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2024 EPCOT International Festival of the Arts Menus (Food, Dates, and Details)

Again this upcoming year one of our favorite events in Walt Disney World is back…the 2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts. This year the festival is going back to normal and there are a lot of fun things planned when you visit.  Where else can you eat food this delicious, but also looks this incredible??

2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts return

Disney has just announced new information for the EPCOT Festival of the Arts in 2024 including the Full menus! In this post, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about it including Dates, New Food Studios, Full Menus, Tickets, and more!

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When is the EPCOT Festival of the Arts in 2024?

painting at EPCOT Festival of the Arts

In 2024 the EPCOT Festival of the Arts will be celebrated for a whole 39 days from January 12 – February 19, 2024, which is the exact same length as last year. It’s not the absolute longest festival they’ve had, but it’s close.

A couple of years ago, the festival had a slightly reduced format, but this year is back to normal, dropping the name “Taste of Festival of the Arts” and returning to its normal name “EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.”

Just recently, Disney released the first details about the Entertainment, Menus, Interactive Events, Workshops, Entertainment, and more! 

The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts if it is anything like its predecessors, will be a blast. It may even be our favorite EPCOT festival when you take into consideration all factors. It’s also fun for the whole family with lots of interactive exhibits and things to keep the kids occupied.

2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts artists

Here is just an idea of what you can expect when the event debuts in January:

  • Culinary delights from Food Studios around World Showcase
  • Disney on Broadway concert series – featuring talented entertainers performing Disney songs live.
  • The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine – a fun food stroll featuring five delicious sweet and savory treats
  • Chalk artists turning walkways into stunning landscapes and portraits
  • Photo ops where you can step into famous artwork
  • A paint-by-number mural
  • Figment’s Brush with the Masters scavenger hunt
  • Performance and visual artists 
  • Special festival merchandise

More than 100 Disney and visiting artists will showcase their dazzling works throughout EPCOT. Guests can spot artists at work from the Disney Artist Gallery and the WonderGround Gallery, accompanied by pieces from ACME Archives, Thomas Kinkade Studios, Wyland Galleries, and POP Gallery.

The Disney on Broadway concert series will also be returning in 2024. It’s back for the third year in a row after being closed in 2021. The concerts include some of your favorite entertainers performing Disney songs live at the America Gardens Theater in the American Adventure pavilion.

EPCOT Festival of the Arts

This year during the Festival of the Arts celebration there is going to be a whole bunch of new entertainment available for guests to enjoy as EPCOT is in the middle of a big transformation project. We’ll keep you up-to-date on those as Disney releases more info.

And don’t forget the food!!  In addition to all the already yummy items over the past new year, Disney is debuting many NEW food and drink items, and each one looks better than the other!  Let’s find out what you can find in 2024…

(UPDATE) Food Studio Menus Announced for EPCOT Festival of the Arts

2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts food

Disney just released the menus for this year’s EPCOT Festival of the Arts and we can finally get a good idea of what to expect.

There are a total of 18 food studios at the Festival of the Arts this year which means there are two more than the 16 food studios last year. Of those, one of our favorite food studios, Cuisine Classique is back after a hiatus last year. Many of the remaining food studios will be carried over from last year, so if you can enjoy them once again.

2023 EPCOT Festival of the Arts food

Here is a full list of the 18 EPCOT Festival of the Arts Food Studios:

  • The Artist’s Table (American Adventure)
  • The Craftsman’s Courtyard (Near Disney Traders)
  • Cuisine Classique
  • Deco Delights (Near Port of Entry)
  • The Deconstructed Dish (Near Port of Entry)
  • El Artista Hambriento (Mexico)
  • Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food and Little Sparks of Magic – NEW!
  • Goshiki (Japan)
  • Gourmet Landscapes (Canada)
  • L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise (France)
  • L’Arte di Mangiare (Italy)
  • The Painted Panda (China)
  • Pastoral Palate (Germany)
  • Pop Eats (Near Port of Entry)
  • Refreshment Outpost
  • Refreshment Port
  • Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina (Morocco)
  • Vibrante & Vívido: Encanto Cocina (Between Morocco & France)

All of these studios will serve up art-inspired menus appealing to a variety of palates, so they are not only delicious but true works of art!

