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Disney Cast Member Fired for Carrying Concealed Weapon in Disney Springs

With security measures having risen in the last year this next story is not surprising.  WFTV is reporting that a Disney Cast Member fired for a carrying concealed weapon in Disney Springs on his day off.  This violated Disney’s policies for off-duty Cast Members, but has many wondering if this violates his Second Amendment rights.

Sam Martinez is a transportation Cast Member and has worked at Disney for five years. He also has a valid concealed carry permit and had it on him at the time of the incident.  The gun was not out in the open but concealed at the time of the incident, but still the security guards at Disney Springs were able to figure out he had a weapon.

“I exit a store (and) I’ve got sheriffs around me, I’ve got security around me,” said Martinez. “I was treated pretty much like a criminal.”

“He showed the deputies and security officers his concealed-carry permit and at first, they simply asked him to leave the property. When they realized he was a Disney employee, everything changed.”

“(They said), ‘You can’t have that here, and you can’t be a Disney employee and be carrying. It’s against our policies,’” Martinez said. “Well, I had never been informed of that.”


After Martinez’s experience in Disney Springs, he was suspended for 19 days and then fired.  Martinez took issue to the incident stating that there are no signs at Disney Springs saying you can’t carry a gun, and that he was off-duty on his day off.

“It’s a Second Amendment right for me to carry legally,” Martinez said. “I did everything legally and now it’s almost like I’m being punished for it.”

Cast Members carrying a gun anywhere on Disney property whether you are on-duty or off-duty is strictly prohibited according to Disney policy, but apparently Martinez was not aware ahead of time.  If he didn’t know it seems that Disney has to do a better job making its employees aware of this rule, especially since breaking it comes with such big consequences.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the a Disney Cast Member being fired for carrying concealed weapon.  Does Disney have the right to decide such a rule?  What should they have done?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Friday 8th of December 2017

If its company policy it’s company policy, but if he genuinely didn’t know I think a one strike and you’re out policy is harsh. The suspension alone would have been sufficient in my book, especially because he was off duty and it’s not posted on the property.


Sunday 10th of December 2017

It's strange that he says he didn't know. Either someone didn't teach him, or he ignored the warnings...