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How to Rent DVC Points in 2024 & Why You Will Save Money

When it comes to taking a Disney vacation, people are always looking to save money, and one of the best-kept secrets to do that is by renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points. It can help you to enjoy the very best Disney vacations at a much more reasonable price than booking straight from Disney.

How to rent Disney Vacation Club Points

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about renting DVC points and how to save money doing it. It may sound difficult at first, but in reality, it’s a simple and safe way to stay in a Deluxe Villa room or experience at a much cheaper price.

While most people who rent DVC points end up going to Walt Disney World, there are actually other Disney vacations that can be enjoyed using DVC points including Disneyland, Aulani in Hawaii, Vero Beach, Hilton Head, and Adventures by Disney.

We’re going to explain where to rent DVC points, how much they cost, as well as the advantages, and disadvantages to be aware of. We’ll also cover some additional tips that will help you save even more money when renting points, and answer all your FAQs.

If you already know all about Disney Vacation Club points and you are just looking for the best place to rent them from, we highly recommend David’s DVC Rentals. They are the most well-respected and most popular place to rent points from, and we have always had good experiences with them.

Entrance to Bay Lake Resort DVC

The majority of the time they will have the best prices as well as the best inventory of hotel rooms so you are more likely to get the resort you want to stay at. You can put in your dates and check out what they have available on their website here

We’ve been renting DVC points for years on our personal Walt Disney World vacations and have long decided this is the best way to stay at the Deluxe resorts and save money at the same time. But to do it right it is going to take some planning, and that’s what we are here to help you with.

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What is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club sign

For those unfamiliar, Disney Vacation Club, or DVC, is Disney’s timeshare program in which guests can stay at the various Villa Resorts they have in various vacation destinations. 

It works like a typical timeshare program where guests purchase a plan for a set number of years allowing them to receive a yearly fixed number of points, depending on how large a plan they’d like to purchase. 

Points need to be used within a certain period of time, and if they aren’t used, they’ll be forfeited. Those points which you purchase entitle you to turn them in for stays at a variety of different resorts at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani in Hawaii, or other experiences.

Each resort requires different point allotments, depending on what resort you choose, the time of year you visit, and the size of your room. At the purchase of your DVC Membership, you are given a “Home Resort”, which gives you certain privileges when it comes to booking. 

While it’s important to choose a “Home Resort” that you like, you can still stay at all of the different DVC Resorts if you’d like, assuming availability. At the end of the terms of your timeshare, you will relinquish ownership and no longer have access to any points. 

Disney Vacation Club Resort Locations

Grand Floridian Resort Villas Lobby

There are DVC Resorts in Walt Disney World and at a few other locations. Here is the full list:

Walt Disney World

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas (Jambo House and Kidani Village) 
  • Disney’s Bay Lake Tower 
  • Disney’s Beach Club Villas 
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Villas
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows 
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa 
  • Villas  at Disney’s Grand Floridian
  • Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Villas & Cabins (Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek) 


  • Villas at Disneyland Hotel
  • Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian

Other Locations

  • Aulani Resort & Spa (Hawaii)
  • Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort (South Carolina)
  • Disney’s Vero Beach Resort (Vero Beach, Florida) 

Basics of Renting Points

Cheap resort hotels Disney World

Renting points can serve dual purposes for both the DVC Owner and a Disney Guest. For a DVC Owner, renting points allows owners to rent their points and make some money as opposed to letting their points expire. 

Disney’s rules are very strict for DVC Members, and they can easily expire for owners that don’t pay careful attention or can’t use them within the allotted time. 

For vacationers, renting points from a DVC Owner can be a tremendous way to save some money as opposed to booking a Disney World Resort directly through Disney. It’s important to know that you do NOT need to be a DVC Member to rent points at a DVC Resort. 

Since DVC Properties are all Deluxe Disney Properties, you’ll get to enjoy the ability to stay at the nicest Disney properties for a fraction of the cost! There are no moderate or value DVC Resorts, meaning that your only option is one of the Deluxe Resorts.

Disney's Beach Club Villas Resort DVC Kitchen and living room

And while that might sound expensive, renting points makes it CONSIDERABLY cheaper than booking a Disney Resort Room directly through Disney. 

Even though we aren’t DVC Members, we’ve been able to rent from other businesses and DVC members to routinely save 40%, 50%, or even more by renting points from a DVC Owner that couldn’t utilize their points. 

This makes resorts you never thought possible for your family all of a sudden possible! It’s one of the main reasons we recommend a reseller like David’s DVC Rentals, as it can save you hundreds, or even thousands on your reservation.

Booking is a simple and straightforward process in which the DVC Owner or Business will take your information and they’ll book your stay using their points. They’ll inform you of the cost and the availability of the dates you are looking for, then you choose the one you prefer.

After booking, they’ll send you the confirmation number that you can link to your My Disney Experience account, and you are ready for your trip. It’s as simple as that!

Where Can I Rent DVC Points?

Disney does NOT rent points and for guests that want to rent points, you’ll have to rent them directly from a reputable points reseller or a DVC Owner. Both of these ways have their positives and their negatives, let’s take a look at both of these methods to see which is a better fit for you.

Renting DVC Points from Businesses

Booking DVC points through David's DVC Rentals

Renting DVC Points from established businesses that are reputable points brokers is the safest and lowest-risk way to rent points. Many of these established businesses have years and years of experience and can offer risk protection that individual owners can not offer. 

Our favorite is David’s Vacation Club Rentals. We’ve had nothing but tremendous experiences using them, even with cancellations and needing to adjust aspects of our trips in the past. You’ll simply go on their form and fill out their ‘Reservation Form.’ They’ll walk you through the many different steps. 

