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Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 – Second Floor Going Up

(UPDATED 4/21/19): This is a construction update for the Star Wars Hotel in April 2019. Today we’re looking at some awesome aerial photos of vertical construction which has started on the Star Wars Hotel on the property just across the street from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

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In our last update we saw that the land for the most had been cleared of trees and most of the foundation poured for the hotel structure. Now we are going to see that construction workers have actually started building up from the foundation, creating the first walls, and even installing the second floor of the Star Wars Hotel.

If you aren’t familiar with the Star Wars Hotel, it’s essentially the most interactive hotel ever built and is going to drop guests right on a spaceship in the Star Wars universe and will be full of role-playing and interactive experiences to explore. It’s going to be located right across the street from the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios and the stories from both places will be connected

To read more about the Star Wars Hotel you can see our post explaining the blueprints for the building and what the arrival process will be like when staying there.

Before we look at the updates for this month we want to thank @Bioreconstruct who takes the best aerial photos of all the construction projects in Disney World. It gives you a totally new perspective on the resort!

Ok, let’s check out what’s new on the Star Wars Hotel now, and keep checking back throughout the month as we’ll be adding more photos and information…so scroll down for the latest pictures…

Our first one is an aerial shot looking down on the entire Star Wars Hotel property:

Star Wars Hotel Aerial View of the foundation update April 2019

Last month you could see the foundation in place, but now there’s actually a big construction crane up to help with the heavy lifting of the steel.

Just how close is the Star Wars Hotel going to be to Galaxy’s Edge? Here you can see the close proximity between the two properties:

Star Wars Hotel Aerial View update April 2019

The awesome part of having the hotel so close to Galaxy’s Edge is that there will be a dedicated transportation to bring guests back and forth, all the while never breaking the story and keeping them immersed in that world.

It will probably be a bus with windows that make it look like you are looking out into space much like this will seem while in the Star Wars Hotel and in the new Space Restaurant in Epcot.

Looking at the next photo you can see the backside of Galaxy’s Edge on the top right, and the old entrance to Hollywood Studios on the top left. This area is next to the latest expansion of the Hollywood Studios Parking Lot which will be filling up starting in August:

vertical construction on Star Wars Hotel update April 2019

Looking at the construction site you can see that walls have started going up on the West side of the site, the first vertical construction so far.

Star Wars Hotel construction update April 2019

Obviously there is still a lot of work to be done, but it’s really exciting to see the foundation and infrastructure starting to go in. The whole site hasn’t yet been completely leveled yet, but soon we’ll start to see more how the building starts to take form.

(NEW PHOTOS 4/21/19):

It’s been a couple weeks since our last update, but a lot has been accomplished on the site of the Star Wars Hotel during that short time.

Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 Aerial

Last time we saw the wall were starting too go up, well now we can see that the second floor has even been installed in one part of the building:

Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 aerial

It’s hard to tell as this point which side is the common area and which side the rooms are on, but if this is the whole size of the structure it sure isn’t very big:

Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 building site

Either way things are moving along super fast to already have part of the floor of the second level up:

Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 building footprint
Star Wars Hotel Construction Update April 2019 second floor installed

We’ll keep you up-to-date as the month goes on to any new developments with the project!

No opening date has been announced yet for the Star Wars Hotel, but it should be open in time for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021.

Be sure to check out all the other construction projects in Walt Disney World for more updates on all the projects going on around Disney World as we continue to bring you the latest!

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