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100 Guests Get Evacuated from Walt Disney World Monorail

Late Thursday night around 100 guests got stuck on the Walt Disney World monorail as it lost power and had to get evacuated by authorities.

Disney World Monorail stuck

Late last night September 19, 2019 around 10:30 pm, the Orange County Fire Rescue responded to a call at Walt Disney World Resort as one of the monorails got stuck on the track.

The monorail was leaving the Ticket and Transportation Center heading from Magic Kingdom to Epcot when the monorail lost power and stalled on the track. The Reedy Creek Fire Department arrived at the scene and helped guests evacuate the monorail.

Below are some videos and photos of the incident:

This is just one in a series of incidents with the Disney World monorail in the past couple of years and further illustrates the need to replace them.

There was one incident where guests were stuck on the monorail because the doors wouldn’t open for them at the station, and another where a monorail door opened up while the train Wass in motion. Thankfully no guests were injured in any of these incidents.

These trains currently in use are 30 years old and it’s clear that this version of the monorail has seen its day. Here’s hoping we get some new trains soon…

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the monorail getting stuck…

  • Is it time for a replacement to the Monorail?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Chase Woofer

Friday 20th of September 2019

Actually they just did a huge upgrade a couple of years ago when they were changing the resort & TTC tracks. I was RVing at Fort Wilderness and meet a husband & wife down from Chicago. He was one of the lead engineers working on the monorail system. The company here works for has contracts with all the Disney property monorails.

While the loss of power is one issue probably a hardware failure, the other issues appear to be software related. So your comparing apples to oranges.


Friday 20th of September 2019

Yes. They should be managing these trains closely, given that they are in use daily every week.


Friday 20th of September 2019

Hi Chase, thanks for the comment. While the tracks may be new, the monorail cars themselves are 30 years old and in my opinion in great need of changing...