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My Thoughts and Review of Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler Free)

Avengers Infinity War ReviewSo I literally just got home from seeing Avengers Infinity War and I wanted to write down my thoughts of the film.  Honestly the first thing that comes to mind is you have to see it, it’s absolute amazing!  Before I get into my Avengers Infinity War Review, I want to let you know this is a Spoiler-Free review so I won’t be giving away any plot details for the film(even though I would love to), especially since most haven’t seen it yet.  I think staying away from plot spoilers is absolutely essential and you shouldn’t read any before seeing Infinity War otherwise some really big things are going to be spoiled for you, and I wouldn’t have wanted that going in either.  I’m glad I was able to for the most part.  I am going to be talking about the overall feel of the film without telling you what happens, but if you absolutely don’t want to know anything then get out now.

Ok, so let’s get down to it!  As I said before, Avengers Infinity War was a really, really fantastic film and and met every expectation I had for the film going in, which was not an easy thing to do as they were space-level high, and is much more than Star Wars: The Last Jedi was able to do.  I mean when you spend countless hours on YouTube watching Marvel videos for months leading up to a film, it’s really hard to not be let down even a little once you actually see it.  With Infinity War I wasn’t let down at all.  I found myself on the edge of my seat for the entire film and there were so many really crazy moments and surprises.

Let’s talk about the Russo brothers, because taking on a project as big and vast as Infinity War was, was no easy task.  There were so many super heroes to give screen time to, and so many egos to stroke during the project, but they handled everything A+.  Now some of you want to know: “Do they give everyone enough screen time?  Thor?  Iron Man?  Captain America?”  I thought it was done in a very balanced way, but don’t get it twisted, this is Thanos’s film first and foremost.  This is his story, and it’s essentially a heist film with him in search of the Infinity Stones.

Ultimately the film hinged on Josh Brolin’s performance of the character, and thankfully, he stole the show.  Brolin was really amazing in his role as Thanos, and I can say we now have a new #1 bad-guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, taking the mantle from either Kill-monger or Loki depending who you talk to.  The guy is no-joke, and right from the beginning you know he means business!  Of course Thanos is a raging lunatic who wants to destroy trillions of people/aliens, be he comes across very believable, and at times you find yourself sympathizing with him.  Stupendous performance.  We also met his right hand men for the first time, the Children of Thanos, or the Black Order as they are known.  Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and the Black Dwarf all were good characters who are very powerful and put up a huge fight for the Avengers.

The performances from the other super heroes were spot on too.  Robert Downey Jr. was incredible as usual.  Chris Hemsworth was awesome as Thor, and I loved the way Thor took another step forward in his character progression.  I don’t really think any of the Avengers’ gave a bad performance, Captain America, Black Widow and Doctor Strange were all standouts.  What’s also really cool in the film is there are so many new character interactions.  Even though we’ve seen all the MCU and Avengers movies probably 100 times, we forget that not all of them know each other.  The Guardians of the Galaxy for example have been largely separate from any of the other characters, so to see them interact with the rest of the crew was great.  It’s no secret that Thor spends time with them and that Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Star Lord get some scenes together, and their dynamic is really something special.  If you are a huge Black Panther fan you might be disappointed, the trailers make it look like the characters from Wakanda get more time than they actually do.

Avengers Infinity War Review

Going along with character interactions, I wanted to point out the humor in the film.  Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor Ragnarok were really hilarious, but at times they could be maybe over the top.  While I was taking notes for my Infinity War review I specifically noted that I laughed at at least 90% or more of their jokes.  I thought they were well placed and they had the perfect balance of jokes with the seriousness of the situation (Thanos potentially being able to wipe out 1/2 of the universe is of course a pretty serious matter!)

Some people beforehand were worried about the length of Avengers Infinity War, and while it is the longest film yet in the MCU, it really flew by and I wasn’t bored or lost in thought for even one second during the film.  I can’t think of any part that could have been left out or didn’t add something crucial to the plot.  On the contrary, it could have been even longer imo, and the only slight complaint is that I would have liked to learn even more about Thanos’s backstory.  The parts they do share though really add to the story and leave you wanting more.

The effects were also incredible, as is to be expected for a film shot 100% with imax cameras.  For the first viewing I didn’t see it in imax, so I really looking forward to seeing it again to see the difference.  There are quite a lot of characters that are rendered in CGI, but I thought they were done very well, and their movements and overall appearance was done well.  The Black Order were good examples of this as Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and the Black Dwarf were all rendered well.

As far as surprises, Infinity War was full of them.  There is one moment after another when something totally opposite from what you think is going to happen, actually happens.  The end battle scene is epic, and one of the coolest battles from any movie.  I found myself in awe the whole film, especially the end, and I kept making loud noises and cheering to myself practically the whole time which I’m sure the other around me just loved! ?

The ending itself is really insane.  It leaves you with a really, really crazy ending, which will leave me wondering for a whole year now what they are going to do.  DO NOT leave before the credits are finished.  There is only one additional scene, and it’s at the very end of the credits.  It’s probably the craziest post-credits scene of any of the MCU films, and you absolutely can’t miss it!  There are also a bunch of scenes that are very misleading from the Infinity War trailers.  They make you think certain things happen, when they really don’t, and like the Thor Ragnarok trailer, they show you scenes that are totally different in the actual film.

I don’t know what else I can add to my Avengers Infinity War review other than you have to see this movie!  I don’t know where exactly Avengers Infinity War ranks among all the other Marvel Studios films, but it’s in my Top 5 for sure.  I want to see it again before making any definite decisions to see how much replay it has, but it potentially could be my #1 all-time favorite, it was THAT good!  There is also no doubt that Marvel Studios is going to absolutely clean up on Infinity War.  Black Panther brought in a whole bunch of money, but this was a better film and I think it’s going to challenge for at least the #2 position all-time, passing The Force Awakens.  The Avengers Infinity War Opening Weekend has already destroyed the previous box office record, who knows how high it’ll finish…

Those are my thoughts on Avengers Infinity War.  It was mind-glowingly good and live up to every expectation!  Go and see it this weekend, and then go see it again.  Once I have time to let my thoughts settle a bit and give you a chance to see it, I’ll write what my favorite parts were and we’ll talk more about that final credits scene!

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Monday 21st of May 2018

Great movie. It was full of excitement, you just couldn’t wait for what was next. It was cool how they all reunited. In my opinion what I don’t like was the ending. It really didn’t explain much of why they all disappeared.


Monday 21st of May 2018

Thanks for the comment Naomy. It was kind of confusing, but less so for a reader of the comics. They did try to explain that if Thanos was able to snap his fingers with the full infinity gauntlet on then he could eliminate 1/2 of the people in the world. That's what happened at the end and they all disappeared. We don't know exactly where they went but they will explain that in the next Avengers film

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