We’ve also had and seen good experiences with sites such as the DVC Rental Store and DVC-Rental which are also legit resellers.

The main downside of renting DVC Points from Businesses is you’ll pay a slightly higher premium than renting DVC Points from Individual DVC Owners. Always ask for the dollar amount per point before booking (this applies to both businesses and individual DVC Owners).

Renting DVC Points from Owners

Disney Riviera Resort Lobby

Renting points from an individual DVC Member can be a little bit risky, as there’s certainly some uncertainty over giving a random person on the internet a considerable amount of money to book you a vacation. However, there are three things I wholeheartedly recommend to limit your risk. 

1.) First, make sure you form a ‘Purchase Agreement’ of sorts with the seller prior to giving them any money. Reputable sellers or ones that have done this in the past generally will do this automatically but some newer renters don’t. 

Just because they don’t or haven’t done one doesn’t mean they aren’t reputable, but you need to be cautious. If you need to yourself, just make a simple agreement between yourself and the seller that is in writing and signed by both parties. This will protect both of you prior to any transfer of funds. 

2.) The second thing I recommend you do IF you choose to rent from an individual DVC owner is to give them a deposit first prior to you giving them all of the money. After a deposit is given, the seller should wait until they have given you a Reservation Confirmation directly from Disney before you owe the balance.

Disney Riviera Resort Rooms

Once they give you the reservation number, you’ll be able to sync your My Disney Experience account to this number and you’ll see the reservation is legit and real. This will give you the assurance that this is a legit DVC Member. 

3.) And lastly, we’d recommend you only consider DVC Owners that have prior renting experience and referrals from prior customers. This just gives you a little extra protection that this owner is completely trustworthy prior to you giving them a large sum of money. 

As I mentioned above, renting DVC Points from Owners generally is cheaper. But only YOU can decide if you’d prefer the comfort and reliability of using a larger and established business such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals OR a riskier but cheaper option of renting points from a DVC Owner. 

And if the dollar difference is minimal, absolutely rent from a company such as David’s. Remember: always ask the points per dollar price so you can compare the different options and formulate a true risk assessment.

Prices for Renting DVC Points

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge Resort pool

When it comes to renting DVC Points, it’s imperative that you find out the cost per point. For instance, if Disney’s Official DVC Point Chart says a 1-night stay at a particular resort costs 20 points, you’ll be charged 20 x (Points per dollar amount from DVC Member or Business) 

While Businesses tend to be a couple of dollars more per point, they offer some additional protection with that additional cost. So what can you expect to pay for both?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent DVC Points?

It’s important to note that with both businesses and owners, the rate typically changes prior to how early you’d like to book. At the 11-month mark prior to the start of your vacation, resorts can be booked. But ONLY the DVC Members’ ‘Home Resort’ can be booked at the 11-month mark.

David's DVC Rentals Price

Say for instance that Disney’s Old Key West Resort is the owner’s home resort. That means that the DVC Owner can ONLY book Old Key West Rooms at the 11-month mark. They can book the rest of the DVC Resorts only at the 7-month mark prior to the first day of a trip. 

This means there’s a little bit of a premium to book at the 11-month mark, allowing only guests that have particular resorts’ as their home resort to book. This gives these guests a certain advantage, hence the reason why both DVC Businesses and DVC Owners can charge more at the 11-month mark. 

Many owners can’t book certain resorts at the 11-month mark if they don’t have ownership of the resort. If you’re visiting during a particularly popular time, it’s vital to try to book as close to the 11-month mark as possible. 

You’ll often get a nice-sized discount if you can wait until the 7-month mark to book your trip. For David’s Vacation Club Rentals, they charge $23 per point if a vacation is booked between 7 months and 11 months. If it’s under 7 months, it’s only $21 per point.

Prices Renting from a Business vs. an Owner

If you’re renting from an Individual DVC Member you might find rentals for $20 or even under per point. Businesses tend to be $21-$25 per point.

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort lake with a fountain in the middle

With David’s offering rentals at $21 per point for reservations starting within the 7-month mark, the advantages of renting from an owner are minimal at best if you’re not visiting during a peak vacation time where you need the 11-month window to ensure you get the resort of your choice. 

Let’s give you a couple of examples:

Example 1: Fits Within the 7-Month Window

  • Dates May 7th – 14th, 2024 
  • Room: Animal Kingdom Villas Deluxe Studio Value Accommodation 
  • Amount of Points Required: 55 Points
  • David’s Cost: 55 (Amount of Points Required) X 21 (David’s Rental Rate) = $1,155 
  • DVC Owner Cost: 55 (Amount of Points Required) x 20 (Average Owner Rate) = $1,100

Example 2: Outside of the 7-Month Window (11-month window) 

  • Dates December 24th – 31st. 2024
  • Rooms: Animal Kingdom Villas Deluxe Studio Value Accommodation
  • Amount of Points Required: 114
  • David’s Cost: 114 (Amount of Points Required) X 23 (David’s Rental Rate for Reservations further than 7 months out) = $2622
  • DVC Owner Cost: 114 (Amount of Points Required) x 20 (Average Owner Rate) = $2280

So you see here the clear difference. In the 1st example, the price difference was negligible at best, making it almost a no-brainer to use a business such as David’s.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge living room

In the 2nd example, the cost of renting points from a DVC Owner could cause you to think longer and harder about it if you can find a rate of $20 or so per point to ensure you get the resort you want by booking closer to the 11-month mark. 

In this case, the savings was about $400, but with the savings come more uncertainty if you do not already have a good relationship with the renter.

