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Hand Sanitizer Stations and Coronavirus Information Now in My Disney Experience

Due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, Walt Disney World has been doing as much as possible to stop it from spreading through its parks and resorts. To help do that, they’ve installed hand sanitizing stations and coronavirus information centers which can now be located on My Disney Experience.

hand sanitizer in Disney World hotels for coronavirus

Before we show you how it works, make sure to read our Coronavirus & Disney World guide where we talk about the effect this pandemic is having on the U.S. Disney parks, but also the International ones too.

If you open up My Disney Experience on your mobile device, you can do a search down at the bottom of the screen. Click the magnifying glass (search) and then type the subject of your choice. For this example, we are going to search “Coronavirus.”

Once you do that, it will give you any relevant information regarding coronavirus in Walt Disney World that is currently in My Disney Experience. Right now the two options that come up are: “Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)” and “Hand Sanitizer Locations.”

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 7

This will help you locate any hand sanitizer stations in the Disney World parks and also at the resorts. These stations are free of charge and complimentary to guests.

If you click on “Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) this is the page that will come up:

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 2

There is a link to find locations on the map, get directions and also a link at the bottom with the latest policies about how Disney World is handling the outbreak.

If you instead click on “Hand Sanitizer Locations” it will take you to a similar page with information on hand sanitizing stations.

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 5

If you click the link to “Find on Map”: you will be able to find them on the map wherever you are located in Walt Disney World:

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 3

There is also an explanation of where they are located, and how they work and best hygiene practices for guests to follow:

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 6
My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 4

Here is an example when you zoom in to the Magic Kingdom and it shows you Hand Sanitizer locations there:

My Disney Experience Hand Sanitizing Info Disney World 1

Cast members throughout the resort can also answer any questions you have about finding the nearest hand sanitizing station or point you to the closest First Aid Center where you can get more questions answered.

This is all part of Disney’s concerted effort to stop the coronavirus from spreading through the resort and their commitment to the health and safety of their guests and cast members.

As of now, there have been no plans to close Walt Disney World over coronavirus concerns. This is an ever-changing situation however and we will continue to keep you updated with the latest.

In the meantime keep checking our Coronavirus and Disney Parks post where we talk about it more in-depth. Also, read our Coronavirus & Disney Cruise Line if you are thinking about taking a Disney Cruise in the near future.

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