Besides the 18 official food studios, there are an additional 2 locations serving food and drinks:

  • Funnel Cake
  • Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company (all 4 in-park locations)

They are also bringing back the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine from last year, a fun food stroll highlighting five sweet and savory offerings listed in the Festival Passport. Once guests have purchased and received a stamp for all five items, they’ll earn a delectable Artist Palette Cookie.

Keep reading below for more info on the menus and other activities coming to the Festival of the Arts in 2024.

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Menus

EPCOT Festival of the Arts 2024

Disney has already released the full menus for the 2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts, and we are sure there are going to be even more yummy snacks than ever! There are some returning favorites but plenty of new options to discover.

While we are waiting for the 2024 menus, here is what we had last year:

Guests will discover a delicious variety of art-inspired menus at 18 Food Studios throughout World Showcase, plus 4 additional locations for a total of 22 places to eat and drink at the festival.

Strangely, there are not any new food studios in 2024: after Moderne and Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food, and Little Sparks of Magic debuted at last year’s festival. Both featured artfully presented cuisine and beverages as visually appealing as they are delicious.

Check out all the menus below to get a feel for what kind of food is served, and start writing down all the different items you are going to try once the festival starts!

Included in there are many NEW offerings that have my mouth watering already!  The menus include:

The Artist’s Table – (The American Adventure)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts The Artist’s Table

Treat your senses to artistically elevated comfort foods—like meatloaf, dumplings, hummingbird cake and more. Pair your dish with beer or a glass of wine.


  • Duck and Dumplings: Smoked duck breast, ricotta dumplings, baby vegetables, and duck jus
  • Hummingbird Cake: Banana and pecan cake dipped in cream cheese icing with caramel sauce and warm pineapple compote


  • Wicked Weed Pineapple Daydream IPA (New)
  • Brew Hub Jazzberry Wheat Jam Ale (New)
  • Lost Coast Brewery Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout (New)
  • Migration Pinot Noir (New)
  • Beer Flight – ($10.00)

The Craftsman’s Courtyard – (Near Creations Shop)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts The Craftsman’s Courtyard

Enjoy carefully crafted classics, like beef Wellington and roasted mussels—as well as a flavorful beer or cocktail.


  • Grilled Pork Belly with salsa verde, broccoli rabe, pickled peppers, and raclette cheese on grilled sourdough (New)
  • Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak with caramelized onions and mushrooms, blue cheese fondue, and arugula on a grilled French roll (New)


  • BrewDog Jet Black Heart Nitro Oatmeal Stout
  • Coffee Old Fashioned Cocktail

Cuisine Classique

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Cuisine Classique


  • Beef Wellington: Mushroom duxelles, prosciutto, and puff pastry with red wine demi-glace
  • Cast Iron-roasted P.E.I. mussels with sautéed tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs


  • Gulf Stream Brewing Company Sum of All Colors IPA (New)
  • Tesselaarsdal Pinot Noir (New)

Deco Delights – (Showcase Plaza)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Deco Delights

Deco Delights is described as “from the gilded glamor of the roaring 20’s to the bright pastels of Miami Beach.” It returns after replacing Decadent Delights from a few years ago.


  • Neapolitan Dessert Trio: Chocolate tart, vanilla bean cheesecake, and strawberry mousse (New) (The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Item)


  • 3 Daughters Strawberry Blonde Nitro (6 oz. $5.00, 12oz. $9.00)
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Vanilla Porter
  • Playalinda Brewing Co. Milk Stout
  • Espresso Martini featuring Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka (New) 
  • Beer Flight – ($10.00)

The Deconstructed Dish – (Showcase Plaza)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts The Deconstructed Dish
Deconstructed Strawberry Cheesecake: Whipped, New York Style Cheesecake with Fresh Florida Strawberries and Sugar Cookies with Micro-basil

Rediscover your favorite dishes fragmented and presented in a playful way—like a BLT, French onion soup and key lime pie.


