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PHOTOS: Space Restaurant Epcot Update December 2018 – Dining Room Foundation Installed

This is a construction update for the Space Restaurant in Epcot for December 2018.  For sure you now know about the space-themed restaurant coming to Epcot’s Future World right next to the Mission: Space attraction.  In this update we are going to take a look at the foundation for the main dining room being installed and the rest of the building coming into place.

So much has changed since our last update where there weren’t any structures up yet for the restaurant, and only the land clearing was underway.  That said we still don’t have an official name for it yet, so we’re just going to keep calling it: “Space Restaurant.” ?

As always we have some amazing aerial photos thanks to @Bioreconstruct who always keeps tabs on the construction projects around Walt Disney World so that we can all see them.  Let’s see what’s new:

This is a photo from a week ago and you can see the position of the space restaurant relative to the other buildings in Future World:

Epcot Space Restaurant Update December 2018

The space-themed restaurant is wedged right between the Wonders of Life pavilion and Test Track.  The huge Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster building looms in the background and towers over everything in the area.

Let’s see what the site looks like:

Epcot Space Restaurant Update December 2018

The sphere shape of the main dining room is starting to take shape and you can see how it compares to the concept art:

space restaurant concept art

It’s going to be awesome watching the stars and planets pass by and looks like an incredible atmosphere!

Also the building in the front is where I assume the entrance to the space restaurant will be.  That building already existed before the work on the restaurant began, but it looks like it’s being gutted.

This is the most recent picture of the space restaurant and you can see the building in the back taking shape as well, and is where I assume the kitchen and support areas will be.  Looks like it’s ready to get its roof:

Epcot Space Restaurant Update December 2018 foundation

Tons of progress has been made over the last 4 months.  Just look at the same site back in August:

You can see how close Test Track is to the restaurant and that proximity has proved to be a bit of an issue for the space restaurant as cars whizzing by at 65+ mph isn’t exactly ideal for guests.  I was thinking about this problem the other day and perhaps seeing that you are onboard a space ship, they might be able to work the vibrations in as a natural part of space movement.  I mean the jet thrusters on a spaceship could make a similar sensation.  Though having your table vibrate 200+ times during your meal is less than ideal…

Still no info about the menu and no name yet, but that info should be coming to us in the months to come.

The Epcot Space-themed Restaurant is expected to be open in 2020, in plenty of time for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary.  Stay tuned as we bring you more info…

Stay tuned for more updates…

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Photo Credit: @Bioreconstruct

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