They are easy to wear and since they have a variety of features, you can go to the parks hands-free.  Instead of digging around in your pockets or backpack, what you need is right on your wrist.

Disney MagicBand+

MagicBands are not just blank wristbands either.  They come in many styles, and colors and often feature your favorite Disney characters on them.  This makes them an attractive Disney accessory and fun to wear.

They have also become sort of a symbol of your Disney World vacation.  Getting MagicBands at home in the mail lets you know that your trip to Walt Disney World is almost here and they get you excited for your trip.  I don’t know about you, but we immediately tear open that box and start trying them out of joy!

MagicBand+ is the next generation of MagicBands.  It offers all the same features as the previous version and introduces a whole bunch of new ones too.

Wasn’t Disney Eliminating MagicBands?

a group of MagicBands in a row

The general consensus before the announcement of MagicBand Plus was that MagicBands were going away and being phased out from the parks.  When the new Disney MagicMobile was announced, it seemed that Disney just wanted to put things in the hands of guests’ mobile devices and be done with it.

We then saw free MagicBands for Disney World Resort hotel guests disappear, and only available if you pay for them.  That seemed to back up the train of thought that MagicBands were going away.

Those rumors, however, were greatly exaggerated, and MagicBands are not going away as previously thought, and instead we keep getting newer version of them.

Looking back on it, this makes total sense.  The Disney MagicBands guests buy in stores and online is a money-making machine, and Disney would be stupid to get rid of such a lucrative income source.  The real drain on the company was offering free MagicBands to resort guests.  Once they got rid of those, the whole system became much more profitable.

After that, introducing an entirely new MagicBand with more immersive features will make the company even more money.

What Does MagicBand+ Do?

Disney World MagicBand+ New

So they look really cool, but what exactly do MagicBands and MagicBand+ do?  MagicBand+ still does all the things the older MagicBand+ did, and now it has even more features guests will enjoy.

The way they are able to pull this off is because MagicBand Plus uses brand new technology and is much more advanced than the MagicBand 2.0 system.

Let’s look at all the features of MagicBand+ one by one:

Park Tickets

Once your MagicBand is connected to your My Disney Experience, you can use it as a theme park entrance ticket.  Just touch the sensor to the tapstiles at the entrance to the park, and you are in.

Room Keys

MagicBands can be used as a room key and will open the door to your Disney World Resort hotel room.  No more hotel room keys to keep track of on vacation.  Just tap the sensor above the door handle and you are in.

Pay for Food and Merchandise

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can use your MagicBand or MagicBand+ as a credit card and charge food or merchandise to your room.  This makes everything much easier and means you don’t have to bring a wallet around all day to pay for things if you don’t want to.

Lightning Lanes & Virtual Queues

If you are using the Genie Plus system, your MagicBand is where your ride reservations are held so when you arrive at the entrance of the attraction, you use your MagicBand to scan into the ride queue and confirm your reservation.

Just tap the sensor on your MagicBand to the tapstile and it will turn green which means you are confirmed.

Animal Kingdom Lightning Lane

The same is true for tapping into a ride when using the Virtual Queue.  Just show up to the ride entrance and touch your MagicBand to the tap point and you are all set.

MagicBand+ will work the same way once it’s launched and be used for Lightning Lanes and the Virtual Queue.


MagicBands can be used to link PhotoPass pictures taken at various points throughout the theme parks to your My Disney Experience account.  Once your photo is taken, the photographer will scan your MagicBand and the photos will automatically be uploaded to your account.

This also works with on-ride photos.  Some attractions take photos at crucial moments in the ride, and when you get off, you can walk over to the tap point where the on-ride photos are displayed, and that too will be uploaded to your My Disney Experience account.

Open Locked Areas of Resort Hotels

There are some areas of the resort hotels that are locked and only guests of that resort have access. Areas like the pool or outside doors that enter directly into hallways near guest rooms will often be locked and will only open if you scan your MagicBand.

Guest ID

Sometimes Cast Members will ask to scan your MagicBand in order to identify you.  The best example of this is if you are driving into a theme park parking lot, or into one of the resort hotels.

If you have Advance Dining Reservations at one of the resort restaurants or are checking into your resort hotel, a Cast Member at the entrance to the parking lot will scan your MagicBand to make sure you should really be there.

Newest Features of MagicBand+

In addition to the usual features of the old MagicBands, MagicBand+ has additional functions that have been created to further enhance the theme park experience. 

Disney MagicBand+ and Alexa

The wearable allows you to engage with favorite Disney moments in new ways, including:

  • Gesture Recognition – For example, after you enter a theme park, MagicBand+ will come alive at various times with color-changing lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition. 
  • Role-Playing – Play like a bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away and find virtual bounties throughout Black Spire Outpost in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 
  • Nighttime Spectaculars – Experience nighttime spectaculars in a new way as you see your band light up and complement the magic in the skies, including the shows at both Magic Kingdom and EPCOT.
  • Future Features – We’ve already seen MagicBand+ interact with attractions while you are in line or near the entrance. It’s possible they will continue adding more features to this like perhaps on-ride special effects and a customized experience for each guest.

