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Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar Coming to Supermarkets Nationwide

What if you could get your favorite Disney snack right in your own grocery store at home?  That could be happening very soon as the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars are coming to a supermarket near you!

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar in Supermarkets


The Mickey’s Ice Cream Bars are going to be released as a limited edition item as Disney is now partnered up with Nestle to make this dream come true!

You’ll notice that they look identical to the ones in the Disney Parks, though they are a bit smaller at 3oz each instead of 4oz.  The box is teal colored with confetti, and is coming to select grocers to celebrate Mickey’s 90th with everyone.

The best part is that you can indulge in a 6-pack of them for about $7.00, where in the parks you’re going to pay $5.75 for EACH ONE.  Yeah, I’ll take 2 boxes please…

Word is that the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars are coming to supermarkets in February, so keep an eye out.  Pick them up though as soon as you see them because they are a limited edition and there’s no telling how long you’ll be able to find them for!

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we see them in the store…

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Mickey Ice Cream Bars coming to grocery stores…

  • Are you excited to buy them there?
  • What other Disney snacks would to like to find in the supermarket?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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