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VIDEO: Happily Ever After Fireworks Rehearsal Footage

Happily Ever After Fireworks RehearsalThe countdown is on and we only have 1 more week until we get a brand new fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom.  This week the Disney had the cameras rolling as they performed a Happily Ever After Fireworks Rehearsal, and it looks absolutely stunning!  Everyone was really worried including me when the news came out about “Wishes” going away, and while I’ll miss it for sure, this new show has the potential to be better than anything WDW has ever seen.

Just watching the little part we’ve seen so far leads me to believe we can rest easy.  The technology behind Happily Ever After is vastly superior to Wishes and it’s not even close.  The projections on the castle are really and makes everything really come to life.  I felt like I was watching a movie.  Really incredible!  You can also see some new fireworks in there with different shapes and some seem much bigger than the Wishes ones.

You can see the Happily Ever After fireworks rehearsal for yourself in the video below:

The thing I was most worried about was the music, because I really loved the music and voices from Wishes, but after a few listens to Happily Ever After it’s a really catchy tune and I have to say really powerful as well.

Get your fill of Wishes this week folks, because after that Happily Ever After is here to stay!  Happily Ever After debuts May 12th.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think so far about the Happily Ever After Fireworks rehearsal.  Do you like the show so far?  What’s your favorite part?    Let us know in the comments section below!

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