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27 Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom | Must-Try Savory and Sweet Treats

We love to eat in the Disney Parks, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom is quickly becoming one of, if not THE best park for snacks in Walt Disney World. For years it’s been overlooked by fans, but there is no longer denying the amount of awesome treats to eat here now. That’s why we’ve made our list of the Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom, complete with everything you MUST try while visiting.

Pongu Lumpia Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Just a short while, the snack game at Animal Kingdom was severely underrated. Now anyone who visits the Disney World theme parks regularly knows that it would take days to fully cover all the treats the Animal Kingdom has to offer between its food stands, trucks, carts, and quick service options.

We’ve composed our list of the best Animal Kingdom snacks so that you can know exactly what to eat, and what treats are going to give you the best value for your money or your snack credits.

We’ve also divided all our favorite snacks in the Animal Kingdom into two groups: Savory and Sweet. That way depending on what mood you’re in, you’ll know just where to go!

Scar's Lair Best Animal Kingdom Snacks

Also, I want to tell you that trying the snacks in Disney’s Animal Kingdom can be a frustrating experience due to the unpredictability of the food stands. Some of our favorites are only open during the busiest times of the year, and even then you might show up hoping to get a specific item, only to find it’s closed.

This has happened to us on multiple occasions and we’ve even made special trips out to the park only to be disappointed. If this happens to you don’t worry, there are plenty of other must-try snacks on this list, and it’ll take you days to complete it so keep coming back!

Lastly, keep in mind this list is for the best snacks in 2023, however, Disney is constantly introducing new items and taking away some of our favorites, so we’ll continue to update it with any new changes.

Without further ado, here are the top snacks in the Animal Kingdom…

Best Savory Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Mr Kamal’s Seasoned Fries – Mr Kamal’s

Mr Kamal's Seasoned Fries Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Who doesn’t love French fries? And while I would eat almost any form of fried potato, the seasoned fries from Mr. Kamal’s are definitely the best fries in the Animal Kingdom, maybe Disney World.

That said, they recently were changed from being smothered in tzatziki sauce, to being served plain but coming with 4 types of dipping sauce. Personally, I preferred the old way, but these are still amazing. They are quite expensive for fries at $6, so this is one snack you’ll want to use a snack credit on instead of paying for it out of pocket.

Chicken Fried Rice – Yak and Yeki

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom chicken fried rice yak and yeti

The chicken fried rice from the Yak and Yeti is one of the best value snacks in Animal Kingdom and a perfect item to share. It comes in a convenient package which makes it easy to bring with you throughout the park.

The rice itself is a huge portion and full of chicken too. You can have it for a snack or a light meal if you wanted to, and it goes great with another item on our list you will also find right here at Yak and Yeti.

Baked Macaroni & Cheese w/ Pulled Pork – Flame Tree Barbecue

Mac and Cheese with pulled pork Flame Tree Barbecue Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Rookies go to the Flame Tree Barbecue for the ribs, pros go for the Mac and Cheese! Your Mac and Cheese options in Animal Kingdom are abundant, and the one from Flame Tree is outstanding! You get a huge, heaping portion of this cheesy macaroni which is then piled on high with coleslaw, pulled pork, and onion rings!

A bit more costly as it technically is an entree portion, but definitely worthy of getting and one of the best tasting foods in the Animal Kingdom!

Hot Dog Wrapped in Dough – Satu’li Canteen

Hot Dog wrapped in dough Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

You’ll find the all-beef hot dog wrapped in dough at Satu’li Canteen in Pandora: The World of Avatar, but don’t let that stop you from getting it, it’s one of the best snacks anywhere in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The hot dog is very tasty, but it’s the soft and buttery dough it’s wrapped in that keeps us coming back for more. It also comes with those amazing chips making it a mini-meal for some or a big snack for others like myself.

Mac and Cheese – Eight Spoon Cafe

Mac and Cheese Eight Spoon Cafe Animal Kingdom Snacks

We told you that the Animal Kingdom was a hotspot for Mac and Cheese lovers, and no list of Animal Kingdom snacks would be complete without the one from the Eight Spoon Cafe! It’s hotly debated which one is better between this one and the previous one we showed you from Flame Tree and we’re on the fence.

The Flame Tree Mac and Cheese is bigger, yes, but this one is creamier and gooier. It’s also better as a snack portion and at just around $7, makes it a good use for a snack credit. Choose from the pulled pork version or the shrimp and chili sauce, both amazing, or the regular baked Mac and Cheese which is a bit cheaper and less filling.

