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New Soarin and Toy Story Attractions Make their Debut

As I reported last week, In Epcot Disney was giving its guests one last chance to ride the original Soarin’ California attraction before it disappears totally in wake of the brand new attraction Soarin’ Around the World.  On Friday the original version returned to massive crowds wanting to experience it one last time.  Even though Disney added a 3rd theater to help with the wait times, for much of the weekend the wait was up to 3 hours long.  Even though this has always been an immensely popular attraction, I don’t anticipate this being the norm once the new version gets settled in, the third theater will help a lot…But I’m sure there was a rush for fans of the original to see it one last time.  Also added to the theater was a new I-MAX Laser Projection system and it was a great help in my opinion, much crisper looking.

Over at Hollywood Studios some improvements were made to the wildly popular Toy Story Mania as well.  A brand-new 3rd track was added there also to help with the oftentimes long lines there.  The new track is where the old Soundstage 1 was and the new loading area stays with the theming of Andy’s bedroom just like the original lines.  Already good results are being seen with lines as low as 30-40 minutes at some points which if you are a regular rider you know most of the time is impossible.

What do you think of the new additions?  Let us know in the comments section below…


Photo credit Disney Parks Blog
Soarin California Returns to Epcot May 27th
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