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VIDEO: Pandora The World of Avatar Plants and Animals

The World of Avatar PlantsThis Pandora: The World of Avatar video is the latest in the series of behind the scenes looks at the new land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This video shows the The World of Avatar Plants and Animals and the incredible work that went into making it all as realistic as possible, making guests feel completely immersed in this foreign world.

They compared Pandora with the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom in that at first it seems just like a giant tree, then the more you look closer at it the more you discover its secrets.  In the same way the deeper you look at Pandora the more you realize there is to be explored!

Plants are realistic, even down the the very smallest of details.  Many of the plants will also be interactive and they will interact with the guests.

Of course there won’t be “actual animals” in Pandora but you will hear and feel the presence of Pandora’s wildlife nonetheless.  All the sounds the animals make in Pandora make are interconnected with each other and not just “back round sounds” on a disc.  Instead they will interact with each other, like real living animals, and with the plant life there.  Truly incredible stuff!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Pandora: The World of Avatar plants and animal life.  Do you like all the interactivity?  What sounds like the coolest part to you?   Let us know in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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