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New Show “Finding Nemo Musical – Big Blue & Beyond” Coming in 2022

Even though Walt Disney World reopened in 2020, many of the entertainment options have remained closed throughout the parks. Now Disney has announced that an updated version of the “Finding Nemo – The Musical” is coming to the Animal Kingdom in 2022.

New Finding Nemo Musical Animal Kingdom

In this post, we’ll cover everything we know about the new “Finding Nemo Musical – The Big Blue & Beyond” including when the show is debuting, what’s changing, and all the other changes with one of Disney World’s most popular shows.

Details are slim at this point, so we’ll give you what Disney has officially announced so far and our thoughts and expectations for the new show.

First of all, this news comes at an interesting time since there have been many rumors circulating the internet that “Finding Nemo – The Musical” was going away forever.

Like many other shows in the Walt Disney World parks, “Finding Nemo – The Musical” didn’t reopen with the parks. Entertainment budgets have been severely cut over the last couple of years and many of the most popular shows just haven’t come back.

Finding Nemo Musical Animal Kingdom

This has been slowly changing, and we’ve had to update our list of open Disney World attractions on a constant basis to keep up with which ones come back.

That’s why we are happy to hear that the show that’s been a staple in Disney’s Animal Kingdom since 2007 is in fact coming back, or at least a newly reimagined version of it.

The original “Finding Nemo – The Musical” show was an abbreviated version of the classic Pixar film “Finding Nemo.” While we don’t know too many details about the new show yet, Disney has described “Finding Nemo Musical – The Big Blue & Beyond” as a “reimagined show, based on the same beloved characters.”

Finding Nemo Musical: Big Blue and Beyond

They also said that “the musical retelling of this underwater tale of family, friendship and kindness will feature new story material, as well as keep fan-favorite songs such as “In the Big Blue World” and “Go with the Flow.”

The show takes place during the events of the film “Finding Dory” and it will be set inside the Marine Life Institute. That likely makes it a sequel to the original show.

You will find the new show in the Theater in the Wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom sometime in 2022.

Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom

So that means they aren’t going to be just re-telling the story from “Finding Dory,” but instead will create an entirely new story, unique to the Animal Kingdom show. We like this idea much more than a scene-by-scene retelling of a film we’ve already seen hundreds of times.

From the pictures posted on the press release, it doesn’t look like the “oversized puppets-style” of the original musical show is changing and there will still be performers in costume walking around the stage with props for the show.

The Seas with Nemo characters

Some guests like this style while others find it cheesy or distracting. We happen to really like it as it’s a very unique way of storytelling.

We’re also happy that some form of the “Finding Nemo – The Musical” is returning to the Animal Kingdom since entertainment options there are slim at the moment. For many years the Animal Kingdom was only a half-day park, but in recent years it had firmly moved into full-day park territory if you really wanted to experience all the exhibits, rides, and shows.

But now with Primeval Whirl and Rivers of Light closed forever, it’s clear the park desperately needs another guest-eating show to keep people occupied during the long, hot afternoons.

While more changes are still needed, getting a “Finding Nemo” show back in the park will be the first step in the right direction.

Finding Nemo the Musical Animal Kingdom Rides

We’re definitely happy that all those rumors about “Finding Nemo – The Musical” being permanently closed were false and that the show is only being reimagined. Obviously, Disney felt they had to stop the rumors before any more negative press came out.

When will the new replacement for “Finding Nemo – The Musical” open at the Animal Kingdom?

At this time all we know is that the new show will debut in 2022. It will be yet another addition to the parks during the Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration but we don’t know exactly when it will open up during that year-and-a-half window.

It doesn’t sound like the show is in rehearsals yet, so we still have a few months ahead of use before it opens.

Our guess at this point is that Disney would like the new show ready by Spring 2022. That would be ideal as the Spring Break crowds will be filling the parks and it would be useful for the Animal Kingdom to have some more attractions by that point in time.

That however is just a guess and we do not have any insider info about the estimated opening date at this time.

Animal Kingdom entrance

We just hope the new show lives up to the last one and that it will eventually be considered one of the best attractions at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As long as the show doesn’t suffer from some of the company’s recent cost-cutting practices, it has a chance to be as special as the original show.

Either way, it will definitely be one of the most anticipated new attractions coming to Disney World in the next few years.

As soon as we have more info on the new show we will update you. Stay tuned.

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