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Walt Disney World Memory Maker Price Increase Starting Today

Memory Maker Price IncreaseBeginning today, Disney announced a Memory Maker price increase, its popular digital photo service.  Essentially there are two prices: One for advanced purchase (at least 3 days before use) and one for at the immediate use.

The Memory Maker price for an Advanced Purchase increased from $149 to $169.

The Memory Maker price for Immediate Use increased from $169 to $199.

Memory Maker allows guests to take advantage of all the PhotoPass photos and videos taken of them and their family while on vacation in Walt Disney World, ex. On-Ride photos, or the photographers stationed around the parks.  I happen to really like this service, but it’s starting to get really expensive imo.  It already was before but between $169 and 199 isn’t chump change.  One of the nice things that comes with buying an Annual Pass is that you get the Memory Maker Service already included in the price, which makes it a bit easier to swallow.

These changes are being enforced immediately.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the new Memory Maker Price Increase.  Do you think the price increase is a big deal?  Have you ever used either the PhotoPass or Memory Maker services?  What are your experiences with them?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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