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PHOTO TOUR: Creations Shop Now Open in EPCOT

EPCOT’s popular shop Mouse Gear closed down back in 2019 for a complete refurbishment. Since then, Disney has opened its replacement, Creations Shop in World Celebration.

Creations Shop Sign

That’s right, the construction work is complete and you can now visit EPCOT’s newest vision of what a merchandise center should look like. Creations Shop opened in EPCOT on September 15, 2021, dropping the name Mouse Gear altogether.

In this post, we will give you a full tour of the Creations Shop in EPCOT including a look at the new ‘Light & Color’ line of merchandise, the interior of the store, and all the details like the hand-painted Mickey Mouse murals and individual Mickey statues.

Creations Shop EPCOT window display

Once the huge EPCOT expansion is complete, it will be the main spot for merchandise in the front half of the park.

The store hours for Creations Shop in EPCOT are from park opening to park close each day.

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley said: “Creations Shop features a bold, sleek design that creates a perfect showcase for the rich variety of items you’ll find as part of your EPCOT experience.

It will be an open, bright, welcoming environment with huge glass walls that allow sunlight to pour in and make you feel like you’re in touch with nature even while indoors. We are using color, materials and light in new ways with some unique EPCOT touches that connect back to this park’s storied past while looking to the future.”

Let’s take a walkthrough of Creations Shop and look at the new space…

Creations Shop Entrance EPCOT

Just like before, there are multiple entrances to Creations Shop, 5 in total. This one is in the breezeway next to the new Club Cool.

Outside Creations Shop in Breezeway

This is the entrance closest to World Showcase:

Creations Shop Entrance EPCOT

And another one connecting to World Discovery near Mission Space:

Creations Shop Entrance

The entrances all have very large open windows and the same sign with white lettering.

On the outside of the shop you can get a preview of what’s inside by looking at the window displays. References to the new EPCOT and Spaceship Earth are everywhere as you will see more when we go inside.

EPCOT symbol in Creations Shop window

Right now the new “Light & Color” line is being heavily featured throughout the store and we get a preview of it from the window display.

Life & Color line at Creations Shop EPCOT

I’m not sure what’s up with all the faceless masks everywhere but it seems that each mannequin has its own color.

Red and yellow masks in window Creations Shop EPCOT
Mannequins outside Creations Shop EPCOT
Yellow Mask Creations Shop EPCOT

Let’s go inside…

Inside Creations Shop EPCOT

The first thing you notice when you enter is the layout and how open it feels.

Creations Shop interior

Mouse Gear had a much more closed and claustrophobic feel to it and you sometimes could get lost in it, much like the old World of Disney store in Disney Springs.

Inside Creations Shop

Creations Shop on the other hand is really easy to navigate and you can see straight through to the other side of the store with no problem.

Creations Shop EPCOT

The room is also very light from the massive windows located on both sides of the store.

Creations Shop displays

While these are all pluses and improvements from the previous store, we can’t help but feel a bit disconnected from the store as a whole. There is little to no theming and it just feels a bit generic. Honestly, you could drop this store into the middle of any mall in America and not tell the difference.

Creations Shop EPCOT
Inside Creations Shop EPCOT

As you can see it’s hard to get lost in here and everything is laid out very simply.

Creations Shop

It looks pretty similar to the previously released concept art:

Creations Shop concept art EPCOT

Let’s take a look now at some of the merchandise you can expect to find when visiting Creations Shop.

Creations Shop EPCOT

Each section is split up into different displays with big neon signs above which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Here is the Kids section:

Kids display Creations Shop EPCOT

There is a lot of stuff for Marvel fans including these Spider-Man backpacks and t-shirts:

Marvel merchandise Creations Shop

There is a whole section dedicated to Forky from Toy Story:

Kids merchandise Creations Shop

Next up is the Toys section:

Toys display Creations Shop EPCOT

Dolls of your favorite Disney princesses are found here:

Dolls Creations Shop EPCOT

This is the Play section:

Play Display Creations Shop EPCOT

You can also find some cool Disney parks merchandise like this Walt Disney World shirt and hat.

Walt Disney World shirt Creations Shop

The Accessories section:

Accessories Creations Shop EPCOT
T-Shirts at Creations Shop EPCOT
Creations Shop EPCOT
Merchandise on display Creations Shop EPCOT

Dooney & Bourke Disney bags:

Women's bag Creations Shop EPCOT

A display with all the mugs you can imagine:

Mugs Creations Shop EPCOT

The Home section with practical gifts you can use:

Home displays Creations Shop EPCOT

There is also a section of the store that is for seasonal merchandise and that changes depending on the holiday or time of year.

Seasonal displays Creations Shop EPCOT

There is also an area dedicated to the EPCOT festivals like the Food & Wine Festival:

EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Merch Creations Shop EPCOT

If you are looking for Mickey ears, you will find an excess here:

Hats Creations Shop EPCOT

Now to the hottest collection of the moment, “Light & Color”:

Creations Shop EPCOT

The line of futuristic merchandise was inspired by the transformation of EPCOT and will be prominently displayed in the store.

