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Everything to Know about Legacy Lightsabers, Holocrons, Kyber Crystals at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

If you are looking for the rarest Star Wars artifacts in the galaxy, Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is the place to be! They have collectors’ items that even the biggest Star Wars fan would go crazy over like Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsabers, Kyber Crystals, Holocrons, Jedi Busts, Sith Artifacts, and more!

Galaxy's Edge Legacy Lightsabers Dok Ondar's

In this post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Dok Ondar’s including all the different legacy lightsaber models, prices and options, relics, all the kyber crystal colors you can buy, and all the other incredible merchandise located here!

If you aren’t interested in the Dok Ondar’s store and only are here for lightsabers from your favorite Star Wars characters, you can skip to that part of the post where we show all the Legacy Lightsabers.

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities Overview

  • Location: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (Disney World and Disneyland)
  • Store Type: Rare and Legacy Star Wars collector’s items
  • Price: $ – $$$$ (Some cheaper options but also very expensive ones too)

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is home to the largest collection of relics and artifacts on this side of the Galaxy and is a major trading point on the black market.

The collection here is second to none, holding rare items such as Jedi and Sith Holocrons, the rarest known Kyber Crystals, tools, blasters, helmets, wild beasts, ancient jewelry, and more.

The Legacy Lightsabers however are probably the most prized possessions in Dok Ondar’s, coming from Jedi and Sith legends such as Darth Vader, Mace Windu, Luke Skywalker, and more.

Dok Ondar Galaxy's Edge

How exactly was this unmatched collection gathered? That’s a secret only Dok Ondar himself could tell you!

(UPDATE) Price Increases for Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers

Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber

We’ve been getting used to price increases at the Disney parks lately with everything from tickets and food getting recent price hikes. It doesn’t stop there as the price of Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers has now increased too.

  • Legacy Lightsabers have increased by $10.00 each
  • The Ahsoka Dual Lightsabers have increased by $20.00

Recently we also saw the custom lightsaber-building experience at Savi’s Workshop increase in price by $30 from $219 to $249, as well as the custom droid-building experience at Droid Depot increase by $20 from $99 to $119, so this increase comes at no surprise.

We’ll keep you updated on any other price changes to the lightsabers or accessories as soon as we hear more.

(UPDATE) – Newest Legacy Lightsabers Arrive at Dok Ondar’s

Darth Sidious Legacy Lightsaber

New Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers are debuting all the time at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Galaxy’s Edge and at times it’s hard to keep track of them all. Over the last 2 years more than 10 new lightsabers have been added to the collection and more are on their way.

Here are the latest Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers coming to Galaxy’s Edge:

Caleb Dume Legacy Lightsaber

Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus Back in 2022 Disney let fans vote on the next Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber they most wanted to see added to Dok Ondar’s collection, and the winner was the Padawan Caleb Dume (Kanan Jarrus) lightsaber.

The Disney Parks Blog said: “Once known by the name Caleb Dume, Kanan Jarrus survived the Emperor’s purge, going underground for years and hiding the truth about who he really was. Carrying a lightsaber openly in the age of the Empire would have given away his affiliation as a Jedi, so he kept his lightsaber in pieces on his belt only to be assembled when necessary.”

Caleb Dume Legacy Lightsaber

“In an overwhelming majority, more than half of you voted for Kanan’s Lightsaber to be added to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, and lucky for us he’s happy to oblige your request. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for an update on when this collectible Lightsaber hilt will become available!”

Even though it’s been over a year now, no release date or price has been given yet for the Caleb Dume legacy lightsaber, but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s announced.

These new legacy lightsabers are available at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park, and some are available online as well.  Keep a look out for them and we’ll update you as soon as we know more.

Lastly, with all these new legacy lightsabers arriving, it means that some of the old legacy lightsabers will be leaving Dok-Ondar’s.  At this time we don’t know which ones are going, but if you’ve been waiting for a certain lightsaber for a while now, we recommend you get it soon as it might not be there for very long.


Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is easy to find as it’s located right in the center of Black Spire Outpost in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park.

It’s located right across the street from Ronto Roasters and Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, and up the stairs from Savi’s Workshop where you can build your own custom lightsaber. If you are looking for a Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge, however, Dok Ondar’s is the place.

Hours of Operation:

Dok Ondar’s opens and closes with the Galaxy’s Edge every day, so there are no particular hours, just show up before park closing and it’ll be open.

Atmosphere and Tour:

Ok, now that we have a basic understanding of what Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is, it’s time to take a look inside for ourselves.

outside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Dok Ondar’s is easy to spot as statues and boxes full of ancient relics are waiting outside the shop either just arriving to be added to the collection, or waiting to be shipped off. Hey, this is the black market, you can’t expect things to stay the same, and new shipments are always coming and going.

statues outside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Two of the more notable items outside are the huge sculpture from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. We aren’t sure exactly who she is, but the statue does make a brief appearance in Revenge of the Sith.

The last item before walking in the door is an Ithorian gravestone. An acquaintance of Dok himself perhaps?

As you walk up to the big circular door where the entrance to Dok Ondar’s is, you can make out the word: “Antiquities” in Aurebesh, the native language of Batuu.

