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Galaxy’s Edge Selling Out of Merchandise like Kyber Crystals, Lightsabers and Droid Parts

Even though it’s only been open just over 1 month, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is already sold out of some of the most popular merchandise like Kyber Crystals, Lightsabers and Droid Parts in Disneyland.

Droid Depot parts on conveyor belt

Galaxy’s Edge is truly a paradise for any Star Wars collector with some of the rarest collectibles that you can find anywhere. Some of the highlights are full stormtrooper armor, Kylo Ren’s mask and even interactive shopping experiences like the possibility to build your own custom lightsaber or build your own droid!

However according to various reports including CNBC, guests entering Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in the last few days have been pretty disappointed upon entering Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge when some of the souvenirs they had been looking forward to buying were not there.

Right now Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is the only attraction currently open in Galaxy’s Edge, making the many merchandise options all the more important for a great guest experience, and this has been disappointing for many:

Some of the sold out merchandise in Galaxy’s Edge includes:

  • Legacy Lightsabers
  • Kyber Crystals
  • Droid Parts
  • Droid Backpacks

Legacy Lightsabers:

Normally legacy lightsabers are available in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities from Star Wars Legends which are very realistic replicas of the originals. Currently the Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Rey, Mace Windu and Darth Vader sabers are currently out of stock, with Ahoska Tano also likely out of stock.

Custom-built lightsabers from Savi’s Workshop are still currently available.

Lightsaber Table in Savi's Workshop

Kyber Crystals:

Inside each lightsaber there is a colored cyber crystal which powers your blade. The crystal is what gives each lightsaber it’s individual color. When you do the Savi’s Workshop experience of building your lightsaber, you are given a choice of one color.

However more colors were available in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities to purchase separately, giving your lightsaber a different color with choices of: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Black and White. The individual cyber crystals for sale there are currently all sold out.

Savi's Workshop Handbuilt Lightsabers

The only ones still available are the red and blue ones, but only when purchasing a Sith or Jedi holocrons.

Droid Parts / Gear:

While Savi’s experience is not being interrupted by sold out inventory, the Droid Depot experience is. According to fans and a Disney cast member, who works in the park and asked not to be identified, one of the R2 unit heads (black and clear) is currently not available and neither are the droid personality chips. The droid building experience starts at $99.99 and no reservation is needed to participate.

Droid Depot parts building station

Other Sold Out Items:

Besides the lightsabers, cyber crystals and droid gear, some of the plushes, Loth-cats, and even the Sabacc card game, and Han Solo’s lucky dice are all among the merchandise currently not available in Galaxy’s Edge as of writing.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t any interesting souvenirs to take home from Batuu on your trip there, many of the clothing, robes, and a good number of toys are still available. However it is pretty disappointing if you make a trip all the way to Disneyland, which can be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for many, only to find a lot of the most interesting items missing.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Full Walkthrough Disneyland

This is not the first time Disney has understocked its popular items with a new land opening. Just a couple of years ago when Pandora: the World of Avatar opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the popular banshee toys sold out within days of the new land’s opening. That drove prices on the third-party market like eBay sky-high for these must-buy items.

I think you’re seeing something similar here with the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. Unfortunately some visitors know they can make a killing on eBay reselling these things, which causes people to buy merchandise they aren’t really interested in, leaving the scraps for people actually looking for a souvenir. One look on eBay at the sporks from Docking Bay 7 going for $200 will amaze you.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo drinks

Disney hasn’t commented on the missing merchandise, but a company spokeswoman said “There are a handful of items we are working diligently to restock.” I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, it’s tough to predict some of the buying habits of guests to a brand new land. Hopefully Disney will have the goods back in stock soon and will have a better feel on what are the hottest sellers next time around.

If you are going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to visit Galaxy’s Edge I wouldn’t worry about them not having one of these items you are looking for, they should have everything on opening day. That said, if there is an item you really want to buy I would wait long to get it, you can’t expect them to last long there either.

No word yet on when Disney plans to restock the missing items like Kyber crystals, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we start to see them being restocked…

If you are going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World soon, read our complete guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which will help you will all your planning needs!

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about Galaxy’s Edge selling out of some merchandise…

  • What have you bought in Galaxy’s Edge?
  • Is the shopping experience important to you there?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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News Source: CNBC

Jack Brian Kern

Friday 10th of December 2021

Went to Galaxy's Edge finally on 12/8/21 and all I was looking forward to was getting the Skywalker lightsaber hilt that was passed down from Anakin, to Luke to Rey, only for the people at the counter to tell me it had been "retired." Seriously what moron was allowed to make THAT decision and keep their job? They then started telling me about the reforged saber, only to tell me it was sold out. So then I asked for Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from ROTJ; they told me that one was sold out as well. So I told them "forget it" and I walked away. I have a rule - if they don't have what I want, they don't get my money. Looks like I'll be paying double or triple (in addition to shipping costs and all that crap) to an online seller. Thanks Disney, for nothing.


Tuesday 9th of July 2019

If it had not been for YouTube, I would have never known about Galaxy's Edge. Then I saw the droid building experience when the land was reservation only. In my mind, I build my droid as an R6 unit, all black parts with........a black First Order personality chip. I even went as far as factor the cost of everything with the backpack. Once I was set on getting this, I went and bought an Annual Passport for two reasons. One, I wanted to go to the Droid Depot and build the droid on my birthday. Two, I wanted to keep going back with my droid and my friends. I made it to the register at the depot by 8:30am, thirty minutes after the park was open on June 24th. Only to find out that the R6 unit I built would be stuck on sounding like R2-D2 for awhile, and I had to carry a large box around. None of the cast members had any information on resupplying anytime soon. I reached out Disneyland via email. All I got was a genetic "We're working on it" type of response. On the up side, I took the $50 I was going to spend on the droid backpack and bought a sling bag that fits the droid perfect. It was cheaper.....and WATERPROOF.


Sunday 7th of July 2019

Before endless social media vlogs and blogs existed to report every single item of food and merch available, even before opening day, the general public wouldn't know EXACTLY what was available to buy or eat, and that's ok, because things change. And whatever you may get if you're there before me, I may not get. And that's OK. I may get something later that wasn't available on opening day, and that's ok too. Everybody needs to take a chill pill and relax and enjoy yourselves.


Tuesday 9th of July 2019

Hi Jim, Im the person who's tweet is on this article, and I have to say that it is disappointing to go and only after you pay to get in, that everything is sold out or held at a type of ransom. As you see, in the experience of building the $200 lightsaber, they explain other crystals are available at the shop, then you get there and they tell you they are sold out. Then they tell you they have only red, but you HAVE to buy a Holocron to buy the crystal. Even though you just spent $200 on a lightsaber, they wont sell you the crystal unless you buy the additional $50 item. Same for the droid experience, only after you pay the $100+ and look for the colors and parts you want are you told that the conveyor belt is a 2 min loop and if you haven't seen it, then they are sold out. So you then finish a droid you really didn't plan for and are told that they are sold out of the chips for it. Yes, I understand your views, I too remember those days, but this is today. Its like saying you can still do math with pen and paper to figure out a tip, but you know that everyone now uses tech to find the tip. It is just more convenient. Now, if I got to the place and they told me "before you start, we are sold out of these item", then I would completely understand, but to wait until you ask if just bad and definitely not Magical. I hope you do find what your looking for when you go. I've now gone twice with the same responses and was told (under their breath) that they probably wont get any real stock for the rest of the month. Good luck to you.