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First On-Ride Image of Millennium Falcon Attraction in Galaxy’s Edge

Millennium Falcon Attraction ride imageWe don’t know all that much about the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run ride yet, but thanks to NVIDIA, who is working with Walt Disney Imagineering on the new attraction we now know more!  Today we got a look at the first on-ride image of Millennium Falcon attraction in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and have a little better idea of how it’s going to be.  We did get an image of what the Millennium Falcon queue will look like just outside the cockpit, but it’s nice to get an actual on-ride image too!

This picture was taken from a video sequence created by ILMxLAB, showing the detail and immersion that the attraction will offer.  This is ground breaking technology that Walt Disney Imagineering and NVIDIA are developing, and according to them, five projectors will be synchronized to take the riders through the world of Batuu on Galaxy’s Edge.

Quadro Sync synchronizes five projectors for the creation of dazzling ultra-high resolution, perfectly timed displays to fully immerse the riders in the word of planet Batuu.

“We worked with NVIDIA engineers to use Quadro-specific features like Mosaic and cross-GPU reads to develop a renderer that had performance characteristics we needed,” says Bei Yang, technology studio executive at Disney Imagineering. The attraction uses a “single BOXX chassis packed with eight high-end NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs, connected via Quadro SLI.  Using the eight connected GPUs allowed us to achieve performance unlike anything before.”

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all that tech jargon, I think it translates to: “It’s going to be seriously awesome!”   As if I wasn’t already through-the-roof-excited for the Millennium Falcon attraction, I just got even more excited!!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening in Disneyland May 31, 2019 and in Hollywood Studios August 29, 2019.

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the new Millennium Falcon Attraction ride image.

  • What are your thoughts so far about Millennium Falcon?
  • Which attraction are you more looking forward to in Galaxy’s Edge?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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News Source: NVIDIA

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