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PHOTOS: Millennium Falcon Projection Domes Outside Attraction in Galaxy’s Edge

In this latest Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update, we’re going to look at all the progress thought the land, including the Millennium Falcon Projection Domes laying on the ground outside of the attraction.  We’re also going to look at some additions made to the Battle Escape attraction queue.

Lots has changed since our last update when we saw some new building foundations being put in and a look back at all the progress over the last year in Galaxy’s Edge.  Disney has also submitted a patent for Immersive Multimedia Hotel Rooms which might give us some insight to what the Star Wars Hotel is going to be like!

Big shoutout again to @bioreconstruct over on Twitter who always takes amazing aerial shots of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, while we can stay safely grounded!  Let’s jump in and take a look!

In our first shot we can see both the new lands coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Here’s an aerial view of Galaxy’s Edge from the side of the First Order Battle Escape attraction:

Star Wars galaxy's edge aerial

Here you get a shot of the restaurants and marketplace area.  We now know the layout of the restaurants coming to Galaxy’s Edge, both the quick service and the Star Wars Cantina and I’m going to spending days there I know!

As we head over to the Battle Escape attraction we can see new elements of the queue construction for the attraction in place.  In the middle of the image you can see the arrow pointing to some curved metal.  That will be part of the overhang on the exit for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.  On the right you can see part of the attraction queue itself forming which will transport guests from the queue entrane to the first show area where guests will be debriefed on their mission:

Star Wars galaxy's edge battle escape attraction

Here’s another shot of the overhang:

Star Wars galaxy's edge battle escape attraction

This arrow indicates that wall of the Battle Escape attraction has been finished and closed off.  That is where the pre-show area will take place and you will be brought there entering the queue in the front section of the same building:

Star Wars galaxy's edge battle escape

A while back I showed you how the Battle Escape queue would be laid out, and you can see a distinction between the tunnel area where the middle arrow is, and the beginning of the attraction queue forming where the right arrow is:

Star Wars galaxy's edge entrance

Now let’s go over to the Millennium Falcon ride:

Star Wars galaxy's edge millennium falcon attraction

This is the entrance where the huge model of the Millennium Falcon will eventually we stationed:

Star Wars galaxy's edge millennium falcon attraction

Here’s a shot from up above.  There is so much going on up top on the roof.  Mostly only the rockwork on the front of the building has been built up, but eventually there will be many more spires starting to rise.  You can also see the complex system for A/C they have going on there:

Millennium Falcon Projection Domes

What really interesting are the Millennium Flacon projection domes outside the back of the attraction.  They are being loaded into the attraction slowly and will be part of the system which simulates your flight in the Millennium Falcon.  We recently saw just a clip of what this incredible technology will be able to do when NVIDIA was testing it out:

Millennium Falcon Projection Domes

This wasn’t the only news today out of Galaxy’s Edge, we also got photos of the entrance leading into Galaxy’s Edge from Grand Ave now totally blocked by trees and hiding the sight lines into the land, therefore preserving the ambiance.

Still don’t know when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is opening yet.  October/November 2019 is most likely, with maybe some soft openings first.   As soon as we have more info we’ll let you know!

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Millennium Falcon Projection Domes in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

  • Are you excited for Galaxy’s Edge?
  • Which attraction are you looking most forward to?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photos: @Bioreconstruct

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