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Monorail Piece Falls Off and Service was Temporarily Suspended Today

Disney Monorail Piece Falls OffThe Monorail service was suspended temporarily today after a Disney Monorail piece falls off unexpectedly.  It happened on the Monorail Blue, and guests were then evacuated following the incident.

The Twitter user: @iOSTrade was there to document the event and even found a small keep sake:

The Twitter user @DirtyWildThings was trapped on the Monorail for some time while waiting to get evacuated and recorded a bit of the action:

They were freed eventually:

In the end no one was hurt in the incident and the Monorail Blue was moved into the station to be checked-out better.  The Walt Disney World Monorail then resumed and is back up and running.

It is worth noting the Walt Disney World Monorail system, which uses the Mark VI Trains, has been in commission since 1989, almost 30 years and is showing its age.  The problem is that the Monorail is very expensive to maintain, and new trains would be a huge constraint on the budget.  Disney is lucky nothing bad happened to any guests, but they will need to address this problem soon, as these old trains are in desperate need of replacing.

Your Thoughts:

I want to know what you think about the Disney Monorail piece falling off.  What should be done to resolve Walt Disney World’s Monorail problem?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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