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Coco-inspired Mariachi Band El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia Now In Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion

Coco-inspired Mariachi Band EpcotWith Pixar’s newest film Coco so far being a massive success, a new Coco-inspired mariachi band, El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia, is now playing in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion in World Showcase.  El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia gets its name from the town of Santa Cecilia from the film Coco.  Of course they are playing some of the songs from the Coco film such as: “Remember Me” and “The World Es Mi Familia”.

Coco-inspired Mariachi Band Epcot

Performance times for El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia are: 11:15am, 12:15pm, 1:00pm, 2:15pm, 3:15pm, 4:30pm, 5:45pm.

You should also know that performances of El Mariachi Coco de Santa Cecilia are going to be limited-time only, with performances running from November 22nd to January 6th 2018.  That means to get there soon if you want to see them!  You can find them to the right of the pyramid, in the usual Character Greeting spot for Donald Duck.

This might not be the only Coco-based thing we see in Walt Disney World.  Besides the new entertainment, Coco has checked all the boxes so far being a big box office hit, and now rumors are flying even more about replacing the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction inside the pyramid in the Mexico Pavilion with a Coco attraction.  In any event, expect Coco to be here to stay!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about this Coco-inspired Mariachi Band in Epcot.  Have you seen them yet?  Do you like the Coco-related entertainment?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: Walt Disney World Website


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