  • Deconstructed BLT: Pork belly, onion bread pudding, watercress espuma, and tomato jam
  • Deconstructed Key Lime Pie: Flexible Key Lime Curd, “Key Lime” Mousse, Graham Cracker Cake, and Meringues (The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Item)


  • Deconstructed Strawberry Mint Julep (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Wicked Weed Brewing Blank Canvas Belgian Blonde Witbier
  • Deconstructed Strawberry Mint Julep with bourbon 

El Artista Hambriento “The Hungry Artist” – (Mexico Pavilion)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts El Artista Hambriento

A fiesta of flavor awaits! Delight in classic Mexican fare—from savory carne asada to creamy coconut flan.


  • Carne Asada: Chipotle-marinated beef sirloin, grilled queso fresco, Nopales salad with queso fresco foam and chicharron dust


  • Mexican Craft Beer: Cielito Lindo Artisanal Mexican Craft Beer  – ($10.00)
  • Rubí Delicioso Margarita: Tromba Blanco Tequila, Lejay Blackcurrant Liqueur, citrus, mint, spicy agave, and beet juice
  • Smokey Banana Bliss Margarita: Ten to One Rum, Ilegal Mezcal Joven, banana purée, and lime juice

Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food and Little Sparks of Magic – NEW

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey: Art, Food, and Little Sparks of Magic

Sweeten your day with colorful treats, like a rainbow cake, and the Pop’t Art—a sugar cookie with a fun twist. You’ll also find a variety of beers and hard ciders.


  • Blueberry-filled Pastry Tart with purple icing (Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Item)  
  • Rainbow Cake with freeze-dried SKITTLES bite-sized candies 
  • Figment Premium Popcorn Bucket with Rainbow Popcorn (Limit 2 per guest) – ($25.00)


  • Grape Smoothie with freeze dried SKITTLES bite sized candies (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Black Cherry Hard Cider
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Blood Orange Hard Cider
  • 3 Daughters Brewing Passion Fruit Hard Cider
  • Rainbow Hard Cider Flight
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Green with Envy Blonde Ale
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Blue Butterfly Lager
  • Urban Artifact The Gadget Raspberry & Blackberry Midwest Fruit Tart
  • Rainbow Beer Flight

Funnel Cakes – The American Adventure

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Funnel Cake


  • Crazy Chocolate Funnel Cake Sandwich: Mini funnel cake sandwich with vanilla ice cream, rainbow whipped cream, strawberry sauce, powdered sugar, and sprinkles (New)

Goshiki – (Japan)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Goshiki

Celebrate the Japanese culinary arts with delectable dishes featuring “the 5 colors” of Japanese cuisine. Highlights include sushi donuts, daifuku mochi, and sake.


  • Wagyu Bun: Steamed bun filled with American wagyu beef served with green shiso sauce
  • Sushi Donut: Donut-shaped sushi featuring salmon, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, and sesame seed over a decorated plate of wasabi aïoli, sriracha, and eel sauce – ($8.50)
  • Ichigo Mochi – Daifuku: Mixed berry mochi, sweet azuki bean paste, and mascarpone (New)


  • Murasaki Blueberry Drink: Sweet blueberry and cream (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Mikan Orange IPA
  • Masu Sake in a traditional personalized wooden cup
  • Blueberry Cocktail: Nigori sake with sweet blueberry, cream, and yuzu

Gourmet Landscapes – (Canada)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Gourmet Landscapes

Savor stunning dishes artfully composed with the finest ingredients that have been farmed and foraged from the land. Enjoy wild mushroom risotto, beet tartare, and other farm-fresh delights.


  • Verjus-roasted Beets with goat cheese, petite lettuce, blackberry gastrique, and spiced pecans (New) (The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Item)
  • Roasted Bone Marrow with onion marmalade, pickled mushrooms, and petite lettuce
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto with truffle shavings and zinfandel reduction (Plant-based Item)


  • Whole Hog Brewery Raspberry Chéret Double Radler
  • Schlumberger Cuvée Klimt Brut
  • The Meeker Vineyard Winemaker’s Handprint Merlot
  • Frozen Scotch Cocktail: Scotch and herbal tea garnished with a chocolate nail