Buffalo Chicken Chips – Trilo-Bites

Buffalo Chicken Chips Best Animal Kingdom Snacks

We love buffalo chicken and we love chips, so putting them together for us is like a dream come true! Just the housemade chips themselves are incredible, crunchy, and seasoned to perfection. But that’s not enough here as they are piled high with buffalo chicken, diced tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese, diced celery, and a rich bleu cheese dressing.

All these ingredients work well together and the hefty chips are able to hold all the toppings without falling apart. It’s also a really large portion so it’s great for sharing with others between meals. With everything it has going for it, what’s not to like?

Pork Egg Rolls – Yak and Yeki

Pork Egg Rolls Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

The Yak and Yeti quick serve has some awesome snacks for sure, and the pork egg rolls are right up there for us as the best. Disney does egg rolls fantastically and similar versions already ended up on our lists of best snacks for the other parks, these might be even better.

We love the crispy shell which isn’t covered in grease, and the pork and veggie stuffing has a great taste. Get 1 for $4 or 2 for under $7, one of the best values you’ll find.

Chicken Dumplings – Mr Kamal’s

Chicken Dumplings Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Not only does Mr. Kamal do fries, he also does dumplings, really, really well we might add! These are not normal Chinese dumplings you might be thinking of, but they have an awesome, crispy shell to them and are served with a Ponzu sauce (vinegar-based) for dipping.

The only thing we are down on about the dumplings is they only give you 3 in an order, making this a snack portion for sure. Good use of snack credits. They are so good though you absolutely can’t leave the Animal Kingdom without trying them.

Colossal Pretzel – Pongu Pongu

Colossal Pretzel - Pongu Pongu Animal Kingdom Snacks

Is there anything more “Disney” than eating a pretzel while strolling through one of the theme parks? How about eating a colossal pretzel instead!? Honestly, this thing is HUGE, probably even bigger than my head and it usually takes 2 or 3 of us to gobble one down.

What we love about it besides the size is the pretzel is soft and super chewy. It has just the right consistency. We also can’t get enough of the beer cheese sauce. This is a simple cheese sauce, yet oh-so-good. It has that little tang from the beer flavor and tons of cheesy goodness. Our only complaint is they only give you one which is never enough for this gigantic snack!

Ribs Bowl – Harambe Market

Ribs Bowl Harambe Market Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

This is another item I’m not sure technically counts as a snack, but it’s so stinking good that we have to put it on the list! I know plenty of people that eat ribs for a small treat, so don’t judge! 😉

The portion of food you get in the Ribs is awesome, and the ribs themselves are seasoned perfectly, more a dry rub than the goopy ribs you normally think of. Anything at Harambe Market is outstanding, and these ribs are no exception!

Onion Ring Basket – Flame Tree Barbecue

Onion Rings Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

We’re back at the Flame Tree and this time we’re here for the incredible onion rings. These make our list for best Animal Kingdom Snacks because of the giant portion and the incredible fried batter on them.

They make a great side and at under $5, make one of the best value snacks you will find! We recommend paying out of pocket and saving snack credits for the more expensive items in the park.

Cheeseburger Pods – Satu’li Canteen

Cheeseburger Steamed Pods Satu'li Canteen Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

The cheeseburger pods were all the rage at the Satu’li Canteen when it opened, and are still one of our favorite food items in the Animal Kingdom. This is another children’s menu item, and is small enough to be a big snack if you have a large appetite.

Both of the pods are stuffed with ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and cheddar cheese, and served with some amazingly addictive veggie chips!

Pulled Pork Jelly Doughnut Sandwich – Eight Spoon Café

Pulled Pork Jelly Doughnut Best Animal Kingdom Snacks

We weren’t sure whether to put the pulled pork jelly doughnut sandwich under savory snacks or sweet since it is a pure mix of both categories. That’s why we put it as our last savory option, just on the edge. So usually the Eight Spoon Café is famous for its mac and cheese, but it also is home to one of the most unique snacks we’ve had at the Animal Kingdom.

When we first heard about this snack, we were pretty skeptical since it sounds like too much. I can’t tell you how wrong we were! The pork is moist and flavorful, and the saltiness makes a great compliment to the sweet jelly. We couldn’t tell for sure, but it tasted like raspberry jelly to us, giving it just a hint of tartness.

Don’t get it if you don’t like jelly, but if you do it will be the ultimate combo of savory and sweet.

Ok, so that does it for our savory Animal Kingdom snacks

Best Sweet Snacks and Desserts in Animal Kingdom

Frozen Coca-Cola – Drinkwallah

Coca-Cola Float Drinkwallah Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Let’s face it, the Animal Kingdom just happens to be one of the hottest places on earth (slightly exaggerating) and at times you are looking for something to cool you down. Enter the Frozen Coca-Cola from Drinkwallah.

This is a great way to drink a Coke. It will cool you down fast and at only $5 a pretty good bargain. Definitely one of the most refreshing snacks in Animal Kingdom.

Simba Sunset – Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Simba Sunset Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

You know some form of the Dole Whip was going to make it on our list of the must-try snacks at Animal Kingdom, only we’re leaving the classic one for the Magic Kingdom, and instead, we’ve chosen the Simba Sunset.

It’s pineapple-flavored dole whip, but it’s served with a sweet watermelon syrup over the top. A great-sized portion, and possibly the best ice cream treat in the park.

50th Anniversary Dome Cake – Creature Comforts

Best Animal Kingdom Snacks 50th Anniversary Dome Cake

With Disney World’s 50th Anniversary underway, the parks have introduced a variety of 50th-themed desserts, and the 50th Anniversary Dome Cake may just be our favorite. This treat starts off with a chocolate brownie base, then a birthday cake-flavored mousse, and topped with gold-dusted Mickey ears and 50th medallion.

Everything about this dessert just makes sense. The mousse contrasts the brownie perfectly and cuts the rich chocolate flavor. The gold-dusted toppings don’t add a ton of flavor, but they add to its beauty. This is one of the prettiest desserts at the Animal Kingdom, but it tastes just as good as it looks and we can’t stop eating it.

French Toast Sticks – Pongu Pongu

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom French Toast Sticks

We also need some good breakfast snacks while visiting the Animal Kingdom and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Pongu Pongu in the French Toast Sticks. I’m not a huge French toast guy, but these were really incredible. Light and airy and they pack a great flavor. Don’t forget to dip them in the maple syrup too!

Ice Cream Sandwich Dino-bites Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

The Ice Cream Sandwiches from Dino-Bite Snacks are probably the biggest snacks in the Animal Kingdom, we’re talking really massive! I honestly don’t think it’s humanly possible to eat one by yourself…I tried and failed miserably.

They are two giant cookies with hand-scooped ice cream in the middle. You can choose between the vanilla and chocolate chip cookie sandwich, the strawberry shortcake, or the peppermint one. These tend to be limited-time items with flavors rotating. It’s one of the best snack choices for using your dining credits in the Animal Kingdom, and since you can split it, you’ll have more leftover for other choices!

Pongu Lumpia – Pongu Pongu

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Pongu Pumpia

Pandora may not have tons of snack options, but the ones they do are really tasty. It may not look like much, and the pongu lumpia is a simple, sweet spring roll that is filled inside with a yummy mixture of cream cheese and pineapple, and dusted with sugar on the outside.

We put this on our list of best snacks at Animal Kingdom because every bite is a mouthwatering, flavor explosion of pineapple and cheese. It makes for a great treat at any time of the day either at breakfast or late at night. It also might be the cheapest snack on our list meaning you don’t want to use a credit for it, better to pay out of pocket. Just don’t skip it!

Cinnamon-glazed Nuts – Drinkwallah

Cinnamon-glazed nuts Drinkwallah Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

You can find some sort of glazed and roasted nuts in any Disney park, but the cinnamon-glazed nuts at Drinkwallah are perhaps our favorite! Choose between roasted and glazed pecans or almonds. They give them to you warm and wrapped up in a cone which is easy to share or take with you as you walk.

This isn’t one of the more elaborate treats in Animal Kingdom, but it certainly is one of the tastiest. If you aren’t near Drinkwallah, you can also find them at the Mahindi kiosk in Africa.

Colossal Mickey Cinnamon Roll – Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Colossal Cinnamon Roll Mickey Mouse Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

Cinnamon Rolls in Walt Disney World can be found just about anywhere, but my absolute favorite one is at Tamu Tamu Refreshments. The fact that they use the word “colossal” in the title should be telling, and this is beyond huge, perfect for sharing.

It’s not only big, but it’s also the best-tasting cinnamon roll we’ve had in WDW. The whole thing is served hot and drowned in melted vanilla icing. It is hands-down one of the best snacks in Animal Kingdom and a breakfast favorite of ours. It’s expensive at more than $7 but makes it a good use of dining credits.

You can also find this at Creature Comforts Coffee Shop, but for some reason, it never tastes as good so don’t get it there. Get it at Tamu Tamu instead.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse – Satu’li Canteen

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Blueberry Cheesecake mousse

We’re back at Satu’li Canteen, and this time for some sweet treats! The Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse not only is gorgeous to look at, but it also tastes incredible. We love the smooth blueberry cream cheese center, but the passion fruit curd on top really is what makes it extra special.

Of all the desserts in Animal Kingdom, this one might be at the top!

Most Beautiful Cake – Harambe Market

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Most Beautiful Cake

What’s in a name? I was very skeptical when I first read that this cake is actually called “the most beautiful cake.” I was sure it would be all look and not taste good at all. Boy was I wrong and if you like coconut and pineapple, this might end up being your favorite snack at Animal Kingdom.