EPCOT Creations Shop

Due to its extreme popularity, the new “Light & Color” EPCOT merchandise was sold out within minutes of the store opening. Even with guests limited to the amount per item they can purchase, eBay sellers have been all over this buying up anything they can get their hands on.

Most of the merchandise has been restocked since.

Creations Shop EPCOT Light & Color Collection

All of the clothes focus on light colors like white, with Spaceship Earth patterns mixed in.

Light & Color Creations Shop EPCOT

Here is a white t-shirt from “Light & Color.”

Light & Color Merchandise Creations Shop EPCOT

Jackets and hoodies were on display:

Light & Color Merchandise Creations Shop EPCOT

Here is a popular jacket from the collection:

Light & Color Jacket Creations Shop EPCOT
Light & Color Jacket Creations Shop EPCOT

And the white EPCOT t-shirt:

Light & Color T-Shirts Creations Shop EPCOT

Jackets and hats:

Light & Color Jacket and hats Creations Shop EPCOT
Light & Color Hats Creations Shop EPCOT

Those hats do look nice:

Light & Color Hats Creations Shop EPCOT

There are also Light & Color tumblers, puzzles, and shirts:

Light & Color Merchandise Creations Shop EPCOT
Light & Color Merchandise Creations Shop EPCOT

Spaceship Earth ornaments:

Light & Color Ornaments Creations Shop EPCOT

EPCOT 100 piece puzzle with all the different pavilion symbols:

Light & Color Puzzle Creations Shop EPCOT

Spaceship Earth mugs:

Light & Color Mugs Creations Shop EPCOT

Now that we’ve got our stuff, let’s go to the checkout:

Creations Shop Checkout line EPCOT

There are two sets of checkout areas, each on opposite ends of the store:

Creations Shop cash registers EPCOT

The highlight of the Creations Shop is its nod to Mickey Mouse. In the store you will find two giant, hand-painted murals of Mickey in action, as well as one-of-a-kind Mickey sculptures and paintings:

Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT

This one is our favorite:

Creations Shop Colorful Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT
Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT

It’s colorful and vibrant and shows Mickey in action:

Creations Shop Hand-painted Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT
Creations Shop Mickey Mouse in motion Mural EPCOT

On the other side of the store, you can see a Mickey mural with a different style yet equally as fun and interesting:

Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT

This one shows Mickey carrying an EPCOT flag and running through colored paint:

Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT
Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT
Creations Shop Mickey Mouse Mural EPCOT

There is also some incredible Mickey artwork on the walls:

Creations Shop Mickey Mouse paintings EPCOT

High above the registers, you will find hand-made Mickey Mouse statues. There are 10 total, 5 on each side of Creations Shop. This one is supposed to replicate a Mickey topiary:

Green Topiary Mickey Mouse Creations Shop EPCOT

This one is more of a classic Mickey with a high-polished finish:

Classic Mickey Mouse Creations Shop EPCOT

This Mickey is a little worn-looking:

Worn Mickey Mouse Creations Shop EPCOT

This Mickey is pretty funky and has a tie-dye look to it:

Swirled Mickey Mouse Creations Shop EPCOT

This Mickey is blue and has flowers and birds on it:

Blue Mickey Mouse Creations Shop EPCOT

A wooden Mickey that looks like he’s ready to go surfing:

Creations Shop Wooden Mickey Mouse EPCOT

Dark blue Mickey:

Creations Shop Dark Blue Mickey Mouse EPCOT

Silver Mickey:

Creations Shop Silver Mickey Mouse EPCOT

This is one of the coolest ones and is made of sparkles on the outside:

Creations Shop Beaded Mickey Mouse EPCOT

This last Mickey is half gold and half black-speckled paint:

Creations Shop Golden Mickey Mouse EPCOT

Overall, the Creations Shop is a nice space and we love the Mickeys found throughout the store. However, besides that, the rest of the space is a little plain and could have used a bit more theming.

We will admit it looks cooler at night when the store shelves emit light that goes along with the EPCOT lighting package outside and you can see them through the windows. The lights outside the store entrance at night are also pretty cool.

Creations Shop is sure to be a big stop for guests in EPCOT looking for just about any Disney merchandise and we look forward to seeing how the space develops.

MouseGear refurbishment concept art interior

Since EPCOT is all about people and their hopes and dreams, the re-imaging of Creations Shop will inspire to make that a reality. This store is at the heart of the park’s creativity and what the transformation is about.

The Creations Shop is right at the heart of EPCOT’s 3 new neighborhoods in what was previously Future World and replaces the old Mouse Gear.

MouseGear exterior in Epcot

It makes sense that Disney completed the project in time for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, and we’re happy to see that it will be done in time.

The immensely popular Club Cool is also back at EPCOT after closing down and is located right next to Creations Shop!

Stay tuned for more updates soon as things continue to change.

Your Thoughts

I want to know what you think about the new Creations Shop in EPCOT…

  • Are you looking forward to this new store?
  • What additions to the space would you like to see?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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