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company
Joffrey’s Coffee


  • World Discovery (Near Mission: SPACE) – Pistachio Palette Cold Brew: A flavorful masterpiece featuring Joffrey’s Shakin’ JamaicanCold Brew, pistachio syrup, and milk topped with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles (Alcoholic version available with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur)
  • Canada Realism Roseberry Cold Brew: A lively swirl of flavors featuring Joffrey’s Shakin’ JamaicanCold Brew, strawberry rose syrup, and milk topped with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles (Alcoholic version available with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur)
  • Showcase Plaza (Near Disney Traders) – Brushstroke Berry Bliss: A vibrant combination of frozen lemon, Minute Maid Lemonade, raspberry syrup, and iced tea garnished with lemon (Alcoholic version available with Grey Goose Vodka)
  • The American Adventure Pastel Pineberry Frost: A pastel work of art featuring frozen lemon, Minute Maid Lemonade, and pineberry syrup garnished with lemon (Alcoholic version available with Grey Goose Vodka)

L’Art du Cuisine Francaise – (France)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts L’Art de la Cuisine Française

Discover delicious French treats and baked goods, from savory to sweet—including a black winter truffle croissant and warm brie in a bread bowl. Pair your dish with a French wine or frozen martini.


  • Crème de Brie en Petit Pain: Warm creamy brie in a house-made bread bowl – ($8.50)
  • Saumon Fumé Mousse et Aspic, Blini et Fromage de Chevre: Salmon mousse, smoked salmon, dill, and flaxseed biscuit, served cold (New)
  • Vol-au-Vent de Saumon et Epinards, Sauce Chardonnay: Puff pastry with salmon and spinach and a chardonnay-shallot sauce, served warm (New)
  • Duo de Saumon Hot and Cold: Enjoy both of the salmon offerings (New)
  • Moelleux aux Noisettes, Croustillant Noisettes, Coulis Framboise et Mangue: Molten Valrhona chocolate cake, hazelnut crunch, and mango-raspberry coulis (New)


  • Frozen French Martini: Vodka, black raspberry liqueur, pineapple, orange, and grape juice with lemon-lime foam – ($15.00)
  • Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail: St. Germain Liqueur, sparkling wine, and mint (New)
  • Charles Lafitte, Brut Rosé Prestige, Méthode Traditionnel Champenoise French Rosé Sparkling Wine
  • Pinot Noir J. de Villebois (New)

L’Arte di Mangiare – (Italy)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts L’Arte di Mangiare
L’Aragosta and Bombolini

Indulge in Baroque cuisine, prepared with rich color and dramatic flavor. This food studio serves up fried mozzarella, ravioli, and more.


  • Mozzarella Fritta: Flash-fried breaded fresh mozzarella with artist palette condiments (New)
  • Conchiglie Ripiene: Baked stuffed conchiglie pasta with beef, ricotta, peas, pomodoro, and creamy sauce
  • Torta Ricotta di Cioccolata: Chocolate cheesecake and whipped cream


  • Peroni Pilsner – (6 oz. $5.00, 12oz. $9.00)
  • Langhe Nebbiolo
  • Prosecco – ($10.00)
  • Italian Sangria (Red or White) – ($11.00)
  • Italian Margarita with Tequila and Limoncello – ($11.00)
  • Elderflower Sparkling Cocktail: Mint-infused elderflower liqueur, prosecco, and sparkling blood orange

The Painted Panda – (China)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts The Painted Panda

Enjoy decorative cuisine inspired by magnificent Chinese art, like General Tso’s chicken shumai or the char siu pork bun. Plus, sip bubble tea, Chinese-inspired cocktails, and other refreshing beverages.


  • General Tso’s Chicken Shumai  – ($10.75)
  • Char Siu Pork Bun – ($8.50)
  • Sesame Balls with red bean paste


  • Black and White Bubble Tea with black tea, milk, chocolate, and black & white boba pearls (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Lucky Foo Pale Ale
  • Silk River Hard Lemonade with vodka, lavender-coconut syrup, and lemonade
  • Butterfly Blue: Butterfly pea flower-infused cocktail with vodka, light rum, lychee syrup, and magic boba pearls

Pastoral Palate (World Showcase)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Pastoral Palate

Help yourself to hearty dishes inspired by the rustic settings where Bavarian Folk Art was painted. Indulge in wild boar cassoulet, a red wine-braised beef short rib and more.