There are a number of other caveats that make it impossible to consider every viable circumstance. Finding individual DVC Owners that have the resort you want as their ‘Home Resort’ is another dicey proposition as well. 

You’ll need to book closer to the 11-month window if you’re either set on a particular resort that is highly popular OR you’re visiting during a peak travel period. What DVC Resorts sell out the quickest and would be considered highly popular? 

Generally, the EPCOT Resorts (Boardwalk Villas, Beach Club Villas, Riviera Resort) and the Monorail Resorts (Bay Lake Tower, Polynesian Villas, Grand Floridian Villas) sell out the quickest.

How Much Can You Rent Your DVC Points For as an Owner?

huge chandelier at Disney's Boardwalk Inn Resort lobby

There are a number of factors that determine how much you can rent your DVC Points out for if you’re an owner. Which resort is your ‘Home Resort’ is a major factor in deciding the overall cost of renting your points. 

Generally speaking, the average you can rent your points out is about $20 per point right now. 

If you’re trying to get rid of points that are about to expire you’ll likely have to sell them at a much higher discount, likely in the $13-$15 per point range.

Best Way to Save Big $$$ on Disney Resorts

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

If you want to potentially save thousands of dollars on your next trip to Disney World, I personally recommend David’s DVC Rentals. They consistently have the best prices and biggest selection of Disney Villas that will make you ask yourself: “How do they do it?”

How Renting DVC Points Saves You Money

Mickey Mouse painting Riviera Resort

With a Walt Disney World vacation becoming costlier and costlier each year, staying at a Disney Resort is getting less appealing for most families. The good news though is renting DVC Points can make a stay at a Disney World Resort more plausible again! 

Many of our friends and family are shocked at the fact that we routinely stay at the Disney Deluxe Resorts, what they don’t know is that we get them for a tiny fraction of what other guests are paying! By renting DVC Points, you can save significantly on the costs of booking directly through Disney. 

Let’s take a look at some different scenarios to show you exactly how much you can save….

Examples of DVC Point Rental vs Booking Directly Through Disney

Let’s look at three different random examples showing you the difference between the costs of booking through Disney and using David’s Vacation Rentals. 

Keep in mind the rooms are slightly different as the DVC Rooms are more condo-like in nature and generally the rooms are located in slightly different areas of the main hotel. Also, DVC Rental Rooms do NOT charge additional tax, so you won’t have to calculate that.

Example 1
Dates: March 23rd – March 30th, 2024
Resort: Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Direct through Disney: For a Standard King Room the cost would be $5,992 (Price includes tax)
DVC Point Rental: For a comparable Deluxe Studio Room the cost would be $4,255 if booked at the 11-month window. If booking at the 7-month or less window, it would be $3,885.
Percent Savings: 29% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 35% savings for the 7-month window

Example 2
Dates: December 13th – December 20th, 2024
Resort: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort
Direct through Disney: For a Standard Resort View Room the cost would be $9,184 (Price includes tax)
DVC Point Rental: For a comparable Deluxe Studio Room the cost would be $3,026 if booked at the 11-month window. If booking at the 7-month or less window, it would be $2,772.
Percent Savings: 67% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 70% savings for the 7-month window 

Example 3
Dates: July 7th – 14th, 2024
Resort: Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort
Direct through Disney: For a Standard Resort View Room the cost would be $3,948 (Price includes tax)
DVC Point Rental: For a comparable Deluxe Studio Room the cost would be $2,783 if booked at the 11-month window. If booking at the 7-month or less window, it would be $2,541.
Percent Savings: 30% savings for booking at the 11-month window, 36% savings for the 7-month window 

As you can see, there are considerable savings when renting points! These were 3 entirely random selections for different times of the year and different resorts. The savings ranged anywhere from 30% to all the way to 70%!

Other Differences with DVC Point Rental vs Booking through Disney

Pineapple Drinks at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Besides just the cost difference in renting DVC Points as opposed to booking directly through Disney, there are some other additional considerations that are worth mentioning. We will touch on a few of those in this section. 

Resort Availability Comparison

When comparing resort availability for DVC rooms as opposed to standard rooms booked directly through Disney, there is a slight difference and more availability through Disney. Remember, DVC rooms are NOT standard hotel-style rooms and there is less inventory.

When booking directly through Disney, you’ll have more options for booking. DVC rooms sell out quickly and desirable DVC resorts can be completely sold out prior to even getting to the 7-month window at times. 

That is generally NOT the case when it comes to booking directly through Disney with a standard hotel room and there usually is still a good selection only a few months out if you go during one of the cheaper times of the year to visit.

2 Bedroom villa Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort

You’ll also be at the mercy of someone else when booking a DVC room through a business or an agency. You’ll have to put in your request and then generally wait hours or possibly even days prior to hearing if your resort and room type is available. 

On the other hand, when booking directly through Disney, you can immediately check availability for the desired dates so you can start planning right away.

You’ll also have longer booking windows, meaning that you can book directly through Disney 500 days in advance of your trip. With DVC rooms, you’ll only be able to book rooms as far out as 11 months, so advanced planning is harder to do.

You’re certainly more limited when it comes to resort availability. You need to be more organized when it comes to planning your trip when renting DVC points, knowing exactly your preferences at the 11-month window, and moving on it immediately.

Customer Experience

Lighthouse at Disney's Old Key West Resort

It’s very hard to top the customer experience that you’ll get directly with Disney, but I have to say, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you use a company like David’s Vacation Rentals

They go completely out of their way to help guests book their experience. It’s a seamless process and they make it easy for people that have never done it before. I know many non-Disney people who have used David’s, and they were shocked at how simple and easy the entire process was. 

