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Best Disney World Stroller Rentals

Anyone who has been to Walt Disney World will tell you to put on your most comfortable shoes because there is A LOT of walking required. And though this may be doable for most adults, kids can really have a hard time which means renting a stroller at Disney World.

renting a stroller at Disney World

In this article, we will cover all the different options you’ll have when it comes to strollers in Walt Disney World including the best place to rent one from, how to save money, and how to use it in and around the theme parks.

The first thing you will notice is there are tons of options and many places you can rent from. We’ll cover the costs of renting a stroller, all the pros and cons, and which types of strollers are allowed in Walt Disney World.

We also have done a detailed comparison of the best stroller rental companies and if it’s better to rent from a third-party company outside Disney or directly from Disney when you get to the parks. In some cases, it may just be easier to bring your own from home.

Lastly, we’ll help you navigate using strollers in the theme parks including where to park them, what to do with them on attractions and transportation, how not to lose them, and many other tips we’ve compiled in our years of visiting Disney World with kids.

walking with a baby stroller in front of Prince Charming Regal Carousel

By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of your best options to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible if you have kids.

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Strollers at Disney World Overview

When traveling with kids to Walt Disney World, there are a significant number of considerations, and one of the biggest when you have small children is what to do with strollers. 

strollers parked at Disney World

It’s not uncommon for our family to walk 20-25,000 steps a day in Disney, and doing this much exploration and walking can be overwhelming with or without a stroller. And just like renting a scooter at Disney World can make things better for adults with mobility issues, certainly having a stroller for your little ones makes things 100 times easier!

The first question you’ll likely ask yourself is “Should I bring a stroller or rent one?” And while this is likely the biggest question you have, you’ll also probably wonder things such as:

  • Where can I rent strollers? 
  • What is the cost of renting a stroller? 
  • What are the requirements for strollers in Disney? 
  • How does renting work? 
  • At what age or size can I still consider renting a stroller for my kids? 

If any of these questions sound like something that’d be advantageous to find out about, continue to read on. We will touch on each of these. 

Rental Options

stroller rental sign Magic Kingdom

When it comes to renting strollers, you have four main options:

  1. Bring your own
  2. Rent directly from Disney
  3. Rent from a third-party company
  4. Buy one upon arrival to Orlando 

Bringing your own stroller is a fairly straightforward option, and will likely be the simplest and most cost-effective way of traveling. If you especially love your stroller and your child loves it, this is a pretty easy pick for some families.

You can pack it on the plane with you, fold it and bring it in the car with you, or even ship it. But bringing your own stroller can sometimes be an extra hassle making renting one a more attractive option! 

strollers parked in Liberty Square

Renting from Disney can be a great option for families that don’t want to have to worry about folding up and stressing about their stroller every time they use Disney Transportation. It also takes up a LOT less room in your hotel rooms. 

However, renting a stroller from Disney can be an expensive proposition if needing to do it every day, especially for multiple kids. 

Renting from a Third-Party Company is a nice alternative to renting through Disney, as it will likely save you significant amounts of dollars. And there are a number of reliable and reputable companies that have stellar reputations when it comes to rentals, making this a fairly simple option. 

And lastly, some families choose to buy a stroller upon arrival. This doesn’t work for everyone and will certainly give you additional luggage on your way home, but there are ways you can do this affordably. For longer trips, this can make sense and actually be cheaper than you’d imagine if you’re buying a budget-friendly stroller. 

How It Works

baby in a stroller at Disney World

Strollers are essential for most kids if you want to spend long days in the parks! Even for older kids that likely can’t handle the strenuous walking, it’s worth considering. 

When looking at your family’s stroller needs, no matter where you get it from, you’ll need to consider whether you want to get a single or a double stroller. 

  • If you have a single child who is younger and weighs less than 50 pounds, you’ll likely only need a single.
  • If you have a larger child that is up to 100 pounds or have multiple kids, you’ll need to get a double stroller. 

If choosing to rent directly from Disney, you’ll have the option to get it at any of the four theme parks or Disney Springs.

where to rent a stroller in Disney World

The stroller rental locations are found here: 

  • Magic Kingdom Under the Main Street Railroad Station upon first walking into the park 
  • EPCOTTwo locations, at the main gate by Spaceship Earth and at International Gateway
  • Hollywood Studios To the right of Oscar’s as you walk into the park
  • Animal Kingdom To the right upon entering the park just before entering the Oasis  
  • Disney Springs – At Sundries right next to the Coca-Cola store 

The Disney strollers are all the exact same models and are hard plastic with 4 wheels. And while it’s possible that Disney can add softer strollers in the future, for now, they are sticking with the harder and less comfortable strollers.

If you choose to rent a stroller from a third-party company, most of the time they will deliver and pick it up at your hotel or whatever is easiest for you. It’s also possible that if you pick up the stroller yourself they’ll give you a small discount on the rental (assuming you have a vehicle or are renting a car).  

Do My Kids Really Need a Stroller?

three strollers at Disney World

It’s truly hard to make an argument against getting a stroller, especially if you have younger kids (five and under I’d say). Trust me, the Disney World parks are BIG, and with families easily walking 15,000 steps a day, most little ones can’t seamlessly walk 8-12 miles on their own. 

For us, it’s a no-brainer for younger kids that are 5 and under, and we’re also not against families that have older kids even up to 7 or 8 considering utilizing a larger stroller as well. We’ve heard from many parents that even their older kids sneak in the stroller at available opportunities at times. 

Yes, the walking you will do can be THAT much! It’s unlike anywhere else you’ll likely travel with your small kids. 

baby and his father watching fireworks

Of course, it’s a personal decision for your family’s needs, but consider that each of the Disney World Parks is between 2-3 miles to walk around just the perimeter of the park. Add in the likelihood that you’ll probably loop the parks at least two times throughout the day.

That doesn’t even factor in that walk to/from the Disney parking lots, the walk to your hotel from your bus stop, and likely many other stops along the way! If getting a stroller makes for a more relaxing day for your kids, it certainly will make for a more enjoyable day for YOU too. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Stroller at Disney World?

Now let’s look at the costs of renting a stroller directly from Disney while also discussing what the costs would be if you were to use a third-party outside company. A Walt Disney World vacation is crazy expensive, so anything you can do to keep the costs down is key.

Directly From Disney

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Strollers parked at Disney World
  • Single Stroller (Recommended for children 50 lbs or less): $15 per day, $13 for multi-days
  • Double Stroller (Recommended for children 100 lbs or less): $31 per day, $27 for multi-days

These prices are the same if you rent a stroller at any of the four theme parks OR Disney Springs. If you’re renting at Disney Springs, you will also be responsible for a $100 refundable deposit as well (you will get it back if the stroller is returned in the same condition as it was when you got it). 

Outside Companies

woman with baby stroller in EPCOT
  • Single Stroller: Depends on the company but generally around $20 per day for the first three days and then significantly cheaper shortly thereafter per day.
  • Double Stroller: Depends on the company but generally around $25 per day for the first three days and then significantly cheaper on each subsequent day. 

Length of Stay Rentals

Disney DOES offer length-of-stay or multi-day discounts allowing you to save a little bit of money if you commit to multiple days and this makes it slightly more affordable for families. 