  • Red Wine-braised Beef Short Rib with parsnip purée, broccolini, baby tomatoes, and aged balsamic – ($8.25)
  • Black Forest Cake: Chocolate Mousse with morello cherries and Chantilly cream (New) 


  • 3 Daughters Brewing Rosé Hard Cider – (6 oz. $5.00, 12oz. $9.00)
  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Rosé Blonde Ale – (6 oz. $5.00, 12oz. $9.00)
  • Frozen Rosé – ($6.50)
  • A Play on Rosé Flight – ($10.50)
  • Marietta Old Vine Rosé

Pop Eats! – (Near Port of Entry)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Pop Eats

Delight in mouthwatering masterpieces inspired by the most captivating Pop Art of the 20th century. Highlights include tomato soup with grilled cheese, as well as the colorful almond frangipane cake.


  • Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese – ($5.25)
  • Tomato Soup with pimento cheese, bacon, and fried green tomato grilled cheese 
  • Rock the Dots White Chocolate and Orange Mousse with vanilla bean chiffon cake (New)


  • Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art Hazy IPA
  • Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux with boba pearls

Refreshment Port – (Showcase Plaza)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Refreshment Port
Lobster Poutine


  • Gnocchi Poutine with red wine-braised beef, cheese curds, basil, and burrata – ($9.00)
  • Artist Palette Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie – ($5.50)


  • Blood Orange Cosmo: Vodka with blood orange, cranberry, and lime – ($11.00)
  • Boulevard Brewing Co. Quirk Blueberry Lemon & Lavender Hard Seltzer (New)  

Refreshment Outpost – (Between China and Germany)


  • Parish Brewing Co. Blueberry Mochi Berliner Weisse
  • The Tank Brewing Co. Street Art Amber
  • Brewery Ommegang Neon Rainbows IPA

Refreshment Station


  • Frozen Slushy: Coca-Cola, dragon fruit, or watermelon

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina – (Morocco)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina

Take your taste buds on a Moroccan adventure as you enjoy delectable dishes like grilled kebabs, almond phyllo pockets, and more. Pair your dish with hard cider or the chai tea mint mimosa.


  • Grilled Kebabs with carrot-chickpea salad and garlic aïoli; Chermoula Chicken; Moroccan-spiced Lamb
  • Stone-baked Moroccan Bread with hummus, chermoula, and zhoug dips (Plant-based Item)
  • Chocolate Cake with pomegranate mousse and pomegranate whipped cream (New)


  • Twinings Chai Tea with Sprite and mint (Non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Blake’s Hard Cider Co. Grizzly Pear Hard Cider (New)
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Hard Cider (New)
  • Keel Farms Blueberry Lavender Hard Cider (New)
  • Chai Tea Mint Mimosa: Twinings Chai Tea with Key lime sparkling wine and mint (New)
  • Hard Cider Flight

Vibrante & Vívido Food Studio (Between Morocco & France)

EPCOT Festival of the Arts Vibrante & Vívido: Encanto Cocina

Feast on authentic Colombian cuisine inspired by the Disney animated film Encanto—like spicy ajiaco soup or a house-made empanada with chorizo.


  • Chorizo and Potato Empanada with turmeric aïoli and annatto aïoli (Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine Item)
  • Passion Fruit-filled Mango Cheesecake with coconut-pineapple cake, dragon fruit gelée, and dragon fruit-strawberry sauce (New)


  • Coconut and Passion Fruit Smoothie (non-alcoholic) – ($4.75)
  • Frozen Piña Colada – ($13.00)
  • Passion Fruit Daiquiri – ($14.00)

Disney on Broadway Concert Series

2024 EPCOT Festival of the Arts Disney on Broadway

Music is always a big part of any EPCOT festival, and that continues at this year’s 2024 Festival of the Arts with the Disney on Broadway Concert Series.

Each night at the America Gardens Theater you can sit back and listen to some of your favorite tunes performed from legendary Disney musicals. Each day different pairs of DISNEY ON BROADWAY stars are invited to perform some of the songs they helped make famous, plus other sensational Disney tunes.

Disney on Broadway Concerts Series
  • Location: America Gardens Theatre at EPCOT
  • Dates: January 12 to February 19, 2024
  • Showtimes: 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM and 8:00 PM

Disney on Broadway Schedule

Here is a list of the dates and performers for this year’s Disney on Broadway Concert Series.

Caissie Levy and Patti Murin (“Frozen”)

  • January 12
  • January 14-15
  • January 18
  • January 20
  • January 22-23

Heidi Blickenstaff (“Freaky Friday” and “The Little Mermaid”) and Gavin Lee (“Mary Poppins” and “Beauty and the Beast”)

  • January 13
  • January 16-17
  • January 19
  • January 21
  • January 24-25

Ashley Brown (“Mary Poppins” and “Beauty and the Beast”) and L. Steven Taylor (“The Lion King”)

  • January 26
  • January 28-29

Kissy Simmons (“The Lion King”) and Josh Strickland (“Tarzan”)

  • January 27
  • January 30-31

Mandy Gonzalez (“Aida”) and Michael James Scott (“Aladdin” and “Tarzan”)

  • February 9
  • February 11-12
  • February 15
  • February 18-19

Bradley Gibson (“Hercules” and “The Lion King”) and Shoba Narayan (“Aladdin”)

  • February 10
  • February 13-14
  • February 16-17
  • February 19

You can check out the dates and more information on the Disney World website.

Disney on Broadway Dining Packages

Getting to see one of the Disney on Broadway concerts is a highlight of any trip to the Festival of the Arts, however, getting a good seat can be a challenge. If you don’t want to have to wait with the crowds you can sign up for a Disney on Broadway Dining Package which will give you reserved seats for the concerts.

Choose from any of the following 8 EPCOT restaurants and get reserved seats for the show the same night as your dining package:

  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
  • Biergarten Restaurant
  • Coral Reef Restaurant
  • Garden Grill Restaurant
  • Rose & Crown Dining Room
  • Le Cellier
  • Spice Road Table
  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse (same-day, in-person walk-up packages only)

Prices vary widely depending on which restaurant you choose and which meal (dinners are more expensive of course). Prices start at $36 per person and go all the way to $99 per person.

An Appetizer, Entree, Dessert – or one full buffet/family-style meal (where applicable) – as well as a non-alcoholic beverage are all included in the packages. You must choose a dining reservation that starts at least 2.5 hours BEFORE the concert start time.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Norway Pavilion
Breakfast: $66 for adults; $42 for kids
Lunch/Dinner: $78 for adults; $50 for kids

Biergarten Restaurant – Germany Pavilion
$60 for adults; $34 for kids

Coral Reef Restaurant – The Seas Pavilion
$73 for adults; $29 for kids

The Garden Grill Restaurant – The Land Pavilion 
Breakfast: $58 for adults; $37 for kids
Lunch/Dinner: $73 for adults; $47 for kids

Le Cellier – Canada Pavilion
$99 for adults; $39 for kids

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue – American Adventure Pavilion
$36 for adults & kids
*(same-day dining packages only)

Rose & Crown Pub & Dining Room – UK Pavilion
$61 for adults; $26 for kids

Spice Road Table – Morocco Pavilion
$50 for adults; $21 for kids

Dining packages went on sale beginning December 19, 2023. For more info visit


EPCOT Festival of the Arts Activities

One of the coolest aspects of the EPCOT Festival of the Arts is all the activities made for both young and young at heart.  

Animation Academy

Head over to the America Gardens Theatre and learn how to draw a Disney Character from an animation artist. Held daily at 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm in the America Gardens Theatre.

Art In Performance

Watch in awe as an artist paints a Disney character in only minutes.

  • Location: World Showcase Plaza
  • Showtimes: 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

Art Defying Gravity

Performing artists are scheduled throughout the festival, demonstrating gravity-defying feats of strength, acrobatics, and many other skills.

  • Location: World Showcase Plaza
  • Showtimes: Saturday through Wednesday at 11:00 am, 11:55 am, 1:50 pm and 2:45 pm.

Artful Photo Ops

At the Artful Photo Opportunities, guests can step inside masterworks of art and take photos with friends. These photo ops are located throughout EPCOT:

  • An homage to Frida Kahlo
    Mexico Pavilion
  • Birth of Venus – Sandro Botticelli 
    Italy Pavilion Courtyard
  • Café Terrace at Night and Sunflowers – Vincent van Gogh 
    Bridge to World Showcase
  • Luncheon of the Boating Party – Pierre-Auguste Renoir 
    International Gateway
  • Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci 
    Between Italy Pavilion and Germany Pavilion
  • Peter Pan Storybook
    Bridge to World Showcase
  • The Scream – Edvard Munch 
    Between Italy Pavilion and Germany Pavilion
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware – Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze 
    The American Adventure Pavilion

Chalk Art

Discover how chalk can turn an ordinary piece of pavement into a canvas for imaginative masterpieces!

street painting Festival of the Arts EPCOT

You can even learn to improve your own artistic skills by learning how to draw a Disney Character.


Grab a seat at the hottest show in EPCOT––featuring dazzling songs from award-wining DISNEY ON BROADWAY musicals.

Drawing on Inspiration: Celebrating 50 Years of Magic

Discover dazzling depictions of Walt Disney World attractions illustrated by Disney Imagineers from around the world. These pieces of art are located near Creations Shop.

Expression Section: A Paint by Numbers Mural

Everyone’s invited to grab a paintbrush and help create a wall mural along World Showcase Plaza. Leave your mark on the festival by adding a bit of color to a larger-than-life mural with fellow artists.

  • Where: World Nature
  • When: Daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Festival of the Arts Wall Painting

Figment’s Brush with the Masters

Help Figment learn about art on this delightful scavenger hunt around World Showcase. Guests can join in the fun of Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt by purchasing a map at select merchandise locations.

To get started, purchase your map and stickers at Port of Entry, Creations Shop or World Traveler. Then, search for Figment hiding inside famous works of art at each World Showcase pavilion—just look for the Figment-themed picture frame.

Every time you find Figment, add the corresponding sticker to the pavilion on your map. Once your journey is complete, return your map to Disney Traders or World Traveler for an artful surprise!

Cost: $9.99, plus tax. Available while supplies last and subject to availability.

Kid’s Chalk Art

Create a chalk art masterpiece with the entire family!

  • Where: World Nature near The Land
  • When: Daily from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Visual Art in Performance

Behold a high-energy, on-stage performance by a guest visual artist painting favorite Disney characters. In just minutes, colorful Disney images magically appear before your eyes.

Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine

If you’re up for a delicious challenge, don’t miss the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine. This fun food stroll highlights yummy sweet and savory offerings in all the colors of the rainbow. Your handy Festival Passport will show where to make your picturesque purchases and receive stamps in your passport. Once you’ve collected five stamps, bring your passport to Deco Delights Food Studio to receive a complimentary surprise.

The Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine can be completed at your leisure – so you can enjoy a new treat every time you visit throughout the festival.


2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts Details

The EPCOT Festival of the Arts is an incredibly fun time and definitely the most underrated EPCOT Festival of the year.  There are fewer crowds, the food is in bigger portions than the Food and Wine Festival and there are so many cool exhibits and games to keep you busy.  

If you haven’t been to the Festival of the Arts yet, we highly recommend it, and 2024 is a much better time to come than last year. If you have to decide between coming in 2024 or the following year, both are great but the sooner you can go the better.

If you are going to be in Walt Disney World in January or February, then we highly recommend putting a trip to EPCOT on your to-do list.

Read our Review of our First Visit to the EPCOT Festival of the Arts event.

We’ll keep updating you so check back for more info.

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Saturday 25th of November 2023

My husband and I attended the festival last year and throughly enjoyed it.Looking forward to going again in January.Thanks for all the tips


Monday 30th of October 2023

Will be there. Looks great. Thanks for the info.

kamir bouchareb st

Sunday 23rd of January 2022


Adam Tanalski

Saturday 8th of January 2022

Hi We love the FESTIVAL. Can I get a list of artists and when they will be appearing ??? Thanks


Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

Festival of the Arts

The art they peddle is Disney charater art reproductions and of course,

The Art form they have perfected SEPERATING YOU FROM YOUR MONEY !