Interaction with Disney World Rides

Besides the above-listed features, MagicBand+ can also interact with some of the attractions. The bands light-up according to a color scheme unique to that ride when you are close, and they also vibrate.

Here is the full list of Disney World attractions that MagicBand+ can interact with that we’ve seen so far:

As more ride interactions are known we’ll post them here.

How to Use MagicBands?

Disney World MagicBand Tapstile

Using Touchpoints in the Parks

When you want to use your MagicBand, you tap the Mickey Head sensor on one of the touchpoints located throughout the parks.  These are located at the theme park entrance, at the queue entrance to rides, or after rides to connect your on-ride photos.

When you touch the Mickey Head to the sensor on the tap point, the light turns green and it makes a sound letting you know that it worked.

Purchasing Goods

When using a MagicBand to purchase goods, there is a scanner at the cash register.  Touch the RF sensor on your MagicBand to the tap point device at the register and then type in your 4-Digit PIN code to complete the purchase.

Sometimes, Cast Members will be walking around with a tablet and will need to scan your MagicBand.  For example, this happens sometimes when returning to a ride for the Virtual Queue.  Waiters will bring a scanner to your table if you are using your MagicBand to pay for your meal or redeem your Disney Dining Plan credits.

If using your MagicBand to unlock your resort room door, just touch the head of the band where the sensor is located to the tap point above the door handle.  Once the light on the door flashes green, you will hear the door unlock and that is your cue to enter.

Who Can Use MagicBand+?

Couple holding hands and wearing MagicBand+

Anyone visiting Walt Disney World can use MagicBand or MagicBand+, though the features available depend on what type of guest you are.  Walt Disney World Resort guests have the most MagicBand features available to them, but day guests and annual passholders also can still use them.

Let’s take a look at the difference between each group:

Walt Disney World Resort Guests

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can order your MagicBand through the My Disney Experience website or the app.  

Walt Disney World Resort hotel guests get the most benefits from using MagicBands including charging privileges on top of the usual park entry, Lightning Lanes, and PhotoPass features.

You can order them ahead of time on My Disney Experience under your hotel reservation, online at, or at the parks in one of the many shops.  Keep reading below for more details about ordering MagicBands.

Theme Park Ticket Guests

Even if you are not staying at a Disney World Resort hotel, you can still use MagicBands and MagicBand+.  In this case, “day guests” won’t have the opportunity to purchase MagicBands in My Disney Experience, however, they can purchase one online on shopDisney before the trip, or at one of the many stores inside Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Entrance touch points

You can even bring one of your old MagicBand or MagicBand+ devices from the last time you were at Walt Disney World on a previous trip and reuse it.

Standard theme park guests can use MagicBands as their park ticket, for PhotoPass, and in Lightning Lanes, but obviously, you can’t make any charges or purchases with it.

Annual Passholders

Annual Passholders can also use MagicBands while visiting the parks, even if they are not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.  Again, you won’t be able to use it for purchases, but you can use it as your park ticket and on Lightning Lane or Virtual Queue attractions.

For Annual Passholders, MagicBands can be purchased through My Disney Experience just like they can be ordered for Resort guests.

Disneyland Guests

Even though it arrived first at Walt Disney World, as it was announced on the Disney Parks Blog, the MagicBand+ has also arrived at the Disneyland Resort.

Most features are the same, with some small differences between the two resorts.

MagicBand+ for Disneyland Resort

However, one thing we do know is that you can use the same MagicBand+ devices at both resorts and you don’t have to buy a specific one for each location.

We also know there are Disneyland-exclusive MagicBand+ styles like the Sleeping Beauty-inspired band which can only be bought at Disneyland, however, it will also work at Disney World.

This is the first time that the Disneyland Resort has offered anything related to the MagicBand system for guests to use.  After years of only being about to use our MagicBand at Disney World, we are really excited about this addition.

How Much Does the MagicBand+ Cost? (FREE?)

MagicBand+ front band

When MagicBand+ first came out we thought it would be a significant amount more than the old MagicBands, something close to $50+ was our guess at the time. Here are the current MagicBand+ prices:

  • The base MagicBand+ costs $34.99, plus tax.
  • MagicBand+ with premium designs cost $44.99, plus tax.
  • Limited Release MagicBands cost between $49.99 and $54.99 plus tax.

While $34.99 is the minimum, the actual price depends on the style of MagicBand you choose.  Disney continues to come up with more and more styles to choose from, and the ones with designs such as characters cost $44.99.

