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Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle First Photos Going to Hollywood Studios

Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle side
Photo by @Eftelflags

With Toy Story Land in full construction mode, we’ve seen tons of progress in the land in the last few days, and today we got a special treat!  Thanks to Twitter user: @Eftelflags we got a very first live look at the Slinky Dog Dash Ride Vehicle while it was being transported to Hollywood Studios!  I absolutely LOVE the design, looks pretty much true to the concept art.

Toy Story Land Walkthrough Photo Tour
Now we know what the real Slinky Dog Dash train looks like

One thing I noticed was that there is only ONE ride vehicle for Slinky Dog Dash, at least so far.  It’s also worth mentioning that on the latest construction video from Disney about the Slinky Dog Dash, the imagineer talking about the project said the “ride vehicle” (singular) is being shipped in from Germany, which obviously we’ve seen today.  The question leads some to ask whether or not there is ONLY one vehicle.  While this might the case as of now, I find it very hard to believe that Disney who is so concerned with ride capacity would only have one vehicle.  Even for back-up sake, there has to be at the very minimum 2 imo.

It also appears that Disney was doing some filming work so we might be getting an official update on the Slinky Dog Dash coaster and an answer to our questions sometime in the very near future!  Stay tuned

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicle.  How does it look to you?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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