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Leaked Photo Shows Stitch Animatronic Destroyed, Stitch’s Great Escape Closed Forever

Rumors that Stitch’s Great Escape is closing forever seem to be confirmed after leaked photos on Reddit show the Stitch Animatronic destroyed from the attraction in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Disney itself has not yet commented on the situation, but this confirms that Disney is closing Stitch’s Great Escape for good and it will no longer come back to seasonal operation.  We told you back in December that Stitch’s Great Escape was closing for good and would have its final day of operation on January 6, 2018 and that’s now confirmed to be the case.  That’s usually the kiss-of-death anyways once an attraction goes seasonal, so it’s no surprise that’s the case.

Stitch’s Great Escape is rumored to be replaced by an attraction based on the Wreck-it Ralph franchise, so we’ll keep you updated as soon as any new info comes out!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Stitch animatronic being destroyed and Stitch’s Great Escape closing for good…

  • Are you upset to see it go?
  • What would you like to see take its place?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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roy vassar

Wednesday 31st of July 2019

Is anyone aware if the stitch skeleton with its parts are for sale ill buy it


Wednesday 24th of July 2019

If it does get replaced by "Wreck-It Ralph", it better be the FIRST movie! No vapid Forever 21 clad Princesses and no. Shank. Or. Slaughter. Race.