They also have even come out with some pricier limited edition bands. Those cost between $49.99 and $54.99 at the moment, with more expensive ones on the way I’m sure.

One thing we are happy about is that it doesn’t cost much as the previous model MagicBand 2.0.  

Normally, the standard MagicBands retail for around $29.99.  Limited edition and limited release MagicBands can cost $34.99 – $44.99, or even more sometimes.

MagicBand+ Preview

With MagicBand+ starting at only $5 more than the MagicBand 2.0, that’s actually a pretty good deal and makes it a lot less painful to shell out the money for these new models.  It has newer technology and offers way more features than MagicBand 2.0 so that’s why we think it’s a steal.

When more models start coming out we estimate a price tag easily over $50, but for now, $34.99 isn’t bad at all.

I Thought MagicBands Were Free?

For many years and through 2020, MagicBands were free and were provided to all guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel without any additional cost.  Unfortunately, in 2021, Disney changed this policy and started charging guests for MagicBands.

The new MagicBand+ models are not free and you need to pay for them even if you are staying in a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Can I Get a Discount MagicBand or MagicBand+?

Discount MagicBands

MagicBand 2.0 – Even though the standard price of a MagicBand is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $29.99 – $39.99, you can often get them at a lower price on the shopDisney website, or through My Disney Experience when you are placing an order through your hotel reservation.

Often the MagicBands that are normally $29.99 can be found for $15.00, ones that retail for $34.99 can be bought at $20.00, and $39.99 can be had for $25.00.

MagicBand+ styles in boxes

MagicBand+ – The newest version MagicBand+ is also available at a discounted price for all guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, as well as Annual Passholders when ordered pre-arrival. Renewing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders also have a discount.

  • Solid color MagicBand+ models are marked down to $24.99 from $34.99 ($26.92 after tax)
  • Premium Design MagicBand+ models cost $34.99 instead of $44.99 ($37.70 after tax)
  • Limited Release MagicBand+ models – I haven’t seen these discounted yet from their $54.99 price.

It’s likely that Disneyland Resort guests will receive a similar discount.

How to Check – To see which MagicBands are available at a discount, log in to My Disney Experience and look under “My MagicBands and Cards.”  There you can see all the latest offers and discounts available for the current MagicBand models.

New styles are added often so keep checking to see what deals are available.  Also, check shopDisney which also has discounted prices.

When Can I Buy MagicBand Plus?

MagicBand+ Band

The good news is you can buy MagicBand+ right now! The newest MagicBand+ became available for purchase at Walt Disney World since July 27, 2022. MagicBand+ was also released at Disneyland on October 26, 2022.

While the technology continues to be refined and additional features are added continuously, the current version of the MagicBand+ appears to be here to stay for a while. There is currently no news about any new MagicBand versions.

Where Can I Buy the New MagicBands?

Where to get MagicBands and MagicBand+

Like MagicBand 2.0, the new MagicBand+ is available for purchase from Disney online and at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Purchasing MagicBand through Resort Reservation – When you make a Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservation, you have the option of adding MagicBands to your reservation.  This is the most common way guests get a MagicBand.  They are then shipped to your home before your departure date.

Ordering MagicBands at shopDisney – If you aren’t staying at a Disney World Resort hotel, or just want to buy another MagicBand, the shopDisney website has dozens of styles, colors, and characters for you to choose from.

MagicBand+ styles on the shelf

At Walt Disney World – MagicBands can be found at almost every gift shop in Walt Disney World in the theme parks, in your resort hotel, or at Disney Springs.  Most stores will all carry the basic styles, and they might have specialty or limited edition MagicBands depending on where the store is located.

Here is the current location where the new MagicBand+ can be purchased in Walt Disney World:

  • Magic Kingdom Park: Emporium  
  • EPCOT: Pin Traders – Camera Center  
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Celebrity 5 & 10 and Tatooine Traders 
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Discovery Trading Company  
  • Disney Springs: Disney’s Pin Traders  
  • Select merchandise locations at Disney Resort hotels 

Outside Disney – It’s also possible to order MagicBands from third-party websites like Amazon which can be cheaper than getting them directly from Disney.  However, we would advise against this. 

We have heard many horror stories of guests getting them from another website, and then when they arrived at Disney World, the bands didn’t work and they had to buy new ones anyway. 

How Do I Get My MagicBand Plus?

couple wearing MagicBand+ while watching EPCOT fireworks

For guests living in the United States – If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel and you order a MagicBand, it will be mailed to your home address as soon as you place the order.  They usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

MagicBands are shipped through USPS and arrive at your house in an unmarked box.  That makes it easier if you are trying to surprise your family with your upcoming trip.  

If you want to track your package, you will receive a shipping notification and tracking number in your My Disney Experience account where you can find that info.

