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Disney’s Jungle Cruise Film Pushed Back to July 2020

There have been a series of moves lately in the film releases at Walt Disney Studios and a part of that is the release date for Disney’s Jungle Cruise film has been pushed back to July 24th, 2020.

Dwayne Johnson made this news official today when he posted on his Twitter account:

The original Jungle Cruise movie was supposed to come out on October 11, 2019, and comes at a strange time seeing as nothing has come out so far about production problems and the Jungle Cruise just finished wrapping up shooting last month.  It seems as this though is one of a series of moves by Walt Disney Studios to try to fill other holes it has in its production schedule.

Marvel fans won’t be happy to learn that the Jungle Cruise takes the place of the yet-to-be-named Marvel film set for the July 31th opening slot.  We know after James Gunn being let go by Disney and leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise behind, Disney is still searching for a director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, which was supposed to come out in 2020.

Disney can’t leave a big summer blockbuster slot like that empty and apparently felt it was worth delaying the Jungle Cruise release by 9 months and putting it there instead.  If the Fox deal had already been finalized by now and Marvel had access to the X-Men characters this might not be an issue, but they are in somewhat of a jam after the Gunn situation and the studio doesn’t have very many options at this time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the Jungle Cruise film is like, so let’s hope this isn’t a problem with the actual movie itself but just scheduling conflict.  Who knows, with Disney’s previous Summer success, maybe in the long run this will turn out to be a better spot for it anyways.  We’ll keep an eye out on the story as is progresses…

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Jungle Cruise film getting its release date delayed till July 2020…

  • Are you looking forward to the movie?
  • Is the July spot better for it?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Source: Eleuthera News


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