On the other hand, if you’re choosing to rent with a specific DVC owner instead of using a company to rent your points, your customer experience can be highly varied. Some owners are tremendous and go above and beyond explaining everything to you.

Other DVC owners have more of a hands-off approach, and you’ll have to figure out things yourself. Just remember, when you rent points you deal with your vacation directly through the DVC rental company or the DVC owner. 

The cancellation policies are minimal if any at all when renting points. Whereas with Disney, you can make changes and cancellations up until 30 days prior to your check-in with no penalties at all. 

I’d say, on average, the customer experience is going to be better going through Disney as you’ll have more options and you can deal with them directly for your vacation. But using a solid and reputable company like David’s is a very close 2nd, as you’ll often have someone at your disposal to assist you if need be.

Which Has the Better Resort Experience?

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort Pool

This is a toss-up! The experience is almost entirely the same, other than a few minor tweaks. Staying in a DVC-rented room could require slightly more walking, as many of the DVC Resort Buildings are in different sections of the hotel.

If you have mobility issues you may consider renting a scooter at Disney World to cut down on the walking, and if you have babies or small kids, you may need to rent a stroller to make it easier on them.

The DVC rooms also have fewer housekeeping services, as they generally only come to your room once or twice a week to change the garbage, give you fresh towels, and provide general housekeeping. 

Staying at a Disney World Resort, you’ll get housekeeping each day. This can be viewed as positive or negative but this is a huge positive for my wife who likes the hotel experience of getting new sheets every day.

The nice thing about DVC rooms, especially the larger rooms, is that you’ll have additional home-like amenities such as kitchenettes and washers and dryers. This can be highly useful, allowing you to keep a fresh supply of clothes at all times for all members of the family, without forcing you to walk a long distance to utilize the common-area washer and dryers.

It’s also great if you are trying to eat cheap at Disney World and you plan on preparing some of your own meals, a great way to save money.

Help Planning Your Trip

2 chairs in the hallway at Disney's Riviera Resort

It just depends on how much help you want when it comes to planning your trip. If you want a completely hands-off approach and zero assistance from anyone when it comes to your trip’s itinerary, then you’ll be fine renting DVC points. You can do everything yourself with thorough research and a daily itinerary. 

If you plan on booking through Disney and want the help of a seasoned and highly skilled travel planner, such as Show You the World Travel, we recommend them as they’ll guide and assist you every step of the way. 

These Authorized Travel Planners, or travel agents are completely free if you book a Disney Vacation directly through them. These agents receive their commissions directly through Disney, and it does not cost you any more money to book a trip through them. 

While they are great for booking trips directly through Disney, they can NOT rent DVC points and will not receive any kind of commission, so if preferring the assistance of a travel planner, you’ll need to book through Disney and not rent DVC points. 

It completely depends on what you’re looking for! Booking through Disney with the help of an agent is going to provide you with the most amount of help when planning your trip.

Ready to Start Planning Your Disney Vacation?

Mickey Mouse partners statue Magic Kingdom

If you feel overwhelmed planning a Disney vacation, use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner such as Show You the World Travel. They are experts on every Disney location and can tell you where to stay, what to do, how to save money, and give you personalized service for your most magical vacation ever!

Advantages of Renting DVC Points

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort Cabins

There are a number of advantages to renting DVC points and certainly some disadvantages as well. Here are our favorite advantages:

  • Considerable savings – As you see in our examples above, the price savings can be CONSIDERABLE! You can easily save thousands of dollars renting DVC Points, instead of paying the Disney Costs.
  • Nicer resorts – For many families the idea of staying in a Deluxe Resort is impossible. Instead, by renting points, many more families can actually afford to stay at the Deluxe Resorts! You’ll often be able to rent points to stay at a Deluxe Resort comparable to what you’d pay for a Moderate or even a Value Resort!
  • Better rooms and free laundry – We love the DVC Rooms for the home-like amenities such as kitchenettes, dining room tables, microwaves, and washers and dryers. This makes things far simpler, not requiring you to pay any additional money to do your laundry.
  • Bigger Rooms – The DVC rooms are also amongst the largest rooms in all of Disney, allowing you to rent 2 and 3-bedroom villas, perfect for larger families.
  • The BEST locations – Since the DVC Resorts are all Deluxe Resorts, they are found in the most premium locations in all of Walt Disney World. You’ll likely be within walking distance or a short monorail or Skyliner ride away from at least one of the Disney World Theme Parks.
  • No need to monitor promotions – When renting DVC Points, you don’t have to worry about monitoring last-minute deals or promotions. You’ll have the best possible deal. Disney’s Points Charts don’t randomly change. If you’re booking through Disney, it’s possible the rate you booked isn’t the best anymore and you’ll need to monitor deals.
  • Allows you to test a DVC Membership – If the idea of DVC Ownership is something you’d like to consider, renting DVC Points is a great way to take the test drive! You’ll get to see how simple and easy it is, and if you love it, schedule a DVC meeting with a Disney Cast Member.
  • Easy to set up – People get overwhelmed with the idea of having to do everything yourself. And for inexperienced Disney Vacationers, this can be stressful, but it really isn’t stressful! You’ll simply be given a confirmation number that you can copy/paste onto your My Disney Experience account and BAM! That’s it! It’s that simple.

Disadvantages of Renting DVC Points

Yacht and Beach Club Resort Pool

The disadvantages of renting DVC Points are:

  • Poor cancellation and refund policies – If you’re worried about a last-minute cancellation or something coming up at the last minute, renting DVC points is not for you. You’re typically not provided any kind of cancellation or refund policy if you need to change or adjust your reservation.

