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Rockwork Getting Higher in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork

It seems like every day that passes is another milestone for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  We’ve seen building after building go up, and now as you look around the park, it’s clear to see the rockwork getting higher in the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction as well as other big steps.  

Even after only a couple weeks from our last Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction update, you can see lots of progress is being made to the tops of the buildings, the walls around Galaxy’s Edge and we’ll see the progress on the new buildings where the restaurants and shops will go.

Thanks to @bioreconstruct over on Twitter, we can see all the work going on inside Galaxy’s Edge from a bird’s eye view of the project.  Let’s check it out!

Here we get an aerial view of Galaxy’s Edge.  Notice the attraction show buildings on the left for the First Order Battle Escape (foreground left) and the Millennium Falcon attraction behind it.  The Muppets 3D building is the pink one at the bottom:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork aerial

The tunnel into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and the wall separating it from the rest of the park grows everyday.  Below, where the yellow arrow is you can see construction workers applying gunite to the rock walls.  Gunite is a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense hard layer of concrete used in building for lining tunnels and structural repairs.

We’ll be seeing rock walls around a lot of Galaxy’s Edge as the location of Batuu is in a mountainous enclave.  Where the yellow arrow is is right where guests will make their big entrance into Galaxy’s Edge from Grand Ave, which will be their “wow” moment:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork tunnel

Further down the wall you can see cement being poured into it.  This wall will serve as the barrier for Galaxy’s Edge.  It looks like Cast Members will be able to walk inside of it too, to allow them to come in and out unnoticed:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork cement walls

Moving up the line we can see the back of the Rise of the Resistance ride and the roof.  Those metal structures are the bases for the intricate rockwork that will soon be skying over the attraction.  Expect to see them moving upwards in the next weeks:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork battle escape

This is a shot of the front of the First Order Battle Escape attraction.  Once finished this is where you’ll see the Fleet of X-Wings outside.  Disney revealed the progress on those X-Wings this week with a photo of what they will look like.  I was hoping for the classic X-Wings but these ones from the new trilogy are still pretty sick imo:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork battle escape front

One thing to keep in mind are the gigantic dirt mounds behind Galaxy’s Edge.  Right now there’s a big expansion to the parking lot for Hollywood Studios, which will be needed to fit the influx of new guests once Galaxy’s Edge opens, and to a lesser degree Toy Story Land too.  The parking lot will be expanded towards the left side of the photo, but I’m not sure how far it will actually go as that’s a huge amount of land being flattened out there behind the park.

We do know that the Star Wars Hotel is coming to Hollywood Studios as well, so it makes me think that towards the middle to the right side of the dirt zone behind Galaxy’s Edge we could see the Star Wars Hotel in the future.  It would make sense as guests are supposed to be able to walk right into Galaxy’s Edge from the Star Wars Hotel, so it needs to be in close proximity.  It could also fit in that wooded area behind the dirt, but that just seems too far to me:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork dirt mounds construction

It’s worth keeping an eye on to see where it goes.  All I know is after seeing the new Star Wars Hotel videos from Disney this week, I can’t wait to book my stay!

Next moving over to the far side of Galaxy’s Edge we can see the Millennium Falcon attraction on the right, and the courtyard in front which will have an actual Millennium Falcon replica sitting in front of it.  You can see on the top of the show building, the rockwork is really moving upwards and the spires are getting bigger all the time.

Down in front you can see two more buildings well under construction, and the foundation of another smaller building just getting started.  That is where the 2 restaurants coming to Galaxy’s Edge will be and shopping too:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork millennium Falcon

Here’s a front view of the same area.  That curved half-moon section is where the Millennium Falcon will go.  This week we got a new photo from Disney showing the construction on the Millennium Falcon, and in Disneyland we got to see parts of the inside of the attraction arriving in the park:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork Millennium Falcon front

Here’s what it will eventually look like done:

Closer look at the rockwork spires under construction:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork spires

and the restaurants:

 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge rockwork restaurant

This last one is an aerial view of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge together with Toy Story Land:

Still waiting for the Opening Date for Galaxy’s Edge, but think around Fall 2019 for Walt Disney World and Summer for Disneyland.

For more info read our Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for a detailed look at the attractions, dining, planning and touring strategies.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge rockwork and other construction progress.   How excited are you for Galaxy’s Edge?  What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments section below!

If you enjoyed this article, as always I appreciate it if you’d share it with others via social media.  I work hard at making this website into a useful resource for you and your family to plan your visit to Walt Disney World, and I hope it can help you! Thanks 🙂

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