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EPCOT Entrance Renovation Construction Update | February 2021

(UPDATED 2/9/20: This is a construction update for the EPCOT Entrance renovation for February 2021. Disney announced its plans for the new Epcot Entrance renovation last year and construction is now well underway.

New Epcot Entrance Concept Art

Almost all of the new entrance plaza is now open and we’re going to take a look at that and all the latest updates about the new Epcot entrance.

(Updated 2/9/21): Disney has just released new photos and info about the Leave a Legacy project and new panels have been installed outside EPCOT.

Scroll down for the latest construction photos of the EPCOT Entrance, Leave a Legacy demolition, and the majestic new fountain installed at the park’s entrance…

What is Changing?

Disney shared the details of this project back in 2019 and we found out that the “Leave a Legacy” monoliths were being removed from EPCOT, and the plaques with the families’ names are going to be relocated outside of the Epcot entrance.

That’s not to say guests won’t be able to see their “Leave a Legacy” photos anymore. At some point in 2021, they will be relocated to a new display which will have them looking “better than ever.”

New Leave a Legacy panels outside EPCOT entrance

In addition, Disney has added way more green to the area with trees dominating the scenery. This coincides with the expansion happening on the other side of Spaceship Earth with the Fountains of Nations and Club Cool disappearing from Epcot’s Future World. Bye-bye Beverly.

Disney also shared its plans for that section and they’re adding a park area with a beer garden, a new festival center, and other things, though those plans might be changing after the latest round of budget cuts. We’ll keep updating you more on those details when they come out.

Many thanks to @Bioreconstruct who takes amazing shots of all the construction projects happening around Disney World and most of all the awesome aerial shots giving us an overhead view of all the ongoing projects. Be sure to check him out!!

Before we look at what’s happening at the Epcot Entrance plaza, be sure to read all the EPCOT Future World construction updates where we show you all the individual projects happening inside the park.

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Let’s take a look at the construction underway at the Epcot entrance now…

(UPDATE 2/9/21) New Leave a Legacy Panels Installed Outside EPCOT

When the Leave a Legacy monuments were taken out of the EPCOT entrance, we knew Disney was moving them to another location, and today they have just released some exciting new details about the project.

New EPCOT Leave a Legacy panels

Starting today, the first section of the new Leave a Legacy wall is now open in a new location just outside EPCOT park.

This is a completely different monument, much taller and wider than the previous ones, and it includes a bright new color scheme of yellow, blue, pink, purple, and orange.

All of the old Leave a Legacy photos have been saved and transferred over to these new monuments. That’s right, these panels are just the first of many that are being installed outside the EPCOT entrance.

One of the cool things is a new QR code feature which makes it easy to find your photos. Just use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the Leave a Legacy display. This will open of the finder function which will help you find you family’s tile.

If you have any problems finding it, you can visit Guest Relations for help.

New EPCOT Leave a Legacy monuments

These new panels are a great addition to the entrance, and we’re happy that guests can still go and see the old photos, without having those old monuments right in the entrance plaza to the park. It’s a good compromise.

(UPDATE 12/22/20) New EPCOT Entrance Fountain Complete

After many months of waiting, another huge step is complete in the renovation of the EPCOT entrance as the new fountain is now finally finished!

EPCOT Entrance Fountain with Spaceship Earth and water

Disney has now lowered the “progress walls” around the fountain and has now revealed to guests what they have been imagining up over the past few years and what will be one of the new symbols of EPCOT.

EPCOT Entrance at sunrise

The new fountain is visible from almost all angles of the entrance and can been seen standing in front of Spaceship Earth through the winding and lush pathways.

Once you make your way in front of Spaceship Earth, you can get an up-close look at the reimagined fountain.

New EPCOT Entrance Fountain

If it looks familiar to you, there is a good reason. The new EPCOT fountain takes its inspiration from the one standing in front of the park on opening day in 1982.

Disney Imagineers worked hard to work in the original geometry while at the same time, making this one unique.

EPCOT Entrance Fountain with the sun and Spaceship Earth

The fountain has 3 acrylic pylons, each standing over 16 feet tall and featuring the EPCOT logo on the top. They are a perfect addition to the park, tying in both classic EPCOT and the next generation of the park’s evolution.

Plus, they look awesome in front of Spaceship Earth!

EPCOT Entrance Fountain in front of spaceship earth

The fountain works as the centerpiece for the new EPCOT entrance plaza and was designed to balance the surrounding greenery and water, and inspire optimism and possibility among its guests.