Simply pre-pay for the number of days you’ll need on the first day of your rental receipt, then each time you arrive at the parks or Disney Springs, show your rental receipt and you’ll be given your new pre-paid stroller. 

Price Comparison Chart

row of strollers at Disney World

To help give you a comparison between renting a stroller from Disney or another third-party company, here are the different reputable nearby stroller providers and what you can expect to spend from each:

  • Renting Directly from Disney World
    • Single Stroller
      • $15 per day, $39 for (3) days, $91 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $31 per day, $81 for (3) days, $189 for (7) days
  • Renting from Kingdom Strollers 
    • Single Stroller
      • $55 for the 1st day, $55 for (3) days, $75 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $75 for the 1st day, $75 for (3) days, $95 for (7) days
  • Renting from Apple Strollers
    • Single Stroller
      • No 1-day rentals, $40 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • No 1-day rentals, $80 for (3) days, $140 for (7) days
  • Renting from Simple Stroller Rental 
    • Single Stroller
      • $40 for the first day, $50 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $50 for the first day, $60 for (3) days, $80 for (7) days
  • Renting from Baby Wheels Orlando
    • Single Stroller
      • $40 for the first day, $50 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $55 for the first day, $65 for (3) days, $85 for (7) days
  • Renting from Magic Strollers
    • Single Stroller
      • $50 for the first day, $80 for (3) days, $140 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $60 for the first day, $100 for (3) days, $180 for (7) days
  • Renting from Orlando Stroller Rentals
    • Single Stroller
      • No 1-day rentals, $55 for (3) days, $75 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • No 1-day rentals, $75 for (3) days, $95 for (7) days
  • Renting from Scooter Bug
    • Single Stroller
      • $35 for the first day, $35 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
    • Double Stroller
      • $70 for the first day, $70 for (3) days, $100 for (7) days

What Kind of Strollers are Allowed in Walt Disney World?

baby stroller at Disney World

Whether you’re bringing your own stroller, buying a stroller upon arrival, or renting one when you get to Orlando, it’s important to make sure your stroller is ALLOWED into Walt Disney World. 

While most standard single strollers generally fit within the criteria, some double strollers can be TOO big, and yes, they will actually stop you at the gate.

Not only do you want to make sure it fits the necessary criteria in Walt Disney World, but if you’re flying, it’s also helpful to make sure your stroller can be gate checked by the airline. 

Check your airline to make sure it fits within the necessary size constraints to be gate checked. This means you don’t need to pay unnecessarily to check your stroller as a checked bag. 

It can be a bummer to spend expensive checked bag fees for a stroller, but gate-checked items are much more likely to be handled gingerly. You certainly don’t want your stroller being manhandled with the other checked bags by the baggage handlers and have it come back to you with dents and scratches. 

Size Specifications

Disney World stroller

Disney has specific size requirements for guests bringing their own stroller into the parks. As these things can sometimes change, always check Disney’s site directly to make sure these are updated here. 

As of now, strollers must be no larger than 31” (79 cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long, and stroller wagons are not allowed at Walt Disney World.

The one exception to this rule potentially is if a guest uses a stroller as a medical device. Those that require a certain stroller due to special needs should immediately talk to guest services upon arrival, or perhaps even prior to your visit. 

Stroller Weight & Height Limits

Most strollers, including the ones rented by Disney, do NOT have any kind of height restrictions. However, they DO have weight restrictions. 

Most single strollers have weight restrictions of 50-75 pounds. Disney’s single strollers have a recommendation of 50 pounds or less. Some strollers have a larger weight restriction, but make sure you check the stroller manual first. 

The larger stroller will likely cost more money to rent if you are renting. Double strollers generally have larger weight restrictions, including Disney’s, which recommends children be under 100 pounds. 

Stroller Wagons are Banned

Stroller Wagons Disney World

Starting back in 2019, Disney began getting more restrictive with the strollers that they allow into the parks. One of the things they are no longer allowing into the park anymore is stroller wagons, which were one-time popular among guests for their extra large size. 

It was said to have been done in an effort to alleviate some of the stroller congestion and improve park traffic flow, which we admit is still a problem at times.

Special Needs

While Disney doesn’t have any strollers that are specifically suited to meet guests with special needs, some of the outside companies, such as Kingdom Strollers do. Their Liberty Special Needs Stroller is good for children up to 5 feet tall and up to 100 pounds. 

Remember, if you’re bringing a special needs stroller to the parks, make sure you get approval from Guest Relations if it does NOT meet the size requirements allowed for regular strollers. 

Renting Strollers from Disney

Mickey Mouse Stroller at Disney World

The most obvious place to rent strollers for your upcoming Disney World Vacation is directly through Disney. But is it always the best? In this section, we are going to go over the reasons why you might or might not choose to rent a stroller through Disney. In many instances it makes sense, but not always. 


For families that don’t want to bring their own stroller to Disney World, renting a stroller directly from Disney can be a great convenient option. There are locations all over the four main Disney theme parks in addition to Disney Springs where you can get strollers for your kiddos. 

Disney offers two kinds of strollers: Singles and Doubles. The singles are recommended for kids under 50 pounds, and doubles are recommended for either two smaller kids or one bigger kid. The maximum recommended weight for the doubles is 100 pounds. 

renting strollers at Disney World

Unlike bringing your own or renting a stroller from an outside company, when you rent with Disney, you can only use the stroller inside the park. You’ll have to pick it up and drop it off before you leave. You can’t bring it back to your resort which could be looked at as a positive or a negative depending on how much you have to walk around your resort.

On one hand, you don’t need to worry about folding up and packing up the stroller every time you get on Disney Transportation or in your car (if you’re driving). On the other hand, your kids are going to have to handle some walking, or you’ll have to carry them, and at the end of a long night waking up your kids before you leave the parks isn’t always fun! 

The good news though is you don’t need to pay twice for each park you visit. If you pay the daily cost of renting a stroller in Disney, simply show off your rental receipt at your next Disney Park or Disney Springs and you’ll be given another stroller at no additional cost. 


Stroller parking Magic Kingdom

When renting a stroller directly through Disney, you’ll pay $15 per day for a single stroller and $31 per day for a double stroller. Disney does offer multi-day discounts for guests looking to rent a stroller for multiple days. 

For guests looking to book two days or more, you’ll pay $13 for a single stroller and $27 for a double stroller. 

The prices are the same no matter where you rent your stroller and you’ll only have to pay once, even if you visit another Disney Park or Disney Springs (although you’ll have to pay a $100 refundable deposit if you rent in Disney Springs).

Pickup/Drop-Off Options

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Stroller

If you’re looking to pick up and drop off a Disney Rental, you’ll need to do so at the park from which you rented. You can NOT leave the park with your stroller rental. Grab another stroller at your next Disney Park or at Disney Springs if you’re going somewhere else on the same day. 


The pros of renting directly through Disney are:

  • Easy and convenient – There is no time commitment or planning commitment required. Just show up at the park and grab your stroller for the day. 
  • Don’t have to worry about theft – While not a common occurrence, strollers can be very expensive and when you bring your own stroller, there’s always a risk of theft in the parks. 
  • Don’t have to lug it around – Worrying about folding up and carrying your stroller on Disney Transportation when your hands are already full can be stressful, as is trying to find a home for your stroller in your hotel room when it’s already crowded! With a Disney Stroller, there is no need to worry about it! 
  • Competitively priced for the first 3 days – If you’re only visiting the parks for a few days, it likely doesn’t make sense to get a stroller from an outside company or bring your own. Disney’s strollers are in line with other companies for the first few days. 


The cons of renting directly through Disney are:

  • Uncomfortable – If your kids are used to comfy strollers they won’t get that with the hard plastic Disney Strollers. While kids are generally adaptable, these aren’t the most ideal way for your child to fall asleep.
  • Not Suitable for Babies – The Disney strollers are bench-style seats with a simple lap restraint as the only method of holding up the child. They are meant for older kids that can sit up for an extended period of time, and not for ones that will try to escape.
  • Limited to the parks and Disney Springs – You can’t take your Disney stroller outside of the parks nor can you rent a stroller at the Disney Water Parks.
  • Expensive – This is likely the most expensive option if you’ll be in the parks for more than 3 days
  • No individuality and can be hard to find – There will be a SEA of Disney Strollers and every single one of them looks the same. If you’re looking for your specific Disney Stroller, it can be a challenge! 
  • Can slow you down – If you’re looking to rope drop upon arrival at the parks, getting in a long line for a stroller rental isn’t ideal. At the park open, this can mean the difference between walking on an attraction like Peter Pan or waiting in line for 30 minutes.


guests pushing a stroller in Liberty Square

You can’t rent strollers online directly through Disney, you’ll need to wait until you’re in the parks or Disney Springs. For more info about Disney Strollers, visit Disney’s Official Site.

Is it Better to Rent Directly from Disney or a Third Party Rental Company?

In most instances, we prefer renting from a third-party rental company. You’ll get a more comfortable stroller, will likely save some money, and you can use it at all times of the day and no matter where you visit. 

The only time we’d say to rent directly from Disney is if you only need a stroller for 3 days or less, in that case, you will spend less money.

Ready to Start Planning Your Disney Vacation?

Mickey Mouse partners statue Magic Kingdom

If you feel overwhelmed planning a Disney vacation, use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner such as Show You the World Travel. They are experts on every Disney location and can tell you where to stay, what to do, how to save money, and give you personalized service for your most magical vacation ever!

Best Third-Party Stroller Rentals at Walt Disney World

Orlando Stroller Rentals

There are seven Orlando-based companies that we recommend that guests have had good experiences with when it comes to renting for Walt Disney World Vacations. 

While all of these have different perks and positives and none of them are bad companies, here is our preference in terms of ranking these 7 companies.

# 1 – Kingdom Strollers 

Kingdom Strollers rentals


Our number one choice for a third-party rental is Kingdom Strollers! There is a reason they are the most popular off-site rental company, and we have heard very few negative things about them.

First of all, delivery is easy. They will deliver right to you on the Disney property and to most other hotels and rentals in the Orlando area. Kingdom Stroller Rental also has a special spot inside the Orlando Airport to pick up and drop off your stroller, making it incredibly easy for guests arriving in Orlando. 

They are well known and have a tremendous reputation in the area and have loads of experience in renting to Disney World guests. They have several different stroller types, including both singles and doubles. 

And they have great quantities of items, with no worry about them not having what you are looking for! They also were previously one of the official Disney Featured Providers for many years. 

Kingdom Strollers rentals


  • Single Stroller
    • $55 for the 1st day, $55 for (3) days, $75 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • $75 for the 1st day, $75 for (3) days, $95 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

All strollers are delivered directly to your hotel free of charge. This applies to both guests staying at a Disney World Resort or an off-site hotel or vacation home. 


  • Very competitively priced with the other outside Disney companies
  • Great quantities of items and a number of different stroller options, including special needs strollers
  • Quick delivery often in as little as 2 hours
  • Rain covers and parent console is provided with each rental 
  • Complimentary cooler attachments are available 


  • Insurance is not provided and can be purchased for an additional $25 
  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider anymore
  • Must schedule meet and greet with guests for both pick-up and drop off 

My Thoughts:

Kingdom Strollers rentals

We love Kingdom Strollers and it is our go-to choice for strollers for a Disney World Vacation! They have a sterling reputation and we’ve heard guests constantly rave about their experiences in using them. 

With their competitive pricing, good variety of strollers, and terrific customer service, Kingdom Strollers is our favorite stroller rental company in the Orlando area. 

Website: Kingdom Strollers

# 2 – Scooter Bug 

Scooter Bug stroller rentals


Coming in 2nd on our list of favorite stroller companies is Scooter Bug! We love Scooter Bug for both price and convenience. Right now this is the only approved Disney vendor, and Scooter Bug has the designation of being the only stroller company that is allowed to leave strollers directly at bell services for guests staying at a Disney World Resort without requiring a meet and greet with the guest. 

They have a number of different options for both single strollers and double strollers, and they utilize high-quality and brand-named strollers. 


  • Single Stroller
    • $35 for the first day, $35 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • $70 for the first day, $70 for (3) days, $100 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

Scooter Bug will deliver directly to your hotel free of charge. This applies to both guests staying at a Disney World Resort or an off-site hotel or vacation home. If you’re at a Disney World Resort, you do NOT need to schedule a meet and greet. 

Scooter Bug stroller rentals


  • The most convenient company, allowing you to have your stroller delivered and picked up without you being present
  • The only company that is currently a Disney Featured Provider 
  • Quick delivery options 
  • Good versatility of available models 
  • Comfortable strollers with name brands


  • Expensive for the first two days
  • Need an advanced reservation
  • Insurance is not provided and it can cost an extra $15-$25 depending on the stroller 
Comparing options for Scooter Bug stroller rentals

My Thoughts:

Scooter Bug is a great company that is both a good stroller company and a good scooter company. We’ve heard almost all positive things about Scooter Bug, and their best aspect is the convenience with which they operate. They’re the ONLY official Disney Featured Providers now. 

Website: Scooter Bug

# 3 – Simple Stroller Rental 

Simple Stroller Rental strollers


Founded in 2012, Simple Stroller Rental has been around for a period of time while growing steadily in both its operations and available products. They have the largest amount of additional rental items for guests looking for things outside of just strollers

They provide quality customer service and offer a large variety of both single and double strollers for families looking for rentals. They deliver both to Disney World Resorts and hotels and vacation homes around Orlando and we’ve found them to have stellar reviews and great customer care. 


  • Single Stroller
    • $40 for the first day, $50 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • $50 for the first day, $60 for (3) days, $80 for (7) days
Simple Stroller Rental stroller prices

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

All strollers are delivered directly to your hotel free of charge. This applies to both guests staying at a Disney World Resort or an off-site hotel or vacation home. Keep in mind if dropping off at a Disney World Resort, they will need to schedule a meet and greet with the guest. 


