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Self-Serve Beverage Stations are Back in Disney World

After months and months of being off-limits, self-service drink stations are back in Walt Disney World and guests can now get their own drinks in some locations.

Disney World drink stations

Since the Disney World reopening there have been many new changes and procedures for guests to get used to in the parks and at the resorts. One has been not being able to get your own drinks at any of the drink stations at quick service restaurants.

The way it has worked in previous months is you walk up to the beverage station for a drink or with your re-fillable resort mug and a cast member would help you. They were separated from the guests behind a rope and you would tell them what you want and they did the filling.

Now in some locations that has already started changing and guests can do it themselves. In fact, when we checked it out, there were no longer any cast members there managing the stations.

Of course, with this change at the beverage stations there are still some safety procedures that guests must follow.

Disney World beverage stations

Even though guests can now walk up to the drink stations themselves, there are still arrows pointing you in the right direction where to start so there isn’t too much traffic.

Also it is indicated on the beverage stations that only one party at a time should refill their drinks. That means social distancing remains in tact and you need to wait your turn.

This is one of the many recent changes to the Disney World safety guidelines guests have been following since the reopening.

Recently, the face mask policy at Disney World was changed to allow guests to remove the masks for photos in the parks. Also, hand washing stations have been removed from the theme parks.

Right now, not all beverage stations are self-service at Disney World, but many of them have already made the switch. The rest of them will likely change over in the coming days and we’ll keep an eye out on any more changes.

Your Thoughts

I want to know what you think about self-service drink stations coming back to Disney World…

  • Are you happy about this change?
  • What other changes would like to see happen?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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