Door to Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Let’s step inside…

Right away we are greeted with the first piece of the collection, a sculpture showing the Jedi in a fierce battle against an alien race:

mural inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Does it look familiar? That’s because it used to be hanging on the wall of Palpatine’s office on Coruscant.

Why did it break into four pieces and how did it end up in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities? That’s a story for another day…

closeup of mural inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

One thing is for sure, the details on the sculpture are really incredible. Make sure to stop and look closely before just rushing by:

mural inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 2
mural inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 3

Ok, now we’re past the sculpture and inside Dok Ondar’s! Oh man, is this place awesome!!

inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

There are two levels to the shop, the floor level which is where all the shoppers stay, and also an upper level where many of the more rare items are held, away from reaching distance.

interior of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge
Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities ceiling Galaxy's Edge

Step in and just start looking around at the treasure trove of Star Wars Easter eggs, which will challenge even the biggest Star Wars fan. Literally, everything in Dok Ondar’s has a story to it, so snoop around and look in the boxes, and read the labels carefully.

looking around Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities in Galaxy's Edge

There are relics from the First Order, the Resistance, bounty hunters, and smugglers, along with ancient Jedi and Sith relics alike.

rare artifacts on the walls of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

As we said, everything in Dok Ondar’s has a backstory, so before we start looking at the legacy lightsabers and other merchandise you can buy, let’s take a look at some of the items away from the public but equally as interesting.

back wall at Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Starting on the wall behind the counter, we can see a collection of helmets. The group on the left are Imperial helmets from various troop types and from different films in the Star Wars franchise.

Wall of helmets in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

On the right side in the center are:

  • the Yavin Medal which was given to Luke, Han, and Chewie at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope
  • statue from Jedha’s Temple of the Kyber
  • various Rebel and Resistance infantry and pilot helmets
  • the Four Sages of Dwartii
  • Helmets worn by Jedi younglings on the step
  • a Sketto

In the next picture to the left of the helmets is an Ewok headdress and medicine bag:

helmets up on the wall Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

To the right there are more helmets, these however have Imperial or Sith origins. There is:

  • Unknown Sith helmet,
  • Seventh Sister-style helmet
  • Kaleesh mask
  • A Helmet worn by one of Emperor Palpatine’s Imperial Royal Guard
  • Sith Chalice
  • Mythosaur skull.
rare artifacts like blasters in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

To the right, we have some pretty famous blasters from the Star Wars universe including weapons used by:

  • Han Solo
  • Lando
  • Cassian Andor
  • Jyn Erso
  • Wookiees
  • Stormtroopers
  • Jango Fett
  • Imperial Death Troopers
blasters on the wall of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Some relics here include: a Gold Gungan bust, Tusken Raider artifacts and the Sword of Kashyun from Marvel’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge series:

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities artifacts

In this corner, we can see various musical instruments played in the Mos Eisley Canteen in A New Hope, plus other musical instruments throughout the Star Wars universe like the Ommni box and chindinkalu flute, bandfill, and the seven-string hallikset.

We can also see some Imperial helmets, on the far left a Dok Ondar security droid, and on the right the bust of Yaddle who was a member of the Jedi Council before the Clone Wars:

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge artifacts 2

If the Boushh helmet in the middle looks familiar, that’s because it’s like what Leia wore when attempting to reuse Luke from Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi.

helmets inside Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

One of my favorite relics is the Ark of the Covenant in the center, hidden in the back behind that crate:

Ark of the Covenant in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

This is the same artifact Indiana Jones found in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

UPDATE: On a recent visit to Dok Ondar’s however, the Ark of the Covenant had been removed from the collection. When I asked one of the shop assistants what happened, they were very vague on details and wouldn’t even acknowledge its previous inclusion in the Dok Ondar collection.

One person did crack though and told me it was there but had been removed and they don’t know if or when it will be re-added to the collection.

upper level of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

More artifacts are located here with a Jedi bust and a helmet from the battle of Hoth:

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge artifacts 3

I don’t think you could miss Dok Ondar’s biggest artifact….a full-sized Wampa! You remember them from the cave on Hoth where Luke almost became dinner for a Wampa:

Wampa in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

He looks as ferocious as ever!!

Wampa Galaxy's Edge

The Wampa isn’t the only animal on display. This wall is full of the heads of various animals from Star Wars lore:

wall of heads Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

This one you should definitely remember chasing Natalie Portman up a pole in Attack of the Clones, it’s a Nexu:

animal heads in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 2

He’s still as ugly as ever!

animal heads in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 3

This one is a bit more obscure and it’s called an Anooba. One of these appears in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels:

animal heads in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 4

Tauntauns you’ll remember from the planet Hoth, and what Luke Skywalker rode out into the wasteland before Han came to rescue him:

animal heads in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 5

Lastly, we have a Kod’yok, which is featured in Solo: A Star Wars Story:

animal heads in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge 6

Who is Dok Ondar?

So we keep hearing about this “Dok Ondar” guy, but who is he exactly?

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Dom Ondar

Dok Ondar is the owner of the Den of Antiquities and the biggest relics and antiques trader in Black Spire Outpost and on this side of the Galaxy for that matter.

He is of the Ithorian race which is known for their “hammerhead” shape and twin mouths on each side of their face.

Not much is known about Dok Ondar’s past, he has a mysterious past and is known to have many connections throughout the galaxy which has enabled him to amass such an impressive collection.