  • A large variety of available strollers, including ones for kids that are heavier 
  • Will deliver to most hotels and resorts within 15 miles of Disney
  • All rentals include the parent console
  • A large number of additional rental items such as special needs strollers, baby carriers, glider boards, and car seat adapters


  • Single strollers are a bit more expensive than their competitors 
  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider
  • Rain covers cost additional money
  • Insurance can be purchased for an additional $20 
  • Must schedule meet and greet with guests for both pick-up and drop off 

My Thoughts:

Simple Stroller Rental stroller descriptions

Simple Stroller Rental is a good and experienced company that can likely meet most families’ needs. They tend to be a little costlier than some of the competitors, but they have a great reputation and offer great options for guests looking to meet a variety of different needs. 

Website: Simple Stroller Rental

# 4 – Orlando Stroller Rentals 

Orlando Stroller Rentals stroller comparison


Orlando Stroller Rentals is another highly regarded outside company that has a great reputation for satisfying Disney World Guests. They have great customer service and one of the best cancellation policies for rental companies in the area. 

They claim to have amongst the largest quantity of strollers anywhere in the country, so you won’t likely have to worry about them not having availability when you rent! They also will deliver and pick up at a Disney World Resort or another nearby hotel, house, or condo completely free of charge. 


  • Single Stroller
    • No 1-day rentals, $55 for (3) days, $75 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • No 1-day rentals, $75 for (3) days, $95 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

All strollers are delivered directly to your hotel, house, condo, or Disney World Resort completely free of charge. Keep in mind if dropping off at a Disney World Resort, they will need to schedule a meet and greet with the guest. 


  • A large variety of strollers to choose from, including strollers for larger kids and Pushchair special needs strollers
  • Great customer service and a nearby location to help guests on-site if needed
  • A coupon for Garden Grocer to get some free groceries 
  • An option to pick up your stroller at the Orlando International Airport upon arrival (MCO)
  • Parent consoles and rain covers are included with every rental
  • Complimentary coolers are provided with each rental 


  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider
  • No 1-day rentals 
  • More expensive than some of the other options on this list 
  • Insurance is optional but will cost $15 – $25 per stroller if wanted

My Thoughts:

Orlando Stroller Rentals

Orlando Stroller Rentals is an all-around great company with great options. They include a lot of wonderful freebies and the ability to visit the physical store (near the Animal Kingdom), gives customers extra comfort knowing they are nearby if needed.

Their large assortment of strollers is incredibly accommodating, we just wish their prices were as good as some of the other companies. 

Website: Orlando Stroller Rentals

# 5 – Baby Wheels Orlando

Baby Wheels Orlando stroller rentals


Recommended by the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World for several years in a row, Baby Wheels Orlando offers premium strollers to guests at highly competitive prices. They offer 8 different stroller types, ranging from simpler to incredibly luxurious strollers! 

All deliveries to Disney World Resorts and nearby hotels and homes are completely free of charge. While their single-day cost is expensive, their prices get very reasonable after Day 3. 


  • Single Stroller
    • $40 for the first day, $50 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • $55 for the first day, $65 for (3) days, $85 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

All strollers are delivered directly to your hotel, house, condo, or Disney World Resort completely free of charge. Keep in mind if dropping off at a Disney World Resort, they will need to schedule a meet and greet with the guest. 

Baby Wheels Orlando stroller rentals


  • Great mid-range prices for trips between lengths of 3-7 days
  • A large number of stroller options, 8 in total 
  • They offer strollers for bigger kids in addition to kids with special needs 
  • Rain cover and parent console are included free of charge for most rentals  
  • They offer free coolers with certain rentals 
  • A large number of additional add-ons are available for rent as well including car seat/travel systems, glider boards, car seat adapters, different parent consoles, and buggy hooks


  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider 
  • If you want insurance you will need to pay an additional $15
  • Will need to schedule a meet and greet for delivery and pick-up

My Thoughts:

single stroller options Baby Wheels Orlando

Baby Wheels is a great option for travelers that would like to rent more high-end strollers with name brands. This will give families with children strollers that will likely rival comparable strollers that you likely have for your kids back home. 

Their prices are competitive and their selection is great which makes Baby Wheels Orlando another good option for families. 

Website: Baby Wheels Orlando

# 6 – Apple Strollers 

Apple Stroller rental


Apple Strollers is one of the best-priced stroller rental companies in the area. They were previously a Disney Featured Service Provider, and we’ve mostly heard good experiences from guests using them. 

They are known mostly for their incredibly competitive pricing! They also offer both single and double strollers with easy fold-up technology, making it very simple for guests to utilize their strollers. 


  • Single Stroller
    • No 1-day rentals, $40 for (3) days, $70 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • No 1-day rentals, $80 for (3) days, $140 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

Apple Strollers will deliver directly to your hotel free of charge. This applies to both guests staying at a Disney World Resort or an off-site hotel or vacation home. If you’re at a Disney World Resort, you will need to schedule a meet and greet with a representative. 


  • Amongst the cheapest available options
  • Can be delivered to all Disney Resorts free of charge  


  • No 1-day rentals, guests using Apple will need to rent for at least three days 
  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider any longer 
  • Some poor reviews of guests getting poorly conditioned strollers 

My Thoughts:

Apple Strollers is likely the best bet you’re going to get in terms of cost! At only $10 a day for vacations that are a week-long, it’s VERY hard to beat their pricing.

 While we are disappointed to see the mixed reviews in terms of stroller quality, we still recommend Apple to guests looking to get the best bang for their buck. 

Website: Apple Strollers

# 7 – Magic Strollers 

Magic Strollers Rentals


After previously being a Disney Featured Stroller Provider for 10 years, Magic Strollers now relies mostly on Disney Resort Guests coming to the store and picking up their stroller if they want it for their Disney World Vacation. 

Magic Strollers has had a good reputation for many years and has had over 120,000 rentals in the last ten years! They still deliver to the other 200+ nearby hotels, but they no longer deliver to Disney World Hotels.

They do, however, offer 25% discounts for guests picking up their strollers, which is a bonus if trying to save money.

Magic Strollers Rentals stroller comparison


  • Single Stroller
    • $50 for the first day, $80 for (3) days, $140 for (7) days
  • Double Stroller
    • $60 for the first day, $100 for (3) days, $180 for (7) days

Pick-up/Drop-Off Options:

If staying at Disney World Resort, you will need to pick up your stroller directly. They do NOT deliver to Disney World Hotels. They DO deliver to 200+ other Orlando-area hotels though and will drop it directly off to bell services for you if you’re staying at a qualifying hotel.

This could be one factor if trying to decide whether to stay off-site or on-site and convenient if staying at one of the hotels near Disney World.


  • 25% off discounts if you can pick up your stroller
  • Rain covers and parent consoles are free upon request 
  • Good options for strollers, including for bigger kids 
  • Highly competitive pricing, especially if picking up the stroller yourself 


  • Not a Disney Featured Stroller Provider anymore 
  • Insurance is not provided and can be purchased for an additional $25 
  • Can NOT deliver to Disney World Resorts and hotels

My Thoughts:

City Mini Single Stroller Magic Strollers Rentals

Magic Strollers was once one of the most popular options for guests looking for a stroller in Disney World. Unfortunately, they no longer deliver to Disney World Resorts, which makes it much harder to get them.