    This can be stressful if you’re traveling during the winter time or during hurricane season and the weather adjusts your trip. Disney does not provide any kind of protection for guests renting points.
  • Less availability – You won’t have the bevy of options when renting DVC Points. You’ll be limited to only the 12 Deluxe Villas Resorts, and won’t be able to rent points for either Value or Moderate Resorts.
  • Smaller booking windows – When booking a Disney Resort directly, you can book rooms nearly 2 years in advance! With DVC Rooms, you can only begin booking them at 11 months. And they’ll often sell out between the 7-month and 11-month booking time periods prior to the start of your trip. You’ll need to book fast and as soon as possible, especially if traveling during peak travel periods.
  • Limited housekeeping – DVC rooms typically only get housekeeping services once or twice a week, unlike standard hotel rooms. If you like a fresh room each day, you won’t get it with DVC rooms.
  • Further walks – While not the case with every DVC Resort, many of the DVC buildings are located in the back of resorts or on the far corner of the property, requiring you to walk extra as opposed to the standard hotel rooms.
  • Have to book things separately – When booking directly through Disney, you’ll be able to purchase your entire vacation package on one site. Your hotel room, your park tickets, and any additional experiences or add-ons can all be done at once. When renting DVC points, you’ll have to do everything a la carte essentially and add separately.
  • Can’t call Disney to make alterations – Just because you’re staying at a Disney Resort doesn’t mean you get to deal with Disney. Only the DVC owner can call Disney and adjust or make changes to your resort. YOU can’t.
  • Don’t have complete control – If you’re the type of person that wants complete control and to do things on your time and when you want to, having to rely on a DVC Member to call can be frustrating!
  • Less leeway with payments – For most DVC Businesses and Owners, you’ll generally be required to pay the full up-front payment very soon after booking. Whereas when booking through Disney, you’ll often have up to a month prior to your trip to finish paying off your balance. That’s not the case when renting points.

How to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points

Animal Kingdom Lodge bar and lounge

If all of this sounds complex and difficult to put together, don’t worry we got you covered! In this section, we will show you step-by-step how to rent Disney Vacation Club Points to book your room! 

STEP 1: Decide When You Want to Go

Just like with booking a regular Disney World Resort Room, the cost of renting points is based on the time of the year. Holiday times, popular school vacations, and summers can be expensive! Months just as January, late August, and September are the cheapest times of the year to visit. 

Figure out what time of year is best and pick a particular week or days that you want to visit. You’ll need to have that information before you can figure out the total cost of your trip.

TIP: Our Disney World Crowd Calendar is an excellent resource to let you know when the least busy times of the year are for the theme parks.

STEP 2: Decide Which DVC Resort You Want to Stay at

Disney's Fort Wilderness Lodge Boulder Ridge lobby

With 12 different Disney Resorts allowing you to rent DVC Points, you’ll need to take a look at the list (I listed them above) and decide which one appeals most to your family. And while they are all Deluxe Disney Resorts, some of them are definitely more costly than others. 

Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Old Key West are the cheapest, so if you are doing Disney on a Budget, those are your best options. 

On the other hand, Disney’s Grand Floridian, Polynesian, and the Riviera Resort are the most expensive on the list, so avoid if funds are limited. The others fall somewhere in the middle which could be a nice compromise. 

Once you have the resort you’d like to stay at, we recommend having a backup plan just in case your 1st choice is completely sold out already. Remember, DVC rooms sell out quickly and oftentimes during that 7-11 month window. 

In addition to the resort, you want to stay at, decide what ‘room type’ you want. Do you want a studio room, which is basically a standard hotel-style room? Or do you want a 1-bedroom suite that includes a full bedroom and a living area, including additional sleeping space? Or do you want a 2-bedroom suite which often sleeps up to 9 people?

STEP 3: Figure Out the Cost of the Points

outside Disney Riviera Resort at night

Once you figure out ‘when’ and ‘where’ you’d like to stay you’ll need to figure out the total cost of your trip. Use a resource such as David’s Vacation Club Rentals, where they have a free points calculator to see the total amount of points and cost of a particular trip. 

Put in the days you want to visit in the calculator above and then underneath you’ll see the cost displayed based on what room type you want and what resort. You can switch the look to showing either the ‘Points’ or the ‘Cost’ by simply clicking on the ‘Display Points’ or ‘Display Cost’ buttons. 

If it’s cheaper or more expensive than you initially thought, adjust your days appropriately. Now it’s time to make your reservations.

STEP 4: Make Reservations

confirm resort and payment David's DVC Rentals

Once you have everything you need to book your reservation, it’s time to actually reserve your reservation. On David’s Vacation Club Rental site, you’ll simply just click on the ‘Reserve Now’ button and follow the steps. 

Remember this isn’t an instantaneous booking as you’ll be booking either directly with a DVC Owner or you’ll be booking with a company (like David’s) that will connect you to a DVC Member to reserve your reservation. You’re ultimately entering a private transaction with a DVC Member regardless of how it’s done and it can take a little bit of time.

Generally, you should hear back within hours if they were successful in reserving your 1st choice. If not, you’ll have to go to your 2nd or 3rd choice for a reservation OR you’ll need to change up your dates possibly if you don’t like your available options.

STEP 5: What to Do After You Have Reservations?

Animal Kingdom Genie+ Selections

Once you have your reservations, it’s time to finish planning the rest of your trip! Make sure you link your resort reservation number to your My Disney Experience account and you’ll be able to link up all of the other family members or friends staying in your room. 

