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New Frozen 2 Trailer Released Today and New Poster

Today Disney Animation has just released a new poster for their upcoming mega-sequel Frozen 2 and debuted a new second Frozen 2 trailer this morning on Good Morning America…

First let’s take a look at the new poster for Frozen 2 which has a mysterious image of both Anna and Elsa on it:

There has been a lot of speculation about what we will learn about them, maybe some mysteries regarding their parents that we don’t yet know about.

Here is the Official Frozen 2 Trailer:

Elsa’s powers were always stronger than we thought, but will they be enough to defeat what she must now face?

This new trailer for Frozen 2 has just hit on Good Morning America on ABC this morning at 7am and they showed it earlier than I thought they would

Here is the trailer:

What exactly is this new threat??

For more info on Frozen 2, check out the first official Frozen 2 trailer below along with my breakdown and what we might expect from the sequel…

Frozen 2 Official Trailer 1:

The highly anticipated trailer for one of the most successful animated films of all-time was just released as Disney showed the first Frozen 2 trailer.

First Frozen 2 Trailer

We’ve had some small previews for Frozen 2 before the trailer including their new outfits, and the trailer confirms those rumors, but shows us what Anna, Elsa and the rest of the gang are up to in their new adventure!  There is no voices in the trailer but we do get a sense of what is happening from the music and powerful images.

The trailer starts out with Elsa looking confidently into the roaring sea from a beach:

First Frozen 2 Trailer

She then charges the oncoming waves using her freezing ability to make ice she can run on across the water:

First Frozen 2 Trailer
First Frozen 2 Trailer

Kristoff then gets into the action riding on Sven and with a herd of reindeer:

First Frozen 2 Trailer

Anna makes some dangerous jumps:

First Frozen 2 Trailer

Elsa uses her powers to seemingly protect herself and Olaf:

First Frozen 2 Trailer

Then we see two shots of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they are looking out over a valley, probably near the beginning of their adventure as they leave home:

First Frozen 2 Trailer
First Frozen 2 Trailer

Here is the first trailer for Frozen 2:

The last shot we get of them Anna reaches down and grabs a sword before slicing the camera:

First Frozen 2 Trailer

What do you think of the first trailer?  I was impressed and think it has a lot of potential depending on which direction they take the story.  It sure looks like there are going to be more action packed moments in Frozen 2, even more than the original.  

Definitely looks like one of the can’t miss movies Disney is putting out in 2019!

This comes just days after we got our first look at Will Smith blue as Genie in the latest Aladdin trailer, and where the Internet lost its collective mind in the process!

Frozen 2 hits theaters Nov 22, 2019.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the first Frozen 2 trailer…

  • How does it look so far to you?
  • What do you think their adventure is going to be?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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