And while we love the 25% savings for pickups, that’s great if you have a vehicle, most Disney World guests do NOT. We’d only recommend Magic Strollers to guests not staying at a Disney World Resort or those that have a vehicle. 

Website: Magic Strollers

Renting a Stroller at Disney World vs. Bringing Your Own

row of strollers at Disney World

A common thing we see among families bringing their young children to Disney World for the first time is deciding whether it’s better to bring their own or rent a stroller at Disney World. 

While they can both be appealing in different circumstances, let’s look at the pros and cons of renting a stroller at Disney World as opposed to bringing your own. 


  • Don’t have to deal with the hassle of bringing it with you as you travel, potentially causing additional baggage fees and the risk of damage on the plane 
  • Don’t need to lug it around Disney Transportation as you board busses and other transportation, causing additional hassle 
  • No need to worry about the wear and tear of your stroller on your Disney Trip. Strollers get a lot of wear and tear on Disney trips, between mileage, rain, sun, and constant folding/unfolding and throwing it around 
  • You don’t need to worry about size restrictions when renting one 


  • Renting a stroller at Disney World can be expensive, especially for multiple kids and for more than a few days. Many of the rented strollers are also limited as far as compartments and rain protection 
  • Utilizing a stroller that you’ve never used before can be uncomfortable for your kid and unfamiliar for yourself 

Disney In-Park Stroller Locations

Magic Kingdom stroller rental location

As a reminder, the pickup and drop-off locations at each of the parks are as follows:

  • Magic Kingdom – Under the Main Street Railroad Station upon first walking into the park 
  • EPCOT – Two locations, at the main gate by Spaceship Earth and at International Gateway
  • Hollywood Studios – To the right of Oscar’s as you walk into the park
  • Animal Kingdom – To the right upon entering the park just before entering the Oasis  
  • Disney Springs – At Sundries right next to the Coca-Cola store 

Deciding What Kind of Stroller to Rent

parked strollers at Magic Kingdom

If choosing to rent a stroller from Disney or another one of the local Orlando stroller rental companies recommended above, you have to first decide what kind of stroller to rent. 

If renting directly from Disney, your options are limited. They have a simple single stroller and a double stroller which are no-frills and made of plastic. They aren’t the most comfortable, but they are generally fine for older kids. 

They aren’t suitable for babies or kids that tend to be escape artists. The single ones will comfortably fit kids up to 50 pounds, and the doubles will fit up to 100 pounds. 

strollers in front of a sign at Disney World

If you opt to rent from one of the other companies, you’ll tend to have a few additional options which are more comfortable and more home-like. Some of the more upscale strollers can cost a few dollars more per day. The first question you’ll need to ask, is do you want a single stroller or a double one? 

You’ll also need to decide on storage space. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you need additional room in your stroller for storage?
  • Do you need any kind of rain protection?
  • What is the weight limit you need for your stroller?
  • Does your child have any special needs? 

Figuring out these things will go a long way toward deciding the best stroller to rent. Each of the companies likely has options for your needs, but we tend to find Kingdom Strollers the best, as they have great options and terrific customer service. 

Buying a Stroller for Disney World

Stroller parking in EPCOT

If you don’t want to bring a stroller or rent one, some families have had great success buying their strollers upon arrival to Orlando. For longer trips, this can sometimes even be cheaper than renting one, and it gives you additional options. 

We’ve known some families that have just bought a stroller and don’t even bring it home with them because it was still cheaper. This can be cost-effective when buying the cheaper no-frills strollers that suit some older kids in which can be easily bought for under $100. 

While others might view this as a total waste, others like the options it brings while also allowing you to shop around for good prices. You don’t need to lug it around at the airport while also avoiding the need to potentially pay luggage fees. 

It does require you to do some additional legwork upon arrival, likely even requiring you to rent a car to shop around and go to different stores unless, of course, you find one that can deliver for an additional fee. 

Nicer strollers, which many of the outside rental companies offer, can be far more costly to buy, often several hundred dollars, so unless you are in the market for one to bring home, rentals would be a better option.

Best Places to Buy One

Buying strollers at Walmart

If you’re looking into buying your own stroller upon arrival, there are several different options you can look at. If you have a vehicle, your best bet will likely be the multiple nearby Walmarts and Targets just outside of Walt Disney World. 

Also, many of the Disney World Resorts offer simple umbrella strollers for $75-ish in their gift shops, including both a cup holder and an ability to recline. 

Shipping Your Stroller

You also have the option of ordering one online and having it delivered to your Disney World Resort or hotel. This lets you handle the legwork prior to your trip and have it delivered in time for your arrival to immediately begin using it. 

You’ll also likely find better deals online with places such as Amazon and it also prevents you from necessarily needing to have a vehicle at your disposal. 

Our Top Stroller Picks

buying strollers online

Remember that Disney has size restrictions for strollers and they need to fit within that 31” x 52” threshold. Also, stroller wagons are no longer permitted. 

With that in mind, here are our best picks for budget-friendly strollers that can be ideal and fit the necessary criteria for ordering for your trip:

Single Strollers

  1. Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Umbrella Stroller with Basket Ideal lightweight for children up to 40 pounds. Will be similar to what you’ll find at the Disney Gift Shops, but a little cheaper.
  2. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller Light and convenient, holding toddlers up to 50 pounds.
  3. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Super light and easy to maneuver. Will hold children up to 50 pounds. 
  4. Chicco Liteway Stroller Lightweight and easy to use, designed for comfort. 
  5. Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller Comfortable, has good storage areas, and will accommodate kids up to 50 pounds. 

Double Strollers

  1. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand Double Stroller Lightweight and allows children to sit or stand
  2. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Comfortable and good storage capacities 
  3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain A bit more expensive but incredibly sturdy and versatile 

Delivery & Return Options

When renting or purchasing a new stroller, it’s important to know your options for getting and returning it. In this section, we will touch on the different delivery and return options available for each method of utilizing a stroller in Disney. 

Orlando International Airport

Orlando Airport Inside

If choosing to pick up or drop off your stroller rental at the Orlando International Airport, this will give you the ability to have your stroller waiting for you upon arrival of flying into Orlando. It also allows you to have your stroller up until your departure time when dropping it off as well. 

This allows you to fully maximize all your available usage of a stroller. Companies like Orlando Stroller Rentals allow you to pick up and drop off your stroller right at the airport, giving you additional options if you so choose.

The only thing is, no matter which way you choose to get from Orlando Airport to Disney World, you will need to bring the stroller with you.

Disney Hotel Deliveries

Disney All-Star Music front desk lobby

This is our favorite way since it’s the easiest option and we don’t have to make any extra effort.

Most of the third-party rental companies will deliver and pick up for free directly at your Disney World Resort or off-site hotel. The only caveat is that you will need to meet the driver at the front part of your hotel area to do a ‘meet and greet’ for both the pickup and the drop-off. 

The only company that allows you to NOT be present if you’re staying at a Disney World Resort is Scooter Bug. They are the only current Disney Approved Provider, giving you additional flexibility and ease. They can simply leave your stroller with the bellhop, allowing you to get it at your earliest convenience. 

