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Disney Dreams That Soar | New Disney Springs Drone Show

In an exciting announcement, Disney has confirmed that a new nighttime drone show is coming to Disney Springs in Walt Disney World in Summer 2024.

Disney Dreams That Soar Disney Springs show

Guests visiting Walt Disney World love a good nighttime show, and we are excited to know that the new show “Disney Dreams That Soar” will be available for late night visitors to Disney Springs. That means that even after you are done shopping or enjoying a meal, you will be able to watch a nighttime spectacular.

“Disney Dreams That Soar” is a limited-time experience and will run nightly from May 24 through September 2, 2024. At this time, it’s only going to be a summertime show, and there is no word yet on whether it will stick around past that.

What is it going to be like? As per Disney’s description:

“At Disney Springs, drones take to the skies above Lake Buena Vista with “Disney Dreams That Soar,” a summertime experience that will be a late-night perk for visitors.

“You can fly” takes on a whole new meaning as we showcase Disney stories celebrating the joy of flight with state-of-the-art drones choreographed to create designs in the sky and paired with a “soaring” musical score (see what I did there?) and memorable movie quotes.”

It also mentions that the show will take place in the “skies above the West Side with a show amongst the stars.” This makes sense since Disney is always trying to drive traffic to that end of the complex, so the more visitors to the West Side, the better.

If you have been following, you may know that Disney has been testing drones already this year at Disney Springs, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise we are getting this new show. Drones were used in the limited-time show at Disney Springs “Starbright Holidays” for the 2016 holiday season. That show was approximately 5 minutes long and had over 300 drones creating intricate designs along to holiday music.

They have also had success with drone shows in Disneyland Paris recently with “Disney Electrical Sky Parade” which uses 500 drones to recreate moments from the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade.

And Disney used drones in other shows such as EPCOT Forever when it replaced Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, and they’ve been developing drone technology for instances exactly like this all the way since 2014.

We are thrilled with this announcement, and happy to add another show to our list of Disney World nighttime spectaculars.


Will this new show perform every night in Disney Springs?

Yes, the “Disney Dreams That Soar” show will run nightly, so it doesn’t matter when you go to see it. However, Disney Springs is always more packed on the weekend, so we would probably avoid Friday and Saturday nights since more locals come and pack it out.

Will there be any fireworks?

No. This is clearly being labeled as a “drone show”, so don’t expect any fireworks over the Marketplace anytime soon.

What time should I find a spot for the show?

Once we find out the showtimes, we will let you know what time you need to find a spot. Our guess is you will want to show up at least 15-20 minutes ahead of time for optimal viewing.

It’s not going to be as popular as Happily Ever After or anything, but if the show becomes popular, it could get crowded, especially if you are going on the weekend.

Where is the best place to watch the Disney Springs drone show?

First, we need to find out exactly where the majority of the visuals are going to be taking place for the show, then we will be able to tell you where is the best place to see them from. It will be happening on “the West Side”, but I would imagine that anywhere along the lake in Disney Springs will give you a good vantage point.

Here is a list of the potential best viewing locations for the Disney Dreams That Soar:

  • Exposition Park
  • Summer House on the Lake
  • Near the Aerophile balloon launch point
  • Jock Lindsey’s – On the back porch
  • The Boathouse – On the back launch dock
  • Paddlefish – On the top deck
  • Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort – Anywhere on the walkway across the lake

The locations at the top of the list are on the West Side, so they will probably offer you a better view, and we’ll have to see how far away you can actually see the show from to confirm the other locations. I would assume the show will be more toward the middle of the lake so you should be able to see it beyond just the West Side.

That wraps up our thoughts on the new show “Disney Dreams That Soar.” We hope that it ends up being worth it as it could really add to the list of many reasons to spend an evening or two in Disney Springs on your next trip.

We will have much more to share with you soon when Disney releases more details, so stay tuned!

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Sunday 24th of March 2024

Sounds good. Nice draw to DS. Hopefully it lasts longer as we're not coming till the end of Sept.