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New Tomorrowland Sign Installed in Magic Kingdom with New Style

(UPDATE 9/17/19): The sign at the entrance to Tomorrowland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom was taken down a couple months ago, and today a new sign was installed in its place. We have the pictures to show you what it looks like and give our opinion if we think the change was good or not.

Please be sure to leave us a comment below too and let us know what you think of the new Tomorrowland Sign…

Scroll all the way down for the latest updates including the new sign!

Original Story:

Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

You can’t miss this iconic landmark on the bridge which brings you into Tomorrowland, but Disney wants a whole new look to get ready for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021. In fact, in the last year or so Disney has been changing up the look on the signage through the middle of Tomorrowland in hopes of giving it a newer, fresher look.

According to wdwmagic the removal of the Tomorrowland sign will begin this week. (Disney removed the sign Tuesday July 9, 2019).

I don’t know exactly what they will do to get it any more “futuristic” than it already is, but it sure will be interesting to see what they can come up with.

Tomorrowland Entrance and sign Magic Kingdom

In the meantime Tomorrowland will not really be affected by the removal of the entrance sign. The bridge leading into Tomorrowland will also remain open during the construction and guests shouldn’t be affected all that much. You just won’t be able to take any nice pictures there for a while! 😉

UPDATE 7/10/19:

Disney just might have revealed what the new Tomorrowland entrance sign will look like a bit earlier than expected.

New Tomorrowland entrance sign revealed

A quick look over at My Disney Experience shows a different design for the Tomorrowland entrance sign. The sign is positioned in the same place on the bridge, but it’s missing the whole top part of the old sign.

The marquee is different also and it doesn’t have the lights around it like before, the orbs on the side are missing as well as the whole bottom part of the inside:

New Tomorrowland entrance sign revealed

This is definitely a cleaner, more simple sign than before, but I’m not sure it really screams: “Future.” In fact to me it looks less futuristic than before. It does kind of match some of the other Tomorrowland sign changes so it’s not surprising.

Again Disney hasn’t released any official photos of the new sign, but if this artwork on My Disney Experience is correct, this is what the new sign will look like. Ultimately we’ll have to wait and see once Disney announces it, or when it goes up.

UPDATE 9/17/19:

The new sign has arrived and we stopped by the Magic Kingdom today to check it out! Let’s see:

Looking over towards Tomorrowland from The Hub you can see the new sign off in the distance to the left of the rocks:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

The design is the same as we saw a couple of months ago:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

It’s a much simpler, and sleeker sign than before, just plain white:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

You can see the stark contrast with the steampunk design of Tomorrowland behind the sign. It doesn’t really fit in, but that’s changing too:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom
New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

The writing is very simple too, and only the word: Tomorrowland is written on it:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom
New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

The curved sign is supported by twin arches on either side of the walkway:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom
New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

The new sign honestly isn’t very noticeable. The old version was definitely an eye-catcher (for good or bad), but this new one kind of blends in as you walk past it.

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

Here’s a backside look at the writing on the sign:

New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom
New Tomorrowland Sign in Disney's Magic Kingdom

Overall we are pleased with the new Tomorrowland sign. Obviously during the day it looks beautiful, but at night will anyone be able to see this sign?

As you can see from the previous photos in this article of the old sign, that one really stood out as it was illuminated at night with bright colors. I’m not sure what Disney is going to do to make it stand out, or maybe they don’t want it to?

We’ll have to see…

Changing the sign is only one of the many changes coming to Tomorrowland in the next couple years as Disney is currently in the middle of the TRON roller coaster construction which will add this major E-Ticket attraction to the Magic Kingdom.

We’ll bring you more info on all the changes coming to Tomorrowland soon, so stay tuned here at for the latest Disney parks news.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Tomorrowland replacement in the Magic Kingdom…

  • Are you happy about the change?
  • Do you like the new or old design better?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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