Now it’s time to start figuring out other aspects of your trip. Do you want to purchase the Disney Dining Plan? Are you ready to purchase your park tickets? Do you need to purchase Genie+ for your trip? What are Individual Lightning Lanes

Mark your important dates down in your personal calendar to remind yourself when certain experiences need to be booked. The biggest one is the 60-day mark prior to the start of your trip for making Advance Dining Reservations

You can begin planning your trip by reviewing our Disney World Planning Guide prior to your trip which covers all the main things to need to be aware of.

Decide what you want to do for your days. Do you want to do any add-on experiences or tours? Do you want to visit the water parks? There are so many things you can consider in planning your trip, and you can now do those things now that you have your resort reservation.

How to Save Extra Money Renting DVC Points

Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort lighthouse at night

As you know, we are big believers in saving money at Disney World, and even though renting DVC points is a good place to start, there are even some additional ways you can save even MORE money!

 In this section, we will focus on a few hidden tips and tricks that will have you baffled at how cheap it can be to rent DVC points.

Book Last-Minute Specials Reservations

A great way for guests to save an insane amount of money is by booking a ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Dedicated’ reservation. These reservations are essentially the same thing and are referred to in these two different terms by DVC Owners, forums, and rental companies.

lifeguard chair lamp Disney's Old Key West Resort

What this simply means is that these reservations are already made and confirmed by the DVC owner and they CANNOT be changed or modified. So they are inflexible and ‘what you see is what you get’, but they could be a great way to rent points if you have a more flexible schedule and can monitor these last-minute deals. 

If you decide to take one of these reservations, they’ll simply change the name on the reservation to yours, making it very simple. You’ll often find highly popular resorts with these specials, as the DVC owner did not want to simply cancel their reservation due to the popularity of the resort. 

Since DVC points are often rented and sold out between the 7-11 month mark, booking these dedicated or confirmed reservations allows you to get something much sooner, often under 3 months! This gives you a wonderful way to save money and not have to book out as far in advance. 

There’s no telling how low you’ll find these last-minute specials, sometimes we’ve seen them as low as $15 and under per point, which is truly an incredible value!

Shop Around

elevators Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Villas DVC

There are a number of popular DVC Rental companies such as David’s Vacation Rentals that offer great opportunities to find last-minute dedicated reservations in addition to your standard DVC rental booking. But it’s also worth monitoring other sites to see if there are any other terrific opportunities for rentals. 

Just make sure they’re legit and follow our steps above when it comes to renting, by following our guidelines to make sure your money is safe! 

Another popular way you can find DVC owners is by utilizing popular Disney forums such as DISboards or Disney Facebook groups or Reddit Boards. Shop around and compare rates from a variety of different companies and DVC owners and go with whatever you prefer.

Avoid Busy Times of the Year

And the greatest way you can save money by renting points is to AVOID the busier times of the year. Not only are the reservations harder to come by, but you’ll also pay significantly more! Avoiding the busy times of the year is the best way to save money on a Disney World Vacation and we highly recommend it to everyone.

When paying more you’re less likely to enjoy yourself on your Disney Vacation. Lines will be longer, crowds will be busier, and it’s normally just flat-out less enjoyable, and honestly, you may never visit again.

Additional Tips for Renting Points

3 Bedroom Villa Disney's Riviera Resort

In this section, we will focus on three additional tips you can utilize to rent points to make the experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. 

Rent from a Reputable Source

One of the reasons we recommend David’s Vacation Rental is because they’re the most experienced and reputable source of renting points on the internet for Disney Vacations! They are the most popular and we’ve literally only had good experiences and also heard tremendous things about using them from every source we know. 

But even if you’re not going to use David’s, we recommend you make it essential to use a reputable source. Whether it’s DVC Rental Store, DVC-Rental, or somewhere else you find online, make sure they have references and loads of experience in renting points. 

If you personally know of any DVC Owners that can rent points that can be terrific as well, that’ll likely be the cheapest option and you’ll know they’re reputable. Again, just make sure you trust the person.

We’d never want to see you rent points and have a miserable experience and give thousands to someone claiming they’re a DVC Owner, only to never see that money again. Hey, it’s happened!

Book Your Trip Far Enough Ahead of Time

2-Bedroom Villa Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Villas DVC

Utilizing DVC Points has gotten harder and harder in the last couple of years due to there being an excess of points that need to be used by DVC Owners. The pandemic caused an entire backlog of millions and millions of points, and people need to use them. 

What does this mean? That if you’re renting DVC Points you’ll need to book FAR in advance. You’re competing against more DVC Owners than ever for reservations and if you don’t book as close to the 11-month timeframe as possible, you likely won’t get your top choice(s).

Be Flexible

In addition to being able to utilize ‘Dedicated’ and ‘Confirmed’ Reservations by being flexible, you’ll also just have additional options if you remain flexible for dates and for your choice of resort. If you’re dead set on a particular resort or a particular date, it can be harder to get everything you want, and you’re more likely to get frustrated. 

Increasing either your travel dates OR your resort choices gives you additional options! Some DVC properties, such as Old Key West and Saratoga Springs take longer to sell out due to the abundance of rooms they have and being slightly less desirable locations.

If you have to book at one of these resorts, you’ll still have a fantastic time even if it wasn’t your first or even second choice. Just try to remain flexible when renting DVC points and it will all work out.

2024 Disney Vacation Club Points Charts

Old Key's West Resort DVC Points Chart

A great way to estimate how much your trip is going to cost is by reviewing the different points charts yourself to examine the costs of each resort. Every night costs a set number of DVC points depending on the resort, the room type, the time of year, and the day of the week. 

