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Weekly Recap June 19th, 2016

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend.  There were so many things that happened this week, I wanted to share them with you.  As always, here is a recap of the main Disney stories in case you missed something.  I have a recap of the latest Disney news every week, so stayed tuned as usual to hear all the latest from Ziggy Knows Disney!  Have a magical week!

Here’s the Weekly Recap of what happened from June 13th-19th:

Weekly recap June 19th 2016Shanghai Disneyland Opens it’s Gates!! – Even though it wasn’t the biggest Disney news of the week, it should have been, so I’m starting with this!  After 5 years, many construction delays and $5.5 Billion dollars, Shanghai Disneyland is finally open!!  The reviews have been positive and from everything I’ve seen, it looks absolutely amazing!  The park covers 3.9 acres and it’s the biggest International Disney park in the world.  It also utilizes a lot of awesome new technologies for it’s shows and attractions.  The pirates attraction and TRON look to be the best in the park and some of the best worldwide!  I share with you about the park, and why you should go visit Shanghai Disney.  Now I just have to book my flight!! 😉

Alligator Drags Child into Lagoon at Grand Floridian – I mentioned that even though Shanghai Disneyland should have been the big news of the week, unfortunately this was instead.  On Tuesday evening 2 year-old Land Weekly recap June 19th 2016Graves was playing on the edge of the water at the Grand Floridian resort, when an alligator grabbed him and dragged him into the water.  His parents were not able to get to him in time and he unfortunately drowned in the lagoon.

Disney Adds Signs to Resorts and Family Makes Statement – The internet was literally on fire from the story of Lane Graves and Disney has taken a lot of heat the last few days.  Because of that they have installed fences around the beaches of their resorts and signs clearly marking the danger of alligators in the area.  There also is the very real possibility of a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Disney.  And the parents of the child make a public statement.

Who’s Responsible for the Boy Being Taken by the Alligator…Disney or The Parents? – This has been a controversial subject.  We are talking about the loss of the life of a little boy, and the grief his parents must feel is unimaginable.  But fingers have been pointing in all directions over who is the one at fault in the boy’s death.  Could this type of disaster be prevented in the future?  We take a look…

Jungle Cruise attraction Removes Alligator Joke after Incident with Boy – More fallout of this story was the fact that Disney changed one of it’s jokes on the Jungle Cruise referring to the crocodiles eating children.

We said ‘goodbye’ to Soarin California and ‘hello’ to Soarin Around the World Soarin Around the World  We were super sad to see Soarin California go away forever.. 🙁  It was one of my favorite rides in all of the Disney parks, a real classic with a ton of great memories.  But the new Soarin Around the World is really amazing!!  It takes you to all new locations around the world with new HD sights and visuals, and all-new scents as well!  It’s a stand out that will be here for a long time!  Book your FastPass+ now!!!

Holiday Wishes Dessert Package Now Open for Booking – Even though we are just starting Summer now, Disney is already helping you to plan for Christmastime if you will be going then.  There is a new Holiday Wishes dessert package that gives you reserved priority seating to a special holiday version of the Wishes fireworks show and Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, along with a special dessert party at Tomorrowland Terrace.  It looks great!

Official Trailer for Pete's DragonFirst Official Trailer for Pete’s Dragon Movie – Take a look at the first official full trailer for the live-action remake of the Disney cult classic Pete’s Dragon.  The visuals are absolutely stunning and I have very high hopes that Disney can deliver a knock-out, much like the recent remake of the Jungle Book.  So far all signs point to..yes!

Magic Kingdom’s Plaza Restaurant to Add Walk-up Availability – The Magic Kingdom has been lacking a bit as far as sit-down restaurants that are available on a walk-up basis, you always need ADR’s.  Especially after the Skipper Canteen went to the ADR system.  Now the Plaza Restaurant switched roles with Skipper Canteen and is offering more walk-up reservations.

First Teaser Trailer for Disney’s Moana – Another awesome looking trailer was released for Moana, the South Pacific animated adventure by Disney.  The first look at the trailer is that also here the visuals are stunning and it looks really funny.  The film is in good hands with Disney directors Ron Clements and John Musker taking the lead on the project.  Can’t wait to see more..

Next week:

First of all I hope that the Orlando area is done with tragedies for a while and that it can go back to being the happiest place on earth!  A lot of stuff happened last week and this upcoming week is going to be incredible.  We’ll be in Disney this week and I’ll have a review of the new STK restaurant and updates on all the ongoing projects in Disney World.  So stay tuned this week!!

Let me know what you think of in the comments section below.  As always I really appreciate it if you help spread the word, so if you liked this post and my site then please share it with others!  Thanks! 🙂

Disney Adds Signs to Resorts and Family Makes Statement
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