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PHOTOS: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update February 2018

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 overview

This is a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update for February 2018.  Even though we still have well over a year to go before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the all buildings are really making huge strides and lots of the decorative touches are being put on the roofs of the Millennium Falcon and First Order Battle Escape attractions.  Brand new buildings are taking shape in the middle of the land and lots of progress has been made since our last Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction update back in January:

Thanks to @bioreconstruct over on Twitter, we can see a bird’s eye view of the Galaxy’s Edge construction progress, and get a really unique perspective on Walt Disney World building projects.

Let’s see what changes we find.  In this view we are looking at Galaxy’s Edge from the Grand Avenue/Echo Lake side of Hollywood Studios:

This angle you get a bigger view of the park and can even see Toy Story Land next to Galaxy’s Edge:

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 aerial shot

It’s really amazing to think that really just a few months ago the show buildings for the Millennium Flacon and First Order Battle Escape attractions were open and you could see them still laying the foundation.  Look at the difference from now to before:

February 2018

This was the Millennium Falcon attraction without a roof a few months ago.  Notice the ride systems:

millennium falcon attraction old
October 2017

We’ll get back to the attractions in a bit.

One area of the Galaxy’s Edge construction that’s also moving along is the Galaxy’s Edge Entrance.  You can see the incredible mound of dirt that’s been constructed separating Grand Ave from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.  It’s almost a mini-mountain it’s so huge!

Where the pink arrow is, guests will enter Galaxy’s Edge.  Notice how it’s angled towards the side and not straight back at the attractions.  The tunnel is designed in a way that even if you are on Grand Avenue trying to look through the tunnel, you won’t be able to see through.  This way the planet of Batuu can’t be seen before entering, therefore ruining the surprise:

These are some heave duty walls they’re putting up and I have to think there will be some sort of Cast Member tunnel inside there to allow them to get from one part of Galaxy’s Edge to another or out of the land without breaking character:

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 wall

If you were down on Grand Avenue, you will be able to see some of the rock work off in the distance, which I think is unavoidable seeing how high they are, but from this angle it looks to me like they will seem like almost any mountain, not really ruining the fact Galaxy’s Edge is supposed to be another planet altogether.  That surprise is reserved for when you enter the tunnel.  As you can see, the rock work on the Millennium Falcon attraction is further along than the First Order Battle Escape, which you’ll see in the next picture:

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 grand ave

Here’s First Order Battle Escape:

Now a bird’s eye view of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attractions.  To the right, Millennium Falcon, to the left, First Order Battle Escape.  In the middle is where Star Wars Land’s 2 restaurants will go, along with a Bazzar of some sort with merchants selling alien goods:

A look over the top of Millennium Falcon shows the rock spires rising from the roof.  The ones in the front are further ahead, but on the back they’re starting to rise up too.  The ride system for the Millennium Falcon is going to have 4 separate chambers, 2 in the back of the main show building with the spires, and 2 more off to the top of the following picture in a separate part of the building.  The show elements will be apparent when you enter the mountain from the front:

Don’t forget about the Millennium Falcon replica which will be waiting outside.  Expect it to look like this from the outside:

Disney also gave us a look at what the show room will be like and the part leading up to entering the Millennium Falcon cockpit once inside:

millennium falcon attraction first look

Back outside you can see the foundation for a new building raising up in front of the Millennium Falcon attraction and behind one of the restaurants:

Another shot of the group of buildings there:

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 buildings

Now let’s head over to Star Wars Land’s other attraction, First Order Battle Escape.  Guests here will be pitted in an epic battle with the First Order on what will be one of their Star Destroyers.  The attraction’s show building is on the right of the photo.  From this shot you can get a good view of the Entrance Tunnel to Galaxy’s Edge in the upper left corner of the photo.  Notice how it’s angled away from the attractions:

In front of where the entrance to Battle Escape expect to find a fleet of life-sized X-Wings waiting for you!

New Info Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Rock Spires on top of First Order Battle Escape are just starting to form and further behind the Millennium Falcon’s:

Galaxy's Edge construction update battle escape roof
Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 battle escape roof

Here is the view of those spires taking shape from out on Pixar Place:

Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 battle escape

Here they’re a bit more well hidden, but again we’ll have to see what’s visible once they spires are actually built:

galaxy's edge updates construction

For those of you wondering about theming, trees are being planted on the border between Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land.  The ones indicated by the arrow will hide guest’s view of a backstage cast member building:

 Galaxy's Edge construction update February 2018 trees

As you can see the plan from a look at the concept art is to have lots of greenery everywhere, and even some spires will be built on the border of Galaxy’s Edge, so it’s possible those will even block our view from Grand Avenue or other places in Hollywood Studios:

Galaxy's Edge concept art

Just think, Disney is also building a Star Wars Hotel which will be connected to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge off the back part.  This way guests will have easy access to Galaxy’s Edge and be able to fulfill their missions they have to carry out as part of the role-playing adventure of staying in the hotel.  We got more updates on the Star Wars Hotel last weekend at D23 Expo Japan

The Opening Date for Galaxy’s Edge is Disneyland – May 31, 2019 and Hollywood Studios August 29, 2019.

For a detailed look at the attractions, dining, planning and touring strategies read our Complete Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Don’t forget to check out my Toy Story Land Construction Update and Disney Skyliner Construction Update too!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction update for February 2018.   How pumped are you for Galaxy’s Edge?  What are you most looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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