If you live outside the U.S. – You will need to pick up your MagicBand upon arrival at your Resort hotel.

Differences Between MagicBand+ and MagicBand 2.0?

Tapping MagicBand to tapstile

The MagicBand+ work very similarly to the original MagicBand that was introduced in 2013 and retains all the popular features we have grown to love in recent years.

The Same Features – You still wear them on your wrist and it includes hands-free features such as park and guest room entry, retail and dining, Disney PhotoPass, and more.

Newest Features – Besides the old features, many new ones are now available with MagicBand+ that takes the guest experience to the next level. MagicBand+ helps immerse you in Disney stories and connect with characters you love like never before.

Overall, the MagicBand+ is more interactive than the MagicBand 2.0 and gets guests more involved in the Disney parks experience than its predecessors did. Seeing the way they interact with the nighttime spectaculars, and the Star Wars Bounty experience has us excited and we can’t wait to see what else this more technologically-advanced version can do going forward!

Plus the MagicBand+ lights up and the old version does not. After seeing it in action, we have to admit when the band lights up it’s a whole lot cooler than not.

MagicBand+ compared old MagicBand

Rechargeable – One of the biggest differences is that MagicBand+ is rechargeable, whereas the old MagicBands are not. The batteries in the old ones lasted for years, but since the MagicBand+ has so many bells and whistles, not to mention lights, you can imagine that its battery will drain pretty quickly.

The charger uses a USB connection and has a small dock with charging pins that snap onto the MagicBand. It is very easy to use.

Size Comparison

In the photos, the MagicBand+ looks a lot bigger than the old MagicBand 2.0, but when you actually compared them side-to-side, they are actually really close.

MagicBand+ compared to old MagicBand

The MagicBand+ is slightly bigger, but when you actually have it on your wrist you can’t tell that much. The weight is also comparable.

MagicBand Plus Customization

Family posing while wearing Disney MagicBand+

One of the most fun things about MagicBands is how much you can customize them. With so many different styles and designs, having the opportunity to customize them gives you additional options to make your MagicBand+ uniquely YOURS.


When you order a MagicBand through My Disney Experience, you can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and even Disney characters. In fact, there are dozens of different MagicBand+ styles available, with new ones getting released regularly.

MagicBand+ styles

You can filter them by theme (Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel) or by color so it’s easy to find the ones you would be most interested in.

There are many exclusive MagicBands that feature Disney World Resort hotels, festivals (Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, etc), or celebrations.

New MagicBand+ Styles

MagicBand+ also offers a vast number of styles and colors and will continue to feature all the Disney characters and a variety of designs just like the original.  In fact, with all the special effects it has, we expect even more customization choices for this newest generation.

MagicBand+ Models

While more styles will eventually be released, the ones you see in the photos above are what were on sale initial launch. If you want a full list of all the available bands, check out our post: MagicBand+ Pre-Order Styles & Designs.


MagicBand Personalization

When you are placing your order on My Disney Experience, you can also customize the MagicBand with your name printed on the inside of the band.  That makes for a nice gift and it’s also easier for two people in the same family who have the same MagicBand to not get them mixed up.

There are other locations in Disney World that offer even more customization options for MagicBands.  For example, over in Disney Springs, you can visit the D-Tech boutique at the Marketplace Co-Op with more color options and graphics to choose from that you won’t find on My Disney Experience.

You can also have your name printed on the outside of the band right there on the spot.  It only takes a few minutes and the UV ink that is used in the process requires no cooling time, so you are good to go.  Once your MagicBand is ready you can connect it to your My Disney Experience account just like you would with one ordered online.

If you are looking for an affordable option, you can get custom skins on Etsy that go right over the top of your MagicBand.  These full vinyl wraps are easy to apply and are about $3-$4 each.  This is an awesome solution and instead of getting a totally new band each time you want to change styles, you just put a new vinyl decal on it, and you are done.

We are sure to expect all of the same personalization options for MagicBand+ when it launches.  There will no doubt be an endless number of Etsy sellers offering tons of styles and modifications that you will be able to make.

Different Ways to Wear MagicBands

Some guests don’t like to wear things on their wrists or already are using an Apple Watch and don’t want to wear a second device.  If that is your case, don’t worry, you are not limited to only wearing a MagicBand on your wrist.

In fact, just like the MagicBand 2.0, the puck that holds the RF reader in the MagicBand+ is actually removable.  You can unscrew the puck from the band with a tiny screwdriver and carry it in a variety of ways.

MagicBand Belt Clip

Waist Clip – This is the most comfortable way to carry the MagicBand puck.  You can just slide the puck into one of these easy-to-use clips and then attach it to the belt loop on your pants.  You can find some cute styles online like Minnie Mouse or Stitch.

The ones from shopDisney have a string that pulls out so no need to actually detach it from your belt loop when you need to use it.

