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First Look at Star Wars Land Model at D23 Expo

Star Wars Land Model city

Tonight before the D23 Expo opened to the public Disney gave a few lucky people a first look at the Star Wars Land Model which is part of an even bigger Star Wars Land pavilion.  The model is absolutely stunning and like nothing you’ve ever seen in a theme park before!!!

Star Wars Land Model full shot

First thing you notice is the size of Star Wars Land….it’s HUGE!!  It’s going to be a whopping 14 acres of a totally immersive Star Wars environment.

Star Wars Land Model planet

Even though we don’t yet know this mysterious new planet and city, it sure looks like a bustling spaceport of some kind.  This looks like perhaps even a resistance bay, with an X-Wing parked on the side

Here we see some kind of cargo space shuttle above which will be on top of Docking Bay 7, one of the dining locations in Galaxy’s Edge, and the Millennium Falcon down below.  Most likely the location of the Millennium Falcon attraction where you’ll take part in a secret mission aboard the famous ship!

Star Wars Land Model

I can’t get over how incredibly beautiful everything is, the attention to detail is crazy!!  It sure looks alive with people:

Star Wars Land Model city

It seems like droids are going to play a big part in the Star Wars Land as they are placed throughout the streets in the model, and here aboard a First Order Fleet Transport car from the Rise of the Resistance Attraction.  The car itself uses a high-tech trackless system, so who knows what tricks are in store for guests.

Star Wars Land Model first order attraction

So far everything looks incredible and even beyond my expectations going into the D23 Expo.  Stay tuned for more updates throughout the weekend!!

If you are looking for more info about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge the read our Complete Guide for a better look at the attractions, dining, planning and touring strategies.

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