Magic Strollers is the only one on our approved list that does NOT deliver or pick up at your Disney World Resort anymore, although they do offer discounts for guests that can pick up and drop off their stroller themselves. They will also pick up and drop off at another 200 other Orlando-area hotels free of charge, just not Disney Resorts. 

Disney Resort Addresses for Shipping & Deliveries

Disney's Contemporary Resort Incredibles Themed Rooms

If you’re having a stroller delivered to your Disney Resort, where should you send it? Here is the full list of delivery addresses:

  • All Star Movies Resort, 1901 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • All Star Music Resort, 1801 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • All Star Sports Resort, 1701 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Art of Animation Resort, 1850 Animation Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Pop Century Resort, 1050 Century Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Caribbean Beach Resort, 900 Cayman Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Coronado Springs Resort, 1000 West Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter, 2201 Orleans Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, 1251 Riverside Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Animal Kingdom Lodge, 2901 Osceola Pkwy., Bay Lake, FL 32830
  • Contemporary Resort, 4600 North World Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, 4401 Floridian Way, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Wilderness Lodge, 901 Timberline Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Polynesian Resort, 1600 Seven Seas Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Beach Club Resort, 1800 West Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Yacht Club Resort, 1700 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Boardwalk Inn, 2101 North W Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 (CH)
  • Fort Wilderness Resort/Campground, 4510 N Ft. Wilderness Trail, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Old Key West Resort, 1510 North Cove Rd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Saratoga Springs Resort, 1960 Broadway, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Walt Disney World Dolphin, 1500 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Walt Disney World Swan, 1200 Epcot Resort Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
  • Shades of Green, 1950 W. Magnolia Palm Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

TIP: Make sure you write a note on the order to hold the item for the guest’s name on the reservation. It’s also helpful to have your check-in date as well. 

Non-Disney Hotels & Vacation Homes

Orlando Vacation Home rental Airbnb

All of our above third-party stroller rental companies will deliver and pick up at non-Disney hotels and also some nearby vacation homes as well. The good news is that at non-Disney hotels, condos, or vacation homes they’ll likely be able to drop off your stroller without you being there! 

Disney has stricter rules for vendors that aren’t on their approved list, meaning that you will need to be there for their official resorts. That isn’t the case with non-Disney hotels. At your non-Disney hotel, they’ll likely drop off your stroller at the bellhop area, and you will just need to pick it up upon your arrival. 

It’s helpful to put the name for the order as the same name as the room reservation, making it easier for the hotel to keep track of orders. 

Also, if you’re at a nearby vacation home or condo, it’s normally best to indicate a time for delivery after you have arrived at the location. There could be other guests currently in your vacation home if you ask for it to be delivered prior to your arrival, and it’s likely the association will not have a place to store it. 

Stroller Returns

strollers in Disney World

If you’re renting a stroller whether it’s directly from Disney or from a third-party company it’s important to know what the stroller return rules are for each. Here are the ways to ensure your stroller gets back properly to the rental provider:

In-Park – If you’re renting directly from Disney, you HAVE to return the stroller prior to you’re leaving the park. Strollers can not be removed from the parks or Disney Springs. Return it to exactly the same rental location you rented it from. 

Third-Party – If you’re renting from a third-party company, you’ll have two options for ensuring it gets returned. You can schedule a pick-up time for them to pick up the stroller OR you can drop it off yourself if you have a car. 

baby stroller parking Disney World

Most guests prefer scheduling a pick-up time with their rental company, which is far easier for most. You HAVE to be at the resort to meet the driver for them to pick it up. The only time this is not the case is if you are renting with Scooter Bug, which is the current Approved Disney Provider.

Remember if you are staying at a Disney Resort you will need to make sure that the pick-up happens prior to your departure, so we recommend the day before you leave if you have an early flight.

If you’re staying at a non-Disney location, you don’t need to meet the driver for pick-up or delivery, which is a positive.


Dan pushing a stroller at Magic Kingdom

If for some reason you cannot find your Disney-rented stroller, whether it was misplaced, isn’t working anymore, or taken accidentally, simply return the rental location with your rental receipt. A cast member will help you get a replacement. 

Replacements are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and in addition to the spot in which you rented it, you can also find replacements here:

  • At Magic Kingdom
    • Trading Post in Frontierland
    • Tomorrowland Arcade in Tomorrowland
  • At Epcot
    • Germany (Glas und Porzellan)
  • At Animal Kingdom
    • Mombasa Marketplace

If you’re renting from a third-party company and cannot find your stroller for whatever reason, call them immediately for guidance and direction. 

Riding Attractions with a Stroller

Under the Sea Journey of The Little Mermaid Disney World Fantasyland

Unfortunately, you cannot ride any attractions with a stroller and you’ll need to park your stroller in a designated stroller area. 

And while this can seem worrisome to lose your stroller or potentially get it lost, especially if you have an expensive stroller, it’s highly unlikely. We’ve had family members bringing strollers for years and they’ve never had a problem. If you can’t find it initially when you exit the ride, don’t panic, it’s highly likely a Disney Cast Member just moved it. 

The good news though is if you have a removable car seat on your stroller for an infant, you’ll likely be able to bring it inside for many of the shows and even some slow-moving rides.

Stroller Parking

Where can you park your stroller? For both the parks and while at the Disney Resorts, it’s important to know where to park your stroller during moments in which you can’t use or watch it. 

If you’re leaving a stroller for a longer duration unattended, it’s always best to take out key valuables and not leave them unattended. Those are far more likely victims of theft than the stroller itself. 

In the Parks

If you can’t find where it is, just look around and you’ll likely see a sea of strollers in a closeby outdoor area. Disney has a marked stroller parking area near each ride and attraction and the parking is convenient to both the entrance and the exit, so it won’t be hard to find. 

Stroller Parking Magic Kingdom

At the Resorts

If you’re using a third-party company to rent a stroller OR you’ve brought your own stroller, you’ll easily be able to find spots throughout the resorts to park your stroller. I wouldn’t leave it unattended where high volumes of people are, but generally, you’ll see certain areas where other strollers are parked. 

Guests regularly bring them to the pool areas or your resort or elsewhere on the property and feel perfectly fine parking them. Some of the resorts have designated stroller areas where you’ll likely see other strollers and you can of course bring your stroller into your room as well. 

In Restaurants

Similar to the resorts and parks, at Disney restaurants there are plenty of designated stroller parking areas. At some restaurants, they are located indoors, and at other restaurants such as at the Disney Parks, they’ll most likely be located just outside the front door of the restaurant. 

For smaller children, mostly infants, some restaurants will even allow you to bring your stroller or removable car seat directly to your table. Just ask the hostess, they can usually be highly accommodating especially if the restaurant isn’t packed. 

How to Find Your Stroller

marking strollers so you don't lose it

There will likely be moments on your Disney Vacation when you won’t be able to initially find your stroller, especially if you have a Disney-rented stroller since they all look the same! What do you do? 

First, stay calm! You don’t need to worry yet, simply retrace your steps and be sure that you left it in the exact location in which you are looking. 

It’s very possible a Disney Cast Member had to slightly move your stroller if it was parked in an incorrect spot. Go check the other nearby stroller areas just to ensure it isn’t there. 

