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PHOTOS: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update March 2018

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 view

This is a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update for March 2018.  After the exciting look at the Fly-over in Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland this week, it’s made me more and more excited for the Walt Disney World version too!  Even since last month, lots of progress has been going on in Galaxy’s edge and things like the rockwork on top of the attractions, and the walls and tunnels are getting more and more realistic everyday.  There are even some new concrete foundations being poured near the Battle Escape attraction!

Thanks to @bioreconstruct over on Twitter, we can get a nice aerial view of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction progress, and see even better than if you were actually in the park where the vision is limited.

Let’s see what’s new in March.  Here’s a gorgeous shot of Hollywood Studios from the air.  Toy Story Land is on the top left, while Galaxy’s Edge is all the way left and partially cut off in the picture:

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018

Another aerial shot, this one showing both Galaxy’s Edge attractions, Millennium Falcon Ride on the right and Battle Escape on the left.  You’ll see the rock spires on top of the buildings really getting high:

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 aerial view

Let’s go to the front of Star Wars Land and see the main entrance tunnel to get in.  Where the arrow is you’ll see the rockwork being done to the inside barrier wall and here will be the opening of the tunnel leading into Galaxy’s Edge from Grand Ave:

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 tunnel entrance

Here’s another shot of the tunnel, this tie from the back side.  Notice the tunnel is purposely curved to block the view into Galaxy’s Edge from outside:

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 tunnel

Scaffolding dominates the wall as realistic rockwork is put in to create the idea of being on this planet.

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 rockwork wall

Here you’ll see the bottom of the berm, below the tunnel entrance and tucked near the First Order Battle Escape attraction.  There are windows and doors being built into the berm:

Galaxy's Edge construction update March 2018 wall

Across the complete opposite end of Galaxy’s Edge, you can see the other entrance into Star Wars Land, and it leads into Hollywood Studios’ other newest land, Toy Story Land.  These concrete walls with have some nice rockwork as well once they are ready:

galaxy's edge updates entrance to Toy Story Land

Now moving over to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attractions you have Millennium Falcon on the left and Battle Escape on the right.  You can see big steel frames being built on the roofs of the show buildings where the huge rock spires will stand:

galaxy's edge updates attractions

In fact you can see the rock spires from out on Grand Ave towering over the walls:

galaxy's edge progress Millennium Falcon rockwork

Another view of the Millennium Falcon attraction on the bottom right and in the center will be the 2 Galaxy’s Edge Restaurants, one table service and one quick service.

galaxy's edge progress restaurants

I can’t wait to see what kind of dining experiences Disney thinks up once Galaxy’s Edge is complete.  Something similar to the cantina in Mos Eisley anyone?

Now something interesting is going on over by the First Order Battle Escape attraction.  Where the yellow arrow is you can new some new concrete forms being put into the ground outside the attraction:

Star Wars galaxy's edge updates disney world concrete forms

As @Imagineer777 on Twitter pointed out, it looks like the attraction exit for Battle Escape:

There are also going to be a fleet of full-sized X-Wings in front of this building so it is going to be an awesome environment here.

Also growingly interesting are the huge mounds of dirt just outside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge across the street.  On the far side of this cleared lot the Parking lot expansion is going, but here on the side it looks more likely to me that this will be the site for the Star Wars Hotel:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Construction Star Wars hotel site

Seems like the perfect spot with tunnel access into Galaxy’s Edge right from the hotel:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Construction dirt hills

The big white patch is the new parking lot:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Construction dirt mounds

This would be the perfect spot for the Star Wars Hotel a you’d never have to break character and facade of being in the Star Wars universe would be continuous.  We’ll have to see if it plays out that way.  We got more updates on the Star Wars Hotel last weekend at D23 Expo Japan.

Disney hasn’t yet revealed when the opening day for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be, but it’s clear that Disneyland is much further ahead than Hollywood Studios, so expect that to open a solid 3-4 months earlier.  Disney recently announced the Galaxy’s Edge opening dates.

For more info read our Guide to Star Wars Land for a detailed look at the attractions, dining, planning and touring strategies.

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction update for March 2018.   What are you most excited for in Galaxy’s Edge?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: @Bioreconstruct

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