MagicBand Slap Bracelet

Slap Bracelet – If you still want to wear the MagicBand reader on your wrist but don’t like the feel of the band itself, you can get one of the slap bracelets for sale on They are way more comfortable than a MagicBand and easy to put on and remove.

MagicBand Necklaces

Necklace – Prefer wearing the MagicBand puck around your neck?  You can get one of these flexible MagicBand puck holders and then attach it to any necklace.

MagicBand Apple Watch

On Your Apple Watch – You can also put the puck in a small holder that can be attached to the band of your Apple Watch, or many traditional watch bands.  Here is one we like, or this one, and they are easy to use.

Is the Puck in MagicBand Plus Removable?

We can confirm that you can still take the puck out of a MagicBand Plus device and put it in another holder.  It is built in a similar fashion to MagicBand 2.0 and the puck can be removed from the band if desired.

We think this is a great feature as we find wearing the MagicBand on our wrists can be uncomfortable, especially in the summer months when the heat is unbearable.

Once we try it ourselves, we will let you know how it works.

MagicBand+ Rechargeable Battery

One of the biggest changes from previous MagicBand models is that the MagicBand+ now includes a rechargeable battery in order to support all its new lights and features.

It’s extremely small and not replaceable as far as we know, or at least not very easily.

Charging a MagicBand+ with a cable

Out of the box, the MagicBand+ comes with a 6-inch USB cable and cradle that is easy to use. The charger uses a USB connection and has a small dock with charging pins that snap onto the MagicBand.

To charge the MagicBand+, just snap the head of the band with the Mickey icon into the center of the cradle.  Line it up correctly on the back and snap it on.

Then plug the USB connector into a compatible wall outlet, portable power bank, or another device.

You can check the battery level in the My Disney Experience mobile app, or physically on the band itself (it lights up).

Charging is relatively quick, but it still takes 90+ minutes if the batter is on empty.

MagicBand Plus battery charger

An FCC filing before the launch gave a sneak peek at Disney’s MagicBand Plus device with its charging cradle and rechargeable battery.

MagicBand Plus inside technology

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Since the MagicBand+ is rechargeable, it’s important to know how long the battery lasts before it needs a recharge.

Disney claims the MagicBand+ battery lasts between 1-3 days on a full charge. However, we’ve found that if you are using it for the interactive games, or anything that makes it light up often, it drains much more quickly than that.

If you are playing Batuu Bounty Hunters game, it’s more like 2-4 hours max.

The good news is that even if your battery runs out on the MagicBand+, you can still use the legacy features like theme park entry, lightning lane entry, resort hotel room key access, etc. You just won’t be able to use the new gesture recognition features or anything that makes it light up.

Our recommendation is to charge your MagicBand+ at the end of every day in the parks. That way it will be at 100% for the next day and you shouldn’t run into any problems if you want to use the interactive features.

If you want to know more about the battery and how charging works, read our Guide to Unboxing MagicBand+ and Styles.

How Does MagicBand+ Work with My Disney Experience?

MagicBand+ with family at Hollywood Studios

Once you purchase your MagicBand or MagicBand+, it’s time to connect it to My Disney Experience so you can start using it.  While both models connect with MDE, they are done in slightly different ways.

  • MagicBand+ can only be connected to your account via the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device.
  • MagicBand 2.0 can be connected to your My Disney Experience account via the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device, or from the Disney World website.

I’m going to give you a brief overview here, but for a more detailed walkthrough, read my How to Setup MagicBand+ Guide.

MagicBand+ Setup

STEP 1: Open My Disney Experience on your smart device and navigate to the main menu. From there click the “MagicBands and More” button.

MagicBands and More menu selection

STEP 2: At the bottom of the page select the button “Link Your MagicBand or Card.”

Link your MagicBand

STEP 3: To continue, click the “Tap” button at the top of the page, and then click “Open Scanner.” Make sure to hold your band close to the device so it can find it.

Ready to Scan MagicBand+

Once it finds the MagicBand you will get a checkmark and a confirmation.

Done Scanning MagicBand Plus

STEP 4: After that, you need to assign the MagicBand+ to a guest.  Select the correct guest from the list of friends and family and click “Continue.”

Assign MagicBand+ to Guest

STEP 5: Next, in order to get your MagicBand+ to communicate with the interactive elements of the theme parks, you will need to pair your MagicBand+ to your device via Bluetooth.

Just follow the prompts which tell you to hold down the button on the back of the band for 3 seconds.  When it’s connected it will vibrate and pulse blue.

Pair Bluetooth to MagicBand+

Once the Bluetooth pairing is complete you will receive a notification on your screen.  This should only take a few seconds.

MagicBand+ Pairing Complete
MagicBand+ pairing complete

Once the pairing is complete, your MagicBand+ is all set and ready to use!