Spaceship Earth and EPCOT Entrance Fountain
New EPCOT Entrance Fountain at Sunrise

Not all the work on the EPCOT entrance is complete, however, and Disney still has more work to do even though new features like planters, pathways and lush landscaping have all been installed.

Disney is still working on a vibrant new color palette for the entrance which will tie into the four new neighborhoods of EPCOT: World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature, and World Showcase.

EPCOT Entrance Fountain at night

One of the most amazing features of the new fountain is the brilliant light found at its center between the 3 pylons. There you will find a liquid-cooled fixture that will change colors and light the fountain in unison with the new lighting coming to Spaceship Earth and World Celebration. That should be awesome to behold!

Light feature from new EPCOT Entrance Fountain

You can visit EPCOT yourself and see the new fountain up close. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below. Also, be on the lookout for more changes coming to the entrance soon.

(UPDATE 8/23/20)

It’s been a while since our last update since construction was halted for quite some time on the EPOCT entrance during the park closure. Things are moving along once again and the majority of the entrance is complete, with only the centerpiece remaining…the EPCOT entrance fountain.

We knew that the fountain would be a showstopper and recently Disney installed three majestic new pylons which will sit atop the fountain when finished. This is by far the most exciting moment of the entrance construction so far, and it brings out all the nostalgia for the EPCOT of old that fans love.

Let’s take a look…

Epcot Entrance Construction August 2020 1

Here you can see an aerial shot of the fountain under construction in the center of the entrance with the walls still up.

Epcot Entrance Construction August 2020 Aerial photo

The new fountain sits in the same location as the old one and is positioned directly in front of Spaceship Earth.

Aerial photo of Epcot Entrance Construction August 2020

If the design of the new acrylic pylons looks familiar, it’s for good reason. The design of the pylons harkens back to classic EPCOT and imitates the design of the original fountain when the park opened in 1982. This should put a huge smile on the face of any fan of the classic EPCOT Center and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

New Glass Prisms for EPCOT Entrance Fountain at night and Spaceship Earth
@thezachriddley on Instagram

Walt Disney Imagineering Zach Riddley released several official images of the fountain and had this to say about the project:

“I’m excited to share a first look at the pylons we installed last night as we continue to reimagine the EPCOT main entrance fountain, which has anchored this area since the park opened in 1982. Our design team took special interest in looking back to the original geometry for inspiration and infusing new features with a little bit of added magic to bridge the past, present and future of EPCOT. These majestic pylons also draw your eye upward toward the sky and perfectly frame views of the iconic Spaceship Earth attraction. I can’t wait to reveal the completed look for this fountain later this year!”

The acrylic pylons themselves are 16ft tall and weigh more than 4000 lbs each.

New Glass Prisms at Epcot Entrance for fountain with EPCOT logo August 2020

You also no doubt noticed the original EPCOT Center symbol at the top of each pylon:

top of Glass Prisms at Epcot Entrance August 2020

That glossy effect you see on the surface was made possible by a special process, creating the reflective effect.

reflection of spaceship earth in the glass prism at EPCOT entrance

The best time to see the pylons is at night when they come alive, reflecting the vibrant colors from the nearby Spaceship Earth. This makes for some great photos and seeing Spaceship Earth in the background is truly amazing.

New Glass Prisms for EPCOT Entrance Fountain at night
@thezachriddley on Instagram

When the pylons were first installed, a metal brace was set up in the middle to hold the pylons together.

New Glass Prisms for EPCOT Entrance Fountain at night August 2020
@thezachriddley on Instagram

That brace though has since been removed and the pylons locked in place.

pylon holding prisms up at Epcot Entrance August 2020

Here is a video showing the installation of the pylons:

Honestly, we couldn’t be happier with the decision of the new fountain being inspired by the original EPCOT fountain. Just looking at the shiny new pylons with the original EPCOT symbol makes us all warm and fuzzy inside as we pass through the entrance to the park.

It’s the perfect way to introduce guests to a park which has drastically changed in the last 40 years, yet still give it something that fans love from the 1982 version. We know that many fans don’t like many of the decisions that Disney has made for the park, however, this lets us know that at times Disney still listens to what we want, and gives some hope that some of the spirit which we love so much about EPCOT may be still alive moving forward.

Stay tuned for more updates to the fountain and on the EPCOT entrance in general.

