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Walt Disney World Railroad Not Reopening Until 2021

The Walt Disney World Railroad in Disney’s Magic Kingdom has been closed now since December 3, 2018, and it’s not opening anytime soon. It now looks like the Railroad is going to be closed through all 2020 and into 2021.

The Walt Disney World Railroad originally closed due to construction on the new TRON roller coaster which is being built in Tomorrowland. The track had to be taken up and moved in order to make room for this new E-Ticket attraction in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney has to build out the infrastructure of the TRON coaster in that area and across the train tracks, hence the reason for the closure.

Up until now, however, it was thought that the Walt Disney World Railroad would be reopening at some time in 2020. Now it looks like internal refurbishment calendars have pushed that opening date back once again, and it will be reopening closer to the time that the Tron Lightcycle Run coaster opens in 2021.

Even since the beginning of the construction, it seems like plans have changed for the Railroad.

Concept Art for TRON Lightcycle Run Roller Coaster

At first, the train was going to pass directly under the coaster, unprotected. Now with the latest concept art for the TRON coaster, it looks like there will instead be a tunnel built under the coaster, keeping the Tomorrowland theming of the future intact, instead of a turn of the century locomotive passing by.

tunnel for Walt Disney World Railroad under TRON coaster

No actual date has been given yet for the reopening, but that’s to be expected since we are still so far out. A lot depends on the construction progress of the TRON coaster and if there are any delays on that project. The sooner they can get that open, the sooner we’ll have the Railroad back up and running.

The interesting thing is that on the calendar, the Frontierland and Fantasyland stations are listed as having an earlier opening than the whole Railroad. In the past, the train in Disneyland has operated in “shuttle mode,” only going back and forth between these two stations and not making the entire loop.

railroad tracks for Walt Disney World Railroad Tron Roller Coaster construction update October 2019
photo by @bioreconstruct on Twitter

It’s possible the Walt Disney World Railroad could do the same thing, thereby not going near the TRON construction site. We’ll keep a close eye on this to see if it’s just an error in the scheduling, or if Disney plans to open that part of the attraction first.

The good news is that right now you can still see the Walt Disney World Railroad as it is parked temporarily at the Main Street Station.  Guests can get an up-close look at the train and even get some good photo opportunities while it’s stopped.

Stay tuned to Ziggy Knows Disney for the latest updates on the Walt Disney World Railroad refurbishment and other closures around the parks!

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