We love everything about this cake from the coconut cake, to the pineapple filling, the coconut mousse outside, and finally the shaved coconut flakes on the plate. Don’t skip this one!

Mini Cinnamon Buns with Coffee-Caramel Sauce – Isle of Java

Mini Cinnamon Buns Animal Kingdom Snacks

Wait, another cinnamon roll at the Animal Kingdom made our list? We tried to leave these mini cinnamon buns off the list, but we just couldn’t say know. Instead of the colossal cinnamon roll, these are two smaller buns and much more manageable if you are not sharing.

The buns themselves are served warm and the dough is soft and chewy with just the right amount of glaze on top and overall stickiness for us. The coffee caramel sauce however takes this snack to the next level. Pull these bad boys apart and dunk them in the sauce and you will have a snack experience that is rarely repeated elsewhere!

Hand-Dipped 50th Celebration Mickey’s Premium Bar – Drinkwallah

Best Animal Kingdom Snack 50th Anniversary Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar

Of course, you are familiar with Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar. Getting one is a rite of passage of Disney parks snacking. For the 50th, Disney decided to take this classic treat to another level by creating a hand-dipped 50th Anniversary version, and it’s amazing!

The Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar is the same, but it’s dipped in a blue raspberry-flavored coating, then topped with celebration sprinkles and a little bit of pixie dust. It has the same taste you know and love, but that extra burst of raspberry flavor mixes great with the chocolate and gives it a twist we weren’t expecting.

For some, it may be a weird combo, but for us, the raspberry wasn’t overpowering and it just works!

Chocolate Twist – Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

Chocolate Twist Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom

There are many amazing snacks at Kusafiri that it’s hard to just pick one. They have a variety of different pastries that are always changing, including this chocolate twist that we have come to love.

Sweet, flakey pastry filled with chocolate chips, then drizzled with vanilla and chocolate icing on top. Just try to say no!

Night Blossom – Pongu Pongu

Best Snacks at Animal Kingdom Night Blossom

Last on our list is the Night Blossom, also found at Pongu Pongu in Pandora. Call us crazy but we have an unnatural obsession with the boba pearls that you find in various drinks throughout Disney World, and these passion fruit ones might be our favorite.

The mixture of limeade, apple, and pear and the fact that it’s super refreshing, make getting one a must on almost every visit to Pandora!

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We’ve come to the end of our best snacks in Animal Kingdom list, and we think that you will have your hands full (and stomachs) on your next few trips to the park.

As I mentioned before, not all of the snack carts will always be open, so if you don’t get what you were looking for, try again the next time. Disney is always adding new snacks in the Animal Kingdom so keep checking back right here at Ziggy Knows Disney as we update the list to add any new ones we feel worthy of adding!

Now we want to hear from you and find out what your must-get snacks in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are. Please let us know if you feel we forgot something that deserves to be there!

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Tony Piscitelli

Tuesday 25th of July 2023

Being to Animal Kingdom a few times I never realized what choices in food there were, and you certainly covered them in a mouth watering way. There were some that really appealed to me, and I took particular note of them. The Ribs Bowl @Harambe Mkt. I 'm a Hot dog lover, the one wrapped in dough @Satu'li, & along with the Onion Ring Basket@ Flame Tree BBQ. For dessert, one of two. The Simba Sunset, @ Tamu Tamu, or The Chocolate Twist@Kusafiri. Now, if I put on any weight it will be your fault, but tks. for sharing. Who knew, because we did not stay there long enough. I've passed all of this info to the rest of my family, and will certainly take advantage of it. Oh! I want to thank you for all of the info you sent regarding those with disabilities, it was very helpful. Tony P.

Ziggy Oskwarek

Sunday 30th of July 2023

Hi Tony, thanks for the nice message. Yeah there is a whole world of stuff to see and especially eat at Disney World. Maybe you'll get to try it all on your next trip. Glad to help, thanks!


Saturday 8th of July 2023

Thanks for all the snack information. It all sounds and looks wonderful! Can't hardly wait for our trip in June of '24.


Thursday 9th of March 2023

Pongu Lumpia Was easily one of the grossest snacks I’ve ever tried. Canned pineapple with warm cream cheese and almost no sugar on the outside of the wrap. We bought 3 of them and each took a bite and proceeded to throw them away. This snack is a must stay away from treat!


Saturday 18th of December 2021

The snack coverage was excellent. Many of us are on a pretty tight budget so if possible, sample prices would be helpful.


Monday 4th of October 2021

Mr. Kamal’s Chicken dumplings. My mouth waters thinking about them.