(UPDATE 2/17/20)

In our last update, we looked a little at the new bag check on the East side of the Epcot entrance. Now it looks like that structure has risen significantly since just weeks ago:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates February 2020 new bag check on the east side

There already is a new bag check on the West side, but this one will serve the guests coming on the tram and from the parking lot there.

Just a couple weeks ago, this was the scene in the last portion of the Epcot entrance plaza:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates February 2020 preparing the pavement

Workers were busy tearing up the old pavement and flattening out the ground for the new one.

Now it looks like they are ready to begin pouring the concrete for the new pavement shortly, as the forms are already in place on the upper right hand portion of the image.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates February 2020 plaza ready for paving

If everything goes well we could see this open in the next couple of weeks.

Let’s look over at the element of the new entrance I am most excited for, the fountain!

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates February 2020 fountain 2

As you can see on the left of the photo, they are adding a totally new facing to the fountain, which will soon wrap around the entire thing.

It looks like foam panels which will be used for staging are being added, and the new fountain face is now covered.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates February 2020 fountain

Disney hasn’t given a date for when the whole entrance project will be finished, but we expect it to be sometime in Spring 2020.

That’s it for this time, but stay tuned for more updates soon to the Epcot Entrance here at Ziggy Knows Disney. Also, keep scrolling to see previous progress on this project!

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(UPDATE 1/27/20)

In the last few updates we’ve seen a lot of work done to the pavement and surroundings of the Epcot Entrance Plaza, but today we have some interesting updates about the new fountain that will greet guests as they enter.

A look at the base for the fountain shows a triangular-shaped wooden form in the center:

triangle forms for Epcot Fountain Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020

What is that for you ask? That is being used as a guide to cut through the concrete in the form of the new centerpiece for the fountain.

The Epcot Entrance Fountain is going back to its roots and will have a centerpiece consisting of three glass spires pointing upward toward the sky. A close look at this photo of the old fountain shows those bases were triangular:

Original Epcot Entrance Fountain Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020

Looking back at the current construction you can see that the triangular form has already been used to cut footholds for the new spires.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020

This confirms the new spires will have a very similar base as the old ones did.

Disney hasn’t given a date for when the whole entrance project will be finished, but we expect it to be sometime in Spring 2020.

That’s it for this time, but stay tuned for more updates soon to the Epcot Entrance here at Ziggy Knows Disney. Also, keep scrolling to see previous progress on this project!

(UPDATE 1/20/20)

Welcome back to the latest look at the Epcot Entrance Plaza construction!

Last time we looked at the Epcot Entrance, the East Side bag check was just starting to get the concrete forms put in. Now there are full columns that have been freshly poured in place:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 columns east side

Just days after the columns were being held in place, the forms were removed and you can see the two long rows of concrete!

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 columns at East side bag check

If you thought that was a lot, get a look at the pavement being torn up on the West Side of the entrance plaza:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 tearing up pavement on West side plaza

In order to get the new pavement in, the old one must come up. Machinery is used to cut through the pavement, and then it’s pulled up section, by section.

New electrical conduit and other utilities are also being run underneath the plaza like on the other side which will be used for special effects there.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 pavement demolition west side

Of course, the main feature of the entrance plaza is the fountain. Recently Disney added stones to the side of the fountain face to see what a cascading effect would look like:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 fountain with cascading stones

Since then, however, those stones have been removed from the fountain. It’s unknown at this time if they are getting put back or they just didn’t like them.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 fountain

A really cool effect though is the sparkles built into the new pavement on the other side of the fountain:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 pavement sparkles near fountain

They look like little fragments of glass and other shiny objects which will be perfect for a cool lighting effect around the fountain at night!

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 sparkles in pavement near fountain

We can hardly wait to see what this all looks like when done and how the fountain will be too!

(UPDATE 1/4/20)

We’ve had a bunch of changes at the Epcot entrance in the last few months and just recently the first half of the completed new entrance was finished. Now the other side is back behind construction walls again too. Let’s take a look:

From this aerial image, we can see the entirety of the Epcot Entrance. In the bottom right is the entrance plaza which is already after you go through the tapstiles. On the middle bottom is the monorail station and the West Side bag check.

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 high aerial photo

And up near the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster is the East Side bag check which is still in the early stages.

Here you can see a good look at the entrance plaza which is going to be a lot greener as time moves on:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 Aerial over entrance

Just outside the West Side bag check, new landscaping is being put in with trees and other plants:

Epcot Entrance Construction Updates January 2020 landscaping at West side bag check

The other bag check on the East Side isn’t quite as far along, and you can see the base for concrete forms starting to be installed: