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15 Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

There are so many great treats to enjoy in the Disney Parks, that sometimes the best ones slip through the cracks. That’s why we’ve made our list of the 15 Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios so you will have the complete guide of what to eat when visiting.

Napoleon Trolley Car Cafe Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Honestly Hollywood Studios hasn’t always been the strongest player in the food game in Walt Disney World, but in the last couple of years with the addition of Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge, there has been an influx of awesome snacks to enjoy in Hollywood Studios.

In fact looking at our list, 10 of the best snacks in Hollywood Studios have only been around in the park for 2 years or less, showing that even Disney has recognized this park’s weakness in this area and is trying to fix it.

We think they’ve done a great job so far, and now there is an abundance of both savory and sweet treats you have to try when visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Our list is in no specific order, so feel free to try whatever snacks look best to you. We haven’t included any of the seasonal snacks, but tried to included snacks that you’ll always find when visiting Hollywood Studios no matter what time of the year you go. They should all be around for the near future so get snacking!

Please let us know down below what you think of our list and then tell us what your favorite must-have Hollywood Studios Snacks are!

1. Key Lime Pie on a Stick – Neighborhood Bakery

Key Lime Pie on a stick Neighborhood Bakery Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Since Key Lime Pie is one of the best desserts you can find in Disney World, why not try Key Lime Pie on a stick?! Themed to Frozone from the Incredibles, this is one of the more creative snacks you’ll find in Hollywood Studios

This treat is filled with a graham cracker crumble and key lime cream, while the outside a “frozen” blue white chocolate shell. I was pleasantly surprised at the size to price ratio, coming in at just around $5. But is it the best thing to eat at the Neighborhood Bakery??

2. Totchos – Woody’s Lunch Box

Totchos from Woody's Lunch Box in Toy Story Land Hollywood Studios

These Totchos “potato barrels” as Disney likes to call them can be found in Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land, and are one of, if not the best snack in Hollywood Studios. Think about crispy tater tots, completely smothered in hearty chili, cheese and corn chips, then topped off with a dollop of sour cream!

On top of that the portion size is huge and can easily be split with others (though I don’t think I’ve ever actually done that!) It’s worth the trip over to Toy Story Land just for these alone!

3. Bavarian Pretzel – Baseline Tap House

Bavarian Pretzel with cheese sauce Baseline Tap House Hollywood Studios

The menu at Baseline Tap House isn’t the biggest as far as snacks go, but what they lack in quantity, they make up in flavor! I’m just going to say it, the Bavarian Pretzel here is the best pretzel in Walt Disney World, hands down!

While I do love me a Mickey pretzel, the dough it’s made of, is just ok. The Bavarian pretzel here on the other hand is chewy outside, but has a super soft inside, and you know it was made fresh. Don’t get me started on the beer cheese fondue and mustard dipping sauces that come with it!

4. Butterfinger Cupcake – Trolly Car Cafe

butterfinger cupcake trolley car cafe Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Studios cupcakes are legendary, and the Butterfinger Cupcake is ruler of them all! This used to be found at Starring Rolls, and then got moved over to Trolley Car Cafe, which its where you can find the cupcakes in Hollywood Studios.

It used to be a bit bigger, but this thing is still giant! The actual cupcake part is chocolate, and the inside is filled with a chocolate and vanilla cream, then of course covered in butterfinger topping. This is a snacking rite-of-passage in Hollywood Studios you won’t want to miss.

5. Lunch Box Tarts – Woody’s Lunch Box

Raspberry Lunch Box Tarts Woody's Lunch Box Toy Story Land

You may be thinking the Lunch Box Tarts over at Woody’s Lunch Box are just pop tarts, but they are oh so much more my friend! The Lunch Box Tarts come in a variety of flavors, Raspberry, Chocolate-Hazelnut and also seasonal varieties, and are made fresh in house.

While we do love them all, our favorite is the raspberry tart with its sweet, buttery crust and the abundant and tart raspberry jam filling inside. If you are in the mood for a sweet treat in Toy Story Land for breakfast or lunch, this is it.

6. PB and J Milkshake – 50’s Prime Time Cafe

Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake 50's Prime Time Cafe Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

So technically you can’t get this walking around Hollywood Studios, you have to go in and get a table at 50’s Prime Time Cafe. However, the PB&J Milkshake is a quintessential Hollywood Studios treat and perhaps the best milkshake on property at Disney World.

Think of the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then blend it up with ice cream and that’s the flavor going on here. Yes, that really does taste great! Oh, go ahead and throw some chocolate in there to really kick this shake up a notch! One of the most surprising snacks you’ll find in the park and perfect on a hot day.

Carrot Cake Cookie Trolley Car Cafe Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

When you talk about old school snacks in Hollywood Studios, the Carrot Cake Cookie is what first comes to mind. First I’ve got to say, don’t try to eat this alone, it’s absolutely huge and will destroy even the most ambitious eaters (myself included).

It’s totally worth trying though as the soft carrot cake cookie is the perfect covering for the sweet cream cheese frosting on the inside. I didn’t think they could make this better than it used to be, but it is! An absolute is a must-try!

8. Mustafarian Lava Roll – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Mustafarian Lava Roll Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Galaxy's Edge Food

The mustafarian lava roll is one of the more recent entries to the list of Hollywood Studios snacks, but don’t take its age lightly, it can play with all the big boys. You can find it in multiple locations throughout Galaxy’s Edge for breakfast (Docking Bay 7, Ronto Roasters and Oga’s Cantina) at just around $6.00.

The pastry dough is very light and flaky, it’s covered with a chocolate crumble, and drizzled with an amazing raspberry sauce. My favorite breakfast snack in Hollywood Studios now and on I can never get enough of.

9. Funnel Cakes – Epic Eats

funnel cake with ice cream and strawberries Epic Eats Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Who knew funnel cakes could be this good, as the ones over at Epic Eats near the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular! There are multiple flavors you can choose from: strawberries and vanilla ice cream, cookies and cream or the regular funnel cake with powdered sugar. We really can’t decided between them so go with whatever topping you’re feeling better about that day.

This is another one of those Hollywood Studios snacks that you totally can share with another person or two because it’s really monstrous. Grab one and go watch the Jedi Training Academy while you attempt to finish one of the most indulgent treats in the park.

Hollywood Studios Snacks

Did you know there is a cookie in Hollywood Studios named after our favorite fuzzball Chewbacca? In fact, we can’t decide who we love more.

The Cookie Cookie is basically a huge oatmeal cream pie. Take two soft oatmeal cookies and match them together with a sweet vanilla cream filling and we are sold. On top is a decorate piece of chocolate colored like Chewbacca’s belt.

You can find the Wookie Cookie at the Trolley Car Cafe or Backlot Express but it’s not always available. It’s one of those snacks that comes and goes. Hopefully, they have it on your next trip because it’s really incredible!

11. Napoleons – Trolly Car Cafe

Raspberry Napoleon Trolley Car Cafe Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

I’ve walked over to Hollywood Studios from the Beach Club more times than you can count, literally to get one of these and then leave the park and go back. That’s how much I love the Napoleons from Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks).

There are different versions such as the classic pastry cream version with the white frosting, or you might find the newest one, the raspberry Napoleon. Either way they are to die for with the light flaky crust and its creamy center! Don’t leave Hollywood Studios without trying this snack!

12. Ronto Wrap – Ronto Roasters

Ronto Wrap in Disney's Hollywood Studios Best Snacks

The Ronto Wrap! Another new entry to the park and probably my favorite food in Galaxy’s Edge. I don’t know why, but if you ever lose me in Galaxy’s Edge, there is a 95% percent chance I’ll be waiting in line at Ronto Roasters for one of these!

A crisp and spicy sausage, wrapped in pork loin, coleslaw and a warm pita, then topped off with a creamy peppercorn sauce. It is a little expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. The force is strong with this snack.

Num Num Cookie Neighborhood Bakery Best Snacks at Hollywood Studios

Originally introduced in Disney California Adventure as “Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums,” the “Num Num Cookie” as it’s called at the Neighborhood bakery, has made its way into Disney World too, and we couldn’t be happier!

The Num Num is a tall and thick cookie outside, but when you break into the middle, it’s filled with gooey, chocolatey pieces that melt in your mouth, and all over your face sometimes! This has to be the best chocolate chip cookie on property and a snack you must try in Hollywood Studios.

14. Chocolate Chestnut Pinecone – Trolley Car Cafe

Hollywood Studios Snacks

Ok, so we’re cheating a little because this treat only comes out around the holidays, but it’s so good that we couldn’t bear the thought of leaving it off our list. It’s one of the most unique snacks at Hollywood Studios and comes with one of the more elaborate presentations you will find, great for photos!

This snack is made up of a super rich and creamy chocolate mousse in the form of a pinecone. It sits on top of a praline leaf which is a mixture of chocolate shavings and nuts. The chestnut flavor is very subtle but it’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

15. Oga’s Obsession – Oga’s Cantina

Oga's Obsession Oga's Cantina in Hollywood Studios Best Snacks List

I can’t remember a time I went into Oga’s Cantina and DIDN’T get Oga’s Obsession. It definitely wins the award for the most unique snack at Hollywood Studios and you can think of this as Star Wars’ version of Jello.

The gelatin is flavored to lemonade and cotton candy, but it’s the blueberry popping pearls at the bottom of the cup that keep me coming back for more. I also love the contrast in textures with the hard rock candies on top. Let’s just say this is now Ziggy’s Obsession too!

That’s the end of our list of the 15 best snacks at Hollywood Studios. We keep going back time and time again for these savory and sweet treats and we hope you do to! You should be well prepared now on your next visit with this complete list of snacks!

Please leave me a comment down below and let me know what your favorite Hollywood Studios snacks are and what you think I left off the list!

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