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New Disney World Delivery Policy – Bans Delivery to Bell Services

There is a new policy change for Disney World Resort Deliveries and guests can no longer get deliveries made to resort bell services. Yes, that means that orders from Amazon, Strollers, ECVs and other Mobility Devices can no longer be shipped and picked up at bell services.

package fee for Disney World hotels

This is a huge change as it affects thousands of Walt Disney World Resort guests who get deliveries from these third-party services on a daily basis. Getting deliveries to bell services was a super easy and convenient solution for guests that now have to be present for deliveries.

You can still get deliveries from companies like Amazon for last-minute goods, but you now will have to take more time out of your vacation to be present when the deliveries arrive. With this new policy drop-off and pick-up of items prior to guest arrival is also no longer allowed.

Now, the only way guests will be able to receive packages like groceries will be to meet the delivery person or courier in person. That means in the front of the resort or in the lobby.

Walt Disney World delver policy

You can see how this change was slowly coming as earlier in the year Disney World decided that you could receive deliveries to your resort at bell services or the front desk, but you’d have to pay a small fee for those deliveries. They obviously were having difficulty handling all the guest deliveries and thought that charging a fee would discourage some guests from ordering.

That proved to not be enough, and so this new policy change to not allow any deliveries to the front desk has now gone into place.

This third-party vendor change goes into effect October 1st, 2019, however any orders for strollers or mobility devices which have already been placed before October 1, those will still be able to be picked up as before at bell services. However on any new orders after October 1, guests will have to make their own arrangements with the vendor to receive the goods.

Disney World groceries

Talking with some of the common third-party vendors to Disney World, especially scooter rentals, it seems that they still don’t know 100% how they will handle these changes. However some like Orlando Strollers Rentals have a counter at the Orlando International Airport where they can pick it up, and again, arrangements can always be made to meet vendors at the resort as long as the guests are there.

This is a huge change, and though we understand from Disney’s point-of-view, it now is going to make things a bit more inconvenient for guests who are used to getting deliveries. For example on our last trip we ordered groceries from Amazon and had them delivered to the front desk. It was great because we went to the parks, came back and picked up our stuff with no worries. Now all that changes.

A lot of guests have been sounding off about the changes and it’s totally understandable. You’ll now have to take more time out of your Disney World vacation (which are already super busy) and make sure to be at the resort if you want deliveries. For guests coming from far away, deliveries are a life-line and they’ve grown to be dependent on them for getting things that are too difficult or impossible to bring on a plane or even in a car.

This makes getting things like groceries or delivered slightly less enticing, though if you plan things right, still doable. Too bad because we really loved doing it, and it was super easy.

This makes me wonder too if Disney is going to introduce their own official delivery service eventually, because some guests just want to have convenience while on vacation, and we think that having some type of service like this is necessary for many and would be a great idea.

We’re still ironing out all the details of this policy change, so stay tuned for more updates as soon as we have them. Stick here at Ziggy Knows Disney for the latest as always!

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Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the change in Walt Disney World Resort delivery policy…

  • Do these changes affect you?
  • What can Disney do to make it more convenient?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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Bruce Webb

Monday 21st of October 2019

Just talked with Disney World today and they have added a scooter company that will deliver as before, so you can pick them up from the bell captain. Just an fyi.


Sunday 29th of September 2019

According to Owners Locker only mobile vechile are affected, not groceries or other deliveries.

Rumors says Owners Locker........mobility devices no, locker food yes !

Jim Garrison

Saturday 28th of September 2019

I agree with John Davis 100%. I have been a disney visitor annually for at east 25 years. In that time disney has eliminated parades at the parks, eliminated street shows at disney studios, charges for resort parking, eliminated free room delivery for packages purchased on site, cut way back on live entertainment in all the parks and resorts, eliminated free pics and pins at the after hour parties, etc. This is just the latest "less for more " example which should drive old timers away. Maybe that is their intention. For Disney, customer service is no longer a priority.

John Davis

Saturday 28th of September 2019

It beginning to seem like all Disney wants is every dime we have, they are squeezing all the Magic out of Walts Dream. Its all about the money and the bottom line. They even charge us to park our cars in the parking lot at the resort now, its almost as if they are forcing us to find other places to vacation at. I usually go to disney world twice a year, but last year we went to Universal studios and once to disneyworld. Maybe we need to change it to once every other year.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

We are fortunate to live only 2 hours away and have our own car when on property. We stop beforehand and buy cases of water and snacks for the room.

I agree with you and think Disney will capitalize and offer their own version of delivery! Sad for the vacationer who will have to add this expense.