MagicBand 2.0 Setup

This can be done either on the mobile app or on the Disney World website.

STEP 1: Log into your My Disney Experience account or create a new account if you don’t already have one.

My Disney Experience Login

STEP 2: Go to the “My MagicBands and Cards” option from the menu.

My Disney Experience My MagicBands and Cards

STEP 3: Scroll down to the section “Link a MagicBand” and click on the Link button.  Follow the instructions and fill in the 12-digit ID number from the band and you are all set.

Link MagicBand
Enter MagicBand ID

STEP 4: If you need to make any changes to an existing MagicBand such as to deactivate it or report one lost, this is where you do it.

Activate MagicBands

Once you connect it to your My Disney Experience account, you can start using your MagicBand as your theme park ticket or to access the Lightning Lanes.

These are the standard procedures for both MagicBand 2.0 and MagicBand+.  You will still have access to managing your bands from inside My Disney Experience.

Using Multiple MagicBands

Row of MagicBands with different colors

If you are like us, you don’t want to wear the same MagicBand every single day of your vacation.  You like to mix it up depending on what you are wearing or your mood.  Thankfully, using multiple MagicBands is not an issue at Disney World and is very easy to do.

Every time you link a MagicBand or MagicBand+ to your account, it stays attached to your account until you remove it.  That means the MagicBand you used on your last trip, can be used again on this trip if you want.

We actually have a collection of MagicBands with all sorts of colors, designs, and our favorite Disney characters on them.

Limited Edition MagicBand

Guests can manage their active MagicBands by using the My Disney Experience app or the website online.  From here you can link a new MagicBand, activate them, or deactivate them.

TIP:  At times guests have complained that there can be issues when using multiple MagicBands, such as some tapstiles not recognizing the bands or the Resort room door not opening. 

To make sure this is not an issue, we recommend deactivating whichever MagicBands you are not going to use anymore.  Having 5 generic gray MagicBands is never useful to anyone anyway!

Using MagicBand+ to Charge Purchases at Disney World

Credit Card Reader at checkout cash register

One of our favorite features of MagicBands is their ability to charge merchandise and food to your Disney World Resort hotel room.  This comes in extremely handy since it means you don’t need to carry your big wallet or a purse to the theme parks and worry about losing it or getting it wet.

To set up purchasing capabilities on your MagicBand you have two options: 

  1. In-person when you arrive at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel, or 
  2. Online

Is it Safe to Use?

Some people get worried when they find out you can charge things on your MagicBand like you would a credit card.  That is understandable but in our experience, it’s very safe to use.

When you activate your MagicBand with charging privileges, you set up a four-digit PIN code.  This PIN is needed every time you want to change something to your room with your MagicBand.  This protects you because if someone doesn’t know the PIN number, they can’t make a purchase with your MagicBand.

How Purchases are Charged

Multi-colored MagicBands

To make purchases using a MagicBand, you need to have a credit card on file which is held as security against those charges, just in case you decide to skip town or something!

Every time you make a purchase with a MagicBand, it gets charged to your resort hotel room and goes on the running total of the bill.  At any time you can ask a cast member at the front desk of your resort for the total of the current charges on your room.

Your credit card that is on file for your room will not get charged immediately as soon as you make a purchase with your MagicBand.  Your credit card will be charged at midnight on the night before you check out.

At any point during your stay, you can pay those charges if you don’t want to wait until the night before checkout.  This is helpful for example if you want to use a Disney gift card to pay for some of your room charges.  If paying with a gift card, make sure you do it BEFORE midnight on the night before checkout or everything will automatically go onto the credit card instead.

Keep a Budget

MagicBand reader on resort hotel room door

I’ll be honest, it’s really easy to spend more money than you originally wanted when visiting Disney World.  The snacks and all the merchandise are so attractive it’s definitely hard to say no.  This is especially true if you have kids since you better believe they will want to bring some gifts home at the end of the trip.

This becomes even harder when you use a MagicBand to pay for things.  At times it almost feels like if you pay for something with a MagicBand, you aren’t actually using real money or something.  Obviously, that couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s really easy to lose track of what you are buying if you use one.

One thing we recommend people do is to keep a budget for all their purchases while at Disney World.  Set yourself a daily limit and try to stick to it.  If you go over it one day, spend less the next day to compensate.

If you do that, you can take advantage of the ease of paying for things with a MagicBand, but at the same time not faint when the bill arrives at the end of the trip.

READ: How to Do Disney World on a Budget

Sizing Your MagicBand

There is nothing more annoying than if your MagicBand is too loose and moves around all the time.  At times, small children or guests with small wrists can at times have trouble keeping their MagicBand tight enough on their wrists.

MagicBand+ with extra band detached

The solution?  If the standard holes are still too big, just flip over the MagicBand, you will see that it can be trimmed to fit properly.  This makes a world of difference.

This feature is still included with MagicBand Plus as guests with small wrists still run into the same issue.

Can You Still Use Regular MagicBands in 2024?

MagicBand reader tapstile

Yes, you can.  Disney has made it clear that the current MagicBands (MagicBand+) will continue to be available throughout 2024 (and beyond) and be used for all the normal functions it has always had.  So if you already have a MagicBand that you want to use on your next trip, you can still do so.

Disney is continuing to sell MagicBands in the theme parks and online, so guests will be able to use them for now, and into at least the near-term future.

Do You Need a MagicBand for Disney World?

Even though they are cool and we enjoy using them, guests are not forced to use MagicBands while visiting Disney World and there are still many options without using one.  

The same goes for MagicBand+.  While they do enhance the Disney theme park experience, Disney understands that not everyone likes them or wants to shell out the extra money to get one, especially since they are more expensive than the old MagicBands.

What are your options if you don’t want to use a MagicBand at Disney World?

Disney MagicMobile service

The easiest solution is to use Disney MagicMobile.  This is a free service that allows you to use your mobile device and still have most of the same features as a MagicBand.  

You can use Disney MagicMobile for theme park entry, virtual queue, and Lightning Lane reservation redemption, charging merchandise or food to your resort hotel room, or connecting PhotoPass photos to your account.  

You can even hold MagicMobile for everyone in your group right on one device which makes things easy if you have small kids.

Another option is to use an RF card which can hold your theme park admission and can open your hotel room door.

Use Apple Watch Instead

Many of our friends and family members use an Apple Watch and naturally don’t feel like wearing a MagicBand too.  That’s no problem.  You can get many of the features MagicBands have right on your Apple Watch instead by using the aforementioned Disney MagicMobile.

Apple Watch features in the Disney theme parks include:

  • Theme park admission
  • PhotoPass photos
  • Access to the Virtual Queue and Lightning Lanes

The Apple Watch may not include all the new features that MagicBand+ has, but it definitely can still handle all the basic stuff.

Disney Apple Watch Mickey Mouse
photo by: Disney

To use it, It works just like a MagicBand does.  Just tap your Apple Watch to one of the tap points when entering a theme park or an attraction queue.  

If you have Express Mode activated, you don’t even need to unlock your Apple Watch to access these features, use My Disney Experience or access your Apple Wallet to use your Disney MagicMobile Pass.  

Read our Guide to Disney MagicMobile for step-by-step instructions on how to link your tickets to a Disney MagicMobile Pass and then an Apple Watch. 

MagicBands and Privacy

Touch Point Scanner Disney World

Obviously, in this day and age, people are concerned about their privacy when it comes to anything online or about their personal data.

MagicBands use RF technology to send and receive information, which Disney says was built with extensive privacy controls and with guest safety in mind.  You can read more about Disney’s Privacy and Data collection policies for MagicBands online on the Disney World website.

If you are worried about privacy and do not want to use a MagicBand, you can use a plastic RF card instead for your ticket admission and room entry.  These RF cards cannot be detected by long-range readers like MagicBands, but only short-range ones like the tapstiles at park entrances.

RF cards can be requested at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

MagicBand+ at Disneyland

MagicBand+ Coming to Disneyland

MagicBand+ has been in Disneyland since October 26, 2022. While they were a little later to get access to the newest generation of MagicBands, they no can utilize all of it’s innovative features.

This is the first time Disneyland guests have been able to use a MagicBand device, and they work almost the same to the ones at Walt Disney World, though there are also some differences.

Guests at Disneyland watching the fireworks with MagicBand+

Disneyland Resort MagicBand+ Features:

  • Theme Park Entry with park ticket or Magic Key pass.
  • Interact with Disneyland Nighttime entertainment (“World of Color” and “Fantasmic!” as well as other shows at Disneyland Park).
  • Rechargeable battery and charging cable included.
  • Check-in at Lightning Lane entrances.
  • Seek virtual bounties with Star Wars: Bounty Hunters experience.
  • Adjustable LED lights, haptic vibrations, and gesture recognition.
  • Pairable with a smartphone using the Disneyland app.
  • Capture memories with a Disney PhotoPass photographer.
  • Size adjustable and waterproof.

They come in a variety of designs and colors (including your favorite characters), allowing each guest to show off their own personal style!

One big difference with the Disneyland version is that it does NOT unlock your Disneyland Resort hotel room.

Disney also announced that older MagicBand and MagicBand 2.0 devices will NOT be supported at the Disneyland Resort, only the new MagicBand+.

photo explaining how to use MagicBand+ at Disneyland

There are loads of different colors and designs available including your favorite Disney characters and more to come shortly afterward. Magic Key holders can purchase a specially designed Magic Key band, which even has a unique light-up sequence.

Guests can buy MagicBand+ styles at the following locations in Disneyland:

  • Downtown Disney District: World of Disney, Disney’s Pin Traders
  • Disneyland park: Emporium, Pioneer Mercantile, Tomorrow Landing (reopening Oct. 26)
  • Disney California Adventure park: Elias & Co., Trolley Treats, Oswald’s, Seaside Souvenirs
  • Hotels of the Disneyland Resort: Disney’s Fantasia Shop, Mickey in Paradise, Acorns Gifts & Goods

At the Disneyland Resort MagicBand+ styles range in price from $34.99 to $44.99. $34.99 is for the solid color bands while the premium designs cost $44.99. All models come with a charger and cradle.

new MagicBand+ at Disneyland

It’s also important to note that any MagicBand+ device will work at either the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, as long as it is connected to the proper ticket media.

Disney also recently announced DisneyBand+, which is a waterproof wristband that is specifically designed for guests going on a Disney Cruise. You’ll be able to do things such as boarding the ship, accessing your stateroom, and charging food and merchandise to your room with your DisneyBand+.

The best news is that if you have a Disney World or Disneyland MagicBand+, you can use it during your Disney Cruise!


Are MagicBands Still Free?

For many years MagicBands were free and included with your Walt Disney World Resort stay.  That has since changed and MagicBands are no longer free and are an extra charge.

The MagicBand+ is also not free.  Prices for them start at $34.99 for the base models and $44.99 for the fancier ones with premium designs.

Can MagicBand+ Be Reused?

The nice part about MagicBands is that they can be reused over and over again and on multiple visits. The older MagicBands run on a small battery inside them which on average lasts 2-3 years.  That means you can come to Disney World over and over again and still use the same MagicBand.

tapping magicband and finger to tapstile

We are still using a MagicBand that we bought almost 4 years ago, and haven’t had a problem with it yet.

As for the MagicBand Plus, Disney has made them rechargeable, so they can definitely be reused. Disney says the battery should last 1-3 days without a recharge, but it’s significantly less than that if you use it at all.

Are MagicBands Waterproof? Pool?

Yes, MagicBands and MagicBand+ are waterproof and you don’t have to worry about ruining them if they get wet.

You can wear them in the pool, on theme park rides where you get wet (Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids), and even on the waterslides at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.  You can even wear a MagicBand in the shower if you want.

Are there Differences Between the Disney World and Disneyland MagicBand+?

New MagicBand Plus Walt Disney World

The MagicBand+ at the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are both very similar to each other.  Most of the features are available in both places, but Disney has said there will also be a few differences.

It has been made clear however that the same MagicBand+ device will work at both the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. That means you don’t need a new one just because you move to the other coast.

One big difference is that MagicBand+ will NOT open your hotel room door at Disneyland Resort hotels. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out any other differences.

What Do I Do If I Lose My MagicBand?

What if you lose your MagicBand?  What then?  Don’t worry, it’s not a huge deal and it happens to many guests.

Reusing MagicBands

If you ever lose your MagicBand, just deactivate it using the My Disney Experience app or online on the Walt Disney World website.  Once you deactivate it, no one else can use it so you don’t have to worry about people charging things to your account.

Even if you don’t deactivate it, other people cannot charge anything on your MagicBand without knowing your 4-Digit PIN code.

If you are at Walt Disney World when it happens, notify the Hotel Relations at your resort and they will issue you a replacement MagicBand.

If you don’t want or can’t get a replacement MagicBand, they will issue you a card that is attached to your My Disney Experience account and can serve as your park ticket


This is only the beginning and Disney will continue to release more and MagicBand+ models, and potentially even more features down the road.  Stay tuned for more updates on the new MagicBand+ soon!

Front of the new MagicBand+

If you are going to Disney World soon, make sure to read our Disney World Planning Guide for all the tips and info you will need to cover everything! Also, check out our Disney World Crowd Calendar so you know when the best time to visit is!

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  • Are you happy about this newest version of the MagicBand?
  • What other features would you like to see it have?

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So we have the original magic bands. Are we still able to use them. We don't need all the extras.

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Thursday 11th of May 2023

I guess I'll have to wait until i finally get to Disney to decide to buy Magic Band+ plus for my wife and I. We old timers are a little skeptical about new things, but I'm sure I will make the right decision. I mean what the he-- you only go around once. Good info.


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I have a draw full of Magic Bands. Why would I need a Magic Band +? Any ideas?


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Can I connect my kids magic bands via Bluetooth all to my phone at the same time or to each of their phones to play the Baatu bounty hunters game?


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Can you have multiple magic band+ connected to your phone via Bluetooth? What about my kids who have phones, but no my Disney experience ID's of their own, can the connect to their phones phones via Bluetooth?