If you still can’t find it, speak to a nearby Disney Cast Member, it’s possible they know of where some other strollers got moved to. If not, then go speak to a member of Guest Services. They have tents throughout all the parks now so they are easy to find.

how to rent a stroller in Disney World

They’ll likely point you to lost and found and help you fill out a lost item report. If you didn’t have anything of value in your stroller and it was a Disney-rented stroller you can go to the location in which you rented it from and simply grab another stroller. 

If it’s from a third-party company, contact the company immediately. If you purchased the stroller insurance, you likely won’t have to worry about the cost of the lost stroller. But don’t lose hope and if you feel it was likely stolen, it doesn’t hurt to speak to a member of park security in addition. 

However, the best thing you can do if you are bringing your own stroller or renting one is to prepare PRIOR to your trip. That way your stroller won’t get lost in the first place. Doing things such as:

  • Decorate your stroller and make it stand out, use ribbons and bright colors
  • Leave invaluable things in your stroller so that other people can clearly see it isn’t their stroller
  • Rented strollers often have places for you to put your name on the stroller, utilize this! 


Disney Monorail inside

Bringing a stroller onto Disney Transportation can be a tricky proposition and sometimes even downright stressful, especially if you have hoards of people surrounding you and rushing you at every turn. 

Here is what you need to know about utilizing a stroller on Disney Transportation so that it’s a smooth experience.

Do All Sizes Fit on Disney Transportation?

No. As with the parks, Walt Disney World’s property rules state that strollers larger than 31” in width and 52” in length are NOT permitted anywhere on Disney World’s Property and that includes transportation. 

And while it’s possible they can technically fit when folded up, they’re not permitted if they are larger than those size dimensions. 

Can Strollers Go on the Monorail?

Yes! Strollers can go on the monorail without even folding them up! Just make sure that you secure the stroller when the monorail is moving so it doesn’t hit anyone.

Can You Ride the Disney Skyliner with a Stroller?

Disney Skyliner inside

If the stroller can fit within a 30″ x 48″ space, it may be rolled into the Disney Skyliner car without having the need to fold it. If it’s larger than that, it must be folded. Also, be sure to secure the stroller while the Skyliner is in motion.

Riding the Bus

When riding a Disney Bus, all strollers no matter what the size is must be folded and stowed away from the aisle. If you’re using a medical stroller for guests with disabilities, it will be treated as a wheelchair and will not need to be folded. 

Boats and Ferries

Just like with Disney Buses, guests riding on boats and ferries must fold their strollers and keep them away from the aisles. If you’re using a medical stroller for guests with disabilities, it will be treated as a wheelchair and will not need to be folded. 

The two exceptions are the Magic Kingdom ferries and the Friendship boats between Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, in which strollers can stay open. 

If You Have a Car

If you’re renting a car at Disney World or bringing your own, just make sure that your stroller fits within Disney Parks threshold sizes for a stroller. Also if you’re bringing or renting a double stroller, just make sure you have enough trunk space if your vehicle for the stroller when folded up.

Stroller Cleanliness

renting strollers in Disney World

Both Disney and the third-party rental companies mentioned above are terrific about ensuring their strollers are cleaned between each rental. One of the reasons we love Kingdom Strollers so much is that they go as far as removing the fabric of the rentals and laundering the fabric each time with commercial-grade detergent to make sure they are very clean. 

You can feel confident knowing that when renting a stroller both from Disney and any of the companies mentioned above, they’ll do a good job of making sure the stroller is cleaned and sanitized prior to you getting it! 

Tips & Tricks

a row of strollers parked in EPCOT

Now that you have an idea of ‘where’ to rent your stroller from, here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to make your stroller experience the best possible experience it can be! 

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Stroller

A fairly self-explanatory tip is to take out your valuables when parking your stroller! Whether you are at an attraction or eating inside a restaurant, there’s always the possibility of theft. 

Take out anything that would ruin your trip if it were stolen. Put it in a backpack or a purse when you leave your stroller unattended for a longer duration. 

Double Stroller Tips

Double strollers can be overwhelmingly big at times. Here are a few things to make this experience as easy as possible:

  1. Check to make sure any double stroller you bring meets the height and weight restrictions of your airline carrier so that it can be gate-checked. 
  2. Think about the weight of the stroller and how that can make it challenging when getting on and off Disney transportation. Consider getting one that is lighter and easier to fold. 
  3. While Deluxe Double Strollers can be comfy for kids, they are often harder to handle and heavier! Consider opting for a double umbrella stroller, it’ll be cheaper and easier to transport. 
  4. Consider whether it’s truly best to get a double stroller or if it’d be easier to have two single strollers. If you have additional help in your group, sometimes two strollers are better than one! 

Use the Stroller for Storage

Disney World strollers

You don’t realize how useful strollers are until you have one! I’ve often found myself placing things in family members’ strollers, not even realizing it! It makes things incredibly easy and simple. 

Load it up with your backpacks, umbrellas, cameras, your drinks, snacks, etc… If your stroller has a parent console on the top, even better!

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Between double strollers and scooters, Disney’s pathways can be stressful, especially during highly congested times such as firework shows and parades! It’s likely you’ve been the recipient of getting hit by one of these things at times. 

Remember, when you’re pushing a stroller, you’re in control of a moving vehicle, so try and be aware of other people around you.

And I know other guests aren’t always the most accommodating or thoughtful when it comes to pushing a stroller, and it can be incredibly frustrating when guests walk right in front of you. Don’t be like them. Be mindful of your surroundings, you don’t want to hurt another guest. 

Use a Stroller That’s Easy to Fold

While some strollers can have all the bells and whistles, including incredibly spacious storage areas and wonderfully comfy seats for your kids, these strollers generally are the heaviest and the hardest to fold! 

It’s usually best to have a stroller that you can easily fold and maneuver around Disney’s pathways. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and stress. 

Decorate Your Stroller

3 strollers in Disney World

If you’re renting a stroller from a third-party company, they’ll give you a nameplate with your family name on it. But there are some other things you can do to make your stroller stand out as well, whether you’re renting or you’re bringing your own. 

  • Use colorful luggage tags on your stroller
  • Weave bright-colored ribbons on the handlebars of the stroller and/or car seat 
  • Leave some crumbs in the cup items or some used personal items in the stroller
  • Clip a bottle of hand sanitizer on the side of your stroller

Lock the Wheels

A simple thing you can do is lock your wheels when parking your stroller by applying the brake. It might seem basic, but it might be just enough of an impediment to someone stealing your stroller if they can’t figure out how to take the brakes off. 

Some strollers have easy wheel removals with the simple push of a button. You can take off one of the back wheels if you’re leaving your stroller for an extended period of time, ensuring it won’t get stolen! 

Prepare for the Rain

Disney World strollers

Florida is known to have a bad storm or two in the afternoon hours, especially during the hotter months, and having a rain cover, you’ll protect your child and ensure they don’t get drenched in the storm, and any valuables you have inside.

So if you have a rain cover with your stroller, bring it. And if you’re renting one, some companies offer rain covers for free, such as Kingdom Strollers, so use it.