Dok knows everything happening in his shop and he is known to be a shrewd businessman, always looking for a deal. He sometimes has quite a temper, so don’t get on his bad side. Even his assistants are afraid of making him mad and he keeps a close eye on everyone from his desk.

Outside Galaxy’s Edge, Dok Ondar also is mentioned very briefly in Solo: A Star Wars Story and in the Galaxy’s Edge comic book series

The Animatronic

As you approach his cage where Dok is busy at work counting his money and making deals, you get a feel for just how advanced this animatronic figure is. He goes about his business looking through his things and sometimes even goes under the desk for stuff.

Dok Ondar himself inside Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

The movements he makes are so incredibly realistic that it’s scary. The subtle movements of this head and eyes are so amazing to watch. You also hear him grunting and complaining to passersby and his employees.

In order to get a good photo or video of Dok you need to get as close to the cage as you can and if you put the lens between the bars, you should be able to get something to come out good.

The only disappointment with the Dok Ondar figure is that when Disney described him before the opening of Galaxy’s Edge it seemed like he would interact much more with the visitors than he actually does.

You were supposed to be able to barter with him in something similar to a conversation, but so far that hasn’t materialized.

He is still really awesome and needs to be checked out when you visit Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Dok Ondar’s Assistants

behind the counter of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Since Dok doesn’t really do any of the sales himself in his shop, there are plenty of assistants who will help answer any questions you have about any of the merchandise in the shop.

They are especially helpful when it comes to understanding all the options available for the Legacy Lightsabers…

Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsabers

While there are a ton of really cool relics and artifacts both to look at and to buy in Dok Ondar’s, what most people really come for are the Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers! These are intricate replicas of the lightsabers used in the Star Wars films by your favorite characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and others.

We’re going to show you each model of Legacy Lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge, but first let’s answer some basic questions about the Legacy Lightsabers themselves.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

What is a Lightsaber Hilt?

The hilt is the basic, all-encompassing part of a lightsaber and it is where the blade comes out of. It is made up of a handgrip, blade emitter, activator switch, and power source. The lightsaber hilt styles and designs are very different from each other and are very personal, being customized by the user.

Over thousands of years, the construction of the lightsaber hilts has continued to evolve. Most hilts are a simple straight design with one blade, but they can also be double-bladed, curved, or dual-phased.

At Dok Ondar’s, you are buying the legacy lightsaber hilt and a blade to attach to it.

Are Legacy Lightsabers Custom-built?

No, the legacy lightsabers at Dok-Ondar’s are not custom-built. The custom lightsaber-building experience is next door to Dok Ondar’s in Savi’s Workshop.

There you can choose the style saber and all the accompanying pieces, and then get to put it all together yourself. There is also a big show element to the experience.

The Legacy Lightsabers in Dok Ondar’s instead are pre-built replica lightsabers of famous characters from the Star Wars Universe. They are scarily similar to the versions used in the films.

Full List of Legacy Lightsabers in Galaxy’s Edge

List of all Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers

There are so many Jedi or Sith characters in the Star Wars universe, you are probably wondering which characters have their own legacy lightsaber?

There are a total of 33 different legacy lightsabers in Galaxy’s Edge. Here is the complete list:

  • Anakin Skywalker/Rey (Graflex style) – $159.99
  • Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars) – $169.99
  • Asajj Ventress (Refocused) – $169.99
  • Asoka Tano – (twin lightsabers from Clone Wars) – $249.99
  • Asoka Tano – (twin lightsabers from Star Wars Rebels) – $219.99
  • Ben Solo – $169.99
  • Cal Kestis – $169.99
  • Cal Kestis Limited Edition (Double-Bladed) – $400
  • Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus – ?
  • Darksaber (from The Mandalorian, Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels) $219.99
  • Darth Maul – $169.99
  • Darth Maul Shadow Collective – $169.99
  • Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine – $169.99
  • Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku (Old Version)- $159.99
  • Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku (New Version)- $169.99
  • Darth Vader – $159.99
  • Ezra Bridger – $169.99
  • Jedi Temple Guards – $149.99
  • Kylo Ren – $179.99
  • Leia – $169.99
  • Luke Skywalker – $169.99
  • Luke Skywalker 40th Anniversary Return of the Jedi – $249.99
  • Luminara Unduli – $169.99
  • Mace Windu – $149.99
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – $169.99
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Disney+ Lightsaber Set – $219.99
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Set – $592
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker Battle of the Heroes Limited Set – $375
  • Plo Koon – $159.99
  • Qui-Gon Jinn – $169.99
  • Reforged Skywalker Lightsaber – $159.99
  • Rey (TROS style) – $159.99
  • Yoda – $229.99

Just remember, not all of these legacy lightsabers will be available upon every visit to Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Supplies are limited and lightsabers come and go depending on current demand, and some lightsabers are discontinued.

If the lightsaber you want is currently out of stock, be sure to ask if more are expected to arrive soon.

What Comes with a Legacy Lightsaber?

When you buy a legacy lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge, it comes with a hilt, but what else is included?

Do Legacy Lightsabers have Kyber Crystals?

Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

The legacy lightsabers do not come with a kyber crystal when you buy them. In fact, the kyber crystals sold in Dok Ondar’s will not work in a legacy lightsaber and are only made for the custom lightsabers.

