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Slinky Dog Dash Tails Removed from Trains in Toy Story Land

Today Slinky Dog has lost a little bit of his ‘bounce’ as guests in Toy Story Land found the tails removed from the trains on Slinky Dog Dash due to safety concerns with the way they were attached.

Toy Story Land Walkthrough Photo Tour

Usually on the backs of each Slinky Dog Dash train there is  springy, coil tail attached.  That of course is a key feature of a ‘Slinky Dog.’  Disney has commented saying that they were removed to “make some adjustments” to them and that they expect them to return soon.


I have been on Slinky Dog Dash and never noticed any problems with the tail, but apparently there was a fear they would fall off or something.  Seems strange for a ride in a land that just opened in June of last year.

We’ll have to see what kind of modifications Disney makes to the tails when they come back.  We’ll keep you posted when we hear more…

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the tails being removed from Slinky Dog Dash…

  • Have you noticed any problems with it?
  • What should they do?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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