Leave the Stroller in a Central Place

You don’t NEED to park your strollers every time you’re riding an attraction or going to a restaurant. You can also leave your stroller in a central location for several hours while you explore the parks. 

This gives you the ability to freely walk around with your child without having the need to bring your stroller into every store and location. 

Don’t Lose Your Receipt

If you’re renting a stroller through Disney, it’s vital that you keep your rental receipt for the day! You’ll need that receipt if you choose to get another rental at another park later in the day or at Disney Springs without having to pay again. 

This is even more essential if you’re doing a multi-day rental through Disney, as your rental receipt will be what you need to show each day of your rental duration upon getting a new stroller each day. Your receipt will also ensure that you get your hold deposit back from Disney when you drop off your stroller at the end of the day. 

Use an Apple Air Tag

One thing that is getting more and more popular for Disney guests is Apple Air Tags. What are they? A simple tracking chip that allows you to find things easily. We’ve seen parents using Apple Air Tags in their children’s pockets to make sure they don’t lose their children. 

They are also great for strollers as well. Simply put the Air Tag in a compartment of the stroller and if you can’t find your stroller, use your iPhone or iPad to track the device down quickly which will lead you back to your stroller. 

How to Save Money on Strollers Rentals

renting strollers in Disney World

Saving Money at Walt Disney World is always our priority, and stroller rentals can be expensive, especially for an extended duration of time. 

In this next section, we will focus on the ways in which you can pay less for your stroller rentals.

Always Look for Discounts

Every stroller rental company is different and it’s worth checking to see if they offer discounts. Some offer extended rental discounts for longer trips. Other companies such as Magic Strollers, offer discounts for picking up and dropping the stroller off yourself. 

It’s worth asking any stroller company you’re looking at if they have any additional discounts. Other companies besides Magic Strollers might also offer a slight discount if you offer to pick up and drop off the stroller yourself. 

Rent for Multiple Days

All strollers parked at Magic Kingdom

Just like with the purchase of a Disney Park ticket, the longer you stay the cheaper it gets, and the same holds true when it comes to stroller rentals. 

Some companies go down to under $10 a day when you’re renting for more than a week.  If you need a rental for several weeks or even a month or longer, it’s worth calling the company to see if they can work out an even cheaper rate. 


While you can’t pre-pay for strollers when renting through Disney until you arrive at the first Disney Theme Park of your trip, you can prepay for some third-party companies in advance of your trip. 

They might offer you an additional discount by offering to pre-pay in advance. At the very least, it takes away one expense once your trip starts, not having to worry about it when you arrive. 

Money Isn’t Everything

Just because one stroller company is slightly cheaper than another doesn’t mean it’s a better overall value. As you can see in my rankings, we’ve repeatedly had and heard from others about great experiences with Kingdom Strollers, our first choice for third-party rentals. 

And while their prices are incredibly competitive, they aren’t always the cheapest. However, I can practically guarantee you’ll get terrific customer service, a high-quality stroller that is well-cleaned and maintained, and a stroller that is easy to maneuver around the Walt Disney World campus. 

So even though we encourage you to do Disney World on a budget when you can if you are deciding whether it’s worth saving just a couple of dollars to go with another company, go with the one that has the best reputation and customer service and you’ll be happiest.

Best Way to Save Big $$$ on Disney Resorts

Pool at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

If you want to potentially save thousands of dollars on your next trip to Disney World, I personally recommend David’s DVC Rentals. They consistently have the best prices and biggest selection of Disney Villas that will make you ask yourself: “How do they do it?”


group of strollers parked in Fantasyland

Does Disney Offer Stroller Rentals?

Yes, Disney offers both single and double strollers for children. Their prices are on the higher end of the spectrum in comparison with outside third-party providers, but they can be a good option if you only need to rent for a day or two. 

Can I Bring My Own Stroller to Disney World?

You can bring your own stroller to Disney World providing that it is not larger than 31” in width and 52” in length. It also can NOT be a stroller wagon. 

Do Strollers Sell Out for the Day?

It’s possible but highly unlikely that Disney will sell out of strollers unless you’re visiting on one of the busiest days of the year. It’s not like when renting ECV scooters which do sell out often.

If you’re at all worried about it, I’d suggest getting one as soon as you arrive in the morning at the parks and it’s essentially a certainty that you’ll get one. 

Will My Stroller Go Through Security?

people going through the entrance of Hollywood Studios

Yes, but not the standard security line. Strollers go through another line for hand screening. To make this as easy as possible, it’s best to take any bags and items out of your stroller and give them to another person in your group to take through the standard security line as it’ll be faster for the cast member checking your stroller. 

Can I Bring a Stroller from One Park to Another?

If you’re renting directly from Disney, you’ll need to drop off your stroller at the first park prior to exiting the park. Keep your rental receipt and bring your receipt to the next park to grab another stroller upon your arrival, as long as they have some in stock. 

If you have your own stroller or a rented stroller from a third-party company, you can bring your stroller directly with you onto Disney Transportation to get to another park. 

What if I Lose My Stroller or it is Stolen?

stroller parking sign in Magic Kingdom

If your stroller disappears and it was rented directly from Disney, simply grab your rental receipt and go grab another one. A Disney cast member will assist you. If you had any valuable items in the stroller that went missing, be sure to fill out a lost ticket and check the lost and found. 

If you lost your own stroller or a third-party rental, also fill out a lost ticket from Guest Relations while also informing Disney Security. Check the lost and found as well. 

We know it’s frustrating, but try to stay calm, it’s likely you’ll eventually find your stroller. Be sure to also check other nearby stroller parking areas from where you parked it, it’s possible it could have been moved by a Disney cast member. 

Do Strollers Come with Drink Holders?

Unfortunately, the Disney strollers do NOT have any drink holders. They have a small storage area in the back, but not for drinks. However, if renting from a third-party rental company, many of them do have additional storage and spots for drink holders.

Having a place for our Disney refillable mugs is just another reason we prefer them over Disney strollers.

If You Need Help

Disney World Stroller Parking sign

As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, we’ve had nothing but terrific experiences with Kingdom Strollers. They are our go-to choice when it comes to strollers, not just for the prices, but also for the terrific care and service they offer to Disney guests. 

They were an official Disney Vendor for many years, and they’re ideally qualified to assist guests visiting the parks while also helping you make the best choices for your family. Their ability to deliver and pick up your stroller directly at your Disney Resort or nearby hotel makes it super simple! 

We know Disney vacations can get very complicated with all of the necessary planning required! For as often as we visit and as many times as we come down, we still get confused and need to remind ourselves of all the latest news tips and tricks.

That’s why we without hesitation recommend using an established and time-tested Disney Travel Planner such as Show You the World Travel. They’ll help you with some of the smaller details such as renting a stroller, but they’ll also help you with the more complicated things such as finding a room, booking additional add-on experiences, and purchasing the right park tickets.  

You cannot go wrong with them, and they’ll make your trip as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

renting a Mickey Mouse stroller in Disney World

That wraps up our look at the best stroller rentals at Walt Disney World. We hope that our comparison helped you find the best option for your children and even save some money when you rent one.

If you are thinking about going to Walt Disney World in the coming future, here are some other popular articles where you will find all the info and tips you need to plan your trip.

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