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New Incredibles Float Coming to Paint the Night Parade in Disney California Adventure Park

New Incredibles Float Coming to Paint the Night Parade in Disney California Adventure ParkEven though Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort has been going on since April, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still getting more new stuff.  In fact Disney has released some concept art for a New Incredibles Float coming to the Paint the Night Parade in Disney California Adventure Park.  This new Incredibles float is arriving June 23, just in time for the opening of the reimagined Pixar Pier.

If you haven’t seen “Paint the Night” yet, you need to make it a priority the next time you head to Disneyland.  This version of it designed for Pixar Fest is only running until September 3, so time is running out.

This new Incredibles Float celebrates the Parr family and Frozone too and utilizes some cutting edge special effects and lighting.  Here are some of the details of wy this Incredibles float is so special:

  • If you’ve seen the first Incredibles film then you’ll recognize the villain on the float as “The Underminer”.  That’s because the float shows the scene right in the moment where “The Incredibles” left off and “Incredibles 2,” picks up.
  • One special effect you’ll see is when Violet Parr uses her super powers to surround herself with a “force field.”   This is a Disney parade first as it uses a custom-built persistence-of-vision (POV) globe.
  • Dash’s super-human speed is captured through an innovative system of 64 individually lit frames, flashing as he races in circles around the float.
  • New super suits for Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone which light up the night and are in sync with the music and the float lighting.
  • The super suits, designed by eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode, are illuminated with nearly 100 sheets of flexible, miniature LEDs. This is the first time these light-up suits will be worn by any Disney or Pixar character.
  • 60 individually programmable LEDs on the chest logos of the Incredibles characters.

This is also perfect timing as now the Incredibles 2 has just been released in theaters so guests will be anxious to see the Parr family come to the parks.  You can also get more Incredibles by riding the new Incredicoaster which is also opening on June 23 in Pixar Pier.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the New Incredibles Float coming to Paint the Night Parade.

  • What do you think about the Paint the Night Parade?
  • Do you like the new Incredibles float?

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News Source: Disney

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