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Indiana Jones Adventure Closing for Major Refurbishment in 2020

After almost 25 years of operation, Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland is closing for a major refurbishment in 2020.

Indiana Jones Adventure refurbishment Disneyland

According to the Orange County Register Indiana Jones Adventure will be undergoing a major overhaul in preparation for its 25th anniversary, with repairs to some of the attraction’s key elements.

Permits filed with the city of Anaheim show that the work is going to concentrate on replacing the plank bridge and refurbishing rockwork throughout the attraction. The work is going to be pretty extensive including replacement of even the steel work on the bride.

You may remember the bridge if you’ve been on the ride before, right in the crucial scene you cross over a lava pit on the rickety bridge, and it even feels like it’s going to collapse right int he middle.

No other details are known at this time about the refurbishment for Indiana Jones Adventure, including how extensive the work is going to be, when it’s starting or how long it’s going to take.

With the attraction’s 25th anniversary coming up in March, we would expect to see it come offline pretty soon to get a start on it if they plan on having it reopened for the anniversary. They might not want to close it however right in one of the busiest periods of the year in Disneyland, and could wait until January to get started.

skulls in the Indiana Jones Adventure queue Disneyland

This isn’t the only refurbishment that’s been announced in the last few days either. Snow White’s Scary Adventures is also closing for work in 2020.

Disneyland goers are all to familiar with park closures as they spent a good portion of 2019 with Sleeping Beauty Castle under refurbishment. Of course now it looks better than ever, but still for the many months it was down guests were disappointed.

If you are going to Disneyland in 2020, just be prepared that Indiana Jones Adventure might not be online when you go, and even though it stinks to have such an awesome ride close, in the long run it’s for the better of the ride.

As soon as plans are announced by Disney we’ll update you with everything, including the dates of the refurbishment.

Stay tuned right here at Ziggy Knows Disney for the latest news and updates from the Disney Parks and more!

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Wednesday 27th of November 2019

We planned to take our 3 children to Disneyland for the first time in October 2020. Indiana Jones is my husband’s favorite ride and the biggest thing he was looking forward to doing with the kids. Not knowing whether Indiana will be closed or not has caused us to put our plans on hold. We know there are many other fun attractions but it just wouldn’t be the same for such a special trip.