You add up the points for each night of your stay to find the total number of points required for your trip. After that, you can then multiply that number by the cost per point that the DVC Owner or Business quotes you. 

Here are all the Disney Vacation Club Points Charts for 2024:

Walt Disney World


Other Locations

Disney Vacation Club Cancellation Policy

Bay Lake Tower Resort outside

Making any changes, including canceling a Disney Vacation Club rental can be complicated when it comes to renting Points. The different reputable DVC Rental Businesses have different rules when it comes to making adjustments or changes to your reservation. 

There are a number of complications to renting points as DVC Owners have to bank or borrow their points in order to secure reservations many times. So when needing to adjust or change your plans, this makes it tricky. 

For example, none of the large DVC rental companies offer refunds for making cancellations of a vacation booked with them. A couple of them offer credits to rebook another trip, depending on how far in advance you need to cancel. 

David’s Vacation Club Rentals does NOT allow for any cancellations or changes to a reservation at any time and the full amount will be forfeited if you need to make any changes at all.

2 Bedroom Villa Beach Club Resort Villas

The DVC Rental Store offers a credit if you make a cancellation at least 4 months prior to your reservation. If it’s under the 4-month mark, you’ll only receive partial credit. 

And at DVC-Rental, you’ll also lose a percentage of the cancellation depending on how far in advance you needed to make a cancellation. 

In general, cancellations are much harder and are dependent on the individual DVC Owner or Business in how likely you’ll be able to make any adjustments. 

That’s why if renting points, it’s best to purchase travel insurance on more expensive trips. It’ll give you some measure of protection if something happens causing you to adjust your trip.

Housekeeping at DVC Resorts

1 Bedroom Studio Bay Lake Tower Resort DVC

Housekeeping when renting DVC Points is more limited than it is when staying in a normal Disney World Resort room. For example, trash and towel services are included in stays only that are more than 4 days. And if you’re staying less than 8 nights, you’ll receive trash and towel service on your 4th day. 

If you’re staying 8 nights or longer, you’ll receive a standard clothing service on the 4th day and trash and towel services on the 8th day. After that, the cycle begins again on the 12th day of your trip, if you’re staying that long.

Can I Get Daily Housekeeping?

If you’d like more frequent housekeeping, you can get it, but it comes at a price. Each day of additional cleaning on top of what’s given comes a daily rate. If you are ok with that, it can be arranged and paid for at the time of check-in to your room.

DVC Housekeeping Rates

Additional Full Cleaning Rates:

  • Studio – $30.00 for each day requested
  • One-Bedroom – $45.00 for each day requested
  • Two-Bedroom – $60.00 for each day requested
  • Three-Bedroom – $75.00 for each day requested

Additional Trash & Towel Rates:

  • Studio – $10.00 for each day requested
  • One-Bedroom – $15.00 for each day requested
  • Two-Bedroom – $20.00 for each day requested
  • Three-Bedroom – $30.00 for each day requested


Is Renting DVC Points Allowed?

This is the most common question of people renting points! People think it must be illegal or frowned upon by Disney if you can truly save this much money. The truth is, Disney knows about it and they allow renting for both owners and renters. 

While they’ve implemented different rules discouraging people from having their own businesses in purchasing DVC memberships just to sell reservations and profit off of people, there’s nothing wrong with renting points! 

Our family has done it dozens and dozens of times and so have countless other vacation guests and we save thousands of dollars each year because of it.

How Far In Advance Can You Rent DVC Points?

Disney's Wilderness Lodge walking path in the trees

You can only rent DVC Points 11 months prior to the start of your vacation. However, the 11-month mark can ONLY be booked by DVC Owners that have a particular home resort. 

For instance, if you have DVC ownership and your home resort is Saratoga Springs Resort, you can book a stay at Saratoga Springs 11 months prior to the start of any trip. 

If you’re renting from a company such as David’s DVC Rentals, you won’t have to worry about this! They’ll put you in contact with a DVC Owner that has whatever resort you want as their home resort.

How Far in Advance Should You Rent Points?

If you’re visiting during a busier time of year OR you want a particular resort that you’re fixated on, absolutely book your trip 11 months prior TO THE DAY. 

If you’re less picky about the resort and you’re not traveling during a peak travel period, you can get away with booking SOMETHING under the 7-month mark.

Do I Get the Same Benefits that DVC Owners Get?

Basketball court Disney's Old Key West Resort

Mostly yes. You’ll get the DVC perks at the resort, including free laundry services, Extended Evenings at the parks, bus transportation, etc. 

However, you won’t get other DVC perks such as additional discounts on food, merchandise, or park discounts located outside of the resort. For those, you will likely need to show proof of membership.

Is it Safe to Rent Disney Vacation Club Points?

In our experience, renting DVC points is totally safe, ESPECIALLY if you rent through a reputable company. 

If you are renting from a third party, remember to ask for referrals, only give a deposit PRIOR to getting your reservation, and make sure there’s a purchase agreement of sorts that is signed by both parties (if renting from an individual DVC owner).

Is Parking Included When You Rent DVC Points?

Yes! Parking is free at both the resorts and the parks when renting DVC points and staying at a DVC Resort. You can read more details in our Disney World Parking Guide.

car in parking lot at Art of Animation

Can Non-DVC Members Rent DVC Points?

Renting DVC Points is not just reserved for DVC members, in fact, anyone can rent DVC points! You’ll just need the DVC member to reserve and book the room for you.

Do I Get a Reservation Confirmation Number?

Immediately after getting your reservation, Disney will issue the confirmation number to the DVC Member that booked the room. They’ll forward it to you and you can link the confirmation number to your My Disney Experience account. 

You should see all of the names on the reservation and you can link the resort to each member on the reservation.

Can I Change or Cancel My Reservation?

It depends. Generally speaking, it’s not a simple or easy process. Each DVC Owner has different rules, and most do NOT let you change or cancel your reservation. 

Some will give you a credit to apply to another reservation if you cancel far enough in advance. That’s why if you will be renting, it’s worth considering getting travel insurance.

Do DVC Renters Get Extra Magic Hours?

Riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

While there is no such thing as Extra Magic Hours currently since the reopening of the parks in 2020, guests staying at a DVC Resort DO get perks such as Extended Evening Hours and Early Theme Park Entry, which replaced the former Extra Magic Hours. For more info on these, read the links below.

Do You Get MagicBands with DVC Rentals?

MagicBands are no longer complimentary with any stays in Walt Disney World, both in standard hotel rooms and in DVC rooms. That means if you want a MagicBand or MagicBand+ you’ll have to pay out of pocket, regardless of where you are staying.

Are Theme Park Tickets Included?

Disney theme park tickets are NOT included in the purchase of DVC rental rooms. Just like with booking a regular hotel room, you’ll need to purchase these tickets separately. You can do that directly on Disney’s site OR using a discount ticket site such as Undercover Tourist.

We also recommend reading these posts to help you decide which ticket type is best for you and how to save money on them.

Can I Use Online Check-In?

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort Beach with chairs

Yes! Whether you rent DVC points OR you book a standard hotel room at a Disney World Resort, you can use online check-in and check in early. 

However, this does not guarantee you’ll get in your room early, but it at the very least alerts the hotel that you have arrived and are ready. They’ll attempt to get you in your room as early as possible but generally, DVC rooms take longer to get into than standard hotel rooms.

Can I Add the Disney Dining Plan?

Yes! You can add things such as the Disney Dining Plan to your DVC stay. Keep in mind it must be purchased separately and isn’t done through your DVC rental company or owner. 

You’ll need to do it directly through Disney or through an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. For an in-depth look at whether we recommend the purchase of the dining plan, check out my post here.

Is it Better to Rent Points or Join the Disney Vacation Club?

This is a long debate for another post, but we will say there are some advantages to actually joining the Disney Vacation Club over only renting them that you should consider.

woman sitting on balcony Disney's Riviera Resort

However, we recommend that prior to getting involved in committing to a purchase that could cost tens of thousands of dollars you take a trial run first. And there’s no better way to take a trial run of Disney Vacation Club ownership than renting DVC Points for an upcoming Disney Vacation. 

It’ll give you the perfect blend of knowing exactly what to expect. You’ll see the different avenues of DVC Ownership including the process of booking, the available options for stays, when to book, the room types, etc…

After renting points at different resorts, if you still LOVE it, it’s absolutely worth considering becoming a Disney Vacation Club owner. You’ll have a much better chance of loving your large purchase IF you try it out first.

Is Renting Disney Vacation Club Points Worth It?

Main Pool area at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

In our opinion, yes, renting Disney Vacation Club points is absolutely worth it. It’s one of our family’s favorite ways of enjoying a Disney World Vacation. You get the perfect blend of saving considerable amounts of money while also allowing you to stay in a Disney Resort that you’ve dreamed of staying in. Grand Floridian, anyone?!

You’ll get the innumerable benefits of staying at a Disney World Resort including better park hours, better park accessibility, free parking at the resorts and the parks, booking Genie+ before non-resort guests, being inside the ‘Disney Bubble’ and SO much more. 

While there are definitely some downsides of renting points, when it comes strictly to a cost perspective it’s hard to beat the benefits it offers. Honestly, there’s no better way to combine both CHEAP and DELUXE than renting points! 

Take the time to learn the process and learn about the different steps. Although it might sound complicated, it really isn’t. Read this article over and over again until you get a full understanding of how it works. We’ve helped non-Disney people rent points over and over again and you will be able to as well.

Best Way to Rent DVC Points

Villa Disney's Riviera Resort

We couldn’t recommend using David’s Vacation Club Rentals strongly enough. Their prices are slightly better than the other large DVC rental companies and their customer service is second to none.

They’ve been around since 2005 and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau so you can trust that they’re reliable with their transactions being completely protected against fraud and mistakes.

We’ve used them over and over again with tremendous results. Not only us, we’ve had friends and readers of our site utilize them as well with nothing but glowing reviews.

Unlike purchasing through an individual DVC Owner, you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off. The price savings of renting points through a supposed DVC Owner online that you don’t know or that you randomly found online might seem incredible, but how do you know it’s completely legit? There’s no way to know. 

At the very least, we recommend using a company such as David’s for your first-time renting points until you learn the ropes. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you just gave someone thousands of dollars for your trip! 

By doing this, you’ll set up your Disney World Vacation for the greatest likelihood of success AND to save money!

That wraps up our look at how to rent Disney Vacation Club points at Walt Disney World or other Disney destinations. We hope that our comparison helped you weigh the pros and cons and how to decide the best option for your family.

If you are thinking about going to Walt Disney World in the coming future, here are some other popular articles where you will find all the info and tips you need to plan your trip.

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Saturday 1st of July 2023

I've tried to rent Disney points but the hard part was snagging the dates you wanted/needed. We're out of Hawaii and we simply do not have that flexibility because of flights and we do spend time at Universal as well. I tried the 11 months mark but still ran into issues with both services. It does make financial sense to get rental points instead of making a purchase. You're not stuck with annual fees plus the maintenance cost that seem to go up every year.