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PHOTOS: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Battle Escape Attraction Entrance Revealed

This is a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update where we’re going to see the Battle Escape Attraction Entrance revealed in detail, plus take a look at the other attractions and buildings going up throughout the land.  Just after a couple of weeks the construction in Galaxy’s Edge is flying by, and even though Hollywood Studios is still behind the Disneyland version by a lot, things are picking up steam.

UPDATE: The Battle Escape ride is now being called: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Thanks to @bioreconstruct over on Twitter, we have some awesome aerial shots of the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction progress, and see even better than if you were actually down in the park!  Let’s take a look!

Here is an aerial shot of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  You’ll see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge set in the far back left, and Toy Story Land to its right:

Disney's Hollywood Studios Aerial view

This is a great shot showing you the Millennium Falcon attraction to the right and the First Order Battle Escape to the left.  Both attractions have the rock spires growing nicely off the roofs, but much work is to still be done to transform this into a mountain:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape millennium falcon

You can really see in the above and below photos how Disney has been working hard to setup a forest barrier around Galaxy’s Edge so that guests from outside won’t be able to see in and guests inside, out

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge aerial shot

Let’s look at the attractions.

So the Disneyland version of the Battle Escape attraction is going to be a little different than the Hollywood Studios version.  The actual attraction will be the same, but the way you get to the attraction will be different.

Here’s an overview from the D23 Expo model of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, but this will be how the Disneyland version is setup:

 Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance Disneyland

Now you have to remember, Galaxy’s Edge is a Rebel hideaway, so while it’s true you’ll be doing battle with the First Order, it’s going to happen in space on one of their Star Destroyers.  But to get to that Star Destroyer, you’ll board a rebel spacecraft which will probably be disguised as a First Order transport.

So the entrance to Battle Escape will start though the turret turnstiles setup outside the rebel base on the left side:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance turnstiles

Here in this model you can see it better, with the right side potentially looking like a FastPass return:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance

So through that entrance you will get to the first pre-show area for the Battle Escape attraction.

Next you will move on to what looks like the second pre-show area.  Again since we’re going to outer space and you can see the shuttle outside of the building, this is probably where you will then be transported up to the First Order Star Destroyer and into the attraction:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance pre show

After that the Battle Escape exit will be here:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance exit

All of this is even more clearly seen in the Disneyland Galaxy’s Edge flyover that Disney put out not long ago:

Now moving back to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.  You can see the layout of the Battle Escape attraction entrance is slightly different:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance

Instead of the turnstiles you will see in Disneyland, the entrance to Battle Escape will be inside the wall which is separating Grand Avenue from Galaxy’s Edge.  It’s by the left arrow where it says “Roofed.”  From the first pre-show area you will then move over into the second pre-show area where the guests will be transported up to the Star Destroyer and the main show building.  After which the attraction exit will come out of the big hanger, the same as in Disneyland.

Here is a shot from just a couple of weeks ago before the roof was put on, and you can see where this will start the Battle Escape queue and lead to the pre-show area:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Battle Escape Entrance pre show area

Foundations for huge columns can be seen near the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge and Grand Ave:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Entrance

Moving over to the Millennium Falcon attraction we get a better view of the massive rock work being done on top of the roof of this attraction, and the semi-circle in front of the entrance to the attraction is where the Millennium Falcon will sit:

In the back of the Millennium Falcon attraction you can see a construction door being used to take materials in and out of the attraction:

This angle shows the backside of the attraction and the work on the restaurants coming to Galaxy’s Edge:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge attractions

The arrows here show the newest parts of what will be the area for the Galaxy’s Edge restaurants and shops.  Service stairs can be seen near the bottom arrow and the outside structure walls of the building by the top arrow:

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge restaurants
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge restaurants

Disney hasn’t yet revealed when the opening day for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be either in Disneyland or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  However since we found out yesterday that the 2019 D23 Expo is happening on August 23-25, 2019, we know the Disneyland version of Galaxy’s Edge will for sure be done before that, then the Hollywood Studios version will be most likely in the Fall 2019.

For more info read our Guide to Star Wars Land for more info about the attractions, dining, planning and touring strategies.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the layout for the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Battle Escape Entrance.

  • Which version do you prefer: Disneyland or Hollywood Studios?
  • When are you going to Galaxy’s Edge?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photos: @Bioreconstruct

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