Some of the legacy lightsaber models have a window where you can see the glowing kyber crystal once it’s turned on, however, you cannot remove that kyber crystal or change it with a different color. The color the hilt comes with is the color that specific lightsaber will always be.

Do the Legacy Lightsabers Come with a Blade?

Legacy lightsabers are sold without a blade, however, Dok Ondar’s does sell two blades you can choose from. There is a 36-inch blade with sells for $50 and a 26-inch blade for $45.

Both the 36-inch and 26-inch blades are interchangeable with every lightsaber hilt so it’s up to you to decide which size you want to use for that specific lightsaber.

We find the 36-inch blades to be more impressive, but the 26-inch blades are easier to maneuver and more practical for children to use.

The custom sabers from Savi’s Workshop are 31 inches for comparison which falls right in the middle.

It’s just important to remember that the lightsaber blades are NOT included in the price of the hilts so you will need to purchase them separately. However, if you already own a blade from another legacy lightsaber or from the custom lightsaber at Savi’s, you don’t need to buy another blade for a new legacy lightsaber hilt.

Legacy Lightsaber Colors

Legacy Lightsaber Colors

There are 6 different colors available for the legacy lightsaber blades: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and white. The legacy lightsaber color is pre-programmed and cannot be changed so whatever color that hilt comes with, that’s what it will remain.

For example, the Mace Windu lightsaber will only emit a purple blade and the Luke Skywalker blade will only emit a green color.

The only lightsabers that can change color are the Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber from “The Clone Wars.” Those can be changed between green and blue by pressing a button on the saber hilts.

What Do the Lightsabers Do?

When the blade is attached to the hilt, you can activate the lightsaber. Once activated, the lightsaber makes a humming sound and a swinging sound while it illuminates its specific color. It also makes a clash sound and visual effect if you bang the blade against something else

Do they Run on Batteries?

Yes, legacy lightsabers run on 3 AAA batteries which are included with the purchase of the lightsaber hilt.

Some of the newer models are rechargeable and do not require batteries, but most of the models still take the AAA batteries.

Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers price Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Legacy Lightsaber Cases

Every Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber comes with its own case to bring home and store it in. Each case is slightly different from the other, with a unique seal of the character to which that particular saber belongs.

The cases differ in size depending on how big that legacy lightsaber is.

Ahsoka Legacy Lightsaber Dok Ondar's

What Accessories are Available for Legacy Lightsabers?

There are a few accessories available for the legacy lightsabers:

  • Lightsaber Stand
  • Display Case
  • Shoulder Carrying Case
  • Belt Clip Attachment

A few of the legacy lightsabers include a coupler which allows you to attach two lightsabers together to form a double-sided lightsaber. The legacy lightsabers that have coupling capability are Darth Maul, Darth Maul Shadow Collective, Asajj Ventress, and Cal Kestis.

The coupler can only attach two of the same type of legacy lightsaber, so you can’t connect two different styles of hilts together.

How Much are the Legacy Lightsabers in Galaxy’s Edge?

Prices for the legacy lightsabers in Galaxy’s Edge vary depending on the model. They range in price from $159 to $400 plus tax. However, keep in mind that the price does not include the blade, which will cost either $50 or $55 more.

labels for legacy lightsabers Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

When the Legacy Lightsabers first came out in 2019, they ranged in price from $129.99 to $199.99 plus tax. Prices have increased over the last few years and that’s why the base price now starts at $159.99.

labels for legacy lightsabers Dok Ondar's Kylo and Abajj

Ok, let’s see all the saber models now…

Legacy Lightsaber Models

The lineup of Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers has changed over the years with new ones being introduced each year and old ones being retired. Some lightsabers sell out from time to time and you may have to wait until the new stock comes in.

What we show you here may not be the exact lightsabers on display when you visit, but it is the full list of all the models from the past and present. Let’s take a look…

In the display window from left to right: Jedi Temple Guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Rey:

Galaxy's Edge Legacy Lightsabers Dok Ondar's Star Wars

Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Luke Skywalker:

group of Star Wars Legacy lightsabers Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Asajj Ventress, Kylo Ren, and Ahsoka Tano:

labels for legacy lightsabers Dok Ondar's

Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Maul Shadow Collective, Count Dooku, and Darth Sidious:

Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers at Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Luminara Unduli, Asajj Ventress (Refocused), Reforged Skywalker Lightsaber, Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Rey (TROS style), and Ben Solo:

Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers in a display case

These are just some of the lightsabers available. Let’s take a closer look at the 24 Light Side Lightsabers first, and then we’ll look at the Dark Side ones…

Obi-Wan Kenobi – $149.99

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This is the weapon Obi-Wan used as a padawan and Jedi apprentice. He used it in the fight with Darth Maul, but it fell down the ventilation shaft and was lost.

Mace Windu – $149.99

Mace Windu's Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This is the saber Mace Windu used in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It Wass presumed lost after the lightsaber fight between Mace Windu and Darth Sidious. Mace Windu’s lightsaber has been retired from Dok Ondar’s.

Ahsoka Tano (twin lightsabers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) – $249.99

Asoka Tano twin legacy lightsabers from Clone Wars

Ahsoka Tano was Skywalker’s apprentice during the Clone Wars and was famous for wielding two lightsabers. She was forced to abandon them after order 66 in order to go into hiding.

The set is the new Ahsoka Tano legacy lightsaber hilts that Disney previewed a little while back. These are the same lightsabers that Ahsoka uses in season seven of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and are the first legacy lightsaber hilts that change color.

Asoka Tano twin legacy lightsabers

These are the most expensive legacy lightsabers, but you get 2 hilts for the $229 price tag.

Ahsoka Tano (twin lightsabers from Star Wars: Rebels) – $219.99

Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber in Galaxy's Edge Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

This is the first set of Ahsoka Tano lightsabers that were released when Dok Ondar’s opened back in 2019. They are the same lightsabers that Ahsoka used during Star Wars Rebels.

These lightsabers have since been discontinued in favor of the newer set. When they were being sold they were $199.99 for both hilts.

Anakin Skywalker/Rey (Graflex style) – $159.99

Rey Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This lightsaber has passed down to Anakin, Luke, and then Rey. It originally went missing in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke lost it in Cloud City while fighting Darth Vader. It then was given to Rey who was last seen using it in The Rise of Skywalker. This lightsaber has been retired.

Rey (TROS style) – $159.99

Rey TROS Style Legacy Lightsaber

Sure, Rey already had one lightsaber, but this hilt is based on Rey’s final lightsaber from the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The blade is yellow when emitted from the hilt.

Rey TROS Style Legacy Lightsaber

It was built of salvaged materials including a maker’s quarter staff and a cloth handgrip. The hilt is blocky and heavy, but also resistant to impact and wear and tear.

Luke Skywalker – $169.99

Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This green lightsaber was built personally by Luke Skywalker himself and was used in Return of the Jedi in his battle against Darth Vader. It was last seen during The Last Jedi and was in the custody of the caretakers of Ahch-To.

Luke Skywalker – $249.99

Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber 40th Anniversary

This one is very similar to the other Luke Skywalker only with small variations from the original including the top of the hilt which is different. The lightsaber blade is Luke Skywalker’s iconic green color and the set comes with a display stand, case, blade, and swappable hilts.

Ben Solo – $169.99

Ben Solo Legacy Lightsabers

This is the lightsaber that Ben Solo uses at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The blade illuminates in blue when emitted from the hilt. This was introduced in 2019 but has since been retired so your only place to find it is second-hand online.

Qui-Gon Jinn – $169.99

Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

This is one we’ve been waiting a long time for.  Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn finally gets his own legacy lightsaber, and even though he only has appeared in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” he remains one of the most popular characters.

Qui-Gon Jinn Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

His lightsaber hilt is black and silver and it emits a green blade.  It also has a rechargeable battery which many of the newer models have.

Cal Kestis – $169.99

Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber Dok Ondar's

The Cal Kestis lightsaber at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is one that the fans voted in, and the first lightsaber in the collection from a video game-based character.

Since being released in 2022, this has instantly become one of the most popular legacy lightsabers and often sells out.

Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber

If you are familiar with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, you will immediately recognize the broken edge design. In the story, Cal acquires the lightsaber only after it has been damaged and it’s only capable of emitting a single blade.

Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber

However, this lightsaber was originally created to be a dual-sided lightsaber like when it belonged to its original owner Jaro Tapel. There is an adapter available for purchase that screws onto the base of the hilt, allowing you to attach an identical Cal Kestis hilt, making it a double-sided lightsaber once again.

Just keep in mind that you will have to purchase two hilts to make this happen so you are looking at over $400 when factoring in 2 hilts and 2 blades.

Cal Kestis (Limited Edition Double-Bladed Hilt) – $400.00

Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber in a box

The Jedi Fallen Order character Cal Kestis is so popular, Dinsey has created another limited-edition lightsaber hilt in his honor. This time, it’s double-bladed instead of the original single-bladed version.

This legacy lightsaber is limited to 7,500 pieces and comes with an individually numbered certificate. It also comes in a wooden box featuring artwork inspired by the game and with the Cal Kestis quote on the box: “Trust only in the Force.”

Cal Kestis Legacy Lightsaber hilt

The lightsaber blade also changes color at the push of a button. Available colors include Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, or White.

Darksaber $219.99

Darksaber Legacy Lightsaber

The Darksaber is probably the most unique legacy lightsaber so far and for good reason. The black lightsaber hilt is from The Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: Rebels. It is the oldest of all the lightsabers for purchase as it dates back to 1032 BBY.

It was created by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian ever inducted to the Jedi Order and has since been passed down through the generations.

Darksaber Legacy Lightsaber

It’s completely different from the others, it is made from black plastic, and it even has a hand shield for protection. The blade is also totally different from the other legacy sabers, and it is attached to the hilt. The Darksaber costs $209.99 but the blade is included.

Ezra Bridger $169.99

Ezra Bridger Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

Just in time for fans of the animated series “Star Wars Rebels” and “Ahsoka” on Disney+ is the Ezra Bridger lightsaber. Ezra is the former padawan of Kanan Jarrus and this is his lightsaber that he actually left behind to Sabine Wren, which she then uses in “Ahsoka.”

The lightsaber comes in a lined carrying case with the Jedi symbol on the front and it illuminates green when you turn it on. So far Disney hasn’t released the lightsaber Ezra builds for himself on “Ahsoka” but I’m sure that is coming at some point down the line.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Set – $592

Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber set limited edition

The Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber set is a limited edition with only 3000 units produced.

It includes 3 different lightsaber hilts in the set inspired by all three versions of Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsabers from the various “Star Wars” films and shows.

box of Obi-Wan Kenobi Legacy Lightsaber set limited edition

It also comes with an incredible case that is painted yellow with black weathering on the outside.

Obi-Wan Legacy Lightsaber Disney+ Set – $219.99

Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Legacy Lightsaber

To celebrate the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Disney has created a new lightsaber set for this Jedi Master.  The set includes the lightsaber hilt, the blade, the belt clip, and the display stand.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker Battle of the Heroes Limited Set – $375 (Disneyland Only)

Anakin Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi Battle of the Heroes Legacy Lightsaber limited edition set

To commemorate the climactic duel in “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” Disney has created this limited legacy lightsaber set with the hilts used by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in that fight.

This set is limited to 5,000 copies and comes in a collectible case with a black and red design on the outside of the box resembling the lava on the planet Mustafar. No blades are included in the set and must be purchased separately.

Leia – $169.99

Leia's Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

This is a replica of Leia Organa’s lightsaber hilt. It’s silver and orange and made from zinc, aluminum, ABS, and cellulose acetate.

Luminara Unduli – $169.99

Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber

This is one of the newest legacy lightsaber hilts and was introduced in 2022. Luminara Unduli used this lightsaber hilt in Star Wars: Attack of the Cones, as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

Luminara Unduli Legacy Lightsaber

It’s a silver metal hilt with black and gold accents. The lightsaber blade ignites green when lit. It comes in a white case with the Jedi crest on the closure.

Yoda – $229.99

Yoda Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

Finally, Master Yoda has his own legacy lightsaber available for purchase. The hilt is very small, obviously made for Yoda’s hands. It is rechargeable and comes with a charging cable and case. Naturally, the blade color is green as in the films.

If you noticed the price, it’s much more expensive than most of the other lightsabers. That’s because this set includes Yoda’s hilt, a stand and a lightsaber blade. This also makes it one of the best models for kids.

Plo Koon – $159.99

Plo Koon Legacy Lightsaber

This Jedi Master appeared in Episodes 1, 2, and 3, as well as in The Clone Wars.  His lightsaber is a Clone Wars-era design and is comprised of a silver metal hilt with black accents.  It also has a radiator-style emitter at the top with stacked rings.  The lightsaber’s color is blue.

Reforged Skywalker Lightsaber – $159.99

Reforged Legacy Lightsaber

This is the lightsaber used by Anakin, Luke, Finn, and Rey, and pulled apart by Rey and Kylo Ren and then reforged in Star Wars; The Rise of Skywalker.

Jedi Temple Guards – $149.99

Jedi Temple Guard Legacy Lightsaber in Galaxy's Edge Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Jedi Temple Guards used these lightsabers in their role when protecting the temple. The guards had double-sided versions, however, Dok was only able to find a single-sided one so far. This model hilt has been retired.

Now let’s look at the 9 Dark Side Legacy Lightsabers:

Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars) – $169.99

Asajj Ventress Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

Asajj Ventress wielded identical curved red-bladed lightsabers which could be joined to produce a double-blade. Her curved blades were stolen in an attack and went missing.

In Dok Ondar’s you can purchase Ventress’ glad which still has the ability to connect the other half.

Asajj Ventress (Refocused) – $169.99

Asajj Ventress Refocused Legacy Lightsaber

This is the second and newest legacy lightsaber from Asajj Ventress and it was released in 2022 for May the 4th. This is the hilt Ventress made for herself when she was cast out of the Separatist army.

Asajj Ventress Refocused Legacy Lightsaber

The lightsaber blade ignites orange/yellow when turned on (even though it looks green in the photo). The cool feature of this hilt is that you can see the kyber crystal glowing through the see-through window on the side of the hilt.

Kylo Ren – $179.99

Kylo Ren Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This is Kylo Ren’s cross guard lightsaber with its unique 3-blade design. Since it draws power from a “dangerously flawed kyber crystal,” the hilt requires side vents to release excess energy, therefore the unique design.

This hilt includes the 2 side blades but not a main long blade which needs to be purchased separately.

Darth Vader – $159.99

Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber in Galaxy's Edge Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities

Very similar to his original lightsaber from Attack of the Clones, Darth Vader created this new saber using a red Kyber crystal from Master Kirak Infil’a.

Darth Maul – $169.99

Darth Maul Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

This is Darth Maul’s lightsaber he used in The Phantom Menace. Originally it was a double-sided blade but it was split in half during his fight with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

There is an attachment that comes with this hilt which lets you attach the second half of the blade, making it a full double-sided lightsaber.

Darth Maul Shadow Collective – $169.99

Darth Maul Shadow Collective Legacy Lightsaber

This is the lightsaber that Darth Maul uses in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This is Maul’s second lightsaber at Dok Ondar’s and it was released in 2022. Like his first hilt, you can buy an attachment piece that lets you connect two hilts together making a dual-sided lightsaber.

The lightsaber blade is red just like the original.

Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine – $169.99

Darth Sidious Legacy Lightsaber

The Darth Sidious legacy lightsaber was released at Dok Ondar’s in 2022 and it is a replica of the one Palpatine himself used in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The hilt is smaller than most legacy lightsabers and is easily held in your hand. It’s made of silver and gold metal. It has long oval depressions down the side and is one of the most elegant and sleekest-looking hilts you will see.

Recharging port on Darth Sidious Legacy Lightsaber

What makes this hilt much different than the others is that it is rechargeable. That means you don’t need to buy batteries for it. Just remove the cap at the bottom of the hilt and plug it in. The blade is red and it comes in a carrying case with a Sith Eternal logo on the box.

Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku (Version 1) – $159.99

Count Dooku Legacy Lightsaber Dok Ondar's

One of my favorite legacy lightsabers at Dok Ondar’s is the red blade belonging to Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, aka Count Dooku!

You notice the patented curved handle right away and the blade-emitter guard, making this lightsaber truly unique.

Count Dooku Legacy Lightsabers

It’s gorgeous to look at and it feels truly elegant in your hand.

Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku (Version 2) – $169.99

Count Dooku Legacy Lightsaber

This is the newest model for Count Dookuand though it has the same general shape of the first one, the color, grip, and finish are all different. Honestly, we preferred the original version, but this one is still nice.

Where to Buy Legacy Lightsabers

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber Galaxy's Edge

Most of the Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers are found at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Galaxy’s Edge. There is one location in Disneyland and another at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and both are located right near Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

All the legacy lightsabers from Dok Ondar’s are here including ones from Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Kylo Ren.

At times you don’t even need to go to Galaxy’s Edge and you can also find legacy lightsabers at other locations outside Dok Ondar’s. Here are some other places to look:

Keystone Clothiers (Hollywood Studios) – Since March 2022, some legacy lightsabers can be found at this store on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The selection here is less than at Dok Ondar’s and the lightsabers are a little more expensive.

Keystone Clothiers Hollywood Studios

Star Wars Trading Post (Disney Springs and Downtown Disney) – After the parks reopened in 2020, Legacy Lightsabers were briefly for sale at the Star Wars Trading Post. There was a display with all the lightsabers to look at and buy, the same as at Dok Ondar’s.

While we know these lightsabers are extremely popular with guests, we aren’t happy with the fact that Disney decided to start selling them in other locations outside of Galaxy’s Edge. One of the promises to fans was that the merchandise sold in Galaxy’s Edge would be special and not found in other locations in Disney World or Disneyland.

We prefer to see Galaxy’s Edge merchandise stay in Galaxy’s Edge only, as it makes for a more unique experience instead of trying to just make every galactic credit possible.

Can You Buy Legacy Lightsabers Online?

Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers

On very rare occasions, we have seen Star Wars legacy lightsabers available online at Lightsabers from Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Rey, and Obi-Wan Kenobi have all been online at one time or another.

Sometimes it’s only the hilt for sale and other times it’s a box set lightsaber that comes with a display stand and belt clip. It’s really hit or miss so keep checking as they tend to sell out quickly when they are online.

If you can’t find anything on, sometimes you can find Legacy Lightsabers on Amazon. Prices are higher than if you were to buy them in Galaxy’s Edge, but if you aren’t going to Disney World anytime soon, this is an option. Some Amazon stores also offer payment plans so you don’t need to shell out all that money at once.

Lastly, there are always lightsabers available to buy on eBay. Again, you will pay more than at Dok Ondar’s, but there is usually a pretty good selection and you should be able to find almost all of them.

Are Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers Worth the Money?

Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber Prices

Though it’s obvious the Star Wars Legacy Lightsabers are cool, are they worth the high price tag that comes with them? After all, by the time you buy the hilt, a blade, and any other accessories, you are easily looking at $200 or more plus tax.

Whether or not a legacy lightsaber is worth the cost depends on each person. We think they are awesome collector’s items, especially if you are a huge Star Wars fan. I mean to have a replica lightsaber from your favorite characters is pretty special.

The lightsabers themselves are really well built and feel nice in your hand. They are heavy and made from strong materials, nothing like the cheap plastic ones you are probably used to.

While children will think they are really cool, they might not fully appreciate them, especially given the high price tag. In our opinion, legacy lightsabers are best for adult fans and collectors, not small kids.

If your child wants a lightsaber, you can take them to Tatooine Traders. This is the gift shop at the end of the Star Tours ride. Here you can build your own lightsaber but at a fraction of the cost of one of the legacy lightsabers or even the higher quality custom lightsabers at Savi’s Workshop.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. They make a great gift or collectible for huge Star Wars fans and if you have the money, we say they are worth it. It would look great on display as the centerpiece of your Star Wars collection at home.

Kyber Crystals

close up of Red Kyber Crystal in Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

Even though the Kyber Crystals don’t fit in the legacy lightsabers, Dok Ondar’s has a full supply of them which can be used in the custom-built lightsabers from Savi’s Workshop.

They can be bought individually in one of the 6 available colors, or you might even find the rare Black Obsidian Kyber Crystal.

We’re going to explain the Kyber Crystals, the different color options, and how to get a rare black Kyber Crystal.

What Color Kyber Crystals are there in Galaxy’s Edge?

You can choose to purchase one of the 6 available Kyber Crystal colors:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White
  • or Red

There is also a Black kyber crystal but it is not for sale and is randomly inserted into the containers of the other colors.

Here are the Blue, Purple and Green crystals:

Kyber Crystals Blue purple and green Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

White and Yellow:

Kyber Crystals White and Yellow Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge


Kyber Crystals Red Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

How much is a Kyber Crystal at Galaxy’s Edge?

Kyber Crystals cost $12.99 in Dok Ondar’s. This is the same price for every color crystal.

How do you get White Kyber in Crystal Galaxy’s Edge?

White Crystals are very rarely used in the Star Wars universe but can be purchased in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for $12.99.

There isn’t always a supply of them as they tend to sell out due to high demand, so if you want one and see it when visiting, grab it quick. The same goes for the yellow crystals.

How do you Get a Black Kyber Crystal in Galaxy edge?

Black Obsidian Kyber crystals are extremely rare to find, but occasionally Dok Ondar will have one in his stock. They are randomly found in red Kyber crystal canisters, and only a few of them are put out each day.

How Rare is the black Kyber crystal? According to cast members, the odds are about 1 in 100 to pull a black obsidian Kyber crystal.

When you open the canister you will get a message:

“Today, you have found something truly special. This small fragment of obsidian is infused with the power of the dark side. When placed inside a lightsaber or Holocron, this rare fragment with unnatural powers, mined from a dark side shrine, will have similar properties as a red Kyber crystal.”

The black Kyber crystals look different from the red ones on the outside but make the same noises and have the same color as a red one, making them indistinguishable once inserted into the lightsaber.

There used to be a hack where guests could use a phone flashlight to see through the red canister to pick out a black crystal immediately. That trick however has been prevented and the process is much more random now.

Here is a video showing the black Kyber crystals in action:


Holocrons are imported Jedi and Sith artifacts which can be used together with the Kyber crystals to reveal secrets to the wielder. We’re going to show you which ones are available in Galaxy’s Edge.

Jedi Holocrons:

Jedi Holocrons in Dok Ondar's Galaxy's Edge

Jedi Holocrons are easily identifiable by their blue color.

Sith Holocrons:

Sith Holocrons in Dok Ondar's Galaxy's Edge

You guessed it, Sith Holocrons are red in color.

Kyber Crystals and Holocrons Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Galaxy's Edge

How Much is a Holocron at Galaxy’s Edge?

Holocrons can be purchased from Dok Ondar’s for $50. The look is really cool along with the voices and sounds it makes. However it would be better if there were more variety of messages available to play, so the replay value isn’t great.

Other Items in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Besides the Legacy Lightsabers, Kyber Crystals, and Holocrons, there is plenty of other cool merchandise to check out and bring home from Dok Ondar’s, some of it much more expensive than even the lightsabers.

Let’s take a look around at the rest of the stuff.

Each side of the store is divided into two halves with Jedi merchandise on one side and Sith ones on the other:

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise 3

Sith Busts – $130.00, Sith Chalace – $200, and “You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side” Painting by Craig Fraser – $395.00

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise 2

Sith Mini Busts – Darth Tyranus, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, and Darth Maul $110:

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Sith busts

Darth Vader’s Castle – $200.00 and Supreme Leader Snoke Statue – $150.00

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Sith statues

Imperial TIE Fighter Helmet – $450.00

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Empire

Jedi Temple Wall Relic – $160.00 and Jedi Mugs – $27.99

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise 1
Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise 4

General Grievous Mask – $325.00 and Maz Kanata Statue – $130.99

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise 5

Jedi Temple Mask – $130 and Jedi Figurines – $19.99

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Jedi Temple guard mask
Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Jedi

Jedi Bust – $130, Kyber Crystals With Light Effect – $85.99 and “The Force Lives On” Painting by Charles Wissig – $395.00

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Luke Skywalker

Jedi Mini Busts – $110

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Jedi Busts

Emperor Palpatine Cloak – $249.99

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise Sith robes

Just watch out when visiting Dok Ondar’s, you never know what Sith is going to be lurking about…

Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities Merchandise trying on a Sith robe

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the legacy lightsabers, Kyber crystals, holocrons, and all the merchandise in Dok Ondar’s…

  • What is your favorite item or detail from Dok Ondar’s?
  • Which Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsaber is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments section below!

If you enjoyed this article, as always I appreciate it if you’d share it with others via social media.  I work hard at making this website into a useful resource for you and your family to plan your visit to the Disney Parks and I hope it can help you! Thanks 🙂

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I’m coming over from the UK in March, and I’m definitely getting one. But I wanted to know if the legacy ones come in a box and the saber is separate? If so, are they difficult to take back on the airplane coming back?

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Thursday 17th of November 2022

Thank You very much this info was awesome. Will you updating this and how often? Can you possibly add the dates each one became available and retired?

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Hi Ziggy, I really appreciated this article. I am going to Disneyland next week. Am I to understand that there is no way to purchase the Anakin/Luke sabre from A New Hope? It has been "retired". That is a big disappointment!

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I was at Galaxy's Edge a week ago visiting Dok Ondar DOA trying to buy a sith Holocron' but they sI they were sold out for weeks. This was the Orlando, FL location. If you find out when they're restocked let me know. Thanks