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PHOTOS: Construction on Probable Star Wars Hotel Location Continues

We know that a Star Wars Hotel is going into the Disney’s Hollywood Studios area, as this was announced at the D23 Expo 2017.  We recently got some new images and concept art for the Star Wars Hotel, so yes, my dream is really coming true!! ? The only question is where exactly is it going?  

As the weeks pass by it’s becoming more and more likely that it’s the location next to both the Hollywood Studios Parking Lot Expansion and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.  Let’s take a look at some photos by @Bioreconstruct on Twitter and see as construction on this probably Star Wars Hotel location continues.

Here’s a shot of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction project in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We learned some interesting things this week including the layout for the First Order Battle Escape attraction entrance and queue.  The Battle Escape attraction is the one on the left and the Millennium Falcon attraction is on the right.  Notice the HUGE dirt piles across the road behind it:

Star Wars Hotel Location construction galaxy's edge

In my last Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update I speculated that this will be the location of the Star Wars Hotel, and from these latest images it seems that is the case.

First let’s look at this shot across the street, West of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Tons of dirt has been excavated from here and moved to a location south of Hollywood Studios, the one in the above photo near Galaxy’s Edge:

Star Wars Hotel Location construction excavation

In this system you can see the conveyor system built to bring the dirt from the original location to the new one.  The conveyer however is now being dismantled, so it looks like they have enough dirt at the construction location:

That’s an awful lot of dirt, so unless they are building a ski slope (which seems unlikely considering the weather in Florida) they obviously are using to build something here, and something pretty big.

Star Wars Hotel Location construction dirt piles

Again this seems like the perfect location for the Star Wars Hotel as it’s located right next to Hollywood Studios and Galaxy’s Edge.  We know that both the Star Wars Hotel and Galaxy’s Edge will have connected universes and things you do in one place will have consequences in the other.  For that reason it makes sense if they are also physically connected as to not break the atmosphere of being in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Hotel Location construction

Even if that road between the Star Wars Hotel location and Galaxy’s Edge remains after the new Hollywood Studios Parking Expansion project, some kind of suspended tunnel/bridge over the road from the Star Wars Hotel can be easily built and drop guests right into the middle of Galaxy’s Edge.

Disney hasn’t yet revealed the opening for the Star Wars Hotel, but it will be after Galaxy’s Edge opens for sure, and I’m not even sure it will be ready for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.  In fact to me it sounds like 2022 is more likely and will be a big stimulant to bring guests back to Walt Disney World after the big 50th celebration is over!

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the potential Star Wars Hotel Location construction progress.

  • Is this a good spot for the Star Wars Hotel?
  • Where do